Ep 70: Free ChatGPT vs. ChatGPT Plus – What’s the difference?

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Businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance customer experience, streamline operations, and drive growth. One transformative technology that is gaining momentum in the market is Chat GPT Plus – a powerful tool that allows businesses to leverage conversational AI to its full potential. In this article, we delve into the key differentiators of Chat GPT Plus and explore how it can help unlock a new level of efficiency and customer engagement for businesses across various sectors.

Enhanced Functionality and Business Applications:

Chat GPT Plus offers an upgraded experience in comparison to its free counterpart, enabling businesses to benefit from advanced features and tailored applications. Unlike the free version, Chat GPT Plus is specifically designed with business needs in mind, offering expanded access to APIs and resources that can seamlessly integrate AI-powered conversations into existing workflows. With the ability to generate dynamic responses, handle multiple turns, and follow conversation threads, Chat GPT Plus acts as a fully trained and versatile teammate.

Transforming Customer Interactions:

As customer expectations continue to evolve, businesses are constantly searching for innovative ways to provide intuitive and personalized experiences. With Chat GPT Plus, businesses can now engage customers in highly interactive and human-like conversations, creating a delightful and efficient customer journey. By integrating Chat GPT Plus into customer support channels, businesses can automate routine tasks, provide instant responses, and resolve queries with accuracy and empathy, all while reducing the burden on human agent


As AI continues to shape the future of business, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for long-term success. Integrating advanced conversational AI tools like Chat GPT Plus can provide businesses with a competitive edge, enabling them to deliver personalized experiences, optimize operations, and drive growth. With enhanced functionality, the ability to transform customer interactions, and the prospect of AI-powered bot personas, the potential for leveraging Chat GPT Plus is virtually limitless. It's time for businesses to harness the power of everyday AI and unlock new possibilities for innovation and growth.

Video Insights

Topics Covered

- Difference between free and paid versions of chat GPT
  - Free version limitations
  - Paid version (chat GPT Plus) benefits and functionality
  - Usefulness for business purposes

- Google Assistant's user-friendly update
  - Made to resemble chatting with a human
  - Improvement in user experience

- Meta's AI-powered bots
  - Bots with different personas
  - Conversations with historical figures or fictional characters
  - Enhanced interactive experiences

- YouTube's AI video summaries
  - Testing phase and uncertain impact on ad revenue model
  - Potential benefits for content consumption and time-saving

- Affordability of chat GPT Plus
  - Cost-effective solution
  - Comparable to a fully trained employee
  - Valuable for businesses
  - Versatile application in various industries

Difference Between Free and Paid Chatgpt


If you are someone who frequently uses chatbots for various purposes, you may have come across the terms "free" and "paid" chatbots. While both types of chatbot offer conversational capabilities, there are significant differences between the two. In this article, we will explore the key distinctions between free and paid chatbots, and how they can impact your experience. Whether you are a business owner looking to implement a chatbot on your website or a curious individual wanting to better understand this technology, this article will provide a comprehensive overview of the differences between free and paid chatbots. By the end, you will have a clear understanding of the features, benefits, and limitations of each type of chatbot, allowing you to make an informed decision on which one is best suited for your needs. So let's dive in and discover the differences between free and paid chatbots.


Unlock the power of ChatGPT.


As you continue to explore the world of Everyday AI, you may be wondering about the difference between free and paid ChatGPT. Well, wonder no more, because the answer lies in unlocking the power of ChatGPT. With its advanced technology and intuitive interface, ChatGPT is the perfect tool for businesses and individuals looking to enhance their communication and productivity.

One of the main differences between free and paid ChatGPT is the ability to unlock additional features and plugins. With the paid version, you have access to gpt4 and gpt3.5, which offer even more advanced capabilities and customization options. Plus, you can browse with Bing and easily integrate ChatGPT into your existing systems and processes. By investing in the paid version, you are truly unlocking the full potential of ChatGPT and harnessing the power of Everyday AI. So don't wait any longer, upgrade to the paid version and take your communication and productivity to the next level with ChatGPT.


Upgrade your AI chatbot experience.


Unlock the full potential of your AI chatbot experience by upgrading to the paid version of ChatGPT. With access to gpt4 and gpt3.5, you can take your conversations to the next level and engage with your audience in a more human-like manner. Say goodbye to generic responses and hello to advanced capabilities that allow you to customize your chatbot to fit your specific needs. The paid version also offers integration with existing systems, making it easier for you to manage and utilize your chatbot within your business or organization.

