PPP Pro Edition

Learn The Next Level Of Our PPP Method:

Perfect your PPP method and go from advanced to pro with our free 90 minute course!

- Train Expert Chats with GPTs

- How to train ChatGPT on your data 

- Keep ChatGPT current and browse the web

- Chrome Extensions and 3rd Party apps

- Sharing trained chats with your team

- Code Interpreter basics

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*All courses are in central standard time and are 90 minutes long.

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Become a ChatGPT Pro in 60 Minutes

Learn Our PPP Method:

Get more out of ChatGPT by learning our PPP method in this live, interactive and free training!

Prime: Everyone skips this step. We'll teach you how to prime ChatGPT

Prompt: Stop using copy-and-paste techniques that will fail you. 

Polish: Go from 'meh' to perfection and make your ChatGPT output shine.

What people said about the free PPP course 👇