Ep 171: GenAI in 2024 – What’s coming and what it means for you

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Embracing AI in 2024: Transforming Business and Opportunities

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, the year 2024 is poised to be a defining moment for businesses as they navigate the ever-expanding realm of artificial intelligence (AI). As Gen AI begins to take center stage, forward-thinking business leaders are presented with unparalleled opportunities for growth, innovation, and adaptation. This article dives into the predictions and insights shared in a recent industry-focused podcast, shedding light on the pivotal role AI is set to play in shaping the future of business.

The Rise of Gen AI and Large Language Models

The podcast episode forecasts a seismic shift in the AI landscape, with Gen AI emerging as a transformative force in 2024. Large language models, such as Grok and Gemini Ultra, are expected to take center stage, revolutionizing communication, data processing, and decision-making processes. Business leaders are encouraged to recognize the potential of large language models in enhancing productivity, streamlining operations, and gaining a competitive edge in their respective industries.

Strategic Investments and Partnerships

In anticipation of the AI revolution, the predictions underscore the strategic imperative for businesses to invest in AI training and infrastructure. Embracing generative AI systems and cultivating a culture of AI literacy within the workforce is poised to be a catalyst for innovation and long-term success. Furthermore, the podcast outlines the potential for partnerships with tech leaders such as NVIDIA, offering valuable insights into leveraging collaborations to harness the full potential of AI technologies.

Navigating AI's Impact on the Workforce and Job Market

A key focal point of the episode revolves around the transformative impact of generative AI on the workforce. Business owners and decision-makers are urged to confront the undeniable potential for job displacement and industry-wide transformations. By acknowledging this reality and proactively equipping employees with the necessary AI skills, businesses can navigate the impending changes and seize opportunities for growth and efficiency.

The Perils and Promises of AI-Driven Innovation

Amidst the promising advancements, cautionary predictions within the episode emphasize the need for businesses to remain vigilant against the rise of AI misinformation, copyright battles, and ethical considerations. While opportunities abound, the responsible integration of AI systems requires a nuanced understanding of potential risks and ethical implications. Furthermore, the episode advocates for proactive preparation against the destabilizing effects of AI technology on traditional business models and embraces the potential for groundbreaking innovation that AI presents.

Building a Future-ready Business Ecosystem

In conclusion, the podcast presents a compelling call to action for business leaders to embrace the inevitability of AI's profound influence on the business landscape. By fostering a corporate environment that embraces AI literacy, reskilling initiatives, and strategic partnerships, businesses can position themselves as trailblazers in the era of Gen AI. The insights shared in the episode offer invaluable guidance for businesses seeking to not only adapt to this transformative technological wave but to thrive in the midst of it.

In the dawn of 2024, the integration of AI into the fabric of business operations stands as a pivotal step towards sustainable growth, innovation, and relevance in an increasingly AI-driven world. As the predictions unfold, business leaders are encouraged to seize the opportunities presented by Gen AI, shaping a future where businesses are not merely bystanders but trailblazers in the transformative AI landscape.

Topics Covered in This Episode

1. AI Developments and Predictions for 2024
2. Trends in AI Usage and Impact

Podcast Transcript

Jordan Wilson [00:00:17]:
Generative AI has dominated the conversation in 2023, and I've been Having a lot of that conversation. Right? Talking about generative AI every single day coming up on A 170 plus episodes of the Everyday AI Show, but, there's something that y'all don't always hear. I've talked with probably now more than a 120 leaders in generative AI. I'm talking about entrepreneurs and start up founders who are Building the next generation of AI apps and industry tech leaders from the world's largest companies that I've talked to, and there's always conversations that happen before and after the episode. There's a lot going on behind the scenes. And today, I'm just unleashing it all. We're gonna talk about Gen AI in 2024, what's coming, and what it means for you. And more importantly, I'm going into 24 bold AI predictions for 2024.

Jordan Wilson [00:01:28]:
What's going on y'all? My name is Jordan Wilson, and I am the host of Everyday AI. We're a daily livestream, Podcast and free daily newsletter helping everyday people like you and me learn generative AI and leverage it. Alright. So, normally, we start the show off with going into a little bit of depth on what's going on in the AI news. We're gonna have the world's shortest version of the AI news. I'm just gonna preview a couple things that are in the newsletter. So if you haven't already, Make sure to go to your everyday AI .com. Sign up for that free daily newsletter.

Daily AI news

Jordan Wilson [00:02:03]:
So we'll have a couple stories such as, the new, Duke of Hazard's star saying that AI cannot simulate the heart. We're gonna talk a little bit more, yes, again, about this new artificial intelligence doom calculator that everyone's talking about predicting people's death, as well as A new MSNBC article looking at how AI generated weapons of mass destruction are here. Weird. Right? Yeah. I didn't wanna take up too much time on today's show. So if you want to know more AI news, if you haven't already, make sure to go to your everyday AI.com. Sign up for that free daily newsletter. I wanted to give a little bit more time today to the to the meat of the show because, y'all, today's one of those special ones.

Jordan Wilson [00:02:44]:
Today is one of those special ones. And also, FYI, it is our last livestream of 2023. Yes. We still have the show next week, but, y'all voted between our our newsletter, audience and our livestream audience to replay some of the best shows of 2023. So FYI, Next week, that's what we have. Some of I'm personally picking these. Some of my favorite episodes of the year, 5 of them or sorry. 4 of them to be exact.

Jordan Wilson [00:03:12]:
We won't have, a show or a newsletter on Christmas Day, but we will still be, bringing you 4 of the top shows from 2023, and we'll still have the daily newsletter. So don't worry. If you still need your daily dose of AI. We still have the fresh AI news, and everything that's going, around in the world of artificial intelligence. So, make sure if you still wanna keep up, in the holiday season, no matter what, you're celebrating, we will be there with you. Alright. So why am I making these predictions? Well, it's it's it's for all of you. Right? It's for people like Trevor joining us, Michael and Douglas and Jay and Cecilia, even the hotness unleashes show.

Jordan Wilson [00:03:55]:
What's up, Travis? It's it's it's for all of you. Right? But but here's here's the other reason why I'm making All of these bold predictions. I've been lucky enough on the Everyday AI Show to talk to A 120 plus brilliant people. You know, people from Microsoft and IBM and NVIDIA, all the way down to, you know, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, industry leaders. And like I said, a lot of times, there's things we talk about off camera, so to speak, right, when prepping for the show or afterwards. And a lot of times, I'm like, wow. This is good. We we we should have talked about that, but sometimes, you know, people can't.

Jordan Wilson [00:04:41]:
They're like, I can't really talk about this, however. Right? So I have a collection of so many, you know, kind of unreleased takes in my head, and just some of my own thoughts. Right? And actually, shout out shout out Ben. I think Ben said he was showing up this morning with oven mitts because, yes, I do have hot takes, but, I'd like to ask y'all. Sometimes I burn bridges. Right? When I ask all how hot should these hot takes be, but let me know, you you know, should we go should we go 1 emoj 1 flame emoji, 2 flame emojis, 3 flame emojis? Let me know if you're, you're on the live stream. Also, this is one of those, FYI, podcast audience. Love you.

Jordan Wilson [00:05:22]:
Thank you so much. You've made everyday AI a top 10 tech podcast on Spotify. I'm blown away by that, FYI. So thank you. And if you are listening, whether you are on Spotify, Apple, podcast, please, subscribe to the show. Leave us a rating. We very much appreciate, this this whole thing is only keeping, going on because of of your support. But let me know our live audience how many, I can't even count all of these flame emojis that that mic four g just dropped.

