Ep 82: Using AI To Grow Your Ecommerce Presence


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AI has transformed countless industries, and its impact on the world of e-commerce cannot be underestimated. In today's episode, Charles Chakkalo shared invaluable insights on how businesses can utilize AI to elevate their e-commerce presence. This article dives into the highlights of that episode, focusing on using AI to accelerate growth, enhance customer experience, and optimize operations in the digital marketplace.

Enhancing Multilingual E-commerce:

Expanding into global markets has become increasingly attainable through AI-powered language translation tools. As discussed, platforms like ChatGPT are revolutionizing multilingual e-commerce experiences, especially in Latin America. By translating product descriptions, websites, and packaging, businesses can reach diverse audiences, driving substantial traffic and unlocking new growth opportunities.

Streamlining Research and Operations:

AI technologies can significantly simplify various aspects of e-commerce operations. From product research to logistics, AI-powered tools offer invaluable assistance. For instance, AI assistants can provide real-time store availability, profit information, and market research analysis, alleviating the need for exhaustive manual efforts. By using AI-enabled virtual assistants or advanced AI solutions, businesses can make data-driven decisions swiftly, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

The Quest for Accurate AI-generated Images:

The speaker also highlighted the challenges businesses face in generating accurate AI-rendered product images. While AI image generators like Canva AI provide a wide range of options, it's crucial to ensure the accuracy of these representations. Tinkering with prompts and updating them to align with the desired product features can help enhance the accuracy of AI-generated images. This attention to detail plays a vital role in building trust with customers and establishing brand authenticity.

Implementing AI for SEO Optimization:

AI tools can also significantly contribute to search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, increasing online visibility and organic traffic. The podcast episode shed light on how businesses can leverage generative AI tools like Claude, Chat, EBT, or Bard to optimize product titles and descriptions for platforms like Amazon and Shopify. By strategically using targeted keywords and integrating them seamlessly into descriptions, businesses can enhance their SEO rankings and attract more potential customers.


Today's episode provided valuable insights into leveraging AI to grow your e-commerce presence. From language translation to streamlining operations and SEO optimization, AI technologies present immense opportunities for businesses to thrive. As a business owner or decision maker, embracing AI can empower your e-commerce ventures and position your brand for sustained growth in the digital age. Stay informed about the latest AI trends and advancements, and continue exploring the manifold benefits of integrating AI into your e-commerce strategy.

Topics Covered

- Multilingual features in e-commerce with ChatGPT's release in Latin America
- Translating websites and product packaging into different languages
- Creating separate product pages in Spanish on English websites
- Challenges with customer service and logistics
- Business growth and success on Amazon
- Excitement about ChatGPT release and interest in technology
- Self-education through YouTube videos and influencers
- Implementing ChatGPT in business and ecommerce
- YouTube recommendations, Google search results, predictive text
- Introduction to Claude as a generative AI tool for document analysis and summarization
- Discussion of an AI-generated product and its features
- Differences between AI-generated images and actual products
- Demonstration of Jungle Scout and its listing builder feature
- Optimization of product title with AI assistance
- SEO optimization for increased visibility and organic traffic
- Tools SEO Google traffic analysis
- Utilization of generative AI tools for optimization
- Built-in options for SEO optimization in Shopify
- Targeting specific keywords for higher search rankings
- Ensuring accuracy of AI-generated images in e-commerce shops
- Tinkering and updating prompts to reflect products accurately
- Ban on gen AI tools by the Associated Press and McKinsey's own generative AI tool
- Glitches in Snapchat's AI behavior

Podcast Transcript

Jordan Wilson [00:00:17]:

So we talk about AI and ChatGPT a lot on this show. And we say, hey. You can grow your business and and do all these different things, but What about just making money? What about using chatgptandai for ecommerce? We haven't talked about it yet. So we're gonna talk about that today on everyday AI. good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Depending on where you're joining from. very excited for today's show. My name is Jordan Wilson. I'm the host of everyday AI. We are a daily live stream. podcasts and free daily newsletter helping everyday people like you and me not just understand what's going on in the world of Here's 50 tools. Here's 50 things that happen. Nope. We tell you how you can actually use it.

