Ep 8: Can Bing Chat now compete with ChatGPT?


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What are chat plugins, and will they allow us to essentially clone ourselves? That's one of the things that we're going to be talking about today on everyday AI, your daily live show, podcast, and newsletter that breaks down all of the newest trends happening and everything that's going on in the AI scene. In helping everyday people like you and me learn and leverage everything that's going on, we have our rotating co host, Brandon. Brandon, good to see you. How are you?

Brandon [00:00:40]:

Nice to see you. How's everyone doing today? Hopefully anyone watching or listening to this later, hopefully you're having a good day.

Two Lies and One Truth Using AI

Jordan Wilson [00:00:46]:

Yeah. Let's go.

Okay, so before we get into some of the big news, we're going to play a little game. We're going to play a little game, and if you are tuning in, I'd love to see a comment. We'll see if we can fool you. So we're going to be talking a little bit like I talked about, about some of these different chat platforms. So most of us know chat GPT, but there's others as well, which we're going to talk about today.

So Brandon and I are actually going to play one truth, two lies. You probably all played this game before. We're flipping it a little because we're having these chats, these AI chats make up our lies. All right. So we're going to say them quick. We're going to see if me and Brandon can even stump ourselves. But if you have any guests, if you're watching this live, please put it in. So I'll go first. So again, two lies, one truth. I'm an amateur pumpkin artist and have won several jack o lantern carving competitions. I was a published author at age 15 for a poem that I thought was only okay. And then the last one is, I once led a group of tourists on an impromptu city tour around Chicago because the guide got sick. So before you guess, Brandon, go ahead and name off yours.

Brandon [00:02:07]:

All right, so I accidentally boarded the wrong flight and ended up in Iceland instead of Mexico. I've appeared on TV three times, and I was once mistaken for celebrity and invited to a movie premiere.

Jordan Wilson [00:02:21]:

Oh, so good. All right, go ahead and guess mine, Brandon. Well, what's my truth?

Brandon [00:02:29]:

It's the third one I feel like.

Jordan Wilson [00:02:34]:

Leading the group of. So wrong. Yeah. The truth is, I was published for a poem that I thought was only okay. Ask me about it on LinkedIn. I'll tell you. All right. Your truth, Brandon. Gosh. I should know this. Did you accidentally go to Iceland?

Brandon [00:02:55]:


Jordan Wilson [00:02:56]:

Oh, gosh.

Brandon [00:02:58]:

The truth was that I've been on TV three times.

Jordan Wilson [00:03:01]:

Okay, so a live show is nothing for you, then.

Brandon [00:03:08]:

They just happen. Maybe it's a cheat, but all three were on the news, like, either an interview style or just like being on the news.

Jordan Wilson [00:03:15]:

All right.

Brandon [00:03:16]:


Rapid Fire News

Jordan Wilson [00:03:17]:

Brandon's got fame in his future. All right. So now we're going to run over the daily news. We're also going to do it a little different. We want to have some fun today. But before we go, everything just a reminder. Please go to your everyday Ai.com. Subscribe to the newsletter. We're also speaking of chat because that's what we're talking about today. We are giving away two year long premium memberships in chatGPT. There is a free version, which you probably know, but the premium version is way more powerful. So go in super easy, sign up for the newsletter and check it out. All right, Brandon, we're going to do some rapid fire news updates, so let's go. So the biggest one microsoft Bing Chat. Huge update. So they're releasing plugin support, apparently without a waitlist for most people. So we'll see when that happens. And the new chat is going to include image and video results and something that's been missing chat history. Hot take. What do you think?

Brandon [00:04:11]:

I think it's going to be huge. We'll get into it more later, but I do think it's going to be one of the best, if not the best option currently out there. I know Chap GPT is all the rave, but we'll kind of show you why I think that it's the bigger step forward.

Jordan Wilson [00:04:25]:

Love that. Second big news piece of the day. The White House is promoting ethical AI, but to do so, they are using a hacking exercise at the Defcon Security Conference to probe generative AI. Brandon, what are your thoughts on that one?

Brandon [00:04:43]:

Interesting. I don't know, it's like, contradicting itself and I'm sure to the everyday person, you're like, what? That makes no sense. But, yeah, I would like to kind of look into that a little more, kind of see what came of that.

Chegg Stock Crash Due to ChatGPT

Jordan Wilson [00:04:56]:

Yeah, we'll definitely have the newsletter. Speaking of something that's in the newsletter we haven't talked about on the show, but I think it's worth talking about Chegg. So the education company, their stock completely crashed earlier this week. I believe it went down 40% because they said Check GPT was a huge threat to their business. Brandon, what does this mean for not just Chegg but other companies?