Jordan Wilson [00:05:54]:
But hey. Should I go super hot? Should I take it easy? Should I not burn every single bridge? Let me know. But with that, let's get into it. Let's talk about what I have. Alright. Douglas said, I think no fire. No fire garbage. No fire garbage.

Jordan Wilson [00:06:16]:
Right? Alright. So, let's let's get into it. Let's get into these 24, kind of hot takes and and hot predictions. And I'll tell you this. Y'all. Not all of these are gonna be right. Right. I didn't wanna come off with some soft, you know, AI predictions.

Jordan Wilson [00:06:34]:
Like, oh, everyone's going to be using generative AI. That's boring. Right? I wanted our last live stream of the year to be a fun one, but to also to make us think, and to make us really, think about what the future of work is going to be like next year. So there's a there's a fun saying, in my Family group and my friends group, and, I actually don't talk a lot. I know that sounds weird. Right? Because if you are on on the live stream, on the podcast, you're probably like Jordan. You talk a lot. Right? Shout out to the guy who gave us a 2 star war 2 star rating who said this guy talks too much, and you can listen to him on 1.5 x.

Jordan Wilson [00:07:15]:
And I'm like, no. You can listen to me on 2 x. But there is this saying in, amongst my family and friends that, you know, yeah, I don't talk a lot, but, the joke is I'm only wrong until I'm right. Right? And this is one of those cases. I don't know if all of these are going to come true in in 2024, but they will. These hot takes, if not already true, within a month or so, are going to be true at some point. Alright. Yeah.

Jordan Wilson [00:07:44]:
Cecilia, thanks. Says you don't burn bridges. You tell the truth as you see it and normally aren't hallucinating. I love it. I love it. Alright. Let's get this one going. And, hey, I'm gonna ask you this a couple of times because I'm gonna I'm gonna, Shout out a couple of my favorite predictions from you all in the newsletter.

Jordan's predictions for 2024 (#24 to #6)

Jordan Wilson [00:08:03]:
Alright? So even by the time you listen to this on the podcast, the newsletter probably hasn't isn't out yet, so you can always check your show notes and reply to me. Get your prediction in in the comments. Just type in my prediction so I can find it easily because there's gonna be a lot of comments today. So, we're gonna feature some of our favorites. Alright? So what are your big, bold predictions for 2024. Enough wind up. Let's get into it. Number 24, 2nd computer AI.

Jordan Wilson [00:08:33]:
This is going everyone's gonna be talking about this if if they're not already. But this is a trend of remote workers Who can't use AI, using it on a second computer. Talk to anyone that you know in remote work, in hybrid work. If their company is banning generative AI tools like ChatGPT or Copilot or something else, You are literally going to be talking about this. 2nd computer AI, 2nd computer AI. I'm giving it a name right now. 2nd computer AI, right, Where people are literally just going to be having a second device, their own personal device. Their company is gonna say, you can't use AI.

Jordan Wilson [00:09:11]:
They're just gonna be using it. It is going to be talked about, like it's just like email. Oh, yeah. 2nd computer AI. It's gonna be a thing y'all. Alright. That's number 24. Yeah.

Jordan Wilson [00:09:23]:
We're counting them down for 2024. So now 23, education the education world will change With with individualized learning, booming. Booming. Booming. Booming. So I already had my hot take episode, earlier this week with Jason. So make sure to check that out if you haven't already. I I ranted against the education system, But I don't just think this is higher education.

Jordan Wilson [00:09:48]:
I think that this you're going to see, like, the equivalent of of Khan Academy, right, And and their fantastic, generative AI learning tool. I think you're gonna see that across all industries, all platforms. The, the whole learning space is going to change completely. Right? So Not just, education as we think about it, higher education, but learning, Training, education in the workplace, it's going to become individualized. Think of, you know, jeep like, custom GPTs. Everyone's gonna have something like that, as your assistant helping you learn faster, more in-depth, more personalized learning. Alright. I love I love we already have some predictions coming in.

Jordan Wilson [00:10:40]:
I might shot a couple out on the show. I like this one. Harvey Kaster. What's up, Harvey? Saying his prediction is robot with eyes using chat g p t 5 in 2024. I love it. I love it. It might even be kind of on my list here, Harvey. Not exactly, but I love it.

Jordan Wilson [00:10:53]:
Alright. Number 22. Well, kind of. Look at that. Look at that, Harvey. Look at that great timing. 22, AI robotics will grab the limelight and start being used in real life. Yes.

Jordan Wilson [00:11:03]:
They're already being used in real life, but I think these are, kind of fringe cases of of their use. But I do see, Between, you know, Tesla, and and other, you know, companies like Boston Dynamics, we are going to see The beginning of this wave of robot workers being used. And I'm not just talking about and Factory settings and warehouse settings. They're already out there. I'm talking about in office settings. We are going to start to see it. I know that sounds weird. That's what's coming, y'all.

Jordan Wilson [00:11:38]:
That's what's coming. Get used to it. Love this, Douglas. This hot these hot takes brought to you today by OpenAI. They're brought to me hey. Just just brought me by me. These are all my hot takes. So, number 21, AI misinformation will run rampant During the 2024 election cycle here in the US.

Jordan Wilson [00:12:00]:
We've already started to see it. Right? We've already started to see it With the, election now here in the US, like, 10 months 2 weeks away, something like that, It's coming soon. It's coming soon. Right? We're we're already going to start seeing primaries here in, like, less than 2 months. If you think you've seen misinformation before, you haven't seen a thing. It's going to be bad. It is going to be bad. Right? I go back to one of the first in-depth interviews that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman did.

Jordan Wilson [00:12:40]:
I think this is more than a year ago with Lex Fridman. He said his 2 biggest concerns about Generative AI or, you know, when we get to, AGI, which is, you know, probably a lot closer than we all think. His 2 biggest concerns where economic shock and misinformation disinformation. Right? It's gonna it's going to be Bad. It's going to be bad. I mean, we've already seen we've already seen it a little bit here in US politics. You know, we've talked about it here on the Joe both as an example. Former president Trump, tried to attribute something and saying, oh, that wasn't me.

Jordan Wilson [00:13:19]:
That was AI. It was actually AI. We've seen, you know, politicians on both sides of the aisle already start to use, AI gener AI generated images. Just wait now that, you know, we have things like Pica Labs and whatever Runway's working on, you know, to it is going to be hard to tell the difference, not just between photos, but also short moving videos. All political ads are. I think we're gonna see a lot of fully AI ads, maybe not from candidates themselves, but we're going to see it. Right? And we talked about it on the show. There is already, 1 person that's openly using AI robocalling, which is talking to an AI on the other side.

Jordan Wilson [00:13:55]:
You are going to get bombarded if you think the election cycle is already, you know, quote, unquote, bad enough With, you you know, these messages and and campaigns and commercials following you everywhere, you haven't seen anything yet. There is so much money in politics. Y'all have no clue. I used to be a political reporter. I don't even have a clue, but I was covering politics at a very high level. You don't know. It is going to be bad. The misinformation, disinformation is gonna be bad.

Jordan Wilson [00:14:27]:
So let me go ahead. Yes. Here's a hot take. Everyone, don't share any commercial campaign political thing on The Internet. Right? Until you verify if it is real or not. Do your own research, please. Please because it's gonna be bad. Alright.

