Ep3: Will Elon Musk End the AI Boom?


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Is Elon Must Trying to Slow Down Twitter 

Will elon Musk change or slow down? AI. My name is Jordan Wilson. Welcome to everyday. AI. The daily AI podcast livestream where we go over tips, tips and trends in artificial intelligence news, but not for developers or the highly technical people. This is for the everyday people. So thank you for tuning in. Give us about 15 minutes and we're going to tell you everything that you need to know about the AI news that's going on today.

So, real quick, we're going to preview it. We're going to talk about Elon Musk in regulation. We're going to talk about repllit. We're going to talk about what that is and why you should care and explore if Apple is going to put fitness coaches out of business. All right, well, let's get started. And again, thank you. For those of you who may be joining us live, feel free to drop a comment if you're listening to us on a podcast spotify. Apple, Google.

Do people use Google Podcasts? Maybe. But we are doing this show also live every day, Monday through Friday, 07:30, a.m. Central standard time. So if you ever want to get in on the action, drop a question, feel free to join us. All right, so let's start at the top.

Is AI regulation coming? 

 Elon Musk, no matter what your opinions or thoughts or views on him are, and those of us who are active on Twitter, like myself, we definitely have thoughts and views. But regardless, you can't deny that he is going to be one of the major players moving forward, not just in AI regulation, but in artificial intelligence as well, and machine learning. So obviously, being the CEO of Tesla and having one of the largest data sets for machine learning in terms of all of the driving data that's on the road, you can't look past that.

He's going to be one of the biggest players. Also, for those of you who are not aware, elon Musk was also one of the original board members in the early days of OpenAI. What is OpenAI. Well, you've all heard of, or most of you have heard of Chat GPT, the one thing we'll probably talk about every single day on the show. So he was one of the original board members of OpenAI, which is the parent company or OpenAI's product. Is Chat GPT one of their products? We'll talk about some of their other products during later shows. So here's what happened. I believe it was yesterday, he went and met with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to discuss artificial intelligence.

Will the government get involved with AI?  

So one of the biggest elephants in the room is what will the government do with artificial intelligence? It's growing quickly. If you listen to the first episode, kind of the monologue. If you haven't, go back and listen to that. But there are a lot of potential implications for what I is going to mean to the economy and to the job market. I won't read the whole quote but the CEO of OpenAI, in an interview not too long ago, actually the only things he worried about in that interview, at least that he said was disinformation and economic shock. So that's one of the things that's really on everyone's mind is what is going to happen with AI should there be regulation. Other European countries are regulating the technology heavily. Even Chat GPT has been banned.

Countries banning ChatGPT  

I believe in at least Italy, maybe another country or two, or at least there's multiple countries that are considering a ban of Chat GPT. So Elon Musk, who knows, maybe this has to do with him no longer being on the board of OpenAI or no longer being involved. But he's also talked of his own rival of the kind of GPT, or of Chat GPT called Truth GPT. Very interesting name. Sounds like shots fired against OpenAI. There's been plenty of conversation, both from him and from those in the OpenAI community, on how do you train these models and how can you do your best to keep out political bias. So I think that's a pretty big piece of something to keep an eye on moving forward. Regardless of your interests, whether you're using AI in your daily life or not, it should be pretty interesting and there should be a lot of lot tied to what happens politically.

Personally, I don't see anything major happening at least anytime soon. If there's one thing, being a former political reporter in my earlier life, at least in the US. Regulation takes time. Things get stalled in government. So I think a lot of people, myself included, and I'm sure some politicians see the economic upside of having AI and of having this technology for businesses. It's incredible, the potential output to grow. I think it's especially exciting for small to medium sized businesses. For those smaller companies, maybe with less than 100 employees that maybe have one of their closest competitors is a Fortune 500 or an Inc 5000 company.

Economic impact of AI on the US economy

I think that there's so much economic upside to implementing and adapting AI into your everyday workflow. It's huge. So I don't think that a lot of regulation will come soon. At least anything meaningful, anything that's kind of on the level of a pause, right? So that's the other thing. This was maybe two or three weeks ago, elon Musk, and I believe it was something like now 28,000 other kind of recognizable names in tech signed a letter essentially saying, hey, we should have a six month pause on all development. And I think for the most part in a kind of system in the United States where we're always going after profit, it's really just been the US. And China for the most part, pushing kind of the AI race. So I don't see any huge regulation coming anytime soon.

So let me know what you think. Drop a comment on one of our streams, send us an email info at your everydayai.com. Let us know what you think. All right, let's move on. So our second big news item of the day in AI is replet. So what is replet and why should you even care? Both great questions. Let me explain it to you. So I assume the majority of people watching and listening are not developers.

