Ep 85: Is AI More Creative Than Humans?


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AI has become a prominent part of our lives. From self-driving cars to virtual assistants, AI is revolutionizing industries and reshaping the way we work. One topic that often sparks curiosity and debate is whether AI can surpass human beings in terms of creativity. In this article, we aim to shed light on this question and explore the immense potential AI holds for businesses, decision-makers, and professionals like you.

The AI Creativity Paradox:

When discussing AI's creativity, two common arguments emerge: AI lacks empathy and AI cannot be truly creative. However, these assumptions need to be reevaluated. Empathy aside, AI has shown immense potential for creative problem-solving and innovation.

AI's Limitless Creativity:

1. Breaking Inhibitions: Unlike humans, AI is not bound by preconceived notions, biases, or inhibitions. It can explore uncharted territory and generate novel ideas without fear of judgment or failure. This freedom allows AI to push boundaries and challenge conventional thinking, leading to innovative solutions.

2. Unleashing Productivity: AI's tireless nature and ability to process vast amounts of data in a short time significantly enhance productivity. While humans may face limitations in terms of time and energy, AI can work tirelessly, delivering creative solutions consistently and effortlessly.

3. Unbiased Decision-Making: Humans are bound by their inherent biases, personal experiences, and emotions. AI, on the other hand, can make impartial decisions based purely on data analysis. This objectivity expands the creative possibilities, allowing businesses to make more informed and unbiased decisions.

4. Collaborative Creativity: AI can serve as a collaborative tool, augmenting human creativity and enhancing teamwork. By analyzing vast datasets and identifying patterns, AI can provide valuable insights, freeing up human creativity for higher-level problem-solving and strategic thinking.

Harnessing AI Creativity for Business Success:

1. Creative Problem-Solving: AI can analyze complex problems from various angles, identifying patterns and correlations that humans may overlook. By leveraging AI's analytical capabilities, businesses can uncover innovative solutions and outperform their competitors.

2. Personalized Customer Experiences: AI-powered algorithms can analyze vast amounts of customer data to create personalized experiences. From recommending products based on preferences to generating personalized marketing campaigns, AI revolutionizes customer engagement and drives business growth.

3. Data-Driven Insights: AI's ability to process and analyze large datasets allows businesses to gain invaluable insights into consumer behavior, market trends, and competitors. By harnessing this information, businesses can make data-driven decisions and devise effective strategies to stay ahead in the market.

The Human Touch:

While AI offers boundless creativity, it is crucial to remember that human creativity remains irreplaceable. Human ingenuity, intuition, and emotional intelligence add a unique dimension to the creative process that AI cannot replicate. Businesses must strike a balance between leveraging AI's capabilities and nurturing human creativity to achieve optimal results.


The question of whether AI is more creative than humans is complex. The simple answer is yes. But while AI may surpass human capabilities in certain aspects of creativity, it falls short in replicating the unique creative spirit that humans possess. By embracing AI as a tool and collaborator, businesses can harness the limitless creativity it offers and propel themselves to new heights of success.

Topics Covered

- Updates on AI news:
NVIDIA's rising revenue forecast, AI losing a court battle on copyrights, Meta's new AI-powered translation engine
- Introduction of the host's background in creative industries
- Discussion on two main areas of concern regarding AI: empathy and creativity
- Mention of a study on AI's empathetic capabilities
- Transition into the host's presentation of facts and opinions on AI's creativity
- Audience comments and questions
- Addressing the comment on AI's lack of inhibitions compared to humans
- Considering the quantity and quality of creativity in humans and AI

Podcast Transcript

Jordan Wilson [00:00:17]:

Is artificial intelligence more creative than humans? It's a question that I think a lot of us think about, but we don't actually dive in very deep on it. So today, That's exactly what we're gonna do. Thanks for joining us as we chat AI and creativity today on Every day AI. This is your daily live stream podcast and free daily newsletter, helping everyday people like you and me not just keep up with the AI news and developments but how we can actually use all these things in our careers and our companies and to grow. So I'm excited to have you joining us today. to talk about if AI is more creative than humans. So as a reminder, if you're joining us on the live stream, first of all, thank you. Let me know where you're joining me from. I always like to see. How many countries do we have tuning in with us this morning? if you're listening on the podcast, don't worry. Check out in your show notes. you can drop us an email. Follow me on LinkedIn, or there's a link to join the conversation. Come in, connect with other AI enthusiasts who are looking to grow. Alright. So before we get into If AI is more creative than humans, let's go over what's happening in the AI news world today. Alright. So NVIDIA is rising again. So, another strong revenue forecast has sent the chip makers sock soaring. this isn't a new new story, but it is happening almost almost monthly. We see NVIDIA searching, after reports of their chip sales, and just, you know, no one can keep up with Nvidia. it's no surprise, but it's worth noting again. Alright. our next news piece, AI lost a court battle. kind of. so a federal judge here in the US says that AI cannot hold copyrights. I I tell people this. Expect this AI copyright battle to be going on the court in the courts and dominating headlines for months years to come. if if if you're a newly graduated lawyer or a lawyer looking, to pivot Look into litigating AI cases, AI copyright cases. They're going to be everywhere. They are going to be, I think, more commonplace than just about any other court case. last, but not least, on RAI news docket, Meta is upping its translation game. So, they just released this tool Hopefully, I'm saying this right. It is seamless M4T, doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but the Facebook parent company, just released like, I think less than a couple of hour ago, hours ago, a new AI powered translation engine, that can more easily translate text to speech, and text to text. So I think it's more than a 100 different languages. So, I don't know. Our people using Google Translate. That's what I use, but maybe we'll be using seamless M4t. Right? Again, doesn't really roll off the tongue. Let's let's get ready. Let's talk about AI and creativity. I hope this is gonna be a fun one, but first, gotta shout out. Everyone joining us. Thank you. Susie Rogers joining us from Kansas City. Lisa. Joining us from Chicago. Thank you, Lisa. Michael. from New Jersey. Alright. Bronwyn. Good afternoon. Joining us, I believe, in South Africa, Bronwyn. How you doing? maybe it's from the Netherlands. Ashish from India. Thanks for joining us. See who else have we got? Ellington Joining us from Holland. Alright. Brian, Mississippi Gulf Coast. Thanks for joining us, Val. Good morning. Cecilia from Chicago Rita from Boston. Alright. Got a little of everyone joining us. So let's get back to that original question. is ai more creative than humans. Yes. Entirely so. it's actually not even close. A little background first. A little background. I don't always do this, but I'm gonna share, I'm gonna share a little bit of of my background. So, you know, instead of saying, oh, Jordan, you're just you know, just saying AI is more creative than humans just because it's, you know, good good news talk for your show. It's a good commentary. Nope. That's not what this is about. So, maybe if you're listening on the podcast, I think those of you that, or joining live can see. I'm not some some young, you know, nineteen year old who's, you know, trying to jump on this AI wave. I've I've been in different creative industries for 20 years. you know, since since I was in high school, I was working full time. I was working 35 hours as a journalist, as a seventeen year old, Right? So that's a very creative field. I was I was writing every day. I was helping design the newspaper website every single day. I've I've gotten into photography over my my 20 plus year career. so photography, videography, graphic design, web design, development, you know, you know, so so much of what I had to do, over the bulk of my career I was creating things. You know, I I I helped create, programs and events for Nike and Jordan brand. I had to think creatively all the time, right, on a weekly basis. I was thinking, how can we create something better than what we did last week or last month. You know? And and oftentimes, that was designing, creative around those things, photo, video, websites, illustrations. Right? So that's that's a little bit of background. you know, I I want you to know I'm not coming to this, to this conclusion, and we're gonna share all those stats in a bit. Don't worry. you know, there's always stats You know, we always let the we always let the fact talks, but I will opinionate or I will opine, on them. but my background is in creativity, right, for 