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AI is revolutionizing the way businesses operate and interact with their customers. One powerful AI tool that has gained significant attention is ChatGPT, an advanced language model developed by OpenAI. In a recent episode of my podcast, "Everyday AI," we dove into the intricacies of ChatGPT, providing insights into its functionality, limitations, and real-world applications. Today, we will explore how ChatGPT can be harnessed to enhance business operations and engage customers in unparalleled ways.

Understanding ChatGPT:

While ChatGPT showcases remarkable capabilities, it is essential to familiarize ourselves with its limitations. The default code interpreter in ChatGPT is not regularly updated and might not support programming languages beyond September 2021. Nevertheless, ChatGPT offers a range of other features that can amplify business performance.

Enhancing Customer Experience:

Imagine having a virtual assistant that can respond to customer queries in real-time, provide personalized recommendations, and offer prompt customer support. With ChatGPT, this becomes a reality. By training the AI to emulate your unique voice and brand persona, you can provide customers with an engaging and consistent experience. Moreover, the ability to leverage plugins allows businesses to integrate additional features like YouTube video reading and summarizing, further enhancing customer engagement.

Amplifying Efficiency:

ChatGPT can also streamline internal operations within an organization. Through the use of plugins, businesses can automate repetitive tasks, eliminate mundane workflows, and improve overall efficiency. For instance, imagine integrating a plugin that can automate data entry, fetch and analyze market trends, or even generate reports. The opportunities to streamline workflows and improve productivity are vast.

Navigating Plugins:

To make the most of ChatGPT, it is essential to understand the plugin ecosystem. While over a thousand plugins are available, it's crucial to note that some may require third-party accounts, such as Zapier, to function optimally. Furthermore, the red shield on a plugin does not imply it is broken but rather signifies that it is unverified. When exploring plugins, businesses should select those with good user ratings and reviews to maximize their value.


The power of AI is redefining the way we conduct business. ChatGPT, with its ability to enhance customer experience, automate processes, and drive efficiency, is becoming an indispensable tool for businesses across industries. By exploring the plugin ecosystem, training the AI to emulate your brand voice, and tapping into the endless possibilities of AI, you can unlock new horizons for your business. Embrace the potential of AI, break barriers, and propel your business to unprecedented heights.

Topics Covered

- News updates in the AI world
   - New York Times considering a lawsuit against OpenAI
   - ChatGPT's code interpreter breaking math benchmarks
   - Meta (parent company of Facebook) releasing a free code generating software

- Overview of ChatGPT's basic settings
   - interface and setting preferences

- Limitations of using free ChatGPT (GPT-3.5)
   - GPT 3.5 not updated beyond September 2021
   - Potential lack of access to post-2021

- Functionality of renaming chats in ChatGPT
   - Option to customize chat names for better organization

- Utilizing plugins in ChatGPT
   - Example of using plugins to enable features like YouTube video reading and summarizing
   - Explanation that a red shield on a plugin does not mean it's broken, just unverified
   - Mention of some plugins requiring a third-party account, such as Zapier

- ChatGPT plugin features and limitations
   - Ability to have up to three active plugins at any time
   - Mention of issues with plugins indicated by faulty thumbnail image previews
   - Growing plugin store with over a thousand available options

- Importance of training the AI in your voice for better results
- Sharing chats with colleagues by copying the chat link

Podcast Transcript

Jordan Wilson [00:00:18]:

How do you actually use ChatGPT? You just run-in there, start clicking things. Do you have no clue? Are you using ChatGPT every day? Regardless of where your skill level is, what you do or do not know about ChatGPT, I hope today's episode is going to be enlightening for you and informing for you because we're gonna do something a little new on the everyday AI show, we're gonna do a live walk through of ChatGPT. So Welcome. If it's your first time here or if you're a returning listener viewer, welcome. My name's Jordan Wilson. I'm the host of everyday AI, and this is your daily livestream, podcasts, and free daily newsletter, helping all of us keep up with what's going on in the world of AI, and how we can use it for our jobs, our career, even our personal life. So shout out to all of you that have been tuning in very consistently This actually, the idea for this show, unfortunately, we had a last minute cancellation. So I was talking with one of our subscribers yesterday, and he said, Hey. I I like when you guys just do something live on the show, right, and and go through the process top to bottom. So that's what today's show is all about. We're gonna show you just a dive inside of ChatGPT. So this is, I think, especially great if you maybe know ChatGPT and you use it, you know, here and there, but you are not really quite sure of a lot of different things. We're gonna do it live. So if you are already joining us, so thank you, Mabrit, saying effective ChatGPT is so much better than sassy ChatGPT looking forward to this one. Mabrat, thanks for joining us. Doctor Muthana saying happy Friday. So If you are here, go ahead. Drop your 1 biggest ChatGPT question. If you're joining us live or If you don't have any questions, drop the one most important thing that you've learned while using chat tbt. Let's make this a fun one let's let's just talk together. Let's let's figure out, ChatGPT together y'all.

