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GenAI For Business and Career Growth

Recent McKinsey & Company research shows Generative AI may automate work activities that absorb up to 70 percent of employees' time.

Have you already realized those big wins? If not, Everyday AI's services will help you get there. 

Win back time. Save Money. Grow. With our GenAI training and consultation 

More than 10,200+ industry leaders trusted our PPP Prompting Course to grow their businesses. See more testimonials below. 

GenAI Services

  • Live Custom ChatGPT Training to tackle your specific business problems
  • Custom GPT builds based on company's public or provided data
  • PPP Prompting Method to help employees become ChatGPT pros
  • Live 30-minute follow-up support sessions
  • 90-minute GenAI Strategy Session on how to win back time for your business
  • Custom GenAI Plan for the best implementation into your business
  • GenAI Solutions for your unqiue business use case
  • Best Practices for your business to fully leverage GenAI
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About Everyday AI and Jordan Wilson

- Everyday AI is a fast-growing media and consulting company helping professionals grow their companies with Generative AI.

- Everyday AI fills the AI knowledge gap between the demand for GenAI skills and the lack of business trainings.

- Jordan Wilson is a seasoned digital strategist, a 'Top AI Voice' on LinkedIn, a top-rated Generative AI Instructor on Coursera and AI keynote speaker.

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Become a ChatGPT Pro in 60 Minutes

Learn Our PPP Method:

Get more out of ChatGPT by learning our PPP method in this live, interactive and free training!

Prime: Everyone skips this step. We'll teach you how to prime ChatGPT

Prompt: Stop using copy-and-paste techniques that will fail you. 

Polish: Go from 'meh' to perfection and make your ChatGPT output shine.

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