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LinkedIn Growth Hacking with Taplio

If you're on a relentless quest to amplify your brand or company's presence on LinkedIn, you're in the right place. Today, we're diving deep into the heart of Taplio, the AI-driven juggernaut that's been my secret weapon long before Everyday AI became a thing. And here's the kicker – Taplio is not just a tool we're talking about; they're also sponsoring this insider look. But, let me be clear, my love for Taplio predates this partnership. It's that good.

Why Taplio? The LinkedIn Swiss Army Knife 🛠️

Imagine a tool so versatile, so powerful, that LinkedIn growth becomes not just a goal, but a fun game. That's Taplio. This isn't your run-of-the-mill LinkedIn tool; it's a comprehensive platform designed to turbocharge your LinkedIn strategy through the roof.

Crafting Magnetic Content with Ease

The bane of every LinkedIn user's existence? Content creation. Whether it's the dreaded writer's block or the chaos of scheduling, Taplio swoops in like a superhero. 🦸‍♂️ With its advanced AI-driven features, Taplio transforms content creation from a chore into a breeze. Want to generate engaging hooks? Taplio's got you. Need to schedule a month's worth of content in one go? Taplio's your BFF. 

Win a free year of Taplio

Make sure you check out Taplio’s free trial, then use the code ‘Everyday’ when checking out a paid plan to get your first month for only $1.

If you use our code - Everyday - to sign up for a month of Taplio for $1, let us know and send us the email that you registered with at Taplio. (email info@youreverydayai.com)

We'll be randomly choosing ONE person who signs up with our code before March 5 and giving away an ENTIRE YEAR of Taplio.

A Sneak Peek into Taplio's Magic 🎩✨

Let's talk AI – and not just any AI, but GPT-4 level intelligence. Taplio harnesses this cutting-edge tech to offer features like the Post Generator and Hook Generator. Imagine inputting a simple prompt like "the seven best AI tools for research" and getting a plethora of engaging hooks and content ideas. With Taplio, you're not just writing content; you're crafting compelling narratives that resonate.

Beyond Likes: Analytics That Matter

Ever wondered if your LinkedIn efforts are just shots in the dark? Taplio shines a beacon of light with its detailed analytics, focusing on what truly matters – engagement rates. Forget about vanity metrics. With Taplio, you get insights that guide your content strategy, telling you what works and what doesn't.

The Game-Changing CRM Feature

Now, here's where Taplio truly outdoes itself – its CRM capabilities. This feature revolutionizes how you engage with your LinkedIn network. Gone are the days of manual, tedious interactions. With Taplio, you can create lists, track engagements, and interact with your network efficiently, turning every interaction into a golden opportunity for growth.

Mastering Engagement: Taplio's Secret Sauce

It's not just about posting; it's about engaging. Taplio understands this deeply, offering tools that make showing support and engaging with your network not just easy, but genuinely enjoyable. Whether it's responding to comments or diving into discussions, Taplio ensures your brand remains not just visible, but memorable.

Taplio in Action: Real-world Magic 🌍✨

Here's the real tea – using Taplio feels like having a backstage pass to LinkedIn's algorithm. From creating a new list named "Branding" to engaging with posts about topics as varied as dryer vent cleaning and ChatGPT, Taplio makes every step feel effortless. It's about leveraging AI to not just post content but to engage meaningfully, showing genuine support for your network while keeping tabs on what's buzzing.

The Engagement Revolution: Saving Time, Making Impressions

Imagine engaging with a post about ChatGPT, leaving thoughtful comments, and sparking conversations. That's Taplio at work. It's about playing the LinkedIn game smartly – engaging more means more visibility for your content, and more importantly, it means building genuine connections. With Taplio, every minute spent is an hour saved, transforming the way you interact on LinkedIn.

Special Offer: Taplio Unleashed 🚀

Because Taplio and I are like PB&J, I've snagged an exclusive deal for you. Kickstart your Taplio journey and unlock the full suite of features for just $1 for the first month after a 7-day free trial. This is your ticket to revolutionizing your LinkedIn strategy.

Ready to Dominate LinkedIn with Taplio? 🏆

There you have it, folks – Taplio isn't just a tool; it's your secret weapon for conquering LinkedIn. From AI-driven content creation to insightful analytics and smart engagement strategies, Taplio is the ally you need to make your LinkedIn presence unparalleled.

Win a free year of Taplio

Make sure you check out Taplio’s free trial, then use the code ‘Everyday’ when checking out a paid plan to get your first month for only $1.

If you use our code - Everyday - to sign up for a month of Taplio for $1, let me know and send me the email that you registered with at Taplio.

We'll be randomly choosing ONE person who signs up with our code before March 5 and giving away an ENTIRE YEAR of Taplio.

Video Transcript

Jordan [00:00:01]:
All right.