Daily AI news

So before we do, Let's go into the daily AI news. So 1st and foremost, reportedly, the New York Times is considering a lawsuit against OpenAI So this just kinda broke a couple hours ago. So no big surprise here. there was, inside chatGBT. It's funny. We're actually gonna get to They used to have a browse mode. browse with it was called browse with Bing, but within ChatGPT, you could brows different websites. They had to take it down because they were getting a lot of copyright infringement claims, OpenAI OpenAI was because their browser was able to sometimes bypass paywalls such as the New York Times. So that one is going to be important to keep an eye on. Alright. Next piece of news, code interpreter inside ChatGPT, recently smashed some math benchmarks, and hit a new soda record, s o t a. so if you're a math geek, you probably know that. don't worry. It's going to be in the newsletter, but code interpreter, I think, is a powerful mode inside of chatgbt. We're gonna touch on it briefly today, but It is out there breaking industry benchmarks. So people always say, oh, you know, chat GP or, you know, large language models, they they they can't perform at the level of a human well. it just broke a math benchmark record. Alright. Last news piece of the day. Meta is now even going after OpenAI here with a free code generating software. so Meta is preparing. So Meta is you know, if you don't know, they are the parent company of Facebook and now Instagram, WhatsApp, and just about every other app. Right? so they threads did forgot threads. Right? So, Meta is preparing to launch this new software that is going to help developers automatically generate programming code. So you can do this, you can do this already in, you know, ChatGPT and code interpreter. You can do this in Bard. So, it's gonna be exciting to see what meta releases on that front. Alright. But let's get to it. Let's talk about ChatGPT. Alright. So we already have a couple people tuning in. Thank you all. Let's shout everyone out here. Who's joining us? Bronwyn, thank you for joining us. Doctor Harvey Castro. woozy caught caught me yesterday at the a, AI summit. Thanks, woozy. Yeah. Great stuff on PPP. Yeah. Excited to talk about it. Brian joining us from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Brian, welcome. Good morning. Cecilia. Good morning. Welcome. Ben, what's up? What's up, Ben? Ben wants to know the 1 or 3 plugins that cannot live without will definitely get to that, Ben. And, actually, Ben shot out to you because, kinda came out with this idea after we chatted. So, alright. And then we have Brian wants to know the effective use of plug and packs. Got you. Alright. So we are going to get to a lot of these questions and more but what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do a basic walk through first because I want this to be for everyone. This is after all, this is every day AI. so we're gonna do a walk through top to bottom of ChatGPT. Make sure if you have questions, get them in. I'm gonna do my best to to grab these questions as I see them, which might be a little hard as I'm doing 2 things, but let's let's jump right into it. So ChatGPT. As a reminder, there is a free version and there is a paid version. And and don't worry if you are an avid user chatGBT, there's actually so many new things, that they've announced in the last, like, month or so. Even if you're an avid user, I think that you're going to benefit from kind of a walk through, and we'll we're gonna get to some more, advanced things at the end. Alright. So Something brand new to chat EBT that you may or may not see. When I open a new chat, you are now met with some suggested suggested prompts. Alright? and apologize if you are listening to this on the podcast, don't worry. This is a very visual episode I'm gonna try my best to describe what's going on. However, this is one of those. Check the show notes. We leave show notes in, the podcast notes every single day. you can go back here and watch this video. But I'm gonna do my best to explain it. But, within ChatGPT, you essentially have a left side interface and you can always toggle that on and off for a more minimal point of view. Then at any point, you can just click, you can click select a new chat. So now when you click select a new chat, you do have these suggested prompts that you can use right away. Alright? But before we even get into that, if you've ever taken our PPP course, I already saw a couple people shout at it out, but, yeah, if someone else has that's listening, let me know what you thought of the course. just made some improvements. And, actually, we have one coming up in less than 90 minutes. So if you want access, if you're listening live, click type in PPP in the comments. I'll send you the link. We keep it secret. it's like fight club without the fighting. I like to tell people. So let's let's go over the very basics first because I talk about this in the PPP course. You have to start with the right mode, right, and you have to know that. So Always look at your settings. So let's start with settings. Alright? So, again, I'm on the I'm on the paid plan. It's $20 a month. I tell people it's well worth it. so let's let's start at the very basic. So in your general settings, you can do a light mode, a dark mode, or have it reflect your system. So If you're, you you know, I think Mac, you can set like, oh, during the day, I want it to I want my Mac to be light. At night, I want it to be dark. ChatGPT can reflect that. So I have the light theme by default, but I can click it over to the dark theme and there you go. Not really my cup of tea. What