Ep 80: When and How To Use Midjourney for Growth

Video Insights


In today's digitally-driven world, visual content plays a vital role in capturing attention and conveying brand messages effectively. From articles and social media posts to presentations and websites, businesses rely on visuals to create impact and engage their audience. Traditional methods of obtaining visuals, such as stock photography, can be time-consuming, costly, and often lack the uniqueness that sets a brand apart. However, with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), a new tool called Midjourney is transforming the creative landscape, offering businesses an efficient and innovative way to harness visuals tailored to their brand.

The Rise of Midjourney in Visual Content Creation:

1. Time and Cost Efficiency: Using Midjourney eliminates the need to browse through endless stock photo libraries or wait for graphic designers to create custom visuals. Businesses can now create their visuals within minutes, saving valuable time and resources.

2. Unlimited Creative Possibilities: Midjourney's AI capabilities enable users to experiment, iterate, and explore an extensive range of styles, moods, and aesthetic options. This helps businesses to create visuals that align perfectly with their unique brand identity, ensuring consistency across all marketing channels.

3. Competitive Advantage: Stand out from the crowd with visuals that truly reflect your brand's personality and messaging. By leveraging Midjourney, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors and leave a lasting impression on their audience.4. Scalability: As businesses grow, so does their need for visuals. Midjourney empowers businesses to generate a large volume of high-quality visuals quickly and efficiently, ensuring they can keep up with the demands of their expanding operations.5. Enhanced Creativity: Midjourney offers a playground for creativity and experimentation. Whether you are an individual contributor or a C-suite executive, this tool enables you to unlock your creative potential and explore new visual possibilities for your business.

Embracing the Future of Visual Content:

1. The Demise of Stock Photography: Traditional stock photography may soon become a thing of the past. With Midjourney, businesses have the opportunity to move away from generic visuals and invest in creating their own unique imagery, tailored to their specific needs.

2. Democratizing Visual Content Creation: AI-powered tools like Midjourney are becoming increasingly accessible, allowing businesses of all sizes to take their visual content creation in-house. This shift democratizes the creative process, empowering businesses to have complete control over their brand's visuals.

3. Future Developments: The evolution of AI continues to expand the capabilities of Midjourney. As new features and functionalities are introduced, such as zoom options and subtle variations, the tool will become even more indispensable for businesses seeking to create compelling visuals.


In an era of relentless digital competition, businesses must find innovative ways to stand out and connect with their audience. Midjourney presents an unprecedented opportunity for sustainable growth by enabling businesses to create unique, captivating visuals that resonate with their brand identity. Embrace the power of AI and revolutionize your visual content creation process with Midjourney. As the tool continues to improve and evolve, the possibilities for businesses are limitless. Get started today and unlock your brand's full visual potential.

Topics Covered

 Importance of actively experimenting and playing with Midjourney
  - Understand the program's potential uses
- Benefits of using Midjourney on Discord
  - Ability to see others' prompts and learn from their outputs
- Target audience for using Midjourney
  - From individual contributors to C-suite executives
- Reasons why using Midjourney is important
  - Money, time, compromise, competitive advantage, scalability, enhanced creativity, potential virality
- Allocation of time and energy to Midjourney for continuous improvement
- The future of stock photography and the rise of unique visuals
  - Companies pivoting to create their own visuals
  - Shutterstock introducing 360-degree image feature
- Advantage of using Midjourney
  - Ability to have any dimension and filter images easily
- Choosing between stock photography and Midjourney
- Side hustle potential in Midjourney work and getting started
- Invitation to sign up for the newsletter
- The speaker's belief that stock photography will die but existing partnerships may continue
- Time and resource-saving benefits of using Midjourney
- Speaker's experience using Midjourney for a customer event campaign
- Learning curve and future accessibility of Midjourney
- Opportunities for using Midjourney as a side hustle
- Announcement of Microsoft Azure ChatGPT and Defcon events
- Expectation of new features in Midjourney
- Advice for newcomers and those looking to grow with Midjourney
- Evolution of Midjourney from a fun tool to an integrated, high-quality platform
- Versatility of Midjourney in creating various visual mediums
- Utility of Midjourney as a replacement for traditional photography
- Challenges of traditional photography and Midjourney as a solution

Podcast Transcript

Jordan Wilson [00:00:18]:

Yeah, Midjourney is great. You can, with text, you can create jaw-dropping images and really push the limits of creativity, but Can you actually grow your company with it? Can you grow your business, yourdepartment, your own career with just Midjourney? Well, we're gonna talk about that today. if you're new here, welcome. My name's Jordan. I'm the host of everyday AI. This is your daily live stream, podcasts, and free daily newsletter, helping everyday people like you and me, not just learn what's going on in the world of AI. There's a lot. But how we can all actually leverage it, right, talking about Midjourney? How can we actually leverage that? We do it. Our guest today does it. So we're excited to talk about that. So as a reminder, if you're joining us live, drop a question. What do you wanna know about growing with Midjourney? If you're listening on other podcasts, make sure check the show notes. There's actually gonna be a link back to, I think a LinkedIn thread. where you can ask questions of our guest today who is amazing and amazing artists, in Midjourney and more.

Daily AI news

 So before we get to that, let's talk about what's actually going on in the world of AI news. A big one. Very big one. Let's start here. Microsoft has a announced an open source version of chatgpt for enterprise. This y'all is a big deal. So it is called Microsoft Azure Chatgpt, and it allows enterprises to run chat GPT within their network. Right? So I'm gonna have a dedicated episode to this later, but I'm letting all of you know This is a big deal because one of the biggest reasons why so many companies have kind of pushed off AI is for security or they maybe don't understand how it works with their data. So having Microsoft released this, not OpenAI as an enterprise version, pretty pretty big news. So make sure to check out more on that in the newsletter. 

Next piece of news, the annual defcon actually featured man versus machine. So we had hackers versus chatbots So we had, some of the best human hackers in the world going head to head with chatbots from the big names, Meta, Google, OpenAI. So check out more about that in the newsletter today. 

As well as this one may not be, big from the business standpoint, but if you use WhatsApp, You're gonna start seeing this a lot. So, WhatsApp owned by Meta started testing AI generated stickers. Alright? Cool. Fun, cute. But here's the thing. I think especially with all of the meta slash Facebook platforms, you're gonna start to see a lot of generative ai start to pop up in these platforms. So small one, but probably something that a lot of people are gonna notice. so that was just announced to what's app rolling out AI generated stickers.

About Drew and LASSO

Alright. Well, let's talk let's talk art. Right? Let's talk some Midjourney stuff. I'm excited for this. So as a reminder, drop a question Michael is already in here saying he's excited for Drew Bruker. So let's bring Drew Bruker on. So Drew Bruker is the VP of growth at Lasso thank you for joining us, Drew. Super excited. Awesome to be here. Love the show.

Drew Brucker [00:03:31]:

you know, I think this show is completely necessary, right, just based on how fast and the velocity in which things are changing. I thought that, you know, that piece that you just brought up around the enterprise stuff. I mean, that is a game changer. So having something like this that you can log into every day and just kind of get caught up and feel like you know what's going on is is key. Oh, absolutely. It's a we're here to learn. You know? Harold just said that he put on his learning cap, so thanks. Harold,

Jordan Wilson [00:03:58]:

actually drew Drew physically put on his learning cap, which I should have done today. But, thank you. Thank you to everyone joining us. So doctor Harvey Castro joining us from Dallas, Wuzzi Rogers joining us from Kansas City, all the way from, Bottega, Columbia, Samuel. Thank you for joining us. So as a reminder, if you do have a question about Midjourney, drop it in for Drew. We're gonna tackle it. But let's start let's start at the top, Drew. So just tell everyone just real quickly. even just what you do at Lasso, what does it mean to to grow at Lasso?

Drew Brucker [00:04:29]:

Yeah. So in my full time job, I'm the VP of Growth. I lead a five person marketing team for our company. We are a mature series a startup in the tech space. called a SaaS company write software as a service. And so our ideal customers are live production companies that put on any live event that you could think of. Right? Concerts, festivals, you know, corporate events. The people that set up those events pre during and post. those are event companies. Those are the people behind the scenes that don't really, you know, get paid attention to when you attend to an event, but they're they're so crucial in putting on the event and make making it successful. And so we help them with scheduling, time tracking, payroll, travel, all of those components to put on successful show. So that's what I do in my full time role and it moves fast, right? We're we're a fast moving team and obviously when you're at a startup, you know, every day is a little bit different. So that's what I'm focused on day to day. And then, you know, just on the personal side, I'm a creative by heart. So I'm a photographer. I'm a graphic designer. I love anything aesthetic, right, which is just this perfect storm of events for me when it comes to Midjourney because I can apply both to my professional gig and also my personal life, right, for something like photography, which after you have kids is much harder to actually pull

Jordan Wilson [00:05:52]:

Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. We kinda talked about that pre show. And, you know, I'm a former photographer. You said you have a little bit of that in your background as well. So when Midjourney first came out, I think, you know, we're talking version 1, version 2. It wasn't too too exciting for me as a photographer. But what do you even think and and talk a little bit about, you know, your journey in Midjourney and even what you kind of think of recently? Because I think you know, again, not everyone's following updates, but I think since 5.15.2 the last couple of months, Midjourney is now on the level. It is hard to tell the difference between real photos and Midjourney photos?