Daily AI news

Alright. So I'm excited today to have on a guest that we can talk a little bit about ecommerce, but before we get to that, let's talk about what's going on in the world of AI news. It's something we do every single morning. So let's start at the top. So the associated press, the AP, has banned the use of genai tools in published content. So, just this story just kind of broke. So a little bit of a mixed message if you ask me because the AP is encouraging its staff to use the technology but just not in published content. So, you know, no images or published content, will be from generative AI. So, you know, as a former journalist, you know, we use the AP, the associated press wire all the time. So great to see the AP coming out and, kind of making a stance on this, but we'll see how it's actually, enforced Alright. 

So is McKinsey getting replaced? So that that's that's all, you you know, if you read threads on Twitter or see things on LinkedIn, everyone says, hey. AI is is the new, McKinsey consultant. So you don't need a McKinsey consultant. Well, they said not so fast. So they actually just introduced their own generative AI tool called Lily So this is something, you know, I I I talk about this offline with people all the time, especially the consulting industry. So, there's actually been some big moves, you know, Deloitte had a great, you know, announced a big partnership with Nvidia yesterday. Here's McKinsey, creating and releasing their own tool right now. It's just for, their own employees to use called Lilly. So, very fascinating.

And our last story, but not least, Snapchat AI is glitching. Right? if you're a user, you probably saw this, but Snapchat has essentially an AI that you can talk to and over the last day or so, it started to glitch and show some weird behavior. Mainly, it started to take human actions like posting, stories, posting stories on Snapchat, which is something that an AI should not be able to do, and stopped responding to users. So, very weird kind of glitch there and people are saying, oh, okay. Is the Snapchat AI taking on human characteristics? probably not, but make sure to check out the newsletter for that. So, as a reminder, that's not all we have. so go to your everyday ai.com. Sign up for that free daily newsletter. Every single day, we break down. I think the most important thing we do in the newsletter is we break down the podcast and, you know, because our guests have a lot of great information, and we really go, on a granular detail step by step on how you can use the information that we talk about in the podcast, but we also have, you know, we have news. We have software. We have a daily editorial. It's good stuff. Make sure you go check it out. and thank you for joining us.

About Charles and his ecommerce start

So if you're joining us live, extremely excited to bring on our guests for today. so let's welcome. Charles Chiakkalo. He is an entrepreneur and the founding partner of joyshopping.com. Charles, thank you so much for joining us. Excited to have you on the show.

Charles Chakkalo [00:04:20]:

Good morning. Thank you for having me.

Jordan Wilson [00:04:22]:

Alright. So tell tell everyone a little bit. So you have an entrepreneur background, in the e commerce space right now, but tell everyone a little bit what you are what you're doing and a little bit about your e commerce, set up.

Charles Chakkalo [00:04:33]:

So rewind 6, 7 years ago. My brothers and I, we were in college, and there was an idea of listen. That's been in the family business, something that he established right when he came to this country. And he goes, why not take it online? So on principle, that says you could take it online. I'm not giving you a penny. So my brothers and I, we put all our life savings into this while we're in college. And won't be helped. I mean, it grew. Thank god. And, we are where we are now. So we learned the we learned the trade and, That was our 1st venture. thankfully, it's it's what propelled us to where we are now. thankfully, a successful Amazon store. And then, hopefully, every other thing that comes along with a successful brand a little later on.

Jordan Wilson [00:05:26]:

Yeah. That's amazing. So what was the family business when it was offline? and just talk real quickly about the step to to bring it all online and to, you know, bring it to the e commerce side.

Charles Chakkalo [00:05:36]:

So it was So it's it's still is a bunch of brick and mortar stores, primarily in New England, across Connecticut and Massachusetts. And right now, the the brick and mortar branches are still up and running. It's it's just an added online element of sort of the same niche but can't be exactly the same because we're not exactly shipping these big things that you find in a home goods type of store.