Jordan Wilson [00:14:50]:
Let's keep it going. 20. There will be no meaningful AI legislation in the United States. Sorry. I've been saying that all along. There will be zero meaningful AI legislation. Alright? You know, the the the White House executive order, like I said, it's all teeth. No bite.

Jordan Wilson [00:15:07]:
There's actually it's actually all gray area in there. You know? I kinda wanted to do an episode on that. I put it out in a poll. Y'all didn't wanna hear it, so I'm not gonna, you know, rail on it. But, there's there's nothing there. There's not gonna be Any meaningful legislation regarding artificial intelligence in the US in 2024. Why? It is way too important to the US economy. Right.

Jordan Wilson [00:15:34]:
I think if you look at all the, the tech and AI, companies, they're the biggest companies in the world now, but I believe, there's a, a study that I read. I think it was, like, 12 of those companies were responsible for more than 50%, of the gains in in major indexes. Right? Just 12 of the biggest AI companies. You you know, your NVIDIA's, your Microsoft's, You know, your, Apple, your your Google, you know, Alphabet, whatever. Right? Those are the companies that are Pulling the US economy forward. Right? So a lot of my hot takes are around the US, but, you know, the markets are at an all time high. Right? People Maybe don't see that or maybe they don't feel that. But whether you know this or not, that is because of artificial intelligence.

Jordan Wilson [00:16:24]:
Right. I had a show 5 or 6 months ago, and I told you all this. That is why there will be and Zero meaningful legislation. What we're seeing now, out of the EU, that's real legislation. We will not in 2024, especially not before The election cycle. There will be zero meaningful legislation in the US. There should be. Let's be honest.

Jordan Wilson [00:16:47]:
There should be. There won't be. There won't be. Wanna continue shouting people out. What's up, Kevin? Hey, Kevin. Thank you for all your feedback, FYI. You know, so many of you that I'm seeing in the comments here, Emailing me that are listening to the podcast. Kevin gave me some great feedback, by the way.

Jordan Wilson [00:17:04]:
Thank you. But what what else What else do you guys think? Right? Brian saying it's gonna be an ugly year. I agree. Cecilia Cecilia is saying at the rate congress is going, there will be no meaningful legislation of any kind. That's a good point, Cecilia. Alright. Let's get this let's keep this going. We're at number 19.

Jordan Wilson [00:17:24]:
Number 19, and this is, again, my 24 bold AI takes for 2024. Number 19, A lot of talk about AI watermarks, but they won't work. They won't work. Right? All the big companies, you know, social media companies, Google, Others are saying, oh, hey. We're gonna you you know, we really wanna increase safety and, increase transparency, so we're gonna have AI watermarks, You know, just so you can see what's so you can see what's real and what's fake. Guess what? The cheaters are always 1 step ahead. Start googling things like takeaway AI watermarks, and there's already booming products out there. Right.

Jordan Wilson [00:18:05]:
Where there's money to be made, someone's going to be making that money. So if you think these invisible AI watermarks are going to work. Big companies. No. They will not. There's already, software applications out there that take away these invisible watermarks. It's funny. It's funny.

Jordan Wilson [00:18:22]:
That's like, AI content detectors. Don't get me started. Don't get me started. And, also, what do you guys think? And AI watermarks. Are they gonna work? I'm saying no. Here's here's a fun one. Maybe this is why we don't have a Twitter audience x or whatever you wanna call. Grok.

Jordan Wilson [00:18:43]:
Grok. Yeah. If you haven't heard of Grok, there's probably a reason. It's because it's not very good. But Grok Will fade into oblivion unless it integrates with X, Twitter, whatever you wanna call it. So, GRAC is Twitter's or X's, large language model. It is largely one of its, quote, unquote, benefits is that it uses real time data from Twitter, right, which in theory is great. So you do have to pay $30 a month to use, Grok's, the the Grok chat, which is, again, Twitter's large language model.

Jordan Wilson [00:19:16]:
It's hard for me to call it x, y'all. Sounds weird. So GRAC is Twitter's large language model. You have to pay $30 a month to use it. Its main benefit is it It's real time. Right? So when we look at large language models like, you know, Gemini or, GPT 4, GPT 4.5, whatever you wanna say, there's knowledge cutoffs. Right? Grok is based off real time Twitter data. Guess what? Twitter is a cesspool.

Jordan Wilson [00:19:44]:
I'm sorry. I love it. I love Twitter. I've been on Twitter for, I don't know, 12, 15 years, whenever it first came out, probably 2008, something like that. But the majority of information, especially over the last year or so, there's so much hot garbage information, misinformation, disinformation, Just straight hallucinations. Personally, I would never use or trust a large language model that Its main benefit is, oh, it's up to date with all the all the content on Twitter. Well, number 1, people are using large language model content for Twitter, so it's just a A recycling of large language model content anyways, but also just so much miss misinformation, disinformation. I mean, different countries Around the world have millions of bots, right, that are just pushing propaganda, misinformation, disinformation.

Jordan Wilson [00:20:38]:
So I'm personally not going to be excited or optimistic about the success of a large language model like Grok that is based off of just, sorry, a lot of Not good content. Not good. Yeah. Agree. Mike says Twitter equals platitudes. Yeah. It's it's shocking shocking misinformation and disinformation. This is good.

Jordan Wilson [00:21:01]:
Hey. I like I like hearing everyone's everyone's opinions. Nadia says she disagrees about Grok. Yeah. I'm sure some people like it. Hey. Shout out to all the former guests, by the way. You know? I I see quite a few forward guests in the comments.

Jordan Wilson [00:21:14]:
So, thanks thanks for joining us, y'all. But yeah. Sorry. Croc, I think, is is going to essentially fade into oblivion Unless it does integrate with axe. And what I mean by that, I probably should have explained that a little better. Essentially, all Grok does right now is it reads that information, but It it cannot automate. Right? Because I think a lot of people say, oh, if I could use it to automate my my Twitter growth or my Twitter posting or whatever, Then it might, but right now, I can just read it and use it, FYI. So 17, Apple will join Apple will join the AI party late, But it'll be the coolest kid at the party.

Jordan Wilson [00:21:51]:
Right? So we've been hearing for a long time now, and I've talked about it on the show, what Apple is working on in the AI space, You know, whether it's called Apple GPT or Ajax, whatever their large language model is and where it will live. Right? Those are 2 very Different things. What I see, obviously, is is not like a hot take here, but I see it being on device. Right? The same the same way Google, you know, now has Google gem, Google Gemini Nano. Right? So a large language model living on the device. Right? So you don't have to be connected to the Internet. I do see whatever Apple releases as being that. It'll probably obviously only work with The newest devices.

Jordan Wilson [00:22:33]:
It's another way that they can, you know, sell those new devices. So whether we're talking about, 16 And and and not not necessarily, right, hotness unleasher slash Travis. I'm not necessarily talking about the apps, right, because there's already AI powered apps, Right? That Apple has, like their Apple Maps. No. I'm talking about on the software. Right? That's or or or sorry. On the operating system itself. Right? That's the future of of Gen AI is living on your operating system like Microsoft Copilot, like, Gemini.

Jordan Wilson [00:23:03]:
Nano will be living on, their their devices, but think of it like this. Whatever Apple releases, you know, reportedly, it will be in, 2024. 1st, I think the report said, Q1, so we'll see. But I do see it living on the device, a GPT that literally just has access to every single thing on your phone, Every single email you've ever read, every single app that you've ever had upon your screen, you'll just be able to talk to whatever Apple's large language model is and be like, hey. What was that text that I got last week about that place that we were supposed to, you know, meet up at with friends and what did my friends say and, you know, give me a reply. Right? That's that's the future. But Apple is yeah. Apple yeah.