do you guys use? Let me know. Are you using light? Are you using dark? Are you using system? what are you using? Alright. Let's go back into chats. I'm actually gonna, switch that back to light a little little better on my eyes. Alright. Here's another thing. Beta features. This is important. So you, if you are a paid user, you need to enable first plugins and or code interpreter. we're gonna talk about those things here in a minute. data controls. So chat history and training is on by default. This is one of those things always keep in mind If you're uploading documents into chatgbt, if you are copying pasting documents into chatgbt, technically that data is no longer private, It isn't public, but, OpenAI uses anything you input to train their models. So, again, I try to say this often. Do not put in anything proprietary, sensitive, classified, right, only put in information. I would say that you are fine with being public. I'm just gonna put that there and leave it. Alright. A couple thing. You can manage share links. We're gonna get into that. You can export your data, which is something that not a lot of people know or use, which is great. If you use chatgbt a lot, it's a lot of work to go and copy and paste, information if you want it. the interface, if I'm being honest, the interface in chatgbt is not very good. Google BART's interface, their, user experience, user interface, UI UX is much, much better, much easier ChatGPT is a little clunky. It can take a while, to go find old conversations. So this is a great way you can export your data it'll give you a zip file and you can go in there and look at individual chats way way faster to copy and paste. If you wanna delete your account, delete your account or disable, to factor authentication, you can do so in there. Alright. That is the basics of our settings. Alright? I'm I'm jumping back into the comments. I wanna make sure if I see any comments, that are coming along to to grab them out, Josh Cavalier. What's up, Josh? Josh is saying code interpreter is an amazing function in chat, GPT. Don't sleep on it. Absolutely. People ask me all the time if I use code interpreter, I don't really. I don't. There's a couple things that I really dislike about code interpreter. There are specific things. I'm gonna talk about those in a minute. yeah, a lot of people with code interpreter love, Andy Fair, Fairweather is saying, I use the code interpreter in ChatGPT Pro to add in brand personas as word docs and also tone of voice doc Yeah. Great. There's don't get me wrong. Code inspector is great for a lot of reasons, except for one. Harvey Castro is saying, great job on the presentation yesterday and PPP. thank you. Appreciate the support always. Alright. We have a lot of lot of comments coming in, but let's get let's get right back into ChatGPT. So we went over settings, which is important. Now when you go for a new chat, again, these prompts come up. These are new. They're helper prompts. It's supposed to, you know, kind of jog your memory, especially for new users. This is great. I would kind of, if I'm being honest for, I would like to be able to toggle this on and off. I don't need this anymore, but I'll just go ahead and show you what this does, you can just click one of these example prompts. And this one said, create a content calendar for a TikTok account on reviewing real estate listings. So the reason why I don't really like these kind of starter prompts, so to speak, is it automatically shoots the prompt, right, It's it's so you can't really personalize it. So this more than anything, these example props that they just launched, not gonna say it's it's a waste because it's good for people to go in there and click them, but you can't make them personal to you. So, if you think you're missing anything by not using these example prompts, you aren't really. Alright. So this brings me up to another good point. the left hand sidebar is your entire chat history. Okay? So by default, as soon as you, as soon as one message in a new chat is done, chat t p t will automatically name it based on the content. So if you're looking right now, you'll see this TikTok one that I just clicked just says new chat because it's still processing. It is literally writing a 30 day TikTok plan. Right? That's crazy. This is one thing ChatGPT is great for. you've given your own information is to create a content calendar, right, because coming up with content can be so hard, especially It's especially useful if you give it access to the internet with plugins so we can access your data and more up to date, information. because you'll see well, in this in this instance, I already had plugins enabled, but, normally, anything you get out of chat, EBT, even on the paid plan, the cutoff is going to be September 2021 which is almost 2 years ago. which is why I don't recommend, in most cases, you ever use the default mode, or in a lot of cases, even code interpreter. Here's why. If you're in code interpreter and you're going back and forth, yes, it's nice to be able to upload documents and to have ChatGPT be able to interpret that code However, it's not going to get up to date information past September 2021. So unless you're literally only going to be using that chat to in in, interpret code. but even coding has changed a lot since 2021. So OpenAI hasn't actually said a lot on code interpreter, in terms of what access, like, does it have access to programming language post 2021. I don't think I've seen that. correct me if I'm wrong in the comments. But alright. So the left side, so you'll see now it automatically named this conversation. real estate TikTok tips. Not