Jordan Wilson [00:06:01]:


Charles Chakkalo [00:06:02]:

So that's that. That's it. That the those those stores are still going. They're going strong.

Jordan Wilson [00:06:07]:

Love it. So, it's it's it's really an interesting, and I think your story is is probably relevant and hits home for a lot of people, right, taking, a family business and and kind of getting it online. Right? I think it's something that our generation, you know, those of us in our you know, twenties and thirties, have maybe experienced. So, what were some of the initial challenges of of taking everything online and then talk a little bit about how you started to solve some of those challenges maybe with with technology and AI.

Challenges of starting an ecommerce store

Charles Chakkalo [00:06:38]:

Well, the so there was we really bootstrapped it. It was the type of business we started by, you know, we didn't turn on the heat. We just packed on extra layers of clothing. And those those challenges were really customer service and getting those packages out. by that, I mean, logistical things. We began with resale. So let's say We went up and down. We literally went up and down the East Coast once or twice a week up to maybe higher than Vermont. And we bought light bulbs from the Dollar Tree. So we ended up selling them on eBay. What would have made everything so much simpler if We just plugged in an AI and, they said, hey. Here's what's available in store, and here's the profit you can make. We literally had, employees at the time. I didn't know enough to think of a VA. researching a bunch of different products we had access to and could make a profit on. So In the beginning of the business, that was how we made a big chunk of our change. If AI could have done that, it would have been amazing.

Jordan Wilson [00:07:55]:

Wow. So, yeah, we're we're gonna get a little bit more into that here in a second. Just wanted to highlight some of the people joining us of doctor Rostafak. here for the everyday AI hot tea. Thank you for joining us. Hatterig, tuning in from Zurich. Thank you. great podcast. Thanks. thank you for joining us. Doctor Harvey Castro. Great to be here. so we do have a question from from Mabrit, and I'll I'll I'll I'll let you take this Charles. So, Mabrit, very loyal listener. Thanks for tuning in. Mabrit saying curious, in what ways can I use AI for my e commerce shop that maybe I haven't considered yet.

Ways you can use AI for ecommerce

Charles Chakkalo [00:08:31]:

where do I begin? The best thing you can do optimize your descriptions for SEO. So giving you have an e commerce shop, you should either be using Ahrefs or Uber Suggest for SEO Google traffic analysis. And once you do that, you can you can go to, really, any generative AI tool. Claud, chat, EBT, or Bard, and or if you're on Shopify, they have it built in. And then you could say, optimize for this keyword. or write an additional paragraph description for this keyword and just throw it right into your description. You'll get free organic traffic. It will take a long time for the SEO to rank, but it's just something you said and forget. So that's that's one way you can do that. you let me know. I could keep going.

Jordan Wilson [00:09:24]:

Yeah. Yeah. Well, I I mean, Just that right there. It sounds like a small thing. So if if if you're a listener, you know, that that that advice that Charles gave sounds like a very small thing, but when you're talking e commerce shops, right, I I help the client set up e commerce, an e commerce shop before generative AI and just that piece can be so taxing and time consuming if you're starting from scratch, especially if you have hundreds of products or variations, right, because it can take Charles. Right? It can take forever just to do that one small step.

Charles Chakkalo [00:09:59]:

I'm in the process of it now. I mean, my I have, thankfully, at this point, I'm at the point where I have a VA. And we have a we have a spreadsheet of about 1500 items. And the the worst thing I can do is just copy and paste them so that they match up all the other sites that those products are on. The best thing I could do is tell this VA, run this through ChatGPT or run this through the generative AI that Shopify provides me. so that at least the descriptions are unique.

Jordan Wilson [00:10:31]:


Charles Chakkalo [00:10:31]:

So it's not these products are not just uniform across the entire Internet. opens you up to price comparison and also tells Google, you're copying and pasting things, which is never a good thing.