Jordan [00:00:02]:
Such a big part of what we do at everyday AI is using LinkedIn to grow, right? And if that's like you, if you're trying to use LinkedIn to grow your company, to grow your brand, like who isn't?

Jordan [00:00:16]:
I'm going to share with you one.

Jordan [00:00:18]:
Of our secret AI tools that we've been using now, actually, since long before I even started everyday AI. So speaking of that, I am talking about Taplio today. Extremely excited, not just to give you a behind the scenes look, but this is also sponsored by Taplio. And I have to tell you this. I've had a lot of brands reach out to me and try to sponsor the everyday AI show. And I say, no, I actually reach out to Taplio because I'm like, guys, I've been a subscriber since way before I started everyday AI. I love Taplio. I use it all the time and I have so many ways that I'm excited to share about how others can use it.

Jordan [00:00:53]:
So I'm going to show you some of the secret ways that we've been using it. And I say secret because I don't know anyone else using Taplio this way. All right, so let's go ahead and jump in. But if you're new here, let me tell you what this is. So this is our AI in five. It's going to be longer than five minutes, but most days we take about five minutes to show you different AI power tools, techniques that can grow your company and grow your career. So hopefully this video is helpful. Also, stick around to the end because I have a special little offer for Taplio.

Jordan [00:01:19]:
All right. Yeah, it's going to be good. All right.

Jordan [00:01:21]:
So let's start. And I'm going to do the fastest.

Jordan [00:01:25]:
Overview of Taplio because here's why there.

Jordan [00:01:30]:
Is so much in Taplio. I could spend 5 hours, right. I'm not going to do that. We're going to try to go through as quickly as possible. So let's go ahead and jump into the Taplio dashboard here and I'll go.

Jordan [00:01:44]:
Ahead and show you what's what.

Jordan [00:01:46]:
All right, so there's a couple of different things. You can go to my queue. Nothing's going to load right now because I don't have anything. But one of the biggest things that most people use Taplio for is you can write content here and you can post directly to LinkedIn. So when you sign up for Taplio, you have to sync your LinkedIn account and you can add something to a queue, which is great. So you can have a whole scheduled queue of all your different posts, or just post directly. You can also use AI to write, which is really cool.

Jordan [00:02:14]:
I personally don't use these features because.

Jordan [00:02:18]:
I have a live stream every day. It's scheduled through a different platform. But maybe if you are struggling to write or write consistently, this alone is a great thing. And they have so many really cool AI features. So they have, as an example, generated for you post generator. Hook generator, right? So you can say, what is your post about? So let's just say I'm writing a post about the seven best AI tools for research, right?

Jordan [00:02:44]:
I can say generate hooks and it's using GPT four.

Jordan [00:02:48]:
So it's going to take a second longer and it's going to go through here and it's going to give me different hooks. And then if I wanted to, I could use those hooks and start writing a post right here and I can start scheduling them out. So literally, you can write an entire month's worth of content with AI and schedule it all to LinkedIn right here in Taplio. So so many people use taplio for that.

Jordan [00:03:09]:
I don't. It's not my thing.

Jordan [00:03:11]:
I know it's weird. I teach people to write with AI.

Jordan [00:03:13]:
I still write myself with these fat.

Jordan [00:03:16]:
Fingers because I like it, right? But if I wanted to, I could.

Jordan [00:03:20]:
Say use this hook and then it's.

Jordan [00:03:21]:
Going to pop it right over here and then I can continue writing. Or I can say use AI to improve this. All right, so there's so many different AI features. That's not what I want the bulk of this video to be about. So there's a lot of different things you can do inside content creation. But let me actually show you one other thing here in stats.

Jordan [00:03:38]:
All right?

Jordan [00:03:39]:
So I like Taplio for stats because I like to see what's working and what's not. So you do get a lot of these general stats on LinkedIn. But here's one that I love, right? Because LinkedIn, it just kind of shows you your most popular posts, which at least for me isn't helpful because a lot of my most popular posts are these social Saturdays that I do every single week and been doing them for a long time. I like going to engagement rate, sorting by engagement rate. You can't do this on LinkedIn. This gives you such key insights on what your posts like, what posts are working and what posts aren't. This right here again, is worth the $65 a month. Stick around, I'll tell you how to get your first month for a dollar.

Jordan [00:04:18]:
But this right here is alone worth $65 a month. Because this tells you if you're spending so much time on LinkedIn to grow your company, grow your brand like so many people are, this right here tells you so much more than just what your most popular post might be according to views or engagements or likes, right? Engagement rate is actually much more important in my opinion because not all of my posts are going to get 20,000 views.

Jordan [00:04:43]:

Jordan [00:04:44]:
This post only had 1000 view, but I already know I should be writing more posts like this one and less posts like this one that got 0.7% or this one that got 1.7%, right.

Jordan [00:04:58]:
All right, so that's a great feature.