sure why, oh, that's because the example prompt was reviewing real estate listings. So I can always change this and people don't, you know, a lot of people don't know. You can click on this little pencil icon here to rename the chat name, which I highly recommend, and I'll tell you why here in a minute. and then you can click that when you're done. Click that little, confirm button, or you can trash it. So if you don't want that, you can always click the trash and delete it. Alright. So let's go ahead and I'm gonna show you guys just some real examples of something that you might use chatgbt for. I wanna use this as a as a starting point. So full disclosure. This is gonna sound weird. I don't use AI written content a lot. my background, I've been getting paid to write for 20 years. I was a journalist for about 7 of those years. I enjoy writing, but one of the things that I that we do use at everyday AI, AI content for is for YouTube descriptions. Right? so yes. On LinkedIn, if you see me post or if you see me write, that's actually me, but ChatGPT is actually great at writing when you train it to write in your voice. We did a whole episode on that. So this, as an example, I used this yesterday, and I have plugins enabled. We're gonna talk about plugins, but it's extremely important. So you'll see I have a it's kinda hard to see on on YouTube or on ChatGPT, they make these little icons so small. So I have a a YouTube YouTube plugin enabled so it can automatically know and understand YouTube videos. It has another summarizing, plugin enabled and then a search plugin. So we use plugin packs. That's something we teach in our PPP course just a little bit because in plugins, you can only have 3 plugins act active. So if you want to use a chat on an ongoing basis and then you're like, oh, like this example, I would love for this chat to be able to read and understand and summarize YouTube videos. If you already started the chat, you can't go back and reenable plugins. So plugin packs are extremely important. So in this example that I'm showing you here, It can read YouTube videos. So I I will upload a video. I do this for my ai in 5. Sometimes I write the descriptions Sometimes if I'm a little stretched on time, I'll have chat to be t to it. So I say, here is, you know, write a YouTube description for the video title. beautiful slides in 62nd, WunderSlide review. And I also give it the link to the YouTube URL once it's public. And then I in this chat, I have already trained it. So I've already gone back and forth in the beginning to get that output exactly how I want. because as an example, you know, I like to have certain hashtags at the end. I like to you know, so I I I train this over time. because I wanted it to talk about everyday AI before it did the entire YouTube description. So this is just one example. I wanted to show you right away ways that you can use plugins and kind of train a chat because, as we kind of do this walk through through the rest of chat, EBT, that piece is extremely important. alright. Let's jump over. I know we have a couple comments. rim joining us from YouTube. Alright. Cool, rim. Good afternoon. alright. Peter. Peter says I am having plugins not on paid on free. Not sure what that means. I don't think plugins are available on free yet. yeah, custom instructions are available on free. We're gonna get to that here in a second. wuzy, what adjectives, what adjective do you see in articles that make you know is GPT written? Good stuff. For me lately, it's been whimsical and dynamic. for me, it's not necessarily adjectives that can help me spot AI written content. It is the overuse of emojis and headlines. that's that's the biggest one. you know, because if if you tell chat to, you know, write something, you know, more like a human or, you know, write it in an entertaining voice. A lot of times, it'll overuse emoji, sometimes putting 2 before a headline 2 after a headline. So a lot of people share this type of content on LinkedIn, and you can tell right away. When it's very consistent, in nature, especially with emojis, that's a dedicated way. alright. Cecilia with the question, are there settings in free chat GBT? Yes. There are settings in free ChatGPT. However, when you go into your settings in ChatGPT and you go to beta features, you'd we'll just not have these, but you should still, I believe. I've been on paid since then. Literally the minute it came out. so I kinda forgot what's on the free account. I'd have to log in to my free account to check. but I believe you do still have data controls. you do still have general settings, but, obviously, in beta features, you won't have anything to enable. Great question, Cecilia. Thank you for that because, yeah, so many people are on ChatGPTs, free still. alright. Good morning to doctor. Alright. It looks like a lot of people are using the the light version, same as me. Thanks for letting me know. I was just curious. let's let's keep going. let's keep going. A couple more things that I wanted to get to today. I can't get to this all in 1, you know, 20 ish minute episode. but I wanted to hit a couple new a couple important points. Alright. So we went over the basics of the interface. Right? So all of our chats go on the left hand side You can quickly, you know, toggle the, the sidebar. You can click new chat. You can rename chats. Let me show you something else. So I kind of talked about, how I don't like the the interface. It can take take a while to find chats So one thing that not a lot of people do is so, here's an example of something I was working on is I was training, chat to write my voice. Again, I haven't