Examples of AI-generated images and descriptions

Jordan Wilson [00:10:42]:

Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. And and and Charles, do you wanna try like, so normally, we don't do this, but Charles said, hey. I can show people live. So let's let's go ahead and do that. And and as we do, you you know, Jackie's saying that this is a huge time saver. I I I agree, Jackie. Absolutely. and Brian saying, think of all the people I know that could greatly benefit from this hoping they're on here.

Charles Chakkalo [00:11:02]:

So, yeah, tag them.

Jordan Wilson [00:11:04]:

share it because, yeah, Charles Charles is gonna show us, show us some things here, live, just even what you can do just in, chatgpt to grow your e commerce shop.

Charles Chakkalo [00:11:18]:

You got it. give me one second, and I'll get the share.

Jordan Wilson [00:11:22]:

I'm excited. Yeah. And and as a reminder, if you're if you're listening later on the podcast, you obviously can't see this, but don't worry. in the show notes, we always leave links so you can come back here and watch the video as well. You know, you can connect with, the show on LinkedIn, send us an email, all that good stuff. So If you wanna see a live demonstration of how you can use ChatGPT to, grow your e commerce shop, which we're about to show on the screen here. Don't worry. You can just go click that and and bring it on.

Charles Chakkalo [00:11:49]:

I'm gonna interrupt. Not just chat. ai. Yes. Because I'm gonna I'm about to show you a text to image text to image standard operating procedure I use. Wild.

Jordan Wilson [00:12:02]:

Love it. This is great. This is great to see the behind the scenes of how successful e commerce brands can can be built because I actually get questions of this all the time. Someone says like, okay. How does this actually work? And sometimes we do, you know, we've done this for Midjourney before. We've jumped in and we've kind of shown you know, live shows, but this is actually how you can apply it to a real business and how, you know, you can actually do it. So let's let's take a look.

Charles Chakkalo [00:12:29]:

Alright. Sharing now.

Jordan Wilson [00:12:35]:

Alright. And we'll and we'll do our we'll do our best here, everyone, to describe, what's going on on the stream because I know sometimes, you know, people are kind of listening in or watching from the other room. So let's go ahead and and take a look here. So now, Charles, go ahead and walk us through what you're doing here, on Amazon.

Charles Chakkalo [00:12:51]:

Alright. This is our cliffhans. what most brands like to do or should be doing is actually posting this to their brand store. So if you were to look at any brand on Amazon has a storefront, there it is. Here's our storefront. There's a little section here called posts. And these are not my real product images. What I have what I have my VA do daily is go into a product, like, let's say this dish rack, copy these, along with the title.

Jordan Wilson [00:13:31]:

Yep. So we're copying. Sorry. I'm gonna describe it a little more. So we're copying that with the product description. Right? copying the product description and the product name. Right? That's what that was. Mhmm. Perfect.

Charles Chakkalo [00:13:45]:

Right here. Straight into Canva. Text to image app, which is free and included with your description. Create my image. While that's running, they go over into ChatGPT saying give me a 300 character description of whatever you're generating. Wow. Here we go. This one looks pretty good. It's not an exact image, but it speaks to the lifestyle of my product. Yeah. GPT will give me a a description. Loan behold, if you go into my store, posts. Post on post. All AI generated. I don't have to spend money in creative. I don't have to spend money sending it to a photographer, shipping the product, etcetera.

Jordan Wilson [00:14:41]:


Charles Chakkalo [00:14:41]:

The best part about it. So you see, it's made both relatable. He I purposely put in his prompts to put in some emojis. Amazon goes ahead and applies their takes to it via AI. They they feature these posts all throughout the app on the Amazon app. They feature these posts sometimes even on competitors listings. And look at the bottom, you can actually put in your products. You'll get free clicks to your products.

Jordan Wilson [00:15:14]:

Yeah. free

Charles Chakkalo [00:15:16]:

the way the way it's supposed to work is you pay advertising money for even features and clicks to your product. This is for free.