Jordan [00:04:59]:
So I'm going to go ahead, I'm going to show you one more in here that I really like. It's in search mode. So the thing I like about search mode is you can type in anything and you can set your different filters.

Jordan [00:05:10]:
All right, so I'm going to do.

Jordan [00:05:11]:
Minimum ten likes and then I'm going to go ahead and click apply.

Jordan [00:05:15]:
So this is going to bring up.

Jordan [00:05:16]:
Just google Gemini post that have that minimum ten likes has passed. It's also optimized for my account. So I have some different settings in my account, so it's going to optimize them. So right away I can see recent posts that people are talking about. And these aren't just people in my network, this is just on LinkedIn in general. So this is a great way. So much faster than using LinkedIn itself. LinkedIn Search and LinkedIn's newsfeed is not good.

Jordan [00:05:43]:
And this is literally why I subscribe to Taplio.

Jordan [00:05:46]:
But let me show you my favorite part.

Jordan [00:05:48]:
All right, so it is the CRM. So it is the contacts and the engage.

Jordan [00:05:55]:
All right, so I'm going to go.

Jordan [00:05:57]:
Ahead and click engage and then I'm going to go to people so we can create different lists. All right, so I'm going to show you what it looks like to create a new list. I'm going to start this process. I'm going to start this process here. I just want to make sure we don't accidentally get anyone's email. All right, we're good. So I'm going to go ahead and name this list. What am I going to name it? I'm going to name it.

Jordan [00:06:21]:
Branding. Okay. Branding.

Jordan [00:06:25]:
All right, so here's what I'm going to do. Now I have this post. It's probably going to take a while, so let's just start it right away. So I'm going to copy this post. I'll tell you exactly what I'm doing. All right, so now I'm jumping back into this new post. I'm going to paste this here and click import.

Jordan [00:06:46]:
All right?

Jordan [00:06:46]:
It's probably going to take a while because it's probably going to bring, like, I don't know, 50 to 100 people into this group.

Jordan [00:06:53]:
All right, so think of how long.

Jordan [00:06:56]:
This would do manually, right? So anyone that's serious about LinkedIn, they usually create different groups of people that they engage with manually. So literally even know personal branding experts on LinkedIn, they literally tell you to do this. And I'm like, you guys should use saplio. This is not smart the way you're doing it. They will literally go visit everyone's profile manually. They will save their LinkedIn URL into a spreadsheet, and then whenever they want to engage on these certain accounts, I kid you not. Oh, it's already done.

Jordan [00:07:30]:
Look at this.

Jordan [00:07:30]:
This is amazing. All right, so here we go. I'm going to click and add these people. Anyways. People literally put URLs in a spreadsheet. They click on each individual profile. They scroll down to post, and then they go find all these posts.

Jordan [00:07:43]:
All right, so let's go ahead and start engaging. All right.

Jordan [00:07:52]:
Here we go. So now I'm going to go into people.

Jordan [00:07:57]:
All right, and then I'm going to find my group.

Jordan [00:08:03]:
There we go. Branding.

Jordan [00:08:04]:
And I'm going to click go.

Jordan [00:08:06]:
All right, so this is going to load. So we have all our people in our list. So here's like, you might be asking, like, why would I do this? Well, at least for me, I had all these people support my show. They watched, they left comments, and I would have to spend, even for this list of 20 or 30 people, however many people were on this list, I would have to spend so many hours trying to go to all their posts, see who's posted recently, because not everyone's posting all the time. And it would take me so much time not just to post and engage with them because I want to show support to them too.

Jordan [00:08:42]:

Jordan [00:08:43]:
But I also want to know what's going on with them. So you'll see what I mean here. All right, so let's zoom in.

Jordan [00:08:49]:
All right, here we go.

Jordan [00:08:50]:
So here's my post. First, I don't need to engage with my post. All right, so here's a post from Gabriel. So he's posting here about dryer vent cleaning. So that's not something I can engage with, but at least I know what he's kind of talking about or working on. All right, here's one that I might want to engage on.

Jordan [00:09:07]:
So let me go ahead and open this.

Jordan [00:09:10]:
All right, so you'll see here Angela has a post about chat GBT. And scroll down here, you'll see there's no comments. I'm going to go ahead and get rid of these messages so they're not clogged in. All right, so you'll see right now there's no messages.

Jordan [00:09:22]:
All right, so I'm going to go back in to Taplio and I'm going.

Jordan [00:09:27]:
To read her post here. So she says, yes, some teachers are using chat GBt while others shun it. Here are some tips for use by educators. So I'm going to go ahead and leave a comment of value. Angela, I'm going to say, angela, I think this is such an important topic. I feel educators spend all of their time. I'm going to say, I feel some educators spend all of their time worrying about banning chat GBT or investigating AI content detectors, which don't work. Then I'm going to ask her.