actually used any of this, but, I did this for, I let me tell you what I actually did it for. gonna run a test at some time, and I'm gonna write something and say, hey. Did I write this or did chat JBT read it? But, anyways, if you go up to the top of a chat, And, hopefully, you can see this again. I'm gonna try to zoom in a little bit in the upper right hand corner of any chat. This is a new interface item. It used to be kinda hard to find but you can click share chat. This is extremely useful. So you can share this with your colleagues So after you train chats, this is something we actually teach in our pro version of PPP. So, again, if you haven't taken the course, it's a free course if you want to, just type in PPP. but you can copy the link here. Right? So I'm gonna go ahead. I'm gonna click on a different chat. Alright. And again, so now I'm on the the TikTok Real Estate chat. In my browser, I'm just gonna go ahead and paste that chat in. the one that I copied the chat. It's called Jordan GPT. All I have to do and anyone that you send this to would see the same thing, but kind of pro tip here. You have to have the same plugins enabled if you're sharing it with a coworker or if you have, you know, multiple paid accounts for whatever reason, I started this chat with certain plugins. So if you don't have those plugins enabled, it's not going to work correctly. So all you do is you click continue this conversation, give it a second to load. and there we go. We're back in it. So Here's a recommendation. If you have a lot of chats and I always teach expert chats, which is using one chat, and going through the PPP method with that check to turn it into an employee doing one very specific job, but if you do that right, it can be kinda hard to find those different, chats. So saving the link, putting it in a spreadsheet is actually a great way to quickly find different chats that you have. and not always having to scroll through the scroll through the UI. Monica, good question. PPP I've talked so much about that, but I haven't said what it stands for. that is prime prompt polish. Yes. That is our free course. 100 of people have taken it. haven't heard a bad thing. Seems like people like it. alright. Couple more things I wanted to go over in our live ChatGPT walk through. Again, If you have a question, drop it now as we start to wrap this up. Alright. So a couple things we've talked about, code interpreter. is a different mode. So when you start a new chat, up here at the top, you can toggle between free. So this is, you're on the free plan, this is all you're gonna have, which is GPT 3.5. It's very fast. It is faster than GPT 4. However, it's not very good. but being honest compared to GPT 4. So you can put the same prompt in GPT 3, the same prompt in GPT 4, the default modes, and the GPT 4 is always going to be better. Right? So even if you're thinking of writing, which a lot of people use ChatGPT 4, I say GPT 3 is, an 8th grader. GPT 4 is someone that's getting the main it's been getting paid to write for 20 years. Right? So I think a lot of people find a little bit of value in the free version, and they're like, oh, why would I ever change? Well, it's just better. The analogy I use is it's it's a flip phone versus a smartphone. The smartphone is just more powerful. Alright. So when you do a new chat, you're gonna choose between gpt3 5, the free mode, or you can toggle and go to GPT 4. Alright? So there's even different modes within GPT 4. Okay? So you have your default. So you can click that, which is essentially exactly what you think it is. It means that there's nothing else in no plugins, no code interpreter. Alright. You can go to code interpreter. Now you'll see, hopefully, and I'll explain it, but one little thing, one little interface thing change. So code interpreter is the only mode in all of ChatGPT free or paid that you can upload a file directly. So you can upload a file in code interpreter. That's kinda for. So a lot of people can use it for coding. So, you know, you can put a Python file in there. You can put an image. you can put a video. You can put just any file, and you can do amazing things with code interpreter and don't even have enough time. But think of code interpreter as exactly that. a mode that is trained specifically to interpret and write code and troubleshoot and debug code. So A lot of you all said, you like code interpreter. So why don't I use it? because it is not connected to the internet. Right? So if you're working inside code interpreter and you're going back and forth, what if you wanted to troubleshoot actual code on a web page? Yes. You can manually go in, copy and paste it, and go back and forth. I did this the other day. I had a very small, CSS, JavaScript HTML issue I was having on a client website. I could have gone inside code interpreter and gone back and forth, but I would have had to manually debug it and update that new code. If you use GPT 4 with plugins and you enable a web scraper, yes, this is getting a little specific, but you can do a lot of the basics of of coding still with a plugin enabled that gives you access to the internet. So I'm not a huge fan of using default modes that don't have access to the internet because number 1, You're gonna get a lot of outdated information only from September 2021. And then if you wanna do more things with whatever chat that you are using, you can't. You are limited. So a lot of times, if I want to do some code work, I will have a plug and enable that gives me access to the internet, but then also one that allows me to work with spreadsheets, right, to read and write from spreadsheets because