AI's Impact on Society Podcast

Reflect on AI's profound societal impact. Discuss ethical considerations, societal transformations, and the broader implications of artificial intelligence. Thought-provoking conversations for everyday people.

The society category offers a critical exploration of how AI is influencing various aspects of society and culture. This section is designed for business professionals, policymakers, and socially conscious individuals interested in the broader implications of AI on social dynamics, ethics, and governance. 

It delves into topics such as the impact of AI on employment, privacy concerns, ethical AI development, and the role of AI in shaping public policy and societal norms.

April 10, 2024

How should you view Artificial Intelligence? Can it be your new best friend, helping you with every task of your day? Or, could it be a legit nightmare and tech terror?

Ep 247: AI – Your New BFF or Tech Terror?

March 29, 2024

How will AI change the way we shop online? Whether you own an e-commerce business or not, AI is changing the entire online shopping experience and will have an effect on all of us.

Ep 239: How AI Is Changing The E-commerce Landscape

March 27, 2024

If you want a successful business in the age of AI, you need to be able to collaborate in real-time. Zoom’s CPO, Smita Hashim, joins us to discuss how AI is changing real-time collaboration.

Ep 237: Zoom Exec Tells How AI is Changing Real-Time Collaboration

March 26, 2024

NVIDIA’s announcements from its GTC conference will change the AI world. We partnered with NVIDIA and were at the conference all week. We’re breaking down all the big headlines and explaining what it means for the future of AI.

Ep 236: NVIDIA GTC Recap – 3 ways NVIDIA is going to change the AI world

March 25, 2024

Did Microsoft just make the biggest AI power move? Can you play chess using your brain with Musk’s Neuralink chip? What’s happening with Stability AI? We’re breaking down this week’s AI news that matters.

Ep 230: Microsoft’s new AI division, Update on Neuralink brain chip, Stability AI CEO resigns – AI News That Matters

March 22, 2024

You might think the auto industry hasn’t changed since the Model T. There’s a lot going on under the hood, though. Especially with AI revving its engine now louder than ever. So what’s next in the auto industry with so much new AI tech behind the wheel? That’s exactly what we’ll be discussing with Danny Shapiro, NVIDIA’s Vice President of Automotive.

Ep 234: Driving the Future – NVIDIA’s Vision for AI-powered Transportation

March 21, 2024

AI + Robots — is it just science fiction? Or, could the intersection of AI and robotics change our daily lives WAY sooner than we’d expect? We find out with Amit Goel, the Director of Robotics at NVIDIA, a global leader in the robotics industry.

Ep 233: Robots Among Us – How NVIDIA is building the future of robotics

March 15, 2024

We always hear how much AI and tools like ChatGPT have helped the everyday person. But besides the day-to-day work, AI can also help those that are neurodivergent. We discuss the positive impact AI has on Neurodiversity.

Ep 229: Exploring the Positive Impact of Neurodiversity and AI

March 13, 2024

AI can be ugly. But it can also be beautiful. Literally. Like when AI is used in the beauty industry. We talk about how AI is changing the beauty industry.

Ep 227: A Beautiful AI – How AI is being used in the Beauty industry

March 12, 2024

One group that can really benefit from generative AI is nonprofits. So what are the barriers, and how can nonprofits leverage this cutting-edge tech while still respecting donor data and keeping trust with stakeholders? We discuss how we can use AI responsibly.

Ep 226: Beyond AI Ethics – Why nonprofits must focus on beneficial and responsible AI

March 8, 2024

AI is going to have a huge impact on society. It already has impacted the labor market and other parts of society. Will AI be more disruptive than we think, or can it be an overpowering force for good?

Ep 224:  AI and its Impact on Society: How it might look

March 6, 2024

When we talk about AI jobs, we normally think that AI is just taking our jobs. But that’s not necessarily how it’s happening in the real world right now. AI jobs are being dispersed all across the US. We take a look at some stats to find out more.

Ep 222: The Dispersion of AI Jobs Across the U.S. – Why it matters

March 4, 2024

Figure AI raises $675 million from Big Tech, Elon Musk sues OpenAI, and LTX Studio challenges Pika Labs. Here’s this week’s AI news that matters and why it’s important to you.

