Ep 73: The Best ChatGPT Plugins and How They’ll Change Your Business


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ChatGPT plugins are essential to any business trying to leverage cutting-edge technologies and stay ahead of the competition. Today Jordan Wilson goes over the best plugins available and how they can empower businesses for lasting success. Let's dive into the key takeaways!

Harnessing the Potential of ChatGPT Plugins:

ChatGPT plugins, powered by sophisticated AI models, offer businesses an array of benefits, including automation of manual tasks, improved efficiency, and enhanced customer experiences. By integrating ChatGPT plugins into your business operations, you can unlock a world of possibilities that drive growth and innovation.

Identifying the Right Plugins for Your Business:

With hundreds of ChatGPT plugins available, it's crucial to identify the ones that best align with your specific business needs. As emphasized in the podcast, plugins should not be selected solely for their flashiness, but rather for their practicality and ability to enhance productivity. Consider issues that consume a significant amount of time in your business and seek out plugins that provide digital solutions to those challenges.

Recommended Plugins for Business Use Cases:

The podcast episode offered valuable insights into some top-notch plugins for various business use cases.

Here are just a few examples:

1. Google Sheets Plugin: This must-have plugin enables automatic data updates, eliminating the need for manual input and ensuring accurate information at your fingertips.

2. Diagram Plugin (Daigr.am): A fantastic tool for visualization and mind mapping, this plugin can help you conceptualize complex ideas and improve your overall decision-making process.

3. "Show Me" Plugin: This plugin assists in creating compelling visual representations of data, making it easier to communicate complex information in a more accessible format.

Unleashing the Power of AI:

The podcast episode emphasized that staying up-to-date with the latest AI plugins is vital for obtaining accurate and reliable information. While the internet is filled with conflicting advice and misinformation, it's crucial to rely on research-based advice from trusted sources. The hosts stress the importance of understanding the capabilities of each plugin and their integration with other AI platforms.

Taking Your Business to New Heights:

In today's dynamic business environment, the ability to adapt quickly and effectively is paramount. Integrating ChatGPT plugins into your business strategy allows you to automate tasks, access real-time information, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.


AI-powered ChatGPT plugins are transforming the way businesses operate, enabling unparalleled efficiency, and facilitating growth. By incorporating these powerful tools into your business strategy, you can streamline operations, provide exceptional customer experiences, and make informed decisions in real time. Stay updated with the latest developments in the AI space, and explore the recommended plugins mentioned in the "Everyday AI" podcast episode to unlock the full potential of your business. Embrace the transformative power of AI and propel your business into the future of automation and innovation.

Topics Covered

- Background of the speaker and their experience with GPT technology
- Focus on building practical business solutions rather than promoting plugins
- Number of plugins tried and the goal of providing practical solutions
- Addressing questions and best practices for using ChatGPT plugins
- List of recommended plugins for various business use cases
- Importance of knowing which plugins work best for individual needs
- Noting the requirement of the paid version of ChatGPT for accessing plugins
- Explanation of Zapier's capabilities for social media posting and meeting transcription
- Importance of being connected to the internet and using Zapier for integration with ChatGPT
- Possibility of doing a show dedicated to ChatGPT and Zapier if there is interest
- Importance of learning to use ChatGPT plugins effectively for growth in business or career
- Thanking the audience and announcement of the next episode
- Special episode dedicated to plugins, as requested by a listener
- Invitation to live audience members to ask plugin-related questions
- Mention of comments received and inclusion of helpful links and resources in the show notes
- Discussion of the power of ChatGPT plugins and a demonstration example
- Emphasis on the need for up-to-date and internet-connected plugins for accurate information
- Frustration with misinformation about ChatGPT and plugins online
- Testing and evaluation process of multiple plugins for various business use cases
- Importance of internet access for plugins to avoid limitations and improve performance
- Benefits of using Google Sheets and plugins within ChatGPT
- Recommending the Google Sheets and diagram plugins

Podcast Transcript

Jordan Wilson [00:00:17]:

Chatgpt plugins are widely misunderstood and grossly underestimated in terms of what they can actually do for your business. So if you wanna know, stick around. Today is going to be the episode that shows you how you can actually use chatgpt plugins to grow your business, your company, your career. Alright. So thank you for joining us. My name is Jordan Wilson. I'm the host of this everyday AI. This is your daily livestream, podcast, free daily newsletter, helping people like you and me, everyday people, not just keep up with what's going on in the AI world, we're gonna do that too, but how we can actually take advantage of everything. So today, we're gonna talk about how you can take advantage of ChatGPT plugins. I'm excited about this. So As a reminder, if you're tuning in live, please leave a leave a question. the more questions, you ask the more discussion we can have around chatgbt plugins, the better off we're all going to be, I can guarantee it. So, before we get into that, let's talk about what's going on.

Jordan Wilson [00:01:37]:

in the AI news world. Alright?

Daily AI news

Jordan Wilson [00:01:40]:

Couple things. So, small businesses are finally getting ahead with AI. Yay. so a new story from CBS News details that, just how some small businesses finally are starting to use AI, at a pretty large scale and get ahead. You know, everything that we kind of hear or see read about is, you know, hey, Salesforce is doing this. Nvidia is doing this. Accenture is doing this. You know, talking about big companies. So, great to see some some reporting actually on small businesses using AI. a new reports from the verge says, in quote, every single Amazon team is working on AI. so this this article, was quoting Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy, talking about

Jordan Wilson [00:02:28]:

that in literal quotes, every single one, every single team is working on AI. exciting times. Right? 3rd, last but not least,

Jordan Wilson [00:02:44]:

Meta. has announced an open source text to music platform. you know, there's kinda been a a race in this? Who's gonna make the the the first and the best, you know, text and music where you can just type in what you want and you get something decent so OpenAI has their jukebox, which a lot of people don't even use. Google has their music LM, Also, Google has their Text to Speech platform coming that I'm excited about called Soundstorm, but Meta's new open source Text to Music platform is called Audiocraft. It's open source, which is great. I love, you know, Meta has really been focusing on open source. they've they've released their, llama 2, kind of the text 2, or just kind of their their large language model, llama 2, almost a straight straight up competitor to ChatGPT. so for that and more, make sure you check out the daily newsletter. Go to your everyday ai.com. Sign it for the free daily newsletter. We're gonna have more on those stories. We're gonna talk about new, in the Fresh finds we're gonna talk about chatgbt's new features, ai.com, what's happening with that, a lot of stuff going on, but let's know what today's about. Today's about plugins.

Jordan Wilson [00:04:04]:

Alright. And so when I say,

Jordan Wilson [00:04:08]:

this show is for you. This show was at the request of of one of our, one of our loyal listeners who watches the the live stream every day. she said, hey. Can you do a show just on plugins? I said, absolutely. Let's let's get it going. So If you're joining if you're joining us live, go ahead and and ask. Drop a question. And whatever you wanna know about plugins, I'm gonna try to get to every question. I know we already got, more than a dozen comments, which is great. And if you are listening to this on the podcast, first of all, thank you. Second of all, can you drop us a rating? If if you like the podcast, go in, leave us leave us a a rating, but also in the show notes, We're gonna leave, other other podcasts that are gonna be helpful. We're gonna link to, you know, this LinkedIn thread where a lot of commenters are joining. So if you wanna ask other questions, if you want to connect with other like minded AI enthusiasts, they're all right here in the comments. I I see them kinda coming in as we go. So let's get going. Let's see who's joining us. Thank you. Doctor Harvey Castro showing up as I always love it. Lynette's good morning, Doctor Rostafa. Good morning. He's always here for the hot AIT. So that's that's what we're dishing. We're dishing it up. I have the hot AIT coffee, not quite as good. Brian, good morning. Let's see. Ben's got a question. I'll get to that,

Jordan Wilson [00:05:40]:

Mabrit. Welcome. She's curious about how Google and OpenAI will compete. Yeah. We're gonna be talking about that a lot. Alright. Let's get to it. This is good. This is exciting. Guys, here's here's here's one of the reasons.