Brandon [00:05:20]:

I mean, this is huge. If you kind of caught this in our newsletter last week, so definitely sign up the other day. So definitely sign up if you're missing out on that. I think it's interesting because it easily can replace just all kinds of study materials, book materials, educational applications. And so this is bigger than just check. We've already kind of seen the end of, like, libraries, but next, could it be the end of, like, ebooks and and other things like that? Yeah, it could be interesting.

LinkedIn Doubling Down on AI

Jordan Wilson [00:05:51]:

That's that's that's great. And we will segue into that here in a second. Last big news piece. LinkedIn is turning 20. Wow. Crazy. But an article today in, let's see, I think it was in The Verge kind of talked about just they're doubling down on AI, which we kind of talked about before. But Brandon, what do you think that means both for professionals, but also just for social media? When a company as big as LinkedIn, backed by Microsoft, obviously says, hey, we're going all in on AI.

Brandon [00:06:22]:

I think it's big not only because of which social media platform is doubling down first. So being LinkedIn just showing, hey, this can be something that's needed in a professional career, but I think it'll allow us to kind of implement strategies and skills of AI in the social media space and be able to hopefully have that trickle over to the other platforms as well.

Jordan Wilson [00:06:43]:

Yeah, so I think that's also a great transition. Kind of talking about Chegg, an education company, talking about Microsoft backing LinkedIn, and also our first news story about the new Bing chat. I wanted to have a chat about chats with AI chats. Brandon, we talked on the first time that you were co hosting the show, but just remind everyone just kind of your experience working with AI and kind of also how your relationship, I guess, with AI has changed since the very first time until today. Because I'm guessing you probably use it a little more today than you did when we first started using this years ago, right?

Brandon [00:07:30]:

Yeah, no, definitely. I have a little over a year of experience using just general AI applications, specifically with ChatGPT. It's been in the recent past four-ish - five months, let's just say. Well, I mean, for more for me, SEO writing purposes was the first time that I kind of used some form of AI to help me with just getting better pages and blogs and whatnot to rank higher on Google. And so more recently, it's just been using just everyday applications. Like, if you're stumped on something, you need to figure out what you want to say next.

You just use chat GPT to tell you, hey, do this. And just any kind of setting, really, it applies everywhere. And so I think it kind of went for me, I was like, oh, this is a great SEO tool to this is a great guide for your career and for your everyday work. And even just if you want to Google something, we kind of talked about that the other day, using it as just like a Google alternative. And so that also ties into kind of the strength of Bing chat. So that's something we'll get into. But I think that's how my kind of knowledge and application use of specifically Chat GPT, but even other AI applications that we use daily, both everyday AI and accelerant. So that's something that I think is hopefully we can get into those in the future, too, of other ways. We use those to kind of automate our processes.

What Does Large Language Model Mean?

Jordan Wilson [00:09:00]:

Yeah. And I think it's worth both for us and for you listening to take a very brief look at chat and what does this mean? And how is this different than the Internet? And how now, with this kind of new plugin support, is Microsoft Bingchat going to be different than Chat GPT? So a very brief overview. So there's something called an LLM or a large language model. So Brandon, when you hear that a large language model, what does that even mean to you? Like, you know, I don't even fully understand it, but you know, when you hear large language model, like, what does that translate in your head?

Brandon [00:09:47]:

I don't know, I guess it just means like this not piece, but I was just going to say like, piece of data that has obviously a specific amount of knowledge that is able to computate words to you. As an example, obviously, this is probably the most boring explanation ever, but that's kind of just what I see it as. And so obviously a model means that it's mocked after something. So that's important to understand. And obviously, as we actually understand how it's based off of a certain period of knowledge which we'll get into, that's my basic attempt at trying to explain it if I didn't know anything, I.

Jordan Wilson [00:10:38]:

Think that's really great, even what you said there. A model is modeled after something, even as we've had these conversations on everyday AI. And just in general, I think that's one of the most misunderstood things at least about Chat GPT. I think there's a lot of frustrations when people are trying to get, as an example, recent information. And knowing what a large language model is, is important because it is a model. And the thing that most people do not understand with Chat GPT is that model ends. It currently ends in September 2021. So if you want any information that's newer than 2021, it's not a good thing to use Chat GPT at least out of the box.