But it's not just about functionality, it's about productivity. With the paid version of ChatGPT, you also get the added bonus of browsing with Bing. This means you can seamlessly search the web and gather information while conversing with your chatbot. Imagine the possibilities when you have access to both AI and the vast resources of the internet at your fingertips. Upgrade your Everyday AI experience and listen to Your Everyday AI podcast to learn more about the impact of AI on our daily lives. Don't settle for a basic chatbot, upgrade to the paid version of ChatGPT and see the difference for yourself.


Say goodbye to limitations, hello possibilities.


Discover the endless possibilities that await you with the paid version of ChatGPT. Leave behind the limitations of the free version and step into a world of advanced capabilities and customization options. With ChatGPT, you have the power to create an AI chatbot that truly represents your brand and meets the needs of your users. Whether it's for customer service, marketing, or entertainment, the paid version of ChatGPT empowers you to take your chatbot to the next level.

Everyday AI is no longer just a concept, it's a reality with ChatGPT. With the paid version, you have access to the latest technology, including gpt4 and gpt3.5, ensuring that your chatbot stays ahead of the curve. And with integration options and plugins, your chatbot can seamlessly connect with your existing systems, making it an essential tool for your business. Don't be limited by the free version any longer, upgrade to the paid version and say hello to a world of possibilities with Your Everyday AI. So why wait? Upgrade now and start browsing with Bing, the search engine that puts the world's information at your fingertips. The possibilities are endless with ChatGPT.


Level up with paid ChatGPT.


Imagine being able to take your AI chatbot to new heights and create a one-of-a-kind experience for your users. That's exactly what you can do with the paid version of ChatGPT. With advanced capabilities and customization options, you have the power to shape your chatbot into a true representation of your brand. No more generic responses or limited functionality - the difference between free and paid ChatGPT is like night and day.

Everyday AI is constantly evolving and improving, and by upgrading to the paid version of ChatGPT, you have access to the latest technology and integration options. This means that your chatbot will always be up-to-date and equipped with the most advanced features. Plus, with the option to use gpt4 or gpt3.5, your chatbot will be smarter and more efficient than ever before. And with the added bonus of plugins and the ability to browse with Bing, the possibilities for your chatbot are endless. So why settle for a basic, limited chatbot when you can level up with paid ChatGPT and create a truly exceptional experience for your users? Your Everyday AI just got a whole lot better.


Discover the magic of gpt4.


Are you ready to take your AI chatbot to the next level? Look no further than gpt4, the latest version of ChatGPT. With gpt4, you can discover the magic of advanced AI technology and unlock a world of possibilities for your chatbot. Whether you're using it for customer service, marketing, or just for fun, gpt4 offers a wide range of features and capabilities that will elevate your chatbot's performance.

One of the key differences between free and paid ChatGPT is the ability to customize your chatbot. With the paid version, you have access to a variety of plugins and integration options that allow you to tailor your chatbot to your specific needs. This means you can create a more personalized and branded experience for your users. Additionally, gpt4 is constantly evolving and improving, so by upgrading to the paid version, you'll have access to the latest and most advanced AI technology. So why settle for a basic chatbot when you can discover the magic of gpt4 and create a truly exceptional chatbot experience with Your Everyday AI.


Supercharge your conversations with gpt3.5.


You may be wondering, what sets gpt3.5 apart from the free version of ChatGPT? Well, the difference between free and paid chatgpt is more than just a few additional features. With gpt3.5, you have the power to supercharge your conversations and truly take your AI chatbot to the next level. Imagine being able to customize your chatbot's responses to fit your brand's voice and tone. That's exactly what gpt3.5 allows you to do. With its advanced features, you can create a more personalized and branded experience for your users, making your chatbot stand out from the rest.

Everyday AI is all around us, constantly improving and evolving. And with gpt3.5, you can be at the forefront of this ever-changing technology. As highlighted in the Everyday AI Podcast, gpt3.5 is the latest innovation in the world of AI chatbots. It offers a seamless integration of natural language processing and machine learning, making your chatbot smarter and more human-like than ever before. And with gpt4 on the horizon, now is the perfect time to start using gpt3.5 and stay ahead of the game. So don't wait any longer, upgrade to gpt3.5 and browse with Bing to discover all the amazing plugins and features it has to offer. Your everyday AI just got a whole lot better.


Enhance functionality with useful plugins.


Unlock the full potential of your AI chatbot with the help of useful plugins. These add-ons can greatly enhance the functionality of your everyday AI, making it even more powerful and efficient. Whether you're using the free version of ChatGPT or the paid gpt3.5, plugins are a game-changer that can take your conversations to the next level.

With the difference between free and paid ChatGPT, you may wonder if upgrading is worth it. But here's the thing - plugins can make all the difference. They allow you to customize your AI chatbot to fit your specific needs and target audience. Plus, with the constant advancements in AI technology, new and innovative plugins are being developed all the time. So why limit yourself to basic conversations when you can browse with Bing and discover a whole world of possibilities for your everyday AI? Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your AI chatbot and provide an exceptional experience for your users.