Ep 220: Elon Musk sues OpenAI, Figure raises $675M from Big Tech – AI News That Matters

March 1, 2024

How can we get more women in AI roles? It’s an important conversation we need to have, especially in the IT and tech space in the US. We discuss how we can rebuild the staffing industry and get more women into AI roles.

Ep 219: Rebuilding The Staffing Industry: How to get more women in AI roles

February 26, 2024

ChatGPT Plugins are on their way out! Tyler Perry is putting his studio expansion on hold due to AI, and Google is making TONS of news right now! Here’s this week’s AI news that matters and why it’s important.

Ep 215: ChatGPT Plugins are leaving, Google and Reddit sign $60M deal – AI News That Matters

February 22, 2024

What does the future of healthcare look like with the constantly growing world of GenAI? Will there be doctors? Are future doctor offices going to be run by AI? We discuss how AI is transforming Healthcare from a service to a product.

Ep 213: AI Meets Doctors – Turning Healthcare from a Service to a Product

February 14, 2024

When we talk about GenAI the focus is always on text to text, text to video, or text to image. But text to music is a really cool and underrated part of GenAI’s capabilities. We show how AI is changing the way we create and listen to music.

Ep 207: AI Will Allow Us All to Make Music We Enjoy

February 13, 2024

OpenAI shifting towards AI agents, Google Bard is dead, Gemini Ultra, AI Super Bowl commercials, and more! Here’s this week’s AI news that matters!

Ep 206: There is No AI Hype – This is how the world works now

February 8, 2024

If you want your company to compete on a global stage, you need to be able to speak to global customers. We discuss how AI is changing the translation space and its effects on related jobs.

Ep 203: Translation in the World of AI – Will we have a job tomorrow?

February 7, 2024

AI Governance is a tricky topic that no one seems to know how to approach. There can be many roadblocks or hurdles before properly implementing governance for AI. We discuss how to create governance for AI mass adoption.

Ep 202: The Holy Grail of AI Mass Adoption – Governance

February 5, 2024

We made it to 200 episodes! Woohoo! To celebrate, we’re giving you 200 facts, stats, and even our hot takes on everything GenAI. Thanks for all the support and love!

Ep 200: 200 Facts, Stats, and Hot Takes About GenAI – Celebrating 200 Episodes

February 2, 2024

How can the medical field fully maximize the effectiveness of AI? The advancements of AI in Health Care are already revolutionizing the tech used and the care we receive. We discuss AI’s impact on Health Care.

Ep 199: Maximizing The Effectiveness of AI in Health Care

January 25, 2024

How will AI impact the Real Estate industry? Whether you manage real estate or buy/sell/rent homes, how will AI change the way we interact with real estate? We discuss real estate’s AI transformation.

Ep 193: Real Estate’s AI Transformation – What’s Next?

January 23, 2024

Traditional SEO is going to die. The way we all use the internet is going to drastically change. Why? Because AI search is here. So what effect do AI and LLM chatbots have on the future of traditional web searching? We’re diving in.

Ep 191: AI Search Takeover – The End of Traditional SEO + Web Browsing?

January 18, 2024

The conversation around AI in the classroom has been ongoing for a while now. Should it be used or banned? How should you use it and monitor it? We discuss why we should focus on literacy and not detection when it comes to AI in education.

Ep 188: AI in the Classroom – Focus on literacy not detection

January 15, 2024

With so much going on in the AI world, it can be hard to keep up with everything. From Sam Altman and Bill Gates to Apple shuttering their AI team, we’re covering what you need to know this week.

EP 185: Bill Gates and Sam Altman Interview Insights, Apple Shutters its AI Team – AI News That Matters

January 12, 2024

There’s a constant battle happening with cyber security and GenAI. While AI can benefit the evolution of cyber, it also can be a double-edged sword. We discuss GenAI’s impact on cyber security.

EP 184: On-Device AI: What it is and do we need it? What no one’s talking about

January 10, 2024

There’s a constant battle happening with cyber security and GenAI. While AI can benefit the evolution of cyber, it also can be a double-edged sword. We discuss GenAI’s impact on cyber security.