Jordan Wilson [00:15:25]:

Wow. Wow. So, like, literally what I just said, Brown just said as as as well, saying, wow. Absolutely amazing. So have a couple follow-up questions, Charles, and hopefully something, you you know, that, our podcast audience can can visualize this a little bit. So you took a product title and product description. obviously, you have the product first. Right? You have the product. you you then use AI to help you write those product descriptions.

Charles Chakkalo [00:15:54]:


Jordan Wilson [00:15:54]:

Correct? And then you take the descriptions that AI helped you. Right? You bring it into Canvas AI image generator and go from there. Right? So that's that's our process so far.

Charles Chakkalo [00:16:05]:

That's right. That's right. If you wanna go even further on it, when you said, I I use AI to write my descriptions. So there there are 2 there are 2 research tools out there, Jungle Scout and helium 10. I find that Jungle Scout is actually the much better tool out there. Let's see how I wanna see or show you how it really works for us. Just give me a sec I don't I don't want any sensitive info to get out there.

Jordan Wilson [00:16:32]:

No. No. That's that that makes sense. I do I do have one question as you're bringing that up Charles.

Recommendations for accurate AI image generation

Jordan Wilson [00:16:38]:

So what I guess one thing if anyone's used image, AI image generators before. and as we kind of saw in your example, you know, maybe 1 or 2 of those were accurate out of the 4 that Canva AI gave you. what steps can you recommend to those those people listening and watching out there that try this and maybe it's not the most accurate. Right? So maybe if someone does have an e commerce shop and it's, you know, the wrong shape or the wrong size of the actual products. So how do you ensure, you know, that you can get these AI image genera these AI images generator that accurately reflect the product? Is it just a lot of tinkering and back and forth and updating the prompts to make sure that it actually reflects, you know, the product that people would be receiving?

Charles Chakkalo [00:17:23]:

So, yeah, so the it's actually it's funny. If you're having a problem with that AI, the answer is more AI. you can actually ask ChatGPT to write you a prompt text to image for the Shrek, run it through Canva, see the problems that Canva has, go back to chat to EBT and say, hey. My results came out with a blurred back ground. It's in the middle of a grass yard, and I need it to be in the middle of a kitchen. rewrite the prompt to fix these errors. ChatGPT will re will redo the prompt to fix those errors. I love it. I love it. You can always add in another another sentence or 2 to do it yourself. but using more AI is just more fun.

Jordan Wilson [00:18:08]:

Yeah. I love it. And if you're listening on the podcast, I'm smiling because I get this. Right? Like, what Charles said. I've done this so many times as well. You know, we teach kind of a a a prompting course, and I tell people this as well, you know, have split screens you know, so you can go back and forth and use 1 AI to help improve, the other. So a couple a couple questions here, Charles. So Monica is asking When did you start using AI for your e commerce shop?

Charles Chakkalo [00:18:35]:

The second it came out, sort of like, yeah, sort of like Yeah. November. When was the whole craze? I guess, right, right in November? Was the whole craze with ChatGPT? And I mean, from a little boy, I was very I was very into technology. I was installing jump start on my, computers at, like, the age of three and four. So I jumped on this like crazy. immediately educated myself. YouTube did, like, as much as I could. once I saw business in business ways I could implement it and I follow a lot of influencers in the fields or a lot of I guess, industry leaders, they put out they they didn't hold back by putting out content, for for you putting it into e commerce. The feature I'm about to show, I'm hoping it's going to work. Here it is. So, yeah, the features I'm about to show, people have been aiming to implement this for a long, long time. Here it is. Alright. So if you're on towers go ahead.

Jordan Wilson [00:19:45]:

Oh, no. I was saying as as we bring this up, just yeah. Yeah. Every a, you have a fan here. Someone says number you you're number 1 Charles. Jackie's saying she's loving this stuff. a question a question here as you share your next screen mark

AI [00:19:59]:


Charles Chakkalo [00:20:00]:


AI [00:20:00]:


Jordan Wilson [00:20:00]:

asking, do you get many refunds if if the image is is not know, a 100% accurate. Are you getting a lot of refunds there?