Jordan Wilson [00:05:58]:

why I decided to do this episode. Aside from, you know, Nancy in the comments shouted shouted this out as an idea, But here's one of the other reasons. And this and this honestly too played into why I started everyday AI a couple couple months ago.

Jordan Wilson [00:06:17]:

There's a lot of bad advice out there. Right? And that's one of the reasons why I started everyday AI and also why I'm even doing this this specific show. There's such a misconception about plugins.

About Jordan Wilson and his experience

Jordan Wilson [00:06:35]:

Right? Let me give you the shortest background I can. So I spent about 10 years as a writer, I spent an, another, like, 7 to 9 year, 9 years working at a nonprofit but we were just essentially an agency for Nike and Jordan Brand. So I've been creating content, business solutions, you know, now at at my current role, I have a digital strategy company called Accelerant Agency, So we build, and I've been building solutions, 4 companies, 4 projects, 4 initiatives to get them off the ground. And we've been using GPT technology since it literally since it debuted in 2020. Right? So we didn't just start using ChatGPT in 2022 when it came out. I practice with that by saying there's a lot of bad information out there. So a lot of the people, sharing information, even about ChatGPT plugins, They're just social media influencers who are just trying to ride a wave. they are, you know, people who used to be involved in crypto, and now they're oh, try this AI thing. That's not us. We we build business solutions for companies for the last 4 years at Accelerant Agency. That's what we do as a digital strategy company. We reverse engineer solutions. Alright? That's how we have to think about plugins. They're not just tools to get views, to get people to sign up for a newsletter. That's not what this is, and that's why this episode took a long time to put together because we're not just going through a list to get you to click on something. We're trying to help you build business solutions for using chatgbt plugins. Otherwise, what's the use? Right? I can show you 50 cool plugins. I've tried a couple 100. There's 800 of them. 800 plugins right now in the repository right now. Right? I'm not just gonna show you here's here's cool ones I like. Here's here's, all the bells and whistles. Here's something that'll make you say, wow. Right? That's not what it's about. I actually had a couple conversations yesterday with some people who have been reading the newsletter. And I said, hey. I see you've been reading the newsletter.

Jordan Wilson [00:08:51]:

Can we talk? Right? So I talked on Zoom with a couple of them and a constant message is they're like, there's so much noise out there in the AI space. And all I wanna know is how I can use it. Right? So that is what today's about. Alright. No more delaying.

Jordan Wilson [00:09:09]:

There's a lot of lot of questions. I'm gonna try my best to get to them. we'll start we'll start with this. We'll transition. Ben's asking any best practices for staying on top of the ChatGPT plugins. Number 1, then you just have to use them. You like, you have to. Right? This isn't, there's no shortcuts. if any of you guys know, if any has anyone taken, I think I've seen, a couple people have taken my PPP course, the prime prompt polish. If you have Let me know. Just drop a comment. Let me know if it's any good. but one of the things I talk about is copying and pasting you know, these these prompts you see on the internet, it's bad. You you know, it's I mean, don't get me wrong. It'll take you from an f to a c, but it doesn't help you. So same thing with plugins. You know, I'm gonna give you my list, not my list of, oh, these are the coolest ones, not the ones. These are the ones I use the most. But then I'm gonna give you my list of here's a starter pack that for almost any business use case these plugins are going to be best or at least where you want to start. Right? So number 1, use them, number 2, you have to also know what works for you.