The power of Midjourney

Drew Brucker [00:06:30]:

Yeah. You know, we were just talking about it before we jumped on here, which was Midjourney went from just this fun kind of tool, right, that you might poke around in and maybe use every once in a while to all of a sudden being so good in terms of the quality that you can integrate it into your workflow. You can start to use it in real life and use it on a daily basis, and it goes beyond just the fun aspect. It actually has some utility. And so I think that's been key. Right? Like, as as Midjourney has grown, being able to trust that the quality is there to apply it in those circumstances has really been something that's been eye opening for me And of course, right? The other thing about Midjourney is because you can create things other than just realistic images, You can create anything from illustrations, the sketches, to chalk, to any any type of medium or style you can think of. The use cases really are infinite. You think of any piece of visual evidence or any imagery and Midjourney probably has a role in whether that's now or in the future. And so I think one thing that, you know, I've been thinking about in my role is, hey, in my full time job, how does this make sense to use? Right? Where can I use this instead of things like photography or stock photos? You know, how can I start to replace those things with something that's unique that has the brand characteristics to it. You know, provides a mood and aesthetic a personality. Right? Some of those things that the that stock photography lacks and photography itself just takes too long and is too expensive to pull off. Right? So AI definitely has a lane in that. I think that's what's been super fascinating to me on the professional side and then personal side, right? We were just talking about it. it's it's tough, you know, setting aside time to find a location, who you're gonna shoot, bring the props, right? wake up earlier, go late to a location to get the ideal lighting up that you want.

Jordan Wilson [00:08:31]:

all those things are very tough to do and now you can scratch that itch in an AI format. Yeah. Kind of mirror the look that you're going after. Yeah. I'm gonna go straight hot take here because this just popped up in my mind, and I think you might have had a LinkedIn post on this. Maybe maybe not, or maybe you commented on it. But You mentioned stock photography, and I think that's something all all companies. Right? So even if you're not in charge of stock photography at your company, you probably see that that photo on the blog post or the photo on the old website, and it's like cringy, right, is stock photography as we know it going to either die or completely change because of Midjourney, what are your thoughts?

The future of stock photography

Drew Brucker [00:09:10]:

I'll I'll be curious to get your thoughts. I think as we know it, it's it's dead. Now I think what's happening, right, is they're gonna pivot. They're gonna make their own move. I think Shutterstock just had something to come out. I saw this briefly, so I don't have the exact details, but something with Nvidia, they now have this ability to basically take a photo and almost do like a 360 of different angles and so forth. So those create unique visuals in that aspect. It'd be curious to see and interesting to see what route they go down and how far that that road takes them because I think that's an entirely different avenue that we're not really seeing on the Midjourney side. having said that, right? Like going back to what stock photography is, yes. I think it's dead. Right? When you don't have to pick the same images as 10 other companies and see the same faces that you know is not really a happy customer on a business page. why do it? Right? Especially when you can recreate unique images that match your brand personality and the characteristic, the things we were just talking about, at exactly the same price point. And look, the reality is stock photography digging through those things is so painful. Right? You only probably have 3 options for the dimension, square horizontal landscape. With Midjourney, you can have any dimension you want. Right? So so that's huge. And then you don't have to go through 30 pages. I can pull keywords that I know want to have. I want yellow lighting. I want to have sort of like this type of style or this kind of mood. this is the distance I want. Some of those things you just can't filter through in something like a a shutter stock. And I'm just blasting shutter stock for no reason, but you you know what I'm saying? Like, this provides a whole different element in that capacity. And so the post that you're mentioning is more like a flowchart. And it's like, hey, look, if if you're on a tight budget or you have a quick turnaround, you're gonna go on this route. Right? And maybe this is the better choice. does it need to be unique? do you have, you know, any sort of tolerance for imperfections in the end. Well, then you maybe wanna go this route. For sure.