Charles Chakkalo [00:20:07]:

No. So that's if you're using it for product images. If you're using it for product images, I don't recommend you do that. But if it's for posts saying, hey. Look at look at the home goods we carry. I mean, What could be wrong with that? It's just it's just a post on Amazon. And it and it features your product. If you, go ahead and look at my store's Amazon posts, It's, you you could see the real product featured right below the post itself. The post is just to engage the customer. Yeah. So the the answer to that is no.

Jordan Wilson [00:20:42]:

That okay. So just just to clarify, the images that you're using, that's just for what you were showing on your screen earlier. That's the Amazon post feature, and that's not necessarily, you know, right as someone's zooming in on an image before they add it to the cart. that's an actual image that you guys have taken. Correct?

Charles Chakkalo [00:21:00]:


Jordan Wilson [00:21:00]:

Okay. Good. Thank you for clarifying that because -- Yeah.

AI [00:21:02]:


Jordan Wilson [00:21:02]:

I think a lot of people were wondering that.

Using SEO AI tools for listings

Charles Chakkalo [00:21:04]:

Yeah. So if you look at so we're ready to roll on operation number 2 here. So, yeah, again, this is one of our products. These were used these were generated using AI, but a lot a lot more work went into these pictures, though. and this is actually the product they're getting. But if you were to go into one of our posts, you could you could definitely with a with a trained ai. And I don't mean that as you know, skill or qual qualification, see that this is not this. Mhmm. The this is very clearly an AI image, and this is clearly a lot shallower, doesn't have the cup holders than this does. So that's that's on that end. The other feature I wanna show you as far as imp of what what the thought leaders wanted to implement as soon as possible. Here's the back end of Jungle Scout, and here's a listing builder they have. These are wiffle bowls we sell. Here are all the highest volume keywords for the product. And all you need to do for the product title to optimize it for the highest traffic keyword, hit that ai assist. It will write that for you. This is the this is the most optimized title. You also wanna hit on the features, the bullet points that go into this part of the description. And all of this I'm doing in terms of Amazon, you could do it all in terms of Shopify too.

Jordan Wilson [00:22:39]:

Yeah. Yeah. And just and just quick to to remind people out there, jungle scout that, you know, Charles is showing that's in, it's an Amazon platform. Well, just an e commerce platform, right, that helps you better research product come up with keywords, all of that. Right?

Charles Chakkalo [00:22:53]:


Jordan Wilson [00:22:54]:

so we have you know, this is we we've covered a lot in in about 22 minutes, but, I wanna extend just a little. Normally, we'd be wrapping up, but a couple we have a couple other questions here that I wanna 2 trial sets because you just showed us a ton of great information for those trying to use AI and, e commerce. So, Fabian asking kind of like where is this going on? Is this he's asking if this is in Latin America, do you know our e commerce, kind of shoppers or or, sorry, e commerce store owners doing this worldwide, Charles, or do you think this is just caught on more in the US?

Charles Chakkalo [00:23:27]:

I mean, I'm I'm of the belief that you have to You always have to educate yourself in all walks of life, and you never know enough. So you have to continue learning. Oh, They should be because this is not anything novel. This is something that anyone that's been around with the e commerce world is implementing. specifically in Latin America with ChatGPT, releasing their multilingual features about 2 weeks ago. people are translating their sites into different languages. People are translating their product packaging to the to the language of that country, which is in most cases, a requirement. So that expands the reach of their products. People are are even are even look looking to they're going on to marketplaces, making another product page entirely in Spanish, and listing it on an English website. If I told you the traffic they were getting, just because of Spanish speakers in English countries,

Jordan Wilson [00:24:31]:

Yeah. That's amazing. That's such a great use too because I even remember being an old school web designer, web developer myself, having to manually do that and manually install, you you know, other languages into a website. So the fact that you can do it all now in CPT is pretty amazing. Michael, thanks for joining us. Has a question, here for Charles, asking, so the question would be moot, but Can you do this without having your own product? Like, can I just blog about products on Amazon and use AI generated photos? what's what's your take on that, Charles?