that's a lot of what coding is. And then you can do it live, and it saves you time, right, to be able to grab from a live Google sheet as an example and write to a document at the same time. It's just a little faster for me than a code interpreter. Alright. A couple couple questions. Thank you for these. Monica asking, we, you mentioned we should rename our chats You were gonna explain why that's advantageous. Yes. so renaming the chats is important because by default, ChatGPT will name them for you, which you don't like. So as an example, normally, I would do this, but I didn't even rename this chat, which is good. So thank you, Monica. So, this one here, this was my Jordan GPT. So what I should be doing by labeling the chats so you know what plug ins. So I would normally put plug in p l, a little colon, and then I would say web pdf Oh, I'm gonna run out of space here. So I'm I'm actually just gonna say, jgpt4. So a lot of this is is your own internal naming mechanisms. So in this example, I know that this chat has been trained to write like me on GPT 4. It has plug in. So that's my p l. w, it has web access, to put v x because I know the name of this plugin, boxscript, which is an amazing plugin, and then I have a YouTube sum summary plugin. And why this is important is now I know the more and more you use chatgbt the harder I think the interface gets. I hope OpenAI, improves that or allows you in the future to add more than 3 plugins, but that's the biggest reason that you should be naming your chats accordingly. So now I can look at this chat in my sidebar and know exactly what it is and know, okay. In this chat, I have plugins enabled. I have a web access plugin, box script plugin, which I love, and then a YouTube plugin. So thank you for that question. Great questions. Alright. Couple other questions here, and I'm and we're gonna wrap this up. I know this is going on a little long. yes. Take the course, Peter. Peter, another question here. Is your course Jordan start live in an hour? Yes. It does start live in 1 exactly 1 hour from from right now. Ben's saying, that he personally finds it helpful to rename the chat so he knows how I trained it Exactly. That's a great. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you for bringing that question up. I did talk about that in the beginning. I probably would have forgotten. Alright. Couple last things to wrap up here. And, again, this is live. We've been all over the place. I hope that even if you're new, you found this helpful. if you've been using chat to get you for a while, I hope you find this helpful. So the last thing I'm gonna talk about, a setting in here that a lot of people love, is called custom instructions. So this is new. Alright? I tried this out. I don't like it. For a lot of reasons. Here's the biggest reason. So custom instructions is If you are constantly when you start a new chat, having to kind of train chat to either talking your voice or to give it certain directions that you want it to follow, This is what custom instructions is. Essentially and this is don't get me wrong. It's actually a great feature. It's just not it for me. So versus having to constantly tell ChatGPT in a new, chat, you know, to give it the same information over and over or to kind of train it back and forth, a lot of people will use custom instructions. However, here's what I don't like. you can't really selectively toggle it on and off easily. So when you enable it, it is enabled for all new chats by default. So a lot of times, you're not gonna wanna use those custom instructions for every single thing. if there was an easier way which, again, I'm actually gonna try this live, because I haven't even played with custom instructions in, in probably almost a week. Right? but, yeah, it doesn't look like there's a way to, toggle it off by default. If there was, when you start a new chat, if there was an area right here where I could toggle custom instructions off, I would keep it on because there are benefits. But the way I use chatgbt I use it for so many aspects of my daily life, you know, every day AI. I use it for everything, so I don't want those custom instructions which are very specific and very powerful. Don't get me wrong, but I don't want them enabled for every single chat because then sometimes you might forget they're on, and then you start working in a chat and you're like, Why am I getting this content that is not really what I want? Oh, it's because custom instructions is on by default and you started in this chat, then you have to start all over. You have to, kind of click it off. Here's here's the thing. Anything you can do in custom instructions you can just literally save a prompt. A copy and paste prompt with something very similar to these custom instructions so then you don't have to worry about it. Hey. Is it on or off? And, hey. I don't want it on during this, certain chat. Alright. We made it, I think, to the end. Almost one other quick thing. No chat GBT walk through is complete without a very quick talk on plugins. So I think we hit everything else. We hit the default mode. We hit plugins. we hit custom instructions, our settings, everything else. Plugins. One thing I wanted to go over is how to enable plugins. I love plugins and plugin packs. We had a a question on that. What are my favorite plugins? I love browser op. It's I tested 18 different web enabled, plugins. I that's not a joke, guys. I literally tested them all. see what they're capable of. browser app is one of the most flexible. so that's one of my favorites. I love boxscript I love this YouTube summaries, plugin from, I think this is from 8 to

