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- More than 130,000 weekly reach between our top-rated podcast, livestream and newsletter.

- Reach biz leaders from Microsoft, Google, NVIDIA, IBM as well as AI startups and tech titans like TikTok, Meta and Salesforce.

- Trusts Everyday AI. Like... in a creepy cool way. Unlike every other nameless/faceless AI newsletter, Everyday AI is a multi-channel AI media company. The only of its kind. And led by a front-facing human. 

Everyday AI is lead by Jordan Wilson, a seasoned martech/comms leader, former award-winning Journalist and Top AI voice on LinkedIn.

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What is Everyday AI?

Welcome to Everyday AI, the daily live show and podcast diving into the latest AI tips and trends for everyday people. Everyday AI is a daily livestream, podcast and newsletter where we help everyday people grow their careers with AI.

Our main focus is to help you keep up with AI trends to make your job easier. Get your work done faster. Increase your output. We cover all things artificial intelligence, machine learning, and practical tips on how to use both in your daily life. We'll include a touch on a variety of topics, software, and applications.

We may be covering the latest AI news from Microsoft, Google, Facebook, NVIDIA, and social channels like Snapchat, Tiktok, and Instagram. Or, we may be diving into software like ChatGPT, Midjourney, Bard, or Runway ML. 

Does anyone watch or listen?

For sure!

Demographic – Our average listener/viewer is a mid-career decisions-maker that is curious about implementing GenAI into their companies. About 78% of our audience is from the U.S.

Podcast – We average about 24,000 podcast downloads each week with little advertising. The Everyday AI podcast is generally a Top 10 tech podcast on Spotify and a Top 75 tech podcast on Apple Podcasts. There are more than 89,000 tech podcasts in the US.

Newsletter -- Our newsletter is also at about 8,900 daily email newsletter subscribers, and VERY active. 

Website -- The Everyday AI website gets about 3,200 unique website visitors each month.

Livestream -  Jordan has an active audience of 16K followers on LinkedIn, and the Everyday AI show has quickly become one of the most engaging livestreams on LinkedIn, as many of our recent shows have generated 150+ comments, 500+ unique viewers and thousands of impressions.  

What time is Everyday AI?

Everyday AI goes live every morning, Monday through Friday, at 7:30 AM CST (Chicago). 

Can I see an example of the show?

Definitely! Here's a livestream with Mark de Grasse, the President of There's also more 90+ previous episodes on our episodes page. 

Is it live?

Yes! It's streamed live on LinkedIn, and a few other social platforms like YouTube and Twitter.

Where else does the show and podcast get published?

Usually within an hour or so after the livestream, the audio-only version of the show will be available on major podcast platforms like SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsTuneInIheartradioAmazon Music, and a few others.