Charles Chakkalo [00:25:04]:

definitely, if you wanna put a hero image on top of your article, or or feature it to on your thumbnail to get more exposure on your on your blog, Absolutely. And then you can use AI to optimize your blog content for higher SEO traffic and higher relevance.

Jordan Wilson [00:25:24]:

Yeah. And I think okay. one more from Jackie here. I think you answered this inadvertently, but asking, can AI help generate the real store image.

Charles Chakkalo [00:25:35]:

Definitely. I mean, just as it did, if you if you go to my clip fans, it it did. And, I I frequently do use it. It just requires a lot more human involvement and a lot more a lot more touch ups from the human end.

Jordan Wilson [00:25:49]:


Charles Chakkalo [00:25:49]:

Just as really any AI generation does, it's just that, let's say for the posts, we don't really need that human touch as much. But all AI does need that human touch at the end just to make it a little more genuine and relatable to the end consumer.

Jordan Wilson [00:26:03]:

Yeah. A 100% because if you are using it as the real store image, Charles, right, you have to make sure every single aspect of it is reflective of how it is in real life because then otherwise, correct. You would run the risk of a lot of people saying like, oh, this is bigger. This is smaller. you know, this piece isn't the right color. Right? You've run into a lot of that.

Charles Chakkalo [00:26:24]:

Right. And yeah. Go ahead.

Best AI tools to use

Jordan Wilson [00:26:27]:

Oh, no. Yeah. So here, I think we have our our our last question here. so, Doctor Sarang asking, which AI tools you have used and could you rank them on the based on benefits and limitations. Great question. Yeah. because there's a lot of AI. Even just in this short conversation, you've already mentioned 4 or 5 of them. So what's your take?

Charles Chakkalo [00:26:48]:

Listen back a bunch. AI is all around. So so I think what you mean AI specific tools, something like generative AI is what is what I really I really found it on. chat EPT, Canva, are really generative AI things. AI as a bigger picture could be the YouTube recommendations, Google search results, even even the predictive text in your Google docs or Gmail. So my favorite generative AI would be, I think Claude, if you guys look into it, it's called yeah, core.ai because I can I can upload a document, a PDF, and have it go through it. Say summarize this into 10 summarize this into 10 points, and it will it will do that. I can have I can upload a contract saying find the loophole. It's that that's my favorite generative AI thing that I can actually interact with. Chat GPS also has these features. But, that's my favorite generative one. For the sake of time, I think I'll pause.

Jordan Wilson [00:27:58]:

Oh, I love it. We we went over a lot. Yeah. Throwing throwing cloud up on the screen here too. So, Charles, thank you so much for joining the show and don't like he just dropped a lot of great information for e commerce, shop owners, or if you're just curious about getting into it. So If you didn't catch everything, don't worry. you can always just go to our website. Go to your everyday ai.com. sign up for the free newsletter. We're gonna share some resources to Charles's store so you can go check everything out yourself. Go click all his posts. maybe go maybe go buy something if you need something from a store. but Charles, thank you so much for for for joining us and really just dishing out such great information on e Commerce and AI.

Charles' Final Takeaway

Charles Chakkalo [00:28:41]:

My pleasure. And as a sign off comment, I just wanna shout out one more question. My cousin's on here. Would I work for all industries? The answer is a yes. It's this is the general concept of ai, how you can implement it. The possibilities are endless. What I just showed you is things that I knew ai could do and show a real world product, a real word profit. So just think of different ways it can work. Very little of this was my own idea generation. So it's it it works great.

Jordan Wilson [00:29:15]:

It's such such a great point that, yes, this isn't just for, you know, selling products, via e commerce. things Charles shared. You can use it across so many different industries. So, one, actually, one quick reminder forgot to share about this. I will be speaking actually here in a couple of hours at, an AI summit. So make sure to check out the link in the newsletter if you wanted to join us. So Again, thank you, Charles, and I hope to see everyone back again for some more everyday AI. Thanks all. Thanks, guys.

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