Jordan Wilson [00:23:46]:
Megan says Apple, take my money. Same. Apple has taken all my money. They're they're late to the party, but they will be the coolest kid at the party. And I think even though I'm not, you know, I'm not bullish on everything Apple, I I think their, you know, VisionPRO headset, at least the first version is going to be a flop, but I see their Apple Ajax, Apple GPT, whatever you wanna call it, being a smash it, and and and really being the benchmark for the industry moving forward whenever it does come out. Alright. Number 16, bless up for this. Thank you.

Jordan Wilson [00:24:22]:
16, home assistance will finally get smart. It has not happened yet. Anyone that uses chat GPT or any large language model. And then when you use something like Siri, Right. There's another place that hopefully will see this Apple GPT is Siri smart assistant. So whether you're using Siri Or Alexa or whatever the other ones are called. I don't even know. Is is Cortana still a thing? What's Google's? You just say, hey, Google, something like that.

Jordan Wilson [00:24:52]:
But they will finally get smart. And this is for the betterment of humanity because I don't know about y'all. But after using now large language models for A couple of years because our team has been using, you know, GPT 3 since, you know, late 2020 when it came out. I can't use Smart assistants anymore because they are dumb. They are dumb. Right? You get so used to having, that, like, recall a conversation. Right? So you say something to ChatGPT. You say like, hey.

Jordan Wilson [00:25:21]:
Here's this article. Give me 10 good points. And then you say, okay. You know, what else can you tell me about the article? Right? Chat GPT and other large language models keep that context in mind, but a smart assistant doesn't. Right? It forgets literally everything right after you ask it a question. I finally see 2024, whether it's through acquisitions, whatever. But, you know, as an example, you know, Amazon has their own large language model now, Amazon Q. Obviously, Google has an improved model in Google Gemini.

Jordan Wilson [00:25:50]:
I still don't think it's very good, but I see this Finally happening in 2024. Okay. Thank you, Ted. Ted says it is just hate Google. That's why I have smart people in the comments, correcting me live as we go. Thanks. Alright. So let's keep it going.

Jordan Wilson [00:26:08]:
15 AI agents will actually become usable. And here's an ultra hot take. Whether this happens in late 2024, maybe this is 2025, But there will be more

AI [00:26:20]:
Please try again.

Jordan Wilson [00:26:22]:
Did you hear that? One of my even smart assistants. I don't even know where that came from. I don't know if y'all if if y'all heard that. That wasn't my watch. My phone is on DND. I didn't hit anything on my computer. That was literally live, a rise of the smart assistance. You maybe didn't hear that, but, I think Siri just told me to try again.

Jordan Wilson [00:26:40]:
Sorry. I'm not gonna try again. That's my that's my hot take, Siri. Alright. Hopefully, that goes viral because that was weird. But number 15, AI agents will actually become usable. So whether this happens in 2024 or maybe 2025, but there will a 100% be more AI agents than human beings on the planet. Yes.

Jordan Wilson [00:27:00]:
I know there's billions of human beings on the planet. And right now, AI agents are not Super usable, but they will be soon. And we'll be talking more, about, AI agents on the show This year, obviously, but it's coming. And if you don't know what AI agents are, think of it like this. Let's say you have a team of 5 Humans. Right? And those 5 humans are creating different chats inside of chat g p t or different, you know, workflow systems and mid journey, etcetera. Right? So you have these humans controlling these different AI systems, right, and and connecting all the dots, all of that. But now it's going to be agents.

Jordan Wilson [00:27:51]:
It's gonna be agents. And and FYI, I hope I hope it it looks like we're having, some technical difficulties. Let's see if we can get this thing going. Alright. We're trying this again. We're trying this again. We had some technical difficulties. Let me know.

Jordan Wilson [00:28:29]:
Hey. Hey, audience. I don't know. I think I I literally said something bad, about Apple, And it kicked me off. It kicked me off. Apple said not a chance. Let me know let me know if you can hear me out there. This is this is what happens when we go live.

Jordan Wilson [00:28:46]:
Yeah. I don't know why the cam is off. That's a bummer, But hopefully hopefully, y'all can hear me still. Let me know, everyone, if you still got me. We'll see. Sorry. This is what happens on a livestream y'all. This happens sometimes.

Jordan Wilson [00:29:04]:
Don't worry. We're gonna finish up. I think and hope y'all can hear me. Alright. Thank you. Thank you, Travis. Appreciate that. Give me a second here.

Jordan Wilson [00:29:17]:
Thanks. This is hey. This is a commercial break from our sponsors, which is everyday AI. Alright. Here. We got a backup cam here. We got a backup cam going. Let's get this going.

Jordan Wilson [00:29:33]:
Give me a second. There we go. There we go. We're back. We're back. Different camera. Y'all, I kid you not. I was using my my iPhone, And the slide after that I, that I made fun of, Siri, it said, like, try again, And then my my iPhone literally shut off, but I got a backup camera.

Jordan Wilson [00:29:59]:
We're back. We're back. Alright. Thank you, y'all. Alright. Cool. Alright. Let's get going.

Jordan Wilson [00:30:06]:
Human yeah. Home assistants will finally get smart. Bless up. AI agents. Alright. So I was starting to talk about that. Essentially, In the scenario where you think all these humans are working with all these different large language models, Gen AI systems, an agent essentially is when you have an AI Controlling all of those. Right? Which there's there's decent agents out there right now.

Jordan Wilson [00:30:27]:
You know, when you talk about things like lang chain, things like that, but they are going to become finally mainstream. Right? And I do think whether we're talking late 2024, early 2025, there'll be more AI agents Van, humans. I know that's weird. Yeah, Jay. I agree. Siri was listening and literally tried to shut Shut it down. Y'all saw saw it live. I'm not making it up.

Jordan Wilson [00:30:53]:
Alright? Let's keep it going. Alright. Here's 1. We've I don't even know if we talked about this on the show, but retrieval augmented generation, which is rag, will become the next AI buzzword. Alright. So what this is, this is essentially a way if you haven't heard of RAG. It is a way to bring in external data to make large language models more accurate Cut down on hallucinations. We'll have probably a whole show on rag one zero one, but that is going to be the new buzzword, I think, of 2024.

Jordan Wilson [00:31:24]:
Right? Literally, the word of 2023 according to Dictionary.com. The word of the year was hallucinate, right, when large language models lie. I'm not saying rags will be or rag will be the, the dictionary .com word of 2024. But as we enter into January, in in quarter 1, I think we're gonna start hearing a lot of business leaders talking about rag. Right? It's gonna become a verb. Like, oh, let's rag that. Right? Let's let's let's Make sure we have some retrieval augmented generation, bringing in a a layer, of outside data to improve the accuracy And cut down on hallucinations of those models. Alright.

Jordan Wilson [00:32:05]:
Thank you. Thank you, Cecilia, for letting me know. You can hear loud and clear, see loud and clear. Hey. I was almost silenced by AI. Just just right there, Nadia. Right? Alright. Number 13.

Jordan Wilson [00:32:17]:
We got good stuff coming, y'all. Traditional Internet browsing becomes unbearable. Unbearable. What does this have to do with AI? A lot. A lot. Here's here's what's already happening, and y'all are gonna see and feel this pretty soon. GPT bot. Right? That is OpenAI's bot, and it Crawls and it scrapes the open Internet, and they use that for their large language model.