Ep 182: AI Efficiencies in Cyber – A Double-Edged Sword

January 9, 2024

If you haven’t heard, The New York Times is suing OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement. OpenAI recently released a statement clapping back at The New York Times. So what does it all mean and what can we expect for the future implications of AI and copyright material? Let’s dive in.

Ep 181: New York Times vs. OpenAI – The huge AI implications no one is talking about

January 8, 2024

Welcome to our new segment, AI News That Matters! Every Monday we’re bringing you the biggest AI news and trends to keep an eye on and why it matters. Today we’re looking at Midjourney’s v6, AI-powered kitchens, upcoming AI announcements at CES, and more!

Ep 180: Midjourney v6 Plagiarism? – AI News That Matters

January 4, 2024

How do we teach the next generation about AI? Whether it’s through education in schools or personal learning, there seems to be no cohesive plan on how we teach GenAI. We discuss ways we can learn and teach AI to the next generation.

Ep 178: Teaching The Next Generation About AI

January 3, 2024

The number one question around GenAI is “How do I actually use it for my business?” Today we’re tackling everything you need to know to grow your company and career with GenAI. Here’s a blueprint with 7 ways you can use AI in your business in 2024.

Ep 177: 7 Ways To Use AI in Your Business in 2024

January 2, 2024

Welcome to 2024. Wondering what’s new and what you missed leading into the new year? We’ve got you covered. We’re covering what you can expect for GenAI in 2024 and how it impacts you.

Ep 176: GenAI Catchup – What’s coming in 2024

December 29, 2023

What will the future of healthcare look like with AI? In what ways has the medical industry already started to develop use cases for AI? We share insights into the AI developments being made both for healthcare professionals and front-facing customers like the everyday person.

Ep 175: Impact of GenAI in Healthcare

December 22, 2023

2023 has been the year of generative AI. We’ve talked with entrepreneurs, startup founders, and industry tech leaders, and there’s a lot that we’ve learned behind the scenes. We’re unleashing that knowledge and telling you our GenAI predictions for 2024.

Ep 171: GenAI in 2024 – What’s coming and what it means for you

December 19, 2023

We have some hot takes when it comes to how AI is being used in education. Universities are letting students down by the way they are/aren’t using GenAI tools. We discuss the current state of AI in higher education and how to fix its shortcomings.

Ep 168: AI in Higher Education is Broken. How to Fix it.

December 18, 2023

Some people think AI is as simple as autocomplete. But GenAI has gone from a working assistant to LLMs making new discoveries. We’re talking about Google DeepMind’s historic breakthrough and what it means for the future of GenAI and humans.

Ep 167: When AI Outsmarts Humans – DeepMind’s Historic Breakthrough

December 15, 2023

Some people say that AI stinks. ChatGPT isn’t any good. Well we’re here to break the news to you. ChatGPT doesn’t suck. Your prompts do. We’re showing you what you’re doing wrong and how to improve your ChatGPT prompts to improve your results and responses.

Ep 166: AI Summit NYC Recap – 5 things that stood out (and some scary things.)

November 30, 2023

Why do drugs fail at such a high rate? What can AI do about? We’re asking an expert helping to lead the Pharma industry. We discuss how GenAI is reshaping the Pharma industry and medical drugs.

Ep 155: AI’s Edge in Pharma – Lowering Drug Failure Rates

November 20, 2023

Do you trust the AI tools that you use? Are they ethical and safe? We often overlook the safety behind AI and it’s something we should pay attention to. We discuss how we can trust and use ethical AI.

Ep 148: Safer AI – Why we all need ethical AI tools we can trust

November 17, 2023

Biology plays a large part in our lives and human development. So how can we use AI to shape the world that we live in? We discuss how AI is changing the future of biology and it’s implications for humanity and our world.

Ep 147: The AI Revolution in Biology – How it’s changing

November 9, 2023

Why are AI models so biased? Whether it’s ChatGPT or an AI image generator, LLMs often have certain biases and tendencies. We discuss how to understand and fix biased AI.

Ep 141: How To Understand and Fix Biased AI

November 8, 2023

What’s going to happen with lawyers, attorneys, and the business of law with AI? Will AI help to improve the role of lawyers and how law is conducted? We discuss AI and the future of law.

