PPP Biz: Prompt Engineering Training for Teams  

ChatGPT For Business Growth

Recent McKinsey & Company research shows Generative AI may automate work activities that absorb up to 70 percent of employees' time.

Have you already realized those big wins? If not, Everyday AI's Prime, Prompt, Polish (PPP) Biz course will help get you there.  

PPP Biz teaches your team the basics of prompt engineering and how to use ChatGPT for growth. Not only that, but our team builds your company custom GPTs to cut your manual knowledge work in half. 

Win back time. Save Money. Grow. With our PPP Biz Buildout and Training.

More than 3,100+ industry leaders trusted our PPP Prompting Course to grow their businesses. See more testimonials below. 

Win back time. Save money. Grow. 

Live, Custom ChatGPT Training

Tackle your specific business problems with a 2 to 3 hour personalized live training (up to 50 employees)

PPP Prompt Engineering Method

Learn our intuitive Prime, Prompt, Polish method so your employees can become ChatGPT pros and win back time

Custom ChatGPTs for growth

We'll create trained expert chats and build custom GPTs for your business with your public data, and teach you how to actually use them (live!) for growth. 

Ongoing Support

We'll make sure to follow up with you with multiple 30 minute training sessions to ensure you're winning back your time. 

Who is PPP Biz for?

Aspiring teams looking to trade hours of manual grunt work for GPT-powered solutions tailored and pre-built for your needs. 

The live training is best for teams of 5-50.

How will it help?

In the same way companies had to adapt to the internet, they'll have to adapt to LLMs.

With a guided training on solutions built for you, you'll be winning time back in no time.  

Any tech requirements?

None. By both teaching prompt engineering basics and training your team on custom-built solutions, no GPT skills are required.

Regardless of your team's experience, we'll make it work. 

Who teaches this?

PPP Biz is taught by Jordan Wilson, a seasoned digital strategist with two decades of experience.

He's the founder and host of Everyday AI, the most-listened to AI podcast in the world.  

PPP Biz: Live ChatGPT Training and Custom GPT buildout

Prompt engineering skills and custom GPTs are the future of work, and we'll get you prepared for it. For companies and teams looking to stay competitive in the ever-changing business world, you'll need to work LLMs into your daily workflow. Your bigger competitors are using custom AI solutions, so you should be, too. We offer two options to fit teams of all sizes. 

Not sure if PPP Biz is right for you, or have more questions? Refer to our in-depth FAQ below, or jump on a quick call with Jordan.

GPT Intro: Smart Spend, Win Back Time. 

  • 1-hour onboarding call so our team can understand your needs and build custom solutions 
  • Live, 2-hour ChatGPT training and best practice prompt engineering course
  • Up to 20 team members, regardless of their skill level
  • One custom GPT build based on company's public or provided data
  • One custom chat build based on company's public or provided data
  • Two, live 30-minute follow-up support sessions 


When checking out, you have the option to pay online, or request offline payment/invoice.

GPT Advanced: Time-Saving, Revenue-Driving

  • 1-hour onboarding call so our team can understand your needs and build custom solutions 
  • Live, 3-hour ChatGPT training and best practice prompt engineering course
  • Up to 50 team members, regardless of their skill level
  • Three custom GPT builds based on company's public or provided data
  • Three custom chat builds based on company's public or provided data 
  • Four, live 30-minute follow-up support sessions 


When checking out, you have the option to pay online, or request offline payment/invoice.

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About Everyday AI and Jordan Wilson

- Everyday AI is a fast-growing media and consulting company helping professionals grow their companies with Generative AI.

- Everyday AI fills the AI knowledge gap between the demand for GenAI skills and the lack of business trainings.

- Jordan Wilson is a seasoned digital strategist, a 'Top AI Voice' on LinkedIn, a top-rated Generative AI Instructor on Coursera and AI keynote speaker.

Everyday AI is Trusted by leaders at:

How does it all work? 


1. Onboarding call

2. We build

3. We train your team

4. Your team wins back time. 

After your onboarding call, our team goes hard to work building both a bespoke prompt engineering training for your team, as well as custom GPTs and trained chats inside of ChatGPT. Then, we'll train your team on its new solutions that will win back time on manual tasks that are better automated to large language models. 

These solutions take dozens of hours to test and perfect, which is why we need at least a week after your onboarding call until we can train your team. 

Does our team need ChatGPT to use this? 

Yes. We recommend you use the Teams or Enterprise versions of ChatGPT. Teams is $30/mo per user, whereas the pricing for Enterprise is not publicly available. 

The prompting method we teach is applicable to any large language model, but the training and solutions we build are based in ChatGPT. 

What about our data? 

We only build your GPTs with either public data or data that you provide. Following best data security, we do not upload private, confidential or propriertary data into ChatGPT. 

So are you building us a large language model? 

No. LLM buildouts generally take at least $2-$3 million, and often times aren't needed. (And we do not do LLM builds, mainly because you need dozens of engineers who all command about $450K a year and are in higher demand than Michael Jordan was in the 90s.) 

So what do you build our team?  

We build custom solutions inside of ChatGPT that your entire team will have access to. In short, we've spent hundreds of hours building both what we call 'Expert Chats' inside of ChatGPT, as well as custom GPTs. 

The Expert Chats and GPTs we build you are based on the needs we jointly identify in your onboarding call. This could be something as specific as a Chat tailored to streamline your customer service process or a GPT configured to analyze and report on market trends relevant to your industry.

We identify areas where your team is spending the most manual time in areas that we know that LLMs thrive. Then, we train your team on exactly how to use them in our live training session. 

What do we gain? 

Your time. A recent McKinsey & Company research shows Generative AI may automate work activities that absorb up to 70 percent of employees' time. That's what we specialize in -- creating effective ChatGPT solutions to optimize your workflow. We tailor our training and ChatGPT solutions to seamlessly fit into your existing operations, significantly reducing the manual effort required in day-to-day tasks, and increasing overall operational efficiency. 

It's more than buzzwords. You let our team do the techy work so your crew can get rid of the menial and focus on the meaningful. 

How do you know what you're doing? 

No smoke and mirrors. All transparency. 

Our team has been using the GPT technology since 2020, years before ChatGPT even came out. Shortly after ChatGPT changed the business world, we started Everyday AI, an AI media company and consultancy focused on education and business growth.

In a short period of time, Everyday AI has become the most-listened to AI-centric podcast in the world. Along the way, we've forged firsthand relationships with the companies building Generative AI. With direct lines to leaders at Microsoft, IBM, NVIDIA, OpenAI and others, we've soaked up hundreds of hours of conversations and dish the best insights to you. We help everyday businesses leverage Generative AI in ways that actually move the needle. 

Jordan, the founder of Everyday AI, is a top-rated Generative AI educator on Coursera, a featured AI keynote speaker, and received AI certifications from Kellogg Executive Education. 

We've taught thousands of people our PPP method -- from business leaders at Meta, Microsoft and McDonald's corporate to startup founders and CEOs. 

The short answer is yes. We very much know what we're doing. 

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Become a ChatGPT Pro in 60 Minutes

Learn Our PPP Method:

Get more out of ChatGPT by learning our PPP method in this live, interactive and free training!

Prime: Everyone skips this step. We'll teach you how to prime ChatGPT

Prompt: Stop using copy-and-paste techniques that will fail you. 

Polish: Go from 'meh' to perfection and make your ChatGPT output shine.

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