20 plus years. I've been doing all of these things. I've spent tens of thousands of hours working on a variety of of creative projects, creative fields, that now AI is better at. Right? So I think that there's been this this way of thinking that there's two main areas. You you know, when people say, oh, will the AI machines rise up and and take over you you know, will they take our jobs? Will they do this? Will AI do this? We'll chat EBT do that? I think it normally comes down to 2 different area or 2 different fields that people say, oh, AI cannot compete in these areas. They say AI is not empathetic, and they say AI is not creative. Right? I think the the empathy piece, I can't I can't really speak to that as much as I can to the creative piece. However, you know, there has been plenty of studies, in the AI field about empathy as well. Right? that's not what this show is about, but I will quickly touch on that. because there was a study that already came out, and we've talked about this on the show multiple times. But there was already a study that said, after all these pop I'm just kinda sharing it on the screen here for those of you joining us live. but it already said, the study said, AI has a better bedside manner than some doctors. So, you know, there's this study. They use chat GPT, versus traditional doctors and a lot of the participants and the respondents in this study said that CHAPT showed more empathy then the doctors. Right? So that's a that's one study. Alright. So before we transition into Yes. I brought fax. I brought fax this morning, y'all. but there's a couple couple comments and a couple questions. you know, from from our audience. So definitely wanna get to those. But doctor Harvey Castro joining us from Texas, some call it a country, absolutely vouch from Columbia, Hey, Harold joining us from Cincinnati. Josh, what's up, Josh, from North Carolina? Cecilia had a comment here. Is AI more creative than humans because AI does not have the inhibitions we humans have? We hold back and are sometimes lazy. Yes. Cecilia, that's that's a great point. I think when we talk about AIs, limits or abilities in in creativity, there's a couple of things. I think we have to talk about quality, and quantity. Right? Yes. We as humans can sometimes be lazy, and we don't wanna, you know, even the most creative humans don't always necessarily want to their creative muscles because it can be taxing. Right? so, yeah, I'm definitely not, coming out this conversation from a way of, quantity, right, or the ability to be creative 247 because I don't think there's any arguing, you know, humans we need rest. you know, being, expressing your creativity, can be time consuming on a human. Right? not not so much for an AI. You know, there's there's so many different AI tools that we talk about on the show. We cover them that I think are extremely creative. chat EBT. Extremely creative. mid journey, obviously, the ability for to turn text into images extremely creative, right, and and designs and illustrations, runway, which we've talked about a couple of times on the show. exhibits extreme creativity. and and I think the ability for runway, right, so being able to go text to video or image to video, and now you can go up to 18 seconds, right, and the quality is getting better and better, you know, week by week. It's another example of a tool that from a quantity standpoint, it is far beyond what humans can do. quality. Maybe not quite there, but it's getting there. But if we talk about, tools like like mid journey or output for mid journey, I don't I don't care what anyone says. Y'all are like, I've designed things. I've illustrated things. I've published my photography. in in newspapers all across the country. It's better. You know, mid journey mid journey is not only the the output is better than almost any photographer in the world because you can train it to be, but the quantity piece, Cecilia. absolutely. Yes. Harvey Castro just talking about the empathy and health care. thank you for that. just wanna make sure there's no other questions. If you have questions, let me know now because I'm about to drop just some stats and facts. Right? One thing one thing I take a lot of pride in on the everyday AI show, this is unedited This is unscripted. This is live. This is just real. Right? We're not trying to paint some pretty picture. I'm I'm coming with facts. Right? I gave you I gave you a little bit of my opinion. I gave you a little bit of, my background so you could judge my opinion if you wanted to, but now we're gonna get into facts. Doctor Rastafaa get us. Thank you for joining us. yes, saying what is the operational definition of creativity? Does it change with the context? Absolutely. Creativity and also even the definition of creativity is obviously in the eye of the consumer Right? People, you know, a hundred people could see 2 images and be split down the middle. saying which one is is more creative. Right? that's a great, a great point, Doctor Rasfaguetas, that even the definition of creativity. Right? it can't it can't necessarily be defined because it's extremely subjective. in my from my take. I'm I'm going against, kind of this this, this narrative when people say, oh, AI won't surpass humans because AI is not creative. mainly, it's the people who