Jordan Wilson [00:32:49]:
So, a couple of months ago, essentially, It became now possible to block GPT bot and other large language models. But what we're seeing from big content publishers, if they're not partnering up, with a company like OpenAI, which we're seeing that now. We're seeing a lot of official partnerships, you know, with, like, entities like Reuters or, you know, the Associated Press. Right? But the majority of large publisher publishers are seeing less traffic to their websites. Right. Which is bad because that means they're losing money because so many of these large publishing companies make money by serving ad impressions on their website. So what happens now? You know, I I think one of the easiest low hanging fruit examples is Stack Overflow. Right? That's an online community where people go to get kind of technical help, coding help, web development help, etcetera.

Jordan Wilson [00:33:40]:
And now a lot of people are using chat gpt, right, like as a coding or whatever. So Stack Overflow's traffic is going down. So I'm not saying trap, Stack Overflow is is doing this Because they're actually not. But so many other publishing companies are making their Internet website unusable. So they're either paywalling harder than ever before and giving you Less access to free information, or they're just doubling down or tripling down on the amount of ads on their site. They say, alright. Well, If our if our ad revenue and traffic is down by 50%, here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna put on 2 or 3 x the amount of ads on our site so we can make up for that lost revenue because AI search, even though we've we haven't seen the full, you know, implementation as an example of Google's SGE search generative experience, They kind of, rolled it back and rolled out this, like, SGE blite.

Jordan Wilson [00:34:33]:
It's going to catch on sometime in 2024. Publishers know this, so they're trying to, double down on the ad revenue that they can get. Right? And it is So so horrible now. I hate this sounds weird. I hate using the Internet. I hate it is terrible. Right. Compared to 3, 4 years ago, it was much easier.

Jordan Wilson [00:34:55]:
It was much easier. Now it's not. It stinks. It's difficult to just read the open Internet, and that's bad for us all. But, hey, you're gonna see it In 2024. Number 12. Yes. Mabryt.

Jordan Wilson [00:35:10]:
Thank you. GitHub is a great example For, what we were just talking about there. Number 12, AI copyright battles will become commonplace. Right? I I think now we hear every, you know, 1 or 2 times a month, 1 or 2 times a month, a pretty gigantic, copyright lawsuit against one of the big companies, against, You know, an OpenAI or a Google, you know, whether it's, you know, book publishers, suing because authors are like, hey. This large language model is using my copywritten work. So we hear about pretty big stories twice a month. Right? Huge lawsuits. We're gonna start hearing them multiple times a week.

Jordan Wilson [00:35:48]:
It is going to ramp up. And like I said, one of the biggest areas of job security I see is lawyers that are making these claims, that are making, not making these claims, that are representing, companies suing, You know, the OpenAI's, the the Microsoft's, the Google, the the Apple. Right? Because there's there's a lot of gray area there, and it's weird. Right? Because Whether we want to talk about it or not, everything in the Gen AI space is Replicated or emulated or mimicked or copy paste duplicated from original copywritten work. Right? So, yeah, we're gonna see a lot of that. We're gonna see so many lawsuits, especially as these companies creating the large language models are the companies that are growing the most. Right? So, yes, as these other companies start to lose money, Lose traffic as an example, what we just talked about the Internet becoming unusable, we are going to see monumental nonstop lawsuits against these big companies. Alright.

Jordan Wilson [00:36:55]:
Yes. I agree with what Jason's saying here. GPT is just a small portion of AI. Absolutely. Yeah. There's obviously other huge large language models that Have already gobbled up the history of the Internet open and closed. Yes. Alright.

Jordan Wilson [00:37:09]:
Let's Keep going. We're almost in our top 10. Thank you all also for sticking with us through those technical difficulties. Apple's trying to shut us down. Alright. So number 11, Gen AI training will sorry. Gen AI training demand will outpace supply. Y'all, I've talked to people, leaders from $1,000,000,000 companies that are even helping, sorry, $1,000,000,000 companies, technically, that are helping create the the AI systems that we use, and they tell me our company hasn't even been fully trained On our generative AI systems.

Jordan Wilson [00:37:43]:
Right? There is a need for training. A huge need for it. Alright. And, actually, with that in mind, I do have our 1st commercial. This is a commercial brought to you by Everyday AI. Alright. Because here's why. Here's why.

Jordan Wilson [00:38:04]:
I don't think I've told anyone this. I don't think I've told anyone this, but I spent a lot of time in, late October, early November putting together A generative AI course. And guess what? In true everyday AI fashion, it is free. It is free. It is a free generative AI course covering, I think, 6 different generative AI systems. So, Chat GPT, Bing chat, which is now, you know, Copilot chat or Bing Copilot, whatever it's called. MidJourney, Runway, 11 Labs, 1 or 2 others, I believe. So I'm gonna go ahead and play.

Jordan Wilson [00:38:48]:
Yes. I'm playing a commercial here, but I think it's pretty cool. This was entirely created with generative AI. Alright? So I'm gonna go ahead. Hopefully, y'all can see this. It looks a little fuzzy. I'm gonna

AI [00:39:03]:
In a world striving to

Jordan Wilson [00:39:04]:
see this. Alright. So, hopefully, you will be able to hear The the, the audio as well because, also, the voice over, the script, everything Everything from this little commercial here is generated with AI, and I have a 3 hour course Teaching you every step of it. It is free. You can learn it. I don't care who you are. You will learn at least one thing in this free course. Alright? So So let's go ahead and play, and hopefully, you'll be able to hear.

Jordan Wilson [00:39:37]:
This is the debut. I spent so much time on this. I'm excited. Ready? Here we go.

AI [00:39:42]:
In a world striving for sustainability, Rebel Refill emerges as more than just a water bottle. It's a symbol of change, A beacon for the eco conscious. Crafted from earth friendly materials, each bottle tells a story of commitment to our planet, to our future. With its innovative collapsible design, Rebel Refill isn't just saving space. It's saving our oceans from plastic waste. Join the movement. Embrace a lifestyle where every refill is a step towards a greener tomorrow. Rebel Refill, hydrating the world, One sustainable sip at a time.

AI [00:40:20]:

Jordan Wilson [00:40:20]:
There we go. There we go. Prebuilt flutter, Flutter. Alright. What'd you guys think? That was all AI, FYI. The whole thing. The script. The, The Scrypto's AI, the, obviously, the voice over, the images, the strategy, even the building of this imaginary company was all done with generative AI systems.

Jordan Wilson [00:40:49]:
I am teaching you all of this. 3 hours, you do it at your own pace. So if you want access to it, just do this. Whether you do it now or if you're listening on the podcast, share this. Right. That's all you gotta do. So if you're on, LinkedIn, all you gotta do is repost this to your audience, and I'll shoot you over the info on how to access this free course. There's no upsell at the end.

Jordan Wilson [00:41:12]:
Right? If you if if you all know me, I'm huge on Gen AI training. I'm huge on helping people. All you gotta do, nothing else, is just repost this on, you know, I think this is on Twitter, LinkedIn, but LinkedIn is probably the easiest. So if you're listening on the podcast, there's always links to come back. Share this episode, and I'll give you access. That's it. Yes. Thank you.

