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Dive into Nvidia's transformative role in AI and graphics. Understand how their GPUs and deep learning platforms are revolutionizing industries from gaming to research. Tailored insights for professionals and tech enthusiasts.

The NVIDIA category is designed for business professionals and tech enthusiasts keen on understanding NVIDIA's pivotal role in advancing AI technology. This section explores NVIDIA's innovations in AI hardware and software, particularly their groundbreaking GPU technology and AI platforms.

It's a comprehensive resource for insights into how NVIDIA is driving AI research, development, and applications across various industries, from gaming and entertainment to healthcare and autonomous vehicles.

June 10, 2024

This week could mark a turning point in the world of AI. Here’s why: Apple’s groundbreaking GenAI revelations at WWDC 2024. Find out how NVIDIA just made a historic leap past Apple and more.

Ep 290: Apple’s new AI, NVIDIA breaks records and more – AI News That Matters

April 29, 2024

Is there a legit Sora competitor now? What does NVIDIA’s $700 million acquisition mean for the GenAI world? Is Apple ditching Google and teaming up with OpenAI for future AI-powered iPhones?

Ep 260: A new SORA competitor, NVIDIA’s $700M acquisition – AI News That Matters

April 1, 2024

Have you seen the latest Apple rumors regarding AI? What does the $100-billion Stargate partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI actually mean? And will NVIDIA’s competitors be able to catch them after forming the UXL Foundation?

Ep 240: Latest Apple AI rumors, $100-billion Stargate partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI – AI News That Matters

March 26, 2024

NVIDIA’s announcements from its GTC conference will change the AI world. We partnered with NVIDIA and were at the conference all week. We’re breaking down all the big headlines and explaining what it means for the future of AI.

Ep 236: NVIDIA GTC Recap – 3 ways NVIDIA is going to change the AI world

March 22, 2024

You might think the auto industry hasn’t changed since the Model T. There’s a lot going on under the hood, though. Especially with AI revving its engine now louder than ever. So what’s next in the auto industry with so much new AI tech behind the wheel? That’s exactly what we’ll be discussing with Danny Shapiro, NVIDIA’s Vice President of Automotive.

Ep 234: Driving the Future – NVIDIA’s Vision for AI-powered Transportation

March 21, 2024

AI + Robots — is it just science fiction? Or, could the intersection of AI and robotics change our daily lives WAY sooner than we’d expect? We find out with Amit Goel, the Director of Robotics at NVIDIA, a global leader in the robotics industry.

Ep 233: Robots Among Us – How NVIDIA is building the future of robotics

March 20, 2024

Every business leader is wondering: How can you create value company-wide with Generative AI? And how can you actually capture that value and show the impact? Join us as we get answers from an HPE leader in the GenAI Enterprise space

Ep 232: Creating and Capturing Business Value with GenAI – Insights From HPE

March 19, 2024

AI is being used in about every facet of the financial industry. A company you might not know helping power the entire industry forward? NVIDIA. And Malcolm deMayo is a key player making it all happen. Malcolm is NVIDIA’s Global Vice President of the Financial Services Industry. Tune in as he gives us the behind-the-scenes of the AI-powered money moves that NVIDIA is making.

Ep 231: NVIDIA Making Money Moves: How they’re using AI to change financial services – An Everyday AI chat with Malcolm deMayo and Jordan Wilson

March 18, 2024

Should we be worried about what OpenAI said about Sora? What does Google’s new video game-playing model mean about agents? (Almost) Every week, we dive deep into the AI news and developments to help you keep up with what really matters.

Ep 230: Google’s Video Game AI Agent, OpenAI Sora Data Concerns? AI News That Matters

February 19, 2024

The last 7 days of AI news have been crazy! OpenAI announced its amazing text-to-video Sora, Gemini released Ultra 1.5, NVIDIA’s Chat with RTX, Andrej Karpathy leaves OpenAI, and more! Here’s this week’s AI news that matters.

Ep 210: OpenAI’s Sora, Gemini releases Ultra 1.5, NVIDIA’s Chat with RTX – AI News That Matters

November 15, 2023

Today we have the opportunity to sit down with a leader from one of the world’s largest companies helping to push GenAI forward. Adam Scraba, Director of Marketing at NVIDIA, joins us to discuss how GenAI and data can unlock new ways for us to interact with our world.

Ep 145: NVIDIA Leader Talks GenAI + Data: Unlocking new ways to interact with our world

October 10, 2023

AI is already helping to power our economy but can it also power our future? How do AI and power relate to each other and what impact will it have on our energy usage? We have a leading expert from NVIDIA to dive into the details. We discuss AI’s role in renewable energy and how NVIDIA is using it to shape the future.

Ep 119: AI in Renewable Energy – Insights from NVIDIA

July 31, 2023

There’s one company in the US that’s more important to AI right now than anyone else. And it’s not who you think it is. Today we dive into NVIDIA and why it’s running the US AI game.

Ep 69: The Most Important AI Company No One is Talking About
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