Best ChatGPT plugins for businesses

Alright. Let's get after it. So if you're listening on the podcast, I have some slides up. They're not terribly important. They're just more to guide the conversation. So we're gonna talk about the best ChatGPT plugins and how they're gonna change your business. oh, here's the other thing. I drew a circle around the wrong thing. if you are joining us on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube. I I actually don't think you can share anything on YouTube, but, Twitter, linkedin, repost this. Repost this today. I'm gonna give you guys something special. Something I've been working on. This isn't the PPP course. the prime prompt polish course. It's not the pro version of that, which is also free. That's how you guys those courses are free, which We update them multiple times a week. Our team has probably spent more than a 100 hours putting that free course together. This is something else. So if you haven't already, go ahead and click that repost, come back and join us, open it in a new tab. If you're listening on the podcast, Click in the show notes to come to the the LinkedIn thread and repost it. You gotta do it today, and I'm gonna share something with you. Alright? Something I've been working on. related to how you can drive business outcomes with chatgpt plugins. It's really good. Trust me. If any of you guys know, right, I feel we're driving value every single day cutting through the AI noise. So if I'm spending 30 seconds to say, hey. You should probably repost this. You should probably repost this. Alright. As a reminder, I think I've talked about this, but livestream podcast newsletter. All three things. You've gotta check the newsletter out, especially today. Yesterday's newsletter was exceptional. I'm just saying our guest yesterday was through the roof. Alright. I'm not gonna spend too much time talking about the basics of ChatGPT. So we're just gonna dive straight in. Here's the thing. To use ChatGPT plugins, you need the paid version. Alright. There's actually a couple couple of those updates today that we're gonna share in the newsletter that made the paid version that even a little better. Alright? But you need the paid version to access plugins.

Jordan Wilson [00:12:40]:


Jordan Wilson [00:12:41]:

So now we're gonna we're gonna try to start something. Alright? Or we're gonna try to try to do something live. I normally don't use ChatGPT

Jordan Wilson [00:12:51]:

live on the show. because things can things can always go awry, but we're gonna go ahead and try.

Limit of 3 plugins at once for ChatGPT

Jordan Wilson [00:13:01]:

Alright. So I'm gonna tell you what I'm doing here, and I'm just gonna explain this later. Okay? This is one prompt. I have 3 plugins enabled. So we always talk about in the PPP course, again, just type PPP in the comments. I got you. It's free. We talk plug in packs. And if we talk about driving business outcomes with ChatGPT plugins, you have to keep plug in packs in mind. This is our own term. This is, you know, if you Google plug in packs, you're not gonna find anything. But essentially, right, for now, you can only have 3 plugins enabled. So if you wanna talk about getting the most out of ChatGPT plugins, You have to know which ones to use

Jordan Wilson [00:13:51]:

because once you start a chat, you can't go back and add another. You can't delete one. even if you start with one plugin and you're midway through and you're like, oh, it'd be great to be able to read a PDF in this chat right now. You can't do it. So whatever you start the chat with, That's what you're stuck with in that chat. Alright. So I just typed in a prompt. I'm gonna talk about this at the end, but what just happened? And it's already,

Jordan Wilson [00:14:20]:

it's already done. Right? I did this in real time. We just read a 100 plus page PDF in that 30 seconds where you didn't even know what was going on. We read a 100 plus page PDF. We pulled out important information from multiple pages of that PDF. according to what I asked chatgbt. Then chatgbt made me a CSP out of important data from multiple pages of that PDF. And then chatgPT also made me a very nice graph that I can also go in and add

Jordan Wilson [00:15:00]:

all from one prompt. In seconds,

Jordan Wilson [00:15:07]:

Alright? You guys just saw that here live. That's an example of driving a business outcome. Alright? And this is an example I use because I even used to do this. This used to be a big part of my job. Executive director of a nonprofit I was always having to read multiple long PDFs, you know, grant reports. I was pulling out information from those reports, taking notes, building spreadsheets, building graphs, It would take sometimes 20, 30, 40 hours of work on a big project. I just did it for you guys live in 30 seconds. Alright? So that's starting at the end.

Jordan Wilson [00:15:43]:

What do you guys think? Was that impressive? If you've been to a recent PPP class, I've maybe showed you that.

Jordan Wilson [00:15:52]:

What do you guys think? If you're listening on the podcast, can you imagine That manual work that you do, finding the right combination of ChatGPT plugins that'll work for you,

Jordan Wilson [00:16:04]:

in getting it all done correctly every single time. If you know what you're doing, you just saw it live. Right?

Jordan Wilson [00:16:18]:

sorry. Reading reading some of these comments. Yeah. Those those that know me know when I'm doing my best, ChatGPT work, like, Doctor Harvey Castro said he said, where's where's your typical Chico? That's for the afternoon. Alright. Just making sure we have so many so many comments coming in. I'm gonna try to get to some of these questions as I can, but thank you guys for shouting out the PPP.