Microsoft Bing Chat Updates

 So they are talking about plugins at Chat GPT as well, which is essentially when third party companies can build some functionality that seamlessly integrates with chat. But right now, except for very few developers, chat GPT does not have that. So with this Microsoft news that just came out today, they're saying like, hey, we are releasing plugins for Bingchat. That's huge. And also saying there's not going to be a waitlist. And the general public should again, it's only a couple of hours old, so I'm sure we'll get more details, but the general public should be getting access to this soon. So that's huge. But the other thing to keep in mind about Microsoft Bingchat, it's connected to the Internet. That's huge. That's something that people also don't understand. 

So there's always different use cases for different chats, so we're not even going to get into it today. But there's Bard, so that's Google's version, which is actually not even based on GPT, which is the OpenAI, that's their model. So OpenAI. Their product is Chat GPT and it uses GPT technology. So even Microsoft uses GPT technology. So Google is kind of on its own with its own large language model. So, Brandon, really quick, just talking about this Microsoft Bing chat now and being able to get fresh data and data that's real, like real time, which has been available. But then even with talking about in results now, image and video results that are coming very soon to Bing Chat, what does that mean? Just for the future of research writing, just productivity. What do you think that means?

Brandon [00:13:14]:

It's huge. Again, like we said, it's limited to chat GPT is limited to September 2021. And that's if you have GPT model Four selected, because I know by default it's 3.5. So that's another thing too. As a side note, for anyone who's using that, make sure to switch it to four. So I think it's big just because, again, you can write about something that happened 5 hours ago. Like if it's on the internet, you can write about it, you can find it. And so it's going to give way more, not only personalized and better results for whoever's looking for that knowledge, whatever it may be, but it's going to be more accurate too. So it's for so many purposes, I'm thinking from my perspective, even just like an SEO perspective, it's going to write a lot more accurate content and it can probably pull from some of the top articles as an example. And so we're going to get some things that are ranking already high on Google, but it has so many applications to any kind of position or career.

Jordan Wilson [00:14:16]:

Yeah. And if you are watching this live, apologies if you're listening on the podcast, but I'm going to try to explain it to you. So on my screen here on the everyday AI live stream, I have an example of a prompt and a response in Chat GPT. So, kind of going along with what we talked about earlier, I'm asking what's going on in the stock market this week? And specifically, I want to know what happened with Chegg's stock price. So with Chat GPT, and this is with the newest model, which is called GPT Four, it's saying, I'm sorry, as an AI language model, I don't have real time information, blah, blah, blah. If you've used Chat GPT, you probably see that response a lot. But it's essentially saying, I don't know, I'm not up to date. This is before or this is more recent than September 2021.

Okay, so now I'm switching over to the result from Bingchat. So you'll see, it's completely different, the exact same prompt. And I'm getting just a fantastic summary here. So Bingchat says, here's a brief summary of what has been going on in the stock market this week. And it's not just talking about macro, it's talking about micro as well. So it's giving a big overview of what's happening in the Dow Jones, in the SP, in the Nasdaq, what's happening that week, it's also saying why it's still volatile. Right. The stock market has been very volatile and then also we have down there that the chegg stock, the impact that it had this week with this news. So I think that's just such a small but a powerful example and how so many people maybe aren't using chat GPT correctly. I think that depending on what you want to know, you definitely have to use the right model. Brandon, so what do you think, just even looking at this example, what are your thoughts?

Brandon [00:16:17]:

Yeah. Again, I think the way I start to see it and look at it is like OpenAI chat. GPT maybe can be used for more of, like, I don't want to say creative writing purposes, but maybe more like stylized writing. Or if you're writing like a landing page for your website and you just want to add that little bit of character to it that maybe you can't get to. Whereas any type of chat that has the ability to connect to Google or Bing in this case, can definitely be used for more recent news, to be able to write recent blog articles, anything, really. And so that's kind of how I see it personally, and maybe that's something that other people can try to approach it with as well.


Jordan Wilson [00:17:03]:

Yeah, well, I think regardless, it's going to be interesting, this news for Microsoft today. I think it's huge. I think OpenAI is going to continue to be the leader in this space, the 100 million users and I think whatever it was five days for chat GPT, which is mind boggling. But I think that this news from Microsoft and the improvements in their chat in Bingchat, it's going to at least start to level the playing field. So we went a little bit over today. So thank you for tuning in. Thank you for listening on the podcast, the newsletter, everything. Let us know what you think. What does this mean? Is Bingchat now going to be a competitor? Are we going to which we didn't even get into the functionality of these plugins. It is astounding at times you will kind of feel like you're able to clone yourself with some of the functionalities that these plugins are going to bring. So, again, thank you for tuning in as we go a little bit in depth today on these different chats. So please continue to tune in every single day to everyday AI. We thank you for joining in.

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