AI [00:32:19]:


Jordan Wilson [00:32:20]:

Those are some of my favorites. if you ever see this, a plugin here that has a red shield that doesn't mean it's broken, it just means it's not verified, but it'll still work. You will see, okay, here's one that the thumbnail is not working. this hasn't been verified, but my in my experience, whenever that happens, especially if it's a not verified plugin and the little thumbnail image preview isn't working. A lot of times, it means that plugin is having problems and it's not working correctly. however, something real quick to do on plugins. again, you can only have 3 active at any time. You can scroll down to the bottom and go to the plugin store. Alright? And then from the plugin store, you can search for anything. So as an example, let's say you want a PDF plugin, you can search DF and install individually install these plugins. So the plugin store is growing by the day. I think last count, it's now at more than a 1000 when it first came out, there's only, like, 50 or 60. so plugins are great. You you install them with one click. A lot of times a plugin will require you have a third party account. as an example, Zapier, right, which I have installed. Usually, it's on the front page here, but it's not today. so Zapier is a fantastic plugin. I am going to do a dedicated show on this. But as an example, a lot of plugins require you have a third party account. So you can't just click install Zapier and start using Zapier because, obviously, you need an account and you need to have those services already connected inside Zapier. so that is a quick overview of plugins. Again, you can only have 3 enabled You have to individually install them. And when you start a chat, you can't go back and forth. You can't add 1, delete 1, or modify. That was a lot. Guys, that was a lot. don't worry. if you didn't catch everything. Alright? There's gonna be more in our daily newsletter. So please go ahead. Go to your everydayai.com. It's right there. We spend so much time on our daily newsletter making it as helpful as possible for people. So Whether you're an avid live stream listener, you're gonna wanna jump in and and get the get the newsletter. We break down the podcast every day into actionable tips So if you didn't catch something, we'd literally break it all down and we give more on the talk that we talk about every day as well as we break down the latest in AI news kind of random finds from across the internet related to AI. we go over some some new software. Every day we have an AI in 5 tutorial. There's so much value in the newsletter. So if you don't have it already, go to your everyday ai.com. Sign up for that free daily newsletter. Yes, Wuzy. We will do the Zapier plug in episode very soon. Peter says he's excited. I am as well. Thank you all. This was a long one, so I hope to see you. We won't see you tomorrow. Happy Friday, but we'll see you back again very soon for another episode of. Everyday ai. Thanks y'all.

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