Jordan Wilson [00:16:42]:

Let's keep going. Let's get in.

Use Plugin packs to create business solutions

Jordan Wilson [00:16:45]:

Alright. So I just showed you an example of a plug in pack that literally in seconds did one of my old jobs that used to take me many hours. So unlike everyone else sharing about plugins, on the internet just about everyone is. We're not just gonna say, here's this shiny plugin. Here's what it does. We're starting at the end and we're reverse engineering because we have to know that they're not tools. These aren't tools, and that's all we think of chatty PT plugins as. but we need to have them work together to create business solutions. So here's what we did. And this is where if you already hit repost, on this, LinkedIn thread, Twitter, then you're in good luck. If you haven't, if you're on the podcast, click it Go repost this. Go retweet it today. Today is Friday, August 4th. So you gotta get it in today. What we've what we've been doing And this is what we do even for ourselves. We're helping other small businesses do this as well.

Jordan Wilson [00:17:53]:

So we we looked at what do we do? What is work? Right? And I'd say if you have a desk job,

Jordan Wilson [00:18:00]:

right, if you're working on the computer, working on the internet, I'd say at least 70% of your day is spent on these 5 things. Meetings, learning,

Jordan Wilson [00:18:14]:

writing, analyzing, and presenting. Alright? Again,

Jordan Wilson [00:18:20]:

If you spend the majority of your day in front of a computer working on the internet, probably more than 70% of your day is in those 5 categories. Right? Meeting prep and follow-up. You're reading and taking notes and learning things and learning new things. You're writing emails, internal docs, you're analyzing spreadsheets and charts. You're presenting your pitching, your your training. Right?

Jordan Wilson [00:18:46]:

I'd say 70% of most desk jobs are this. And guess what? We can inside with the right. plug in packs in chatgpt, you can automate almost all of that 70%, all of that manual time.

Jordan Wilson [00:19:04]:

period. Right? You might have to rethink how you work. You might have to make some little changes, some little tweaks here and there. But the outcome's not gonna the outcome's not gonna be different.

Jordan Wilson [00:19:17]:

Right? So what do I mean by small little chi tweaks? So maybe maybe you're normally reading power points.

Jordan Wilson [00:19:24]:

Right? So instead of reading the power points, we're gonna save those as a PDF. So chat g p d so chat gbt can read them. Small things like that. Alright. So remember, as as we get going here, only 3 plugins at a at a time. So we started at the end.

Jordan Wilson [00:19:45]:

I showed you guys this live prompt. where we literally in seconds automated what used to take me dozens of hours with one prompt. This breaks it down. This breaks it down right here.

Example prompt of ChatGPT plugins

Jordan Wilson [00:20:01]:

Color coded. Again, I'm not a fan of of one shot prompts, If you know me, you know this. This is just to illustrate the power of ChatGPT plugins. Even with a a prompt that I would never recommend anyone This is just for illustrative purposes. But in one prompt, you guys saw it live where I'm calling. So now we're breaking it down. I started at the end so you guys could see So now in this one prompt, we're calling multiple plugins in the same prompt, and I have it color coded on the screen. So just as an example, in the language of the prompt, I'm telling it, read this PDF with a PDF reader plugin. And then I'm saying create a create a spreadsheet of this data that you're gonna find in the PDF right there in the green. And then in the blue, we're using a diagramming plugin to say, make me a diagram of this specific information in the CSV came from these that came from multiple pages of the pdf. Alright? That is the power of knowing your work and starting at the end where you spend the most manual time. and then creating categories of all those different tasks. This is literally what we do for small businesses at Accelerate. We look at what are your most time consuming manual task, and we create digital solutions. We reverse engineer the process, but the same can be done in chatgbt with plug and packs. Right? We name our packs. So as an example, we call this 1, DDV, which goes from document to data to visualization. So for all these different all those different categories of work, you can create different plug and packs around those. So at any point, we talk a lot in our PPP course, Again, if you're just joining us, just type in PPP. That's all it is. It's free. I'll send you the information, but we talk about you have to name your chats. You have to train your chat that's the other thing. And once you do all that, you will be able to automate so many parts of your business with the right chat JPT plugins. This is a big wind up. Right? So let's let's let's start talking about them. Let's start talking about those 5. But first, I'm showing on my screen right now. Sorry, guys. I'm I'm I'm a little, nasally today. So might sound a little weird, but I have a a a screenshot of a spreadsheet. This