Jordan Wilson [00:41:37]:
Thank you, Travis slash hotness unleash your studios. So, yeah, if you're tuning in on LinkedIn, yeah, you can't Share on YouTube. Thank you for calling that out. I see you're joining us from YouTube. So make sure you go, to the LinkedIn, or the Twitter stream. All you gotta do is repost this to your audience or, you know, share this on Twitter. Y'all, I'm not selling you anything. There's nothing to sell after this.

Jordan Wilson [00:42:04]:
Yeah. So, Jad, if you wanna access, that's all you gotta do. Yes. The the the pacing of the voice over was good. Guess what? I teach how to do all of this so you can use and learn all of these generative AI AI tools. Like I said, chat GPT, Bing, Copilot chats, MidJourney, Runway, 11 Labs. I I I literally think I'm missing one other Gen AI, in tool that we use. So, yeah, all you gotta do, share this, and I'll give you the access.

Jordan Wilson [00:42:36]:
Alright. Let's get this going. We're at our top 10. I know this is a long episode y'all. Let's keep it going. Number 10, big tech companies are going to just become venture arms. Right? Venture capital. So I'm talking about Microsoft, Amazon, NVIDIA, Google, etcetera, and we're already starting to see it.

Jordan Wilson [00:42:54]:
Here's the thing. I think traditional venture studios, venture capital, they've been a little bearish, right, In 2023, on all these AI companies, we've already started to see. Right? And this isn't anything new, but I think we're gonna see it even more. Instead of talking about traditional, venture capital companies investing 1,000,000,000 of dollars into AI, it is going to be all of the These other big tech companies, we we we've already seen it. Right? Like, I was just I was just talking about, like, Runway. Right? You know, Runway Has received huge investments already from places like Google, Salesforce. Right. All of these big companies in 2024, I see make I see all of them, investing multiple 1,000,000,000 of dollars Into other generative AI companies.

Jordan Wilson [00:43:52]:
Alright. Hey. We have we have more people asking. So all you have to do to get access to, to that course that I just showed you. It's a 3 hour course. You can learn multiple generative AI systems, how they all work with each other. If you're listening on the podcast, we always in the Check the show notes. So you just have to find this live stream.

Jordan Wilson [00:44:10]:
Right? In this live stream, whether you're you're watching you can't share anything on YouTube, but on Twitter, all you have to do is is retweet it on Twitter. If you're on LinkedIn, there should be a repost button on this actual stream. All you have to do is repost it, share it with your audience, and I will, share the way you can access this course. Chad's already on it. Thanks, Chad. Alright. Let's keep going. We got our top 10 now.

Jordan Wilson [00:44:33]:
So number 9, NVIDIA stock will continue to to soar. There there wasn't a single company. There wasn't a single company this year that added the market cap that NVIDIA did. And, y'all, don't say I didn't warn you. I literally told you guys back in, I don't know what it was, May, That NVIDIA was the most important company to the US economy. And look look what NVIDIA did, over the course of a year. They more than tripled their value, which is insane for a A company with a multiple $1,000,000,000,000 market cap. I think I think they're up to or maybe they they they might not be.

Jordan Wilson [00:45:18]:
Let's see. Alright. Not multiple trillion, but a a $1,000,000,000,000 plus. They're at 1 point something. That is insane, and I don't see that slowing down. Again, I talk a lot on the show about chips. Even though it's dorky, but chips are powering the future of the US economy. Because all of these large language models, generative AI, everything that's pushing the the the US economy forward, everyone needs these GPUs.

Jordan Wilson [00:45:47]:
Right? These GPU chips that power the generative AI movement. And right now, you can't buy them fast enough. You can't buy them fast enough. Demand is is far, outpacing supply. And right now, no one can compete with NVIDIA's GPU chips to power generative AI. And I don't see that changing. You know? Even though competitors are raising 100 of 1,000,000 of dollars to try to compete with NVIDIA, NVIDIA has such a and Far head start, and they have so much cash flowing right now. I think they're gonna continue to stay ahead, and they're like I said, I don't think it's going to change.

Jordan Wilson [00:46:20]:
I think that they will continue to be one of the most important companies in the US economy, and I think that's, it's telling when you see what happened over the last year. I like this. Nadia says when people are after gold, sell shovels. That's what the makers of processors are doing. Yes. Absolutely, Nadia. Alright. Also, I do have something fun to announce later, a little partnership I'm working on with NVIDIA.

Jordan Wilson [00:46:47]:
So, yeah, more more details on that later. Alright. And, also, hey. Get get your hot takes in now. Get your predictions. I know this is a longer episode, but I wanna read some of your predictions as well and feature some of them in newsletter. Alright. Number 8, GPT 5 will outshine Gemini Gemini Ultra.

Jordan Wilson [00:47:06]:
So, obviously, Google announced Gemini, But they completely fumbled. They fumbled it. They fumbled the announcement. Everything they could have gotten wrong with the announcement, they did. Still, we haven't seen Gemini Ultra yet, which is their ultra premium version, right, of Gemini Pro, which we all have access to right now inside of Google Bart. GPT 5 is not out yet. It is the assumption that GPT 5 will be released in 2024 at some point. You know, we may or may not already have access to GBT 4.5 depending on if you believe the rumors.

Jordan Wilson [00:47:40]:
But I think by the time When and if Google does finally, you know, unleash or unwrap, Gemini Ultra to the general public, it'll be too little too late. Right. Because at some point, OpenAI is going to be releasing GPT 5. I do see it coming this year even though reportedly they aren't working on it, but they're obviously Working on something. But GPT 5 will take Google, Gemini, Ultra's lunch money, and it won't even be close. Right. And here's the reason I say that. When you look at apples to apples comparison of benchmarking, their currently available model, Gemini Pro, It is competing with GPT 3.5.

Jordan Wilson [00:48:24]:
It's not competing with with even GPT 4. Right? It's not. When you look at Apples to apples comparison, it is behind GPT 4. So, literally, I I I I don't know What is going on with Google's go to market strategy with all their Gen AI offerings? I think they're fumbling all over. And I think that's why companies like Microsoft, like OpenAI, and even Apple. Right? Apple, even though they've been silent, I don't think they fumbled it. Right? They haven't fumbled it yet. But g b d five is going to take Ultra's lunch money.

Jordan Wilson [00:49:01]:
Number 7, 2024 will be the year of AI video, specifically, Piccoloabs. Right? I got access the other day. I know a lot of you have as well. Also, I love when y'all hit me up, you know, DMs, emails, and saying, hey. I got access to this. So thank you for that because I like to see that, when when everyone else gets access. So I got access to Piccoloabs, one point o the other day. Haven't used it yet, but From what I've seen, Piccoloabs is amazing.

Jordan Wilson [00:49:30]:
Right? So when we talk about the quality, right, because we also have to talk about the quality of AI images. Right? So as an example, that elevates what we can make with AI video, with tools such as Pica Labs, Tools such as Runway. You know, if Runway comes out with a gen 3 in 2024, I'm guessing they will because of how powerful and how, jeez. Ahead of the game, Piccolo Labs 1 is. But as the quality of AI image generation as an as an example, MidJourney v six, That actually ramps up what we can do with video. Right? Because AI video, you can obviously start with an image. So as the quality of AI images, Increases the quality and the usability of what we can do inside of, these AI video tools. It also increases significantly.

Jordan Wilson [00:50:20]:
So even that example that I just showed you guys, for the free course. So, again, if you want access, just make sure to share this, repost this, this episode. But that was made with you know, the images We're made with MidJourney 5.2. Right? And Pika Labs wasn't even out when I made that. So if I remade that course with all those new tools, The quality would even be better than that even though I think the quality of that's pretty good. Alright. Here we go. Here we go.