say that and it's it's people who have large and strong and sturdy and rising platforms in the world. The people who are saying that I think do not fully understand AI. I'm not saying I do. Right? I'm not saying I'm an expert on AI. I'm not. I talk about it every day. I've been using different AI and GPT tools for many years more than probably 99% of the population, but I'm not an expert in AI. I like to tell people that. there's very few experts in AI, but, yes, the even the definition of creativity, I think, is extremely important. Woosie Woosie has a great, a great example here. He said, give me a pencil, and I can't even draw a stick figure. Give me mid journey, runway, and Adobe, and I'm a one man marketing department, for sure, makes me more creative. Absolutely. Yes. that's a great point, you know, in in for the overwhelming majority of people out there who are not creative or maybe only creative in one aspect. Maybe you're just a creative writer. but, you can't create visuals or maybe it's vice versa. the access, and low learning curve of the tools of the generative AI tools that we humans have available to us right now. Anyone in the world right now can be exponentially more creative than they could 2 to 3 years ago, which is great. We don't really talk about creativity on the show a lot, but what what what woozy said right there is is so, so true. and so powerful. So if you are someone out there, maybe you're you're you're joining us on the live stream, maybe you're listening on the podcast. And you've always said, Oh, I could be so successful in this role if I was only creative or while my company could grow if only I was a little only if we had a a, you know, someone a creative lead on our team. You have a creative lead in all of these AI tools. that have a low learning curve in a very low price, as well. Ted, thanks for joining us. Appreciate it. alright. So let's get in. Let's get into these stats. I said that I would bring you some stats, some facts, and not just my opinions, but Go ahead if you're listening now. Throw your opinion. Do you agree with me? Do you not? I love I love that this place is, that everyday AI has become a a a platform for people to disagree. It's become a platform for people to, communicate into, Build relationships. So let me know in the comments. What are your thoughts? Is AI more creative than humans? You don't have to agree with me? What questions do you have? Let's get to them quick. But those facts, here we go. Alright. Couple kind of famous studies now that I wanna talk about. So that have looked specifically at creativity in AI. Alright. So a very famous Stanford, Stanford University study kind of tested humans versus AI and scored their creativity. So essentially, humans, and we'll link to the study in the in the daily newsletter. So don't worry. I don't wanna throw a study up on on this screen and scroll through and bore you to death. I'm just gonna give you the results. So human scored a 78 in this creativity test from Stanford AI scored an 87. Right? let's just think of ideation and innovation in the same test. AI generated a 32% increase in innovation in brainstorming versus humans. guess what? Humans didn't beat AI in any of it. Right? Alright. Here's one from Adobe. Right? Adobe obviously is has been one of the companies. Probably, I'd say one of the 2 or 3 companies pushing human creativity the most over the last, you know, 20 years. great. Great question, Doctor Raspa, if if the study was graded by humans or AI. I believe it was AI. No. I'm kidding. It was humans. It was humans. just joking around there. Alright. So the study from Adobe found that 74% of creatives believe that AI will significantly significantly impact the creative industry. Right? It's always, I think, it can be difficult for people in the in the in in any industry, let alone creative industry to look at AI and say, yep. this is definitely gonna impact us, right, because we as humans are prideful. And we like to say, ah, no. AI is not gonna touch me. AI is not gonna come for digital strategy. AI is not gonna come for creative agencies. AI is not gonna come for photography,74% of professionals, surveyed by by Adobe said, yes, it will. Alright? I could go over these all day, these these stats and and facts all day, but I wanna go to probably one of the more famous ones. that was grabbing headlines. And, again, we're gonna link to this in the in in the daily newsletter. So if you haven't already, which why haven't you? If you're listening on the podcast or the live stream, why haven't you subscribed to the newsletter? I'm actually curious. Let me know. But have you have you subscribed? Let me know. throw throw a comment if you're subscribed to the newsletter. Do you like it? Do not let me know. But the last kind of study fact that I wanted to throw to throw out there is that, this is from the University of Montana. And like I said, this one grabbed a lot of headlines, recently when it was released, but, they said in this study that chat GPT essentially outperformed 99% of humans in terms of creativity and originality. Yes. You did not that's that that's not a misprint. that's not, not, you know, pulling pulling the On something over your eyes. 99%. Right? Is that is is is that crazy to anyone else? 99% that it said it was in the top 1%.