Jordan Wilson [00:22:27]:


Jordan Wilson [00:22:29]:

which is still ongoing, I'm looking at every single plugin that can access the internet. out of 800 plugins, and I'm recording what tasks they can do online versus what tasks they can't. This is the difference, guys. This is the difference with, you you know, following just some random influencer or some cryptobrogoneai, entity. Right? I spend and our team spends a ridiculous amount of time. This was to find one plugin. Alright? This spreadsheet right here going through to see which of these, I think there's more than 20. I didn't get them all in the screenshot. More than 20 ChatGPT plugins. testing every single one of them across multiple business use cases. So query, can it just query the internet? Can it search the internet? Can it read a link and summarize it? Can it read a PDF and summarize it? Can it watch a YouTube video and summarize it? Right? Because when we talk about the limitation of only having 3 plugins per chat, in almost every case, one of those has to be connected to the internet. Because we talk over and over, one of the biggest things that leads to hallucinations in chatty PT,

Jordan Wilson [00:23:53]:

is the knowledge cutoff. So what that means is chatgbt doesn't know anything after September 2021. which is almost 2 years ago. Right? So not just like current events, but also medicine, Right?

Using plugins for ChatGPT internet access

Jordan Wilson [00:24:13]:

Medicines changed so much. Technology has changed so much. Finance has changed so much. So even the information you're getting out, even if you're not asking about a current event past 2021, Whatever you are asking chat GPD to help you with, it's working without dated data. period. So even if you don't think that you need an Internet connected plugin, you absolutely do. you absolutely do. If you're writing about any type of subject, you know, and maybe it's different if you're writing about you know, the civil war. Right? I don't think the civil war has changed very much since 2021. I don't know. Maybe it has. But There's very few topics that if you're using chatgbt that haven't changed in 2 years. That's not how the world works. So that's why we spend so much time Going through all these plugins, this isn't just like, let me Google something. No. We tried them all. We've tried 100, and we put them through rigorous testing. because when I give someone advice on this show, I want you to know, number 1, there's no ulterior motive, not just doing this to charge you guys money. I'm doing this so you can have a friend in AI, and you know we're not just giving you fluff advice. Right? This is hard research advice. Alright. It's enough of that. I just went off on a on a rant because my coffee hasn't kicked in just because y'all, there's so much so much bad advice out there on the internet about chatgbt and plugins. It is ridiculous. I was even watching, you know, before I do a show like this, I've always watched 5, 10 YouTube videos, you know, popular ones. I'm like, let me make sure I'm not missing anything. in all, every single one of them was just terrible advice, and a lot of stuff was wrong. so that's that's why I go on rent sometimes, guys, because there's bad advice.

Jordan Wilson [00:26:09]:

Alright. Here we are. After 20 minutes of of buildup, these are our top 5 plugins

Jordan Wilson [00:26:18]:

for business use cases. Alright? Here they are. Here they are. I'll I'll leave a link to these in the newsletter. So don't worry. You know, I'm gonna try to look at my my little, writing and scribble everything down or take blurry screenshots.

Jordan Wilson [00:26:34]:

And I broke these down into 3 main categories. Internet, automation,

Jordan Wilson [00:26:41]:

and data and visualization. Okay? Here's why, like I said, regardless of what you're working on, you needed an internet plugin. You need an internet connected plugin in your plug and pack. When you're picking 3, I don't care what the project is. You absolutely need it. And right now, unfortunately, There's no one internet plugin that does it all. There's not. You know, you guys just saw this,