Jordan Wilson [00:50:50]:
Number 6, Big GPT rappers will start dying. Alright. So there were companies That achieved unicorn status. Right? $1,000,000,000 plus valuations, generative AI companies that were just Rappers. So I'm not talking like beatboxing, rap rappers. I'm talking about with a w. I'm not talking Christmas and present rappers, but, essentially, what a wrapper is, is, you know, when companies build their company around, you know, in this instance, GPT. Right? So, tapping into OpenAI's API and creating a product essentially, as a wrapper or, You know, it's foundationally just using another company's technology.

Jordan Wilson [00:51:37]:
So the problem with this, and I've talked about this. I had an episode, You know why so many AI startups are going to die is because they don't really have very many, unique Offerings or or unique value to their product. And I do think that we're gonna see some big, big names. Specifically, you know, some people call them GPT writers, GPT rappers. In 2024, we're gonna see some huge names in this space either die or get acquired, period. Alright. Number 5. Here we go.

Top 5 predictions 

Jordan Wilson [00:52:08]:
Top 5. What are your predictions? I wanna make sure I get some of your predictions here. I wanna feature some of them in the newsletter. Get your predictions in. I wanna hear them, or which one am I wrong on? Alright. Number 5. OpenAI will need a GPT boost for its GPT store to be a smash hit. Yes.

Jordan Wilson [00:52:25]:
I am always a huge fan of what OpenAI has going on. I do think their GPT score, which they should be releasing, I think they said either January or Q1. I think it will be a game changer. Here's the thing. As it is now, I don't think that's how it will be. Alright. What do I mean by that? So I think either we will see an official GPT 4.5 update before that happens. I think we will first see, additional features being available while you're building custom GPTs such as, You know, maybe real time web access, and I'm not talking browse with Bing.

Jordan Wilson [00:53:00]:
That's not real time web access. Maybe plug in functionality. I don't know. But I do see an order, in order for the GPT store, when it is released, to be the hit that it can be. Right? Because I do think it can be eventually, it can be in the same realm as, like, the Apple App Store in terms of popularity, in terms of, you know, bringing in 1,000,000,000 of dollars of revenue because there will be a revenue sharing model. Yes. There will be free, GPTs, but there will be paid GPTs as well. But I don't think GPTs are quite there.

Jordan Wilson [00:53:36]:
I think we're going to see an announcement of, new features or new capabilities at some point in the Q1, to the GPTs because right now, they haven't really been updated. They're a little more stable than they were, you know, when they first came out mid November, but I I see some updates coming. Alright. Here we go. Number 4. Y'all aren't gonna like this, but it's the truth. Job prospects will be scary. AI in the workplace will lead to massive job loss in the US in 2024.

Jordan Wilson [00:54:12]:
I'm sorry. I'm tired of everyone. Sorry. I'm tired of everyone on social media, LinkedIn, Twitter, wherever, repeating the same garbage statement. AI won't take your job. Someone using AI will. That is false. That can we stop saying that, please? For the sake of the future of not just the US economy, but for the future of everyone's job security, stop saying that because it is False.

Jordan Wilson [00:54:41]:
It is patently false. Everything about that statement is wrong. Stop saying it. Because here's the thing. That person using generative AI Won't just take the person not using generative AI's job, but they will also take 3, 4, 5, 10 other people's jobs. It is not a one to 1 replacement. When companies finally figure out generative AI. Finally.

Jordan Wilson [00:55:06]:
Right? And I think some companies are getting close. Right? There's no training, which is huge. You know, there's these products rolling out, your, you know, your Microsoft 365 Copilot, Your Amazon queue, you know, your chat GPT enterprise. There's these these, products rolling out. There's not training. So I think training is gonna be huge in the earlier part of the year, and then you're gonna see once companies finally understand. Once they finally get their guardrails in place, They understand data security. They understand privacy.

Jordan Wilson [00:55:36]:
They understand ethics. They're gonna be like, oh my gosh. This can replace 20% of our workforce. This can this can replace 30%, 40%, 50% of our workforce. We are going to see it. I don't care. I don't care if if if you hate me for say it for saying it, if you disagree, and then everyone says, oh, yes, Jordan. Well, AI will create so many other jobs.

Jordan Wilson [00:55:59]:
Yeah. It will. Of course. If that but that's not one to 1 either. And here's the thing, and I think one of our commenters On the show, actually gave me this line. So shout out Travis at hot niche unleasher. I think he said, to quote him, Wall Street hates employees, And that's a fact. That's a fact.

Jordan Wilson [00:56:18]:
Look at what happens after large companies announce That they are implementing a new generative AI system or they are investing 1,000,000,000 of dollars into AI, but at the same time, they're laying off employees. Their stock shoots through their roof. Wall Street hates employees. Generative AI systems, once companies figure out How to use it. They're going to make decisions that are not necessarily ethical. Alright? Period. I don't care. I'm sorry.

Jordan Wilson [00:56:55]:
I I know that's not a nice thing to talk about. But if you're listening to this show, if you're reading our newsletter, listening to this podcast, you are ahead of everyone else. You are. You have to continually learn. You have to continually adapt because weather I do think we are going to be seeing this a lot in the latter part of 2024. Companies announcing, hey. We're cutting this many thousands of jobs, tens of thousands, or we're not hiring. You know, normally, we hire, you know, 5,000 people a year.

Jordan Wilson [00:57:29]:
We're not hiring anymore because these jobs are going to AI implementation. It is not a one to one replacement, and, also, it is not a one to 1 job creation. That is literally not how generative AI works. Just wait until agents, get better. It's it's it's it's not good, y'all. It's not good. Okay. I'm sorry.

Jordan Wilson [00:57:51]:
I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry because I'm telling you, and you can do something about it. Right? If you are ahead of your coworkers, If you are pushing and constantly learning new skills, I think you'll be okay for the most part. Right? But that's that's happening. Whether we wanna talk about it or not, I'm 1. Eve I'm sorry even if I if if I lose listeners. I'm sorry if I offend you, if I scare you. I'm sorry.

Jordan Wilson [00:58:14]:
That's the reality. It's happening in 2024. Alright. Number 3, early AI movers in the business world will gobble up bigger bigger competitors. So I am literally talking about generational Fortune 5,000 companies will start bleeding and get leapfrogged or even acquired by smaller companies. Right. I think a lot of enterprise companies are a little too slow at integrating generative AI or they're making bad decisions. Right? I see a lot of companies thinking that they need to create their own large language model.

Jordan Wilson [00:58:47]:
And, you know, what people don't know is if you do that, it's multiple 1,000,000 of dollars to do that. If you wanna create your own large language model, versus, you you know, doing some integration, and that's where we're gonna be talking a lot more about, RAG, in 2024, but companies big companies are making bad decisions, and other companies are making good decisions. So I literally see in 2024. Right? I could see it happening in management consulting, right, where a, a smaller management consulting company that is maybe investing much more, into their own generative AI operations and their training. You know, some companies, You know, as an example, I think Accenture, is is really pushing Gen AI use. I think is pushing Gen AI use. Right? Those are 2 that I've seen that I've noticed. Other like, even if we're just talking management consultant companies, I think others maybe aren't, or maybe they're just dipping their toe.