Jordan Wilson [00:11:18]:

yeah. And and and if you're listening to I'll I'll make sure to share that in the newsletter. So if you're not signed up, go to your everyday ai.com. Sign up now. and, yep, by the way, yeah, it's stock photography is is going to die, I think. You know, you're gonna have those that, established partnerships, you you know, like Shutterstock has partnered with Nvidia. I believe they partner with OpenAI. So you'll have it, some of the, those companies exist still, I believe, but as we know it, I don't think so. As a reminder, we do have other episodes, you know, Brian, Brian just with a comment. He said more Midjourney awesome. So yeah, make sure to check the, the show notes and, I'll I'll drop it in the, in the thread here on LinkedIn as well. So we did have kind of Midjourney for beginners but, you know, even like Harold said, he used Midjourney first company logo partially. Drew, we have some of your fans joining saying, Jess, thank you. Drew is an ace at Midjourney. y'all are about to get schooled and Abby's saying, looking forward to hearing from you. so so so, yes, let's let's school us, Drew, and I'm I'm gonna go ahead if if you are joining us live, I'm gonna be putting some of Drew's Midjourney creations and some of his tutorials on the screen. But, Drew, just walk us through how can people actually grow their companies, grow their departments, or grow their careers by using Midjourney?

Using Midjourney for growth

Drew Brucker [00:12:42]:

You know, I think it's gonna be different for every business, but going back to the use cases, it would be beneficial right to think through and and start start to shortlist, right, all of the different ways that you use visuals in your company. Right? So I think naturally, I'm a I'm a content person. I started in content. My mind initially goes to things like articles, podcasts, thumbnails, YouTube thumbnails. go to social media clips. You go to blogs. Right? Like, live events, all of those things can have a specific you know, look and feel to them and can apply directly to your brand. Right? So that's one thing that you might have already paid a designer for or somebody on your team as a graphic designer and they're spending maybe much more time there than they need to be. You know, I know there are agencies or even bigger teams out there that do have graphic designers on their team and they're still using Midjourney just to expedite the process. Right? So whether you're on a big team or a small team, that doesn't matter. that the use case is there. Other things that you may think of, you know, internal and external presentations. You need an image. you think of a brand book or a brand library building out a specific look and feel to all the images that you use. That's something that we've done at Lasso. if you're looking for UX or UI mock ups for a new website or an app or anything like that, that can be done in Midjourney. you think about, training materials when somebody comes on board, email marketing, one other thing we're doing is website images campaign specifically. So we had a a customer only event that we did at a trade show recently. came up with the name in chat GBT, came up with the description in chat GBT in terms of the brainstorming of, hey, how can we tie this into Lasso in sort of a Wild West cowboy culture lingo and feel and then we designed all of the assets in Midjourney. So the campaign itself was in Midjourney. We created a lot of swag for that event. that was from the image that we created in Midjourney. Right? So, like, all of those use cases come into life, was was really cool, and that was I think that was back in April now, right? So that was even 4 or 5 months ago, which was really a cool time to kind of experience, hey, I created this by myself on here, and here it is in real life. So, you know, the list goes on and on. I would just think through your individual business. Hey, what are we currently using right now? What are the what is the tech stack we have in place for images and how can we offset that? Now I'm not gonna lie like there is a learning curve to Midjourney. Right? So you can't just sign up and expect to get great images off the bat. You do need to put in a little bit of the experiment experimentation that time, the sweat equity to kind of know what you're doing in there, Jordan, but at the same time, you know this as well as I do. I think the barrier to entry is going to come down a little bit, not only just because of the evolution of AI, but this getting away from disk scored. Midjourney has already said that they're building their own UI. And I think Discord, whether you like it or not, right, a lot of people aren't comfortable in there. And so once that happens, I do think there's gonna be a little bit more access and a little bit more, I guess, willingness to jump in.

