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Everyday AI is a Top 20 Tech Podcast on Spotify and is widely regarded as one of the top podcasts on Generative AI in the world. 

As it's a livestream, podcast AND daily newsletter, our network and reach is vast. 

Given that, we get cold pitched a lot. (About 20 times a week.) We only take on about 10% of pitched guests, so please take your time to fill out this form in its entirety to be considered. 

By filling out this form, you agree that: 

1. If selected, your potential guest will not hard sell or hard pitch any products or services.

Jordan will ask a question or two about the company, but guests are not allowed to hard sell products or services. 

2. If selected, your potential guest (and company) will share the show before and after it airs on the platforms you fill out on this form. 

Promotion is a big part of bringing guests on, so please be thorough in the pitch form as to what platforms you/the company will be sharing on. As an example, here's NVIDIA sharing  their guest appearance, and here's Speechify with a write-up on our show together. 


3. If selected, your potential guest will provide unique value to our audience. 

Being an every day show, we expect potential guest to watch a livestream or two before coming on the show to understand unique ways they can provide value ot our audience. 

Guest Pitch

What is Everyday AI?

Welcome to Everyday AI, the daily live show and podcast diving into the latest AI tips and trends for everyday people. Everyday AI is a daily livestream, podcast and newsletter where we help everyday people grow their careers with AI. Our main focus is to help you keep up with AI trends to make your job easier. Get your work done faster. Increase your output. We'll cover all things artificial intelligence, machine learning and practical tips on how to use both in your daily life. We'll include a touch on a variety of topics, software and applications. We may be covering the latest AI news from Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Adobe and social channels like Snapchat, Tiktok, and Instagram. Or, we may be diving into software like ChatGPT, Midjourney, Bard, or Runway ML. 

Does anyone watch or listen?

For sure! Even though we're kinda new, we've seen a pretty good reception.  

Demographic – Our average listener/viewer is a mid-career decisions-maker that is curious about implementing GenAI into their companies. About 78% of our audience is from the U.S.

Podcast – We average about 24,000 podcast downloads each week with little advertising. The Everyday AI podcast is generally a Top 15 tech podcast on Spotify and a Top 75 tech podcast on Apple Podcasts. There are more than 89,000 tech podcasts in the US.

Newsletter -- Our newsletter is also at about 12,900 daily email newsletter subscribers, and VERY active. 

Website -- The Everyday AI website gets about 2,500 unique website visitors each month.

Livestream -  Jordan has an active audience of 19K followers on LinkedIn, and the Everyday AI show has quickly become one of the most engaging livestreams on LinkedIn, as many of our recent shows have generated 150+ comments, 500+ unique viewers and thousands of impressions.  Our LinkedIn audience on a weekly basis receives engagements from senior leaders at companies like Microsoft, IBM, AWS, Google, Meta, Salesforce, Accenture, Deloitte and other industry-leading companies. 

What time is Everyday AI?

Everyday AI goes live every morning, Monday through Friday, at 7:30 AM CST. Selected guests will join the waiting room at 7:15 AM CST. 


How do I book a time on the show? 

If we accept your pitch, the host, Jordan, will send you information to book. 

Can the guest promote my company or service? 

No. Jordan will ask you a question or two about your company, but the goal is for guests to share their expertise around a certain topic or angle of Generative AI. We'll also share a link to your company in our newsletter and website. We have a strict no selling policy, as we only want to bring on guests who add value to everyday people. 

Can I see an example of the show?

Fosho. Here's a recent livestream with Mark de Grasse, the President of Digitalmarketer.com. There's also more 250+ previous episodes on our episodes page. 


Is it live?

Yes! It's streamed live on LinkedIn, and a few other social platforms (that we don't have followings on yet! lol) 


Is this a video interview?

Yup! We want to show off your insights to viewers, and that works best with video! 

Where else does the show or Podcast get published?

Usually within an hour or so after the livestream, the audio-only version of the show will be available on major podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, TuneIn, Iheartradio, Amazon Music, and a few others. 


Do I need to give you talking points?

Nope! After you sign up for a time, there's a short form to fill out. Between that form, and the 10-15 minutes BEFORE the show starts, that's plenty of time. Oh, and I used to be a journalist. That parts easy ya'll! 

How do you get my info?

After you sign up for a time, you'll be redirected to a short form to fill out. It should take less than 5 minutes. It asks for basic information about your current work history, contact info, and how you've used AI so far in your role. That way, we can best understand your industry background and experience and introduce you correctly as well! 


How do I join the live stream?

After signing up, we'll send you more directions on joining the show. In short, we use Streamyard. Here's their directions on how guests can join a live show! But in short, we'll send you a private Streamyard link sometime after your show is scheduled and before the show starts.  


How does the show work?

It's a 25ish minute show, so it goes a bit quick. Normally, we'll take about 2-3 minutes on the front end to read off the latest news in AI. After that, we'll bring you on the show. 

We'll talk a bit about your role and what you do not at all related to AI. Then, we'll talk a bit about how you use AI for your job. Or, we may talk about how you feel AI might impact your industry in general. 

Keep in mind -- it's a fast show! So I'll try to keep my questions short, and prompt answers from our guests can help us cover more ground and deliver more value! But feel free to be long-winded if you want. I get it. Samesies. 


Do you promote it?


When scheduling our livestream, most social networks automatically create a post that says the event is scheduled. Here's what that looks like. Those generally don't get much traction on social. In the coming weeks, we will be taking out ads on other podcasts and newsletters to promote Everyday AI. Also, we'll likely be taking out ads ourself soon on social media to grow our reach and impact. 

Also, we'll likely be creating short clips for each episode, text posts and graphics from our episodes. When we do, we'll be sure to tag you and/or send you the content and you can use it as you wish! If you'd rather us not post these on social -- no worries. Just let us know. 


Can I share about it?

We'd love to have you share about it! We're not very active on social yet. They're all brand new accounts, but here's our Facebook, our Instagram, our YouTube and our Twitter

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