Jordan [00:10:22]:

Jordan [00:10:22]:
Do you think is the best way for hire ed to solve the Chat GPT dilemma? I can't spell when I'm doing this live. There we go. All right, so now I'm going to.

Jordan [00:10:39]:
Go ahead and click reply and you'll.

Jordan [00:10:42]:
See it disappears off my screen, which means.

Jordan [00:10:44]:
There we go.

Jordan [00:10:45]:
Reply posted. All right, so I'm going to go in here, I'm going to refresh this page and we should see my reply.

Jordan [00:10:51]:

Jordan [00:10:52]:
There we go. It worked. Cool. So here's why this is important, all right? Let me go ahead and bring my big face in because it's important, right? If you're trying to grow your brand on LinkedIn, unfortunately, you got to play the game. You got to play the LinkedIn game. And what that means is LinkedIn is going to push your content out to more people. The more you're engaging on others, and also the more people that you're engaging.

Jordan [00:11:16]:
With, the more likely their audience will.

Jordan [00:11:19]:
See your valuable comments. Right? So I just left. It wasn't the most valuable comment in.

Jordan [00:11:24]:
The world, but I just left a.

Jordan [00:11:26]:
Comment on that post. And there's a good chance that someone in her network might see what I just said. And they read my headline and they're like, oh, let me go check out what Jordan's doing. And they're like, oh, he has a podcast on AI and on chat GBT. So just this right here, y'all, literally.

Jordan [00:11:45]:
Just this engage section to me is.

Jordan [00:11:48]:
By far worth the $65 to use taplio, literally, as soon as, I mean, think, think of your time, right? And think of social media and think of if you want to properly engage and properly network on a social networking site like LinkedIn to do that. You saw that comment took me 20 seconds, right? I can go through, and I build lists, right? And y'all, I'm not kidding.

Jordan [00:12:14]:
I use this literally all the time.

Jordan [00:12:16]:
Take a look at all these lists that I built.

Jordan [00:12:18]:
Look at this. Look at this.

Jordan [00:12:20]:
I've built dozens of lists, right? So I use them for different things. I have one here. These are people who commented on a recent Gemini post as an example, right? So this is something that I do all the time. So not only that, I can more accurate or, sorry, more quickly engage, but not waste so much time, because if you try to do this on LinkedIn, the newsfeed is just disastrous, right? And I have like, 16,000 connections or something like that. So at least right now, what I really care about is knowing what the people who support me, the people who like my posts, who comment on my content, I want to know what they're up to, right? Like, they take time out of their day to watch the show, to comment. So I want to know what they're up to as much as I can. So literally, I'd say, I'm not exaggerating. Every ten minutes that I spend on Taplio is worth an hour or more on LinkedIn.

Jordan [00:13:19]:
So I am literally, if I use taplio for 30 minutes, I've already made my money back for the entire month, right? If I use it an hour a day, I am saving. Let me do the math.

Jordan [00:13:29]:
Like 10 hours, right?

Jordan [00:13:31]:
Think of what you would do with another 10 hours a month. Another 15 hours a month, depending on how much you use LinkedIn, you could be saving an incredible amount of time just from this one feature. I didn't even get into all the other features that I don't even use a lot, but I think that most people can really benefit from, right? All these writing features, I think they're literally so good. I think Taplio is a legit game changer for growing your company, growing your brand online. All right, so here's what you got to do.

Jordan [00:13:56]:
If you stick around to the end, go ahead.

Jordan [00:13:58]:
You can click start for free, all right? And when you do, I'm already logged in.

Jordan [00:14:02]:
But all you're going to do is.

Jordan [00:14:04]:
Pick the plan that's best for you, okay?

Jordan [00:14:07]:
And then what you're going to do.

Jordan [00:14:09]:
Is you get a seven day free trial. But when you sign up, you also will pick a plan. So as an example, if you sign up for the standard plan, $65 a month, you can use my code. So it's every day, one word everyday. And then that code is going to get you literally your first month for a dollar.

Jordan [00:14:30]:
All right?

Jordan [00:14:31]:
So you get your seven day free trial, then you get the one month.

Jordan [00:14:34]:
After that for a dollar.

Jordan [00:14:36]:
That's right, y'all.

Jordan [00:14:37]:
All right.

Jordan [00:14:38]:
So make sure to do that. And also, just like I did here, after you sign up, go ahead and send me your screenshot that you signed up. If you did sign up using my everyday code. Again, one word. I got something else special for you. All right? It's going to be a live training that you're not going to want to miss on the best ways, even more ways to use taplio to grow your presence on LinkedIn. All right, I hope that was helpful, y'all. Thank you for tuning in.

Jordan [00:15:03]:
I know this was a longer one. We'll see you back for another AI and five.

Jordan [00:15:06]:
Thanks, y'all.

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