Jordan Wilson [00:27:10]:

query, web page, PDF, YouTube. Maybe, you know, one

Jordan Wilson [00:27:18]:

will add some new functionality. Maybe a new one will come out. I'll let you know because then we wouldn't have to use 2. But right now, my 2 favorite are VOX script. and browser up. Okay? So I wrote down there. VOX script can do everything up there except PDFs, And then browser op can do everything up there except YouTube. So, essentially, if you need YouTube,

Jordan Wilson [00:27:44]:

use Voxcript. If you need PDF, use browser up. Right now, there's no one plugin that can consistently do both. Right? so

Jordan Wilson [00:27:56]:

keep that in mind. If you're if if you think you're gonna need YouTube and PDF in your chat, use both of them and then use your third one wisely. Alright. My next pick for top 5 business use cases. This is a no brainer.

Jordan Wilson [00:28:12]:

y'all Zappier is wild. Maybe it's it's because I'm I'm an internet dork.

Jordan Wilson [00:28:21]:

and I've always used Zapier for myself clients.

Jordan Wilson [00:28:24]:

If you don't know what Zapier is, you have to check it out. But, essentially, how would I describe it? Zapier is like glue.

Jordan Wilson [00:28:34]:

ChatGPT plugins and email automations

It holds the entire internet together. Right? So for Zapier, if you're using an inside chat TBT, you have to have a Zapier account. They have actually pretty good free options,

Jordan Wilson [00:28:45]:

but there's a lot of paid options as well. So essentially this, not every single thing that you use

Jordan Wilson [00:28:54]:

is going to be in the in the chatgbt plugin store. Some big missing things are mail. Right? If you want chat GP to write email for you, it can, but you have to copy and paste it. If you connect to your Zapier account and then inside Zapier, connect to your email platform. You can write emails. You can write and respond emails inside Zapier. Right? You can actually so let's say, as an example, we use VOX scripts, and you did a huge, YouTube presentation. You did a 2 hour webinar where you unloaded the best parts of of your expertise and your knowledge. you could use with if you have, Voxscript and Zapier and one other plugin, you could say, hey, Zapier. Look at this 2 hour webinar.

Jordan Wilson [00:29:43]:


Jordan Wilson [00:29:44]:

write me 50 tweets, 20 LinkedIn posts, and 10 Facebook posts, and then post them. and it'll it'll do it. You don't even have to leave Zapier if you have your social accounts connected. You'll see them on the screen first, and you can approve them and hit send. Right? but Zapier, you can work, you know, your your Zoom calls. That's another one. Right? We talked about meetings. You know, right now, the big platforms, Zoom, Google Meets, Teams meets. Right? They don't have direct, plugins for chat EBT. So what if you wanna instantly transcribe everything. Right? Like, I do. All of my meetings, I get a transcription, I get my AI tells me, like, it the takeaways, it says you should do this. This was a concern. This is a next step. Right? That's great. But you can't use any of that inside chat UPT unless you're using Zapier. Right? So now I think if you see how important those first two are being connected to the internet, and using something like Zapier. Right? If you guys if you guys want right now, just tell me. say yes. Do do a show on chat, GPT and Zapier. If you don't, no big deal, but if you want that, let me know. There's a reason why it's the most popular plugin, or one of the most popular plugins out of 800 in chatGBT because it's that powerful.

Jordan Wilson [00:31:07]:

Alright. Last but not least, data and visualization. So being able to access Google Sheets is a game changer for chatgbt. Here's why. There's a lot of things you can do with

More plugin recommendations

Jordan Wilson [00:31:25]:

Google Sheets, and I'm gonna try to not to get too dorky, but we even have, solutions will say where automatically things happen. We don't have to do anything and we get a new Google sheet every day. Right? To be able to work with data like that or whatever data you have instantly inside ChatGPT, is great. Yes. There's the code interpreter mode, but in code interpreter, you don't have access to the internet, and you can't you can't access any other plugins either. Right? So that's why access Google sheets absolute absolute must have in a a a plug in pack. Right? And then also diagram. If you're looking for the diagram plugin, That's actually how it's spelled. It's spelled d a i g r dot a m. So if you're typing in diagram, you're not gonna find it. So d a i g r dot am. This is a fantastic plug in. Right. There's a lot of others. I could go, like, show me is another great one. that does, some some visualization mind mapping, but I think that's more for internal purposes. But for business building, for, like, so many of us out there, even if you're not in data analytics, you're creating spreadsheets and basic pie charts, graphs, timelines, right, charts. So that is my other one. That's it. We have more comments than I can get to. I'm gonna scroll up, and I'm gonna see If we had any questions, Val, good morning. I miss a lot of these guys. I I I got off on a rant I missed some of the questions. Vernon said this sounds a lot like science, kind of. Yeah. It it it is a little sciency. It is. You know, building business solutions. It is an art and a science inside chat. You know, when we talk about 800 available plugins, and you can only use 3. It's a lot of combinations. I'm not great at math, but I think that's, like, 512,000,000 different plugin combinations. So it is a little bit of a science. You're right. Mabret says PPP is the only course I trust. Chat out, Mabret. Again, if you're still listening, just drop PPP in the in the chat. If you're on the podcast, literally look in the show notes. I'd leave a link to the LinkedIn thread. I leave a link to the episode page to email. All you gotta do, just say PPP. I got you. Alright. Brian. What's up? Good morning. let's see. Who else do we have? I I just wanna make sure I get to your questions, guys. because I promoted this episode a bit. A lot of you guys said that you were, excited about it.

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I think, Mabrut says I so want and need ChatGPT plugins. I do think there's some countries that still don't have access to plugins. Doctor Rostuffa said, what's the opposite of garbage in, garbage out? We just witnessed that. That's great. love this analogy, Brian. Brian says if a chat is an employee, then plugins are teams. Absolutely. In in our course and in it, everything I do. I say you have to change your mindset about ChatGPT or any large language model. It's not Google. It's an employee. and you have to train it. You have to go back and forth. You have to treat each chat like an employee. You're not just super prompt Here's this great prompt I found on the internet. One thing in, one thing out. That's not it. you have to train it up as an employee.

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let's see. Michael, thank you. Thank you for joining us. Michael says Zapier is the best. He has over 200 going for an agency and very rarely had issues. Yeah. You can you can easily between Zapier and an internet connected plugin in ChatGPT, Just with those 2 things, there's not a lot you can't automate in accomplishing your business. Again, if you're doing those 5 different categories of tasks. Right? Those five things we talked about. Let me go back here. Here we go. meetings, learning, writing, analyzing, presenting, if you're doing those 5 things, which again, That's what most of us spend the majority of our time if we're working on a desk job, working on the internet. That's what we're spending our time on. Maurice, thank you. She said, your live event is so rich. I will have to watch it a second time to review all the tips you're getting. And then, someone else just left a comment. I can't can't read their name here, but said, I think the diagram plugin is awesome. It is 100%.

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alright. This was a long one. Right?

Final takeaway

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But this is this is just the tip. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Again, if you haven't already, go click the repost on on LinkedIn, the retweet on Twitter. If you're listening to this on the podcast, go in the show notes, I've been working on something that's separate from the PPP course, separate from the pro PPP course. All of those are free. This is free as well. I'm not one of those people that's like, oh, do all this stuff and now you're buying my book of 10,000 prompts for a $100. Yep. Since I'm already granting, I'm gonna end on this rant.

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You see all these, you know,

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use my 20 prompts. These are gonna save you so much time. Are those absolute garbage? No. There's there's good use cases, but I say it like this. If someone was trying to teach you how to use the internet, if you had no clue and someone said, here's 10,000 bookmarks in a spreadsheet of my favorite websites. Are you better off than you were before? Yeah. Sure. Now you have 10,000 cool websites, but you have to learn how to use it. You have to learn how to find your own websites. You have to learn how to improve your searches on Google. Right? The same thing is true for ChatGPT. Copy and paste prompts are great. They can get you from 0 to 5. They can get your business from 0 to 5, but you have to learn how to use a large language model. You have to learn how to use ChatGPT plugins before your business or your department or your career can really start to take advantage of what plugins have to offer. That's it. Thank you all for sticking with me. we won't be back tomorrow, but I hope to see you next week and every day after that on everyday AI. Thank you.

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