Jordan Wilson [00:59:42]:
Right? That's 1 space I'm seeing, smaller companies start to acquire market share and maybe even acquire, you know, a a larger competitor or a, kind of a combination of the 2, a merger. So we'll see. Yeah. Nadia says, I agree. Companies need to innovate or die. Yeah. I agree. Alright.

Jordan Wilson [01:00:08]:
Alright. Getting back to our last one. Someone asking what jobs do you see at risk? Coaters, analysts, sales, customer service, etcetera. Yes to answer that question. I I mean, if I'm being honest, any knowledge worker. Right? If you spend the majority of your day doing knowledge work in front of a computer, That industry is at is is is at risk. Right? Yeah. Any.

Jordan Wilson [01:00:30]:
Any. You know what? Again, I'm not I'm not trying to be doom and gloom here. I'm just trying to be the reality because everyone else out there talking about generative AI is is just, You know, trying to get you to buy some dumb product. You know? Here's here's my prompt books. You know, share this and you get my prompt books. Large language models and generative AI is an essential skill set for anyone and everyone regardless of where you work, regardless of what you do, period. It's essential. You need to be learning and practicing and using generative models every single day.

Jordan Wilson [01:01:04]:
Your company every single day or you're gonna get leapfrogged, period. Alright. Yes. But I do see Number 3 happening. Early AI movers, companies that already have their plan in motion, they're gonna gobble everyone else up. Alright. Number 2. We got 2 more.

Jordan Wilson [01:01:23]:
Yeah. We got 2 more. Alright. Number 2, big acquisition in the large language model space. So I see Either Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, or Anthropic making an acquisition of a smaller LLM company. Alright. I don't know what said company is. You know what? Now throw I'll throw Amazon in there on that list too.

Jordan Wilson [01:01:47]:
So So I'm gonna say Google, Microsoft, Amazon, OpenAI, or Anthropic will make an acquisition in the large language model space. A big one. I don't know what, but it's it's it's bound to happen. That is natural progression of business. When there's that much money, when there's that much at stake, When it is this competitive, a big acquisition is going to happen, someone that people are gonna look at. Yeah. It could be Mistral. I don't know.

Jordan Wilson [01:02:15]:
People are gonna be looking at this and be shocked. It it's gonna happen in 2024. You will be shocked. I don't know what it is. I'll be a little shocked, but not very shocked because it's gonna happen. Right? That's a bold prediction. Last but not least, number 1 of our 24 bold predictions for generative AI in 2024. The Gen AI wave will become A 2024 tsunami.

Jordan Wilson [01:02:45]:
Right? So this wave that we've talked about in 2023, it is only going to get bigger. The hype cycle will not die down. Right? So we have this, Gartner chart here, you you know, kind of mapping out the AI hype cycle. It's kind of it's it's kind of hard to see here. Maybe I can make myself a bit smaller. There we go. You know, so it has generative AI, You know, about going into, according to, you know, the standard hype cycle, heading into the trough of disillusionment. Nope.

Jordan Wilson [01:03:19]:
That's wrong. That's wrong. If you think that the, Gen AI hype is dying down, that means you don't understand business. You don't understand technology. You don't understand how the world works. If you think we're gonna stop talking about generative AI In 2024, if you think we're gonna stop talking about large language models, if you think we're gonna stop talking about chat GPT, if you think we're gonna stop talking about, You know, Google Gemini, you are wrong. If you think it's it's if if you think we're gonna start to go into this, trough of disillusionment or if you think it's, oh, the hype will die down, You are wrong. You don't understand how business works.

Jordan Wilson [01:03:58]:
Dead wrong. We will be talking more and more about AI. More and more companies are gonna be using it, in 2024, if you are not already prompting daily, right, if you're not already using some form of large language model generative AI Daily, you will you will very likely be or a much higher percentage will be at some point in 2024, Period. Alright. So, Yes. Let me know. There might be a lot of people, but if you did, repost this episode. If you want access to this training because all of these things I talked about.

Jordan Wilson [01:04:39]:
Right? All of these things I talked about all require training. It requires you to stay ahead of the game. It requires you to stay ahead of your peers, ahead of your company's competitors. So if you did share this episode, let me also know. Just type live course. So all you gotta do, Share this episode. I'll send you that information, and also just type live course. That'll help me, but you gotta share this episode too.

Jordan Wilson [01:05:04]:
Also, I'll send you. I have more hot takes. As always, I had way more than 24. I think I had, like, 48. So I actually have 24 more hot takes. So if you share this, I'll also send you those other hot takes over as well. Alright. And like I said, this is our last live stream of 2023.

Jordan Wilson [01:05:27]:
We will have shows Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Next week, we will have be playing some of our favorite shows from 2023. But if you need something else to do this holiday season, We had our 12 days of plug ins, going over some of our favorite chat g p d plug ins. We're gonna, share that in the newsletter. We're gonna be putting them all on 1 page on our website so Go through and just gobble them all up, in one sitting. So like I said, This everyday AI, and I it I I wanna reemphasize this because if you're not already in our newsletter, you need to do that now. You need to go to your everyday AI.com. Sign Sign up for the free daily newsletter.

Jordan Wilson [01:06:08]:
Thank you for for those of you joining, on the podcast, on the livestream. We are making a ton of changes. And, you know, I'm I'm showing some results of of polls up here on the screen. You out there Listening, watching, reading. We build everyday AI for you. We're gonna have a lot more polls in our newsletter, and whatever you say goes. Right? I had an example the other day. I said, hey.

Jordan Wilson [01:06:35]:
Should I make an AI clone of my voice and then have that AI clone every day Read you the newsletter. Y'all said yes, so I did it. Right? People are asking me for, hey. Make everyday AI merch. And I said, no. I don't want to. So I'll probably put a poll. And if you guys want it, I'll do it.

Jordan Wilson [01:06:53]:
Whatever you guys want, that is what we're going to be building In 2024, this is all about you. I started Everyday AI because there is so much bad information out there. I wanted to create the world's largest group of AI enthusiasts and to create something Free something valuable for you. So everything that we're doing is for you. So we're gonna be having a lot more polls, A lot more, community events in 2024. That's actually what our team is gonna be working on all next week. So make sure if you haven't already, go to your everyday AI .com. If you're like Brian here asking how do you get to the newsletter, you just go to youreverydayai.com.

Jordan Wilson [01:07:36]:
We always Have it in the show notes as well so you can just click it. Sign up for that free daily newsletter. We have a lot more. We have a lot more coming, y'all. 2024 is going to be exciting. Not just what happens in the generative AI space, but also, I think, Some new improvements that we're gonna be making here at EverydayAI. I can't thank you enough. This this year, there's a lot of uncertainty, with with what's happening in the world, and I can't thank you all enough.

Jordan Wilson [01:08:10]:
So whether you're listening on the podcast yeah. I know today's, today's was a little wild. You know? We had some technical difficulties. It's a long show. So thank you so much for supporting on the podcast. Always, if you're listening on the podcast, please leave us a rating. Please subscribe. But, also, just email me.

Jordan Wilson [01:08:25]:
Email me. Tell me what we can do better. Tell me what you need to succeed, to grow your company, to grow your career. That's what everyday AI is about. Thank you so much. I am signing off for the last time live in 2023. We'll still be here next week. Don't worry.

Jordan Wilson [01:08:40]:
We'll be there in the newsletter delivering fresh news, fresh finds, Everything that's going on in the AI world, but live, Jordan, is signing off for 2023. Thank you. I appreciate you. We'll see you again at Everyday AI. Thanks y'all.

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