Ep 140: How AI Will Transform The Business of Law

November 6, 2023

Can AI actually be used for good? One of the biggest misconceptions around AI is the fear that it’ll take over everything and only cause destruction. But what can AI do to help us? We to discuss strategies for ethical and sustainable AI development.

Ep 138: AI for Good – Strategies for Ethical and Sustainable AI Development

November 1, 2023

The Communications field has been filled with tons of fears and questions around AI. With so many AI use cases matching those in the industry, many are wondering what is next. We discuss how to stay irreplaceable in the Communications industry and adapt to AI.

Ep 135: The Future of ChatGPT: What It Means

October 30, 2023

What effect will AI have on financial risk management? How will financial institutions change and what impact will it have on consumers? We discuss the future of financial risk management with AI and how it’ll affect us all.

Ep 133: How AI Will Change Financial Risk Management

October 17, 2023

2023 has been the year of generative AI. So what’s to come in 2024 for AI and what should you expect? We break down the top 5 ways that Gen AI will show up in 2024.

Ep 124: 5 Ways Generative AI Shows Up in 2024

October 16, 2023

AI is often being compared to the arrival of the Internet. But will AI be more impactful than the changes that the Internet brought? Today we dive into how AI has and will affect society on every level and the lasting effects it’ll have compared to the Internet.

Ep 123: Will AI Be More Impactful Than The Internet?

October 10, 2023

AI is already helping to power our economy but can it also power our future? How do AI and power relate to each other and what impact will it have on our energy usage? We have a leading expert from NVIDIA to dive into the details. We discuss AI’s role in renewable energy and how NVIDIA is using it to shape the future.

Ep 119: AI in Renewable Energy – Insights from NVIDIA

October 6, 2023

How can we make AI more accessible for everyone? What role does the design of AI play? We dive into the importance of accessibility and user experience in AI design. We also discuss the challenges and possibilities of making AI more user-friendly.

Ep 117: Making AI Design User Friendly

September 28, 2023

What will the future of healthcare look like with AI? In what ways has the medical industry already started to develop use cases for AI? We share insights into the AI developments being made both for healthcare professionals and front-facing customers like the everyday person.

Ep 111: How AI is (and Will Be) Used in Healthcare

September 27, 2023

How will AI change the tech industry? Join us as we dive deep with Fernando Mier from Avanade, exploring the fascinating world of AI in the Metaverse, the ethical dilemmas of AI digital twins, and the transformative impact of AI on design and the workplace.

Ep 110: How AI is Changing The Tech Industry

September 22, 2023

What does the advancement of AI mean for medical knowledge and clinical trials? How will AI impact the future of medical decisions? We share insights on how AI is transforming the landscape of clinical research and systematic reviews.

Ep 107: How AI Turns Clinical Trials into Medical Knowledge

September 15, 2023

What does the future of work look like with AI? Specifically, how will AI affect creative organizations? We explore the role of generative AI in augmenting and supplementing creativity, how AI is shaping consumer mindsets, and what companies can do to prepare.

Ep 102: Future of Work – What’s Next For Creative Orgs?
  • AI's Impact on Social Dynamics and Employment: AI's integration into society raises important questions about its impact on social structures and employment. This category examines the effects of AI on the job market, including the potential for job displacement and the creation of new job types. We discuss the importance of reskilling and upskilling in the age of AI, and how societies can adapt to these changes to ensure inclusive growth and minimize social disparities.

  • Ethical Considerations and AI Governance: As AI becomes more prevalent, ethical considerations and governance of AI technologies are increasingly important. This section explores the ethical challenges posed by AI, including bias, transparency, and accountability. We delve into the efforts being made to develop ethical AI frameworks, the role of governments and international bodies in regulating AI, and the importance of public discourse in shaping AI policies.

  • AI's Role in Shaping Future Societies: The potential of AI to shape future societies is both exciting and daunting. The Society category offers insights into the long-term implications of AI on societal norms, public services, and global challenges like climate change and healthcare. We discuss how AI can contribute to societal well-being, the importance of inclusive AI development, and the need for a balanced approach that considers both the benefits and risks of AI in society.