Replit raises money and why you should care

Maybe some of you are could be wrong, but Replit is essentially a way to it's a lot of things, but I'm going to explain it to the nontechnical person such as myself. It's an easy way to implement and test and even deploy things like websites or web applications in real time. So let me kind of tell you the two different ways that you can do something like that. So you could buy a domain and then you could set up hosting for that domain, so your kind of domain can go live. And then you'd also need to do a lot of technical things. If you wanted to get a website up from scratch, you might have to install what's called the content management system, a CMS like WordPress or Webflow or Squarespace. So you might have to do that, or you can do things kind of by hand. And there's a lot of different applications that you can use or languages that you can kind of build a website in.

Why Replit is useful for everyday people

But a lot of standard websites will have three files. It's an HTML, a CSS and a JavaScript. Sometimes they're combined some of those. But let's just say for an easy sake, you have three files. So if you kind of go your own route and on your own domain, your own hosting, either you're using a CMS or you're uploading two to four files and having to constantly update those. So to just see if something works, to build a website, to have a sandbox or a playground, if you're testing out new things for your startup or for your company, there's a little bit of not a huge cost, but there's a cost and there's time and there's development. You're having to worry about things like name servers, you're having to set those up. So there are some technical hurdles to even just saying like, okay, I have an idea for a website or for an application.

Let me see if I can get this live. So what Replit is sorry, that was long winded, but what Replit is it's a free platform that just allows you to log in and do it. You don't have to buy a domain, you don't have to buy hosting, you don't have to mess around with name servers or anything technical. So if you want to try out some new code or a web application, it's an easy way to do it. So replet yesterday close a nearly 100 million dollar fundraising round at I think it's just over a $1 billion valuation here's why that's important for a beginner. We'll talk about this in later episodes. This is something I even personally toyed around with. Again, I'm not a developer, but I created a version of I'm trying to remember what it was.

Coding with Replit and ChatGPT

I tried it with a couple of games, but with Chat GPT, I just asked it to code for me, and I said, hey, give me the files. I'm not a coder. And I was creating versions of kind of classic arcade games, very simple ones, pong breakthrough, but in less than a minute. But I was only able to do that that quickly with Replit. Again, this is not a sponsored segment, but I think it's important for the everyday people to understand that if you do want to learn basics of coding, if you do want to see what you can even do just as a non technical person working with Chat GPT, it's amazing. So check that out. Check out Replit. All right, our third item on today's biggest news is Apple.

Apple dipping into AI and the fitness coach scene

Are they going to be putting fitness coaches out of business? Well, I don't know, but it seems like that might be part of their plan. So Apple one of the largest companies in the world. I think they were number one. They might be two or three. Now, I'll have to look it up, but they announced plans for Quartz. So what Quartz is going to be, it's going to be an AI powered health service. So if any of you like me, have an Apple Watch, sometimes you get that buzz. Or for me, I get it a lot because I work long days.

I sit down and the watch says, like, hey, Jordan, you should probably get up and move around. Or sometimes it says, hey, Jordan, you might need to breathe. Right? So right now, those prompts or those notifications, there's not a lot of data that's coming from that. I'm not sure of the inner workings, but there's not a lot of AI or machine learning that goes into my watch buzzing me. It's pretty sure noticing, okay, it can notice changes in elevation or when you're walking or when you're sitting. So it's probably saying like, all right, you've been sitting for 2 hours. I'm going to buzz you, tell you to get your lazy butt up. But this is different.

Apple Quartz -- what it could mean

So Quartz, it seems like, is going to be using a lot of new AI technology with your watch, sending alerts to your smartphone, just a whole host of new improvements, new data sets, and also separately working on technology for tracking emotions, potentially bringing blood pressure monitoring to the Apple Watch in the next few years. So, again, this is really focused at getting people fit, getting people healthy, getting people moving, tracking many more data points in your workouts, in your sleep, somehow even your nutrition. I'll have to read a little bit more to see how that works. So that's something to keep an eye on. When one of the largest companies has largely been somewhat quiet, at least comparatively to the other leaders in the space. Microsoft has probably been the number one leader after that. I would actually say maybe Facebook. Google, I think, has been trending a little behind, but recently they started to double down a little bit on AI.

Apple vs its biggest competitors for AI

But Apple has been relatively silent compared to some of their closest competitors. So I don't think this is the first or the last big announcement from Apple in terms of AI, but it's something to keep an eye on because it's something for everyday people. This isn't a coding application to make iOS apps faster. This is just something that they're really trying to bring that kind of fitness coach to all of us that have an Apple Watch and an iPhone. All right, well, we didn't go over today. All right, well, day three, we wrapped it up somewhat on time. I have to put in a couple quick plugs. Like I said, please check out Everyday AI on your favorite podcast services.

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