Jordan Wilson [00:16:03]:

Yeah. 100%. And and if you are brand new to Midjourney and you're hearing, what Drew is saying, don't worry. We're gonna have, prior episodes in the show notes and in the comments here, you know, on this LinkedIn thread. We have a couple episodes literally for beginners going from sign up to all the way, you know, not nothing advanced, but some of the basics. and and a reminder, if you are listening on the podcast, we're just flipping through some of, Drew's work that here that he's sharing on LinkedIn, you know, has some great, great resources on on how to get the most out of Midjourney. But, you know, real quick here, great question from our community here, Leonard, saying, Drew, what are your thoughts on, how to get business doing Midjourney work? I think it's a great, great, great side hustle, but what's What's your thoughts on that? And if someone has kind of developed some of these skills, Drew, how would you recommend that they can go, you know, kinda create a little little side hustle out of

Turning Midjourney into a side hustle

Drew Brucker [00:16:57]:

Yeah. I think there are just like there are the use cases. You go through all of those components. There are just many opportunities to use it as a side hustle, right? So one thing I've done, right, is create sort of a course, a guide, if you will, more more of a guide than a course this point. But but really a tactical way for people to get into the journey, understand how to use it, right, here are the different options and levers that you have at your disposal and then here are all the things that you can think about in order to create a great image. Right? It's not just the keywords that you plug in, but, hey, maybe shifting the angle of the subject. Maybe you're going for a certain mood or lighting, or you want to, you know, sort of look, have this look like this particular movie or photographer artists, right? Like all of the components that go into building a prompt you know, that's in that course. And so that's that's one route you could take. You could take, the route of building out like I just was talking about a brand book for a company. that takes a lot of time normally. And so if somebody doesn't have the skill set to be in Midjourney and create a that look over and over again with the images, there's an opportunity. Right? You could pitch that. I think there's something to be said about training you know, companies either one on 1 or one to many, you know, in terms of the tool and the use case. And Jordan, like, I think one of the eye openers for me is when I started going down this path and building out the guide, I realized I was kind of in my own echo chamber and there really aren't a lot of people that have been in Midjourney and are using it very, very consistently. Right? There are people that have may have jumped in there once or twice, or they've heard about it, but they just haven't jumped in yet. And so there really is a window of opportunity right now to lead the way to dive in fully and help expedite this for teams because AI moves fast and -- Yeah. -- you know, unless you are in the weeds experimenting with it, you're probably not gonna get caught up. Yeah. fully agree, not just on how fast it moves,

Jordan Wilson [00:19:04]:

but you just have to jump in there and you have to you have to get your get your hands dirty a little bit. Right? And it's and and and let me tell you this. You know, Midjourney's been around now for I don't have the date, but it's I think it's been a year and a half. It's been more than a year. And it's it's much easier now than it used to be. Right? Like, even in the newest version of Midjourney, 52, I think 5.3 is is supposed to be coming out any day now. but you can use almost plain English, whereas, you know, in earlier versions, you almost had to kind of speak AI image prompts. So I think that's, that's really helpful. couple of comments wanted to get to, Marie's Thank you for joining us. Jackie with a question here. So, didn't think of website mock ups. Can it do full wireframe?

Drew Brucker [00:19:51]:

I haven't ex I have an experiment with full full wireframes, but, yes, I think you can. it's not something that I've really played around with at that depth. I know you can do, you know, pretty simple UX and UI wireframes. Right? So if I want to have, like, a clean design and I'm looking at a particular Right? I want it to be a product page or a homepage or a contact us page. I think in a it can at least give you sort of like that hero section and maybe some of that. I'm not sure how it works in terms of the scale of an entire page. I'm I'm sure it's possible. Maybe somebody else knows, but it hasn't been something I've played around with too much. Yeah. Yeah. And, shout out Jackie. Jackie's doing great things.

Jordan Wilson [00:20:33]:

to Paul, you know, trying to get AI into the, schools there. But, yes, Jackie, kinda like what Drew said, you you you can in ways. It's a little limited. We've we've experimented with it before. I think we actually shared about it in one of our last newsletters. So you can do partial wireframes, but, again, if you want kind of granular control, you're not really gonna have that in terms of, oh, I I I kinda want this size. I I I want this type of of layout, this type of UI UX, but it's a great starting point. And a lot of great people start in Midjourney with an idea and then move over to Figma. Jordan, when you say it's more of like a, a a visual jumping off point, right? Because, I mean, you can identify,

Drew Brucker [00:21:12]:

hey, look, I really like the cleanliness or the simplest simplicity of this or even just the structure of this particular section of the webpage or the wireframe. And so I think it can be a really good ideation point, almost like a mood board, if you will, from the creative side.

Jordan Wilson [00:21:26]:

Yeah. For sure. and then another another question we have here. I don't even know if I know the answer to this, Drew. So Brian asking, can you create images with transparent backgrounds?

Drew Brucker [00:21:40]:

that's a great question, Brian. I honestly hadn't even thought of that. I have thought of, hey. You can create a plain background and then, right, remove the background in another program.