AI is in the top 1%. Here it is on the screen. you know, not making this up. It's in the top 1% of human thinkers on a standard test for creativity. So What do y'all think? Right. Sometimes on the show, I I I talk so fast and I don't even think. Here's here's what I'd say. Here's here's what I'd say. AI is creative because it is trained. Right? So whether we're talking about AI art, softwares, like like mid journey, stable diffusion, dolly, runway, there's there's plenty of others. It is trained on millions. I mean, more than that, I don't know the exact number. I know that, you know, GPT 4 as an example has 1,800,000,000 parameters. We don't know how many different art pieces as an example that, you know, stable diffusion and mid journey and dolly and runway were trained on, but I would venture to say it's many, many, many, millions. We have fed these AI programs the most creative works of all time. Essentially. Every image that has been published on the Internet, every video, every piece of creative work has already been ingested by the algorithms. Right? So if we tell AI machines, yes, and if we train it, over 1,000,000,000 or 1,000,000,000,000 or 1,000,000,000 of parameters and data points. I I I don't understand how anyone can even make the argument that AI is not more creative than humans than a single human because here's the thing. Think of the most creative person you know. Generally, they are creative in one niche. because they're probably an expert in one thing. Oh, this is a professional painter or a professional photographer or an illustrator. or just a creative thinker. Generally, they are very, very good at one thing. But if you sit sit me down Right? This is one of those things where I'd I'd like to, you know, kind of prove someone wrong, but give me the world's most creative thinker. and give give me someone that really knows how to prompt with chat GPT. I'm taking the chat GPT person every single time. in terms of ideating, creative thinking, strategic problem solving every single time. Because, again, that's one person. Chat GPT has been trained on GPT 4 has been trained on 1,800,000,000,000 parameters, and I will I will say the same. Even as a photographer, I've I've I've taken, you know, I've mentioned this probably more than 500,000 photos. I have DSLR cameras falling out of my closet. I've, you know, I've been designing on, Adobe Creative Suites and CS 2, I think. So I don't know. 18, probably 18 years. Hey. He's more creative than the most creative people out there. Alright. I hope this was a helpful episode for you all. Maybe we ruffled some feathers. maybe we, came to some some some conclusions maybe. We didn't, but, everyday AI is a place for discourse. It is a place to learn. It is a place to to grow together. So let me know what you think. I'm gonna be jumping into the comments right when I end this live stream, but please, if you haven't already, go to your everyday dot com. Like I said, every single day we, break down the podcast, you know, we usually talk to a guest every day, not today, but we have some other great guests coming up this week. But we break down, the podcast, the live stream every single day. We go over not just the news, but we go over literally everything else that's happening in the world of a, AI. We have a daily tutorial called AIN5. we have something called Fresh Fiennes where it's just a collection of everything interesting going on in the AI world, you know, we run down the daily news in much more depth. So if you haven't already, please go to your everyday AI. dotcom. Sign up for that free daily newsletter, and I hope to see you back tomorrow and every day on every day.ai. Thanks.

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