Jordan Wilson [00:21:51]:

I don't know. Jordan, have you played around with that? Yes. I've I've tried it, but kinda like what you said, Drew, I think I think the best we've ever been able to do is just a plain plain white background and then, you know, open it in Canva Photoshop, any, you know, remove background program.

Midjourney is constantly improving

Drew Brucker [00:22:06]:

Brian, I think that could be coming, though. That's you know, like, there are certain things too, and we should probably point this out. Like, there are certain things in Midjourney right now that aren't ideal, but I think are gonna get solved very soon. Right? Like, still you've got a little bit of the finger issue. Sometimes you get an extra finger in there or, like, one that's growing on top another. That's gotten much better, but you've also got logos and letters, which I think are gonna continue to get better and improve too. Right? which just expand the use cases and almost the professional nature in which these are gonna be used too. Yeah. Yeah. 100%. That's a great question, Brian.

Jordan Wilson [00:22:43]:

I think we're going to start seeing new features, you know, even if we look at how Midjourney has changed recently, you know, simple things that are very help you know, like the zoom in, the zoom out, you know, being able to do subtle, varieties, you know, when you get a new image, I think Midjourney is changing and bringing a lot of new features. so, yeah, I wouldn't be surprised. But, Drew, we've we've gotten all over the place. We've gone top to bottom. We've talked about her. We've taken some great questions. What's your what's your takeaway message for people? whether they are new to learn, or or maybe they haven't even gone in Midjourney yet. Maybe they're new, but they're thinking, alright, Drew, you've got me convinced you know, aside from following you on LinkedIn and and sharing, you know, following a lot of the great tutorials that you share. What's your advice for people that are a little newer and they really just want to grow their company or grow their career with Midjourney. What's the takeaway message?

Drew's advice on starting Midjourney

Drew Brucker [00:23:45]:

I would say whether it's you or it's somebody else invest the time to play around with it. And I do mean play around with it because there is no better way to learn than actually doing it yourself. This is one of those programs. You could you could follow other people's prompts. You could get all these tactical advice, but unless you are playing in the program you know somebody that is, you're not fully gonna understand, how much it can be used. So I think one thing is just going through that experimentation and, playing around it that is going to naturally and organically open your mind to different ways to use it. One of the cool things about it currently being in Discord, right, is when you jump in, you are gonna be pushed into what's called the newbie channel so you can see other people's prompts that are generating at the same time as yours, which I think personally is a great way to learn at the beginning. You're starting to see different, words. You're starting to see what different what's parameters, right, these dash dash words or, you know, AR. Right? What does this mean? Let me plug that in mind and see what this does. And so I think you know, there's definitely power in that. And so if it's not you, it should be somebody else on your team. And I'm talking to anybody that's an individual contributor all the way to somebody that's on the C suite. I just talked to a team of VP of sales, VP of marketing, and C suite of why this is important and why they should care and I think the reasons are pretty simple, right? Money, time, and compromise in terms of the way that you're getting these images, that alone is worth it. But then when you think about the competitive advantage of AI, the scalability that comes into play, the enhanced creativity and potential virality that you can attract by using these images It's a no brainer. So make sure that you're spending the time and energy, whether it's your your some, somebody else in your team in this area. It's gonna be important and it's only gonna get better from here. Yeah.

Jordan Wilson [00:25:41]:

Absolutely. Drew is not lying to y'all guys, like, as a former photographer designer, small business owner, this Midjourney, I think, is one of the most exciting advancements in internet technology that I've seen in a very long time. you know, including chat GPT, which I'm a, you know, I'm a huge fan of, but, Midjourney right now, I think, is is just so far ahead of other, players in the AI image generation space, like what Drew said, definitely worth checking out. Drew, thank you so much for sharing your insights intel

Drew Brucker [00:26:16]:

strategies to help people grow on mid Jerry. Thanks for joining us. Awesome to be here. And if anybody has any questions after the show, free as well. George, thanks for having me, man.

Jordan Wilson [00:26:27]:

Yeah. Absolutely. As a reminder, go to youreverydayai.com. We went over a lot in today's episode We're gonna be breaking down everything that Drew and I talked, that that we talked about. also we'll have links to some of his work and guides they're definitely worth checking out. So make sure you go to your everyday ai dot com. Sign it for that free daily newsletter, and we hope to see you back tomorrow and every day on everyday ai. Thanks.

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