Explore the difference between free and paid.


When it comes to ChatGPT, there is a clear difference between the free and paid versions. While the free version may be a good starting point, it is limited in its capabilities. Everyday AI, the creators of ChatGPT, have developed the paid version, gpt4, which takes AI chatbots to a whole new level. With gpt4, you have access to advanced features and tools that can transform your chatbot into a powerful and versatile tool. You also have the option to upgrade to gpt3.5, a hybrid of gpt3 and gpt4, for a more seamless experience. With these paid versions, you can truly unlock the full potential of your Everyday AI chatbot and provide your users with an exceptional experience.

But what makes the difference between the free and paid versions of ChatGPT truly worth it? It's the plugins. These useful add-ons allow you to customize your chatbot and add new functionalities that can make it stand out from the rest. With plugins, you can integrate your AI chatbot with other platforms, such as social media or your website, to reach a wider audience. You can also create personalized responses and conversations, making the user experience more engaging and enjoyable. So don't hesitate to upgrade to the paid version of ChatGPT and explore the endless possibilities of using plugins. Browse with Bing, listen to the Everyday AI Podcast, and make your Everyday AI chatbot truly exceptional.


Dive into the world of Everyday AI.


Immerse yourself in the world of Everyday AI with the upgrade to the paid versions of ChatGPT. With the difference between free and paid ChatGPT, you can unlock a whole new level of possibilities for your chatbot. Imagine the potential of having advanced features and tools at your disposal, enabling your chatbot to understand and respond to user input more accurately. The paid versions, gpt4 and gpt3.5, also come with plugins that allow for customization and integration with other platforms, taking your chatbot to the next level.

Join the conversation on the Everyday AI Podcast and discover the endless opportunities that await with Your Everyday AI. With the paid versions of ChatGPT, you can browse with Bing and explore the vast world of Artificial Intelligence. Don't limit yourself to the basic capabilities of the free version, dive into the world of Everyday AI and elevate your chatbot's performance. Upgrade to the paid versions of ChatGPT and see the difference for yourself.


Browse smarter with Bing integration.


By upgrading to the paid versions of ChatGPT, you will not only have access to advanced features and tools, but also the ability to browse smarter with Bing integration. This integration allows your chatbot to search for information more efficiently, providing accurate and relevant responses to your users. Imagine the possibilities of having a chatbot that can seamlessly integrate with the power of Bing, bringing a whole new level of intelligence and convenience to your conversations.

With Everyday AI becoming more prevalent in our daily lives, it's important to stay ahead of the game and continuously improve your chatbot's capabilities. The Everyday AI Podcast has discussed the difference between free and paid ChatGPT versions, and the benefits that come with upgrading. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your chatbot to the next level with gpt4 and gpt3.5, and enhance its functionality with customizable plugins. Remember, your chatbot is a representation of your brand and business, so invest in its growth and watch it flourish with Bing integration.


As you can see, there are clear differences between using a free and paid chatbot. While free chatbots may seem like a convenient and cost-effective option, they often lack the advanced features and capabilities that a paid chatbot can offer. Investing in a paid chatbot shows that you value the quality and effectiveness of your communication with customers. Remember, when it comes to customer satisfaction, the little extra investment can make a big difference. So why settle for less when you can have the best? Choose a paid chatbot and take your customer interactions to the next level. You and your customers deserve it.




What are the main differences between free and paid versions of ChatGPT?


In the free version of ChatGPT, you have access to the basic features of the chatbot, but there are certain limitations. For example, you may encounter usage restrictions and longer response times. On the other hand, the paid version offers additional benefits. With a subscription, you can enjoy faster response times, priority access during peak usage, and potentially access to new features and improvements. The paid version of ChatGPT provides a more enhanced and seamless experience, giving you a greater level of control and convenience in your interactions with the chatbot.


How does the quality of responses differ between the free and paid versions of ChatGPT?


In the free version of ChatGPT, the quality of responses may vary compared to the paid version. With the paid version, you can expect more consistent and accurate responses. The paid version has been fine-tuned and trained using a larger dataset, resulting in more reliable answers and a better overall user experience. Additionally, the paid version offers priority access during peak times, which ensures faster response times. So, if you're looking for a higher quality and more reliable conversational AI experience, the paid version of ChatGPT is the way to go.


Are there any limitations or restrictions on the free version of ChatGPT that are not present in the paid version?


In the free version of ChatGPT, there are a few limitations and restrictions that you should be aware of. Firstly, as a free user, you may experience longer wait times due to higher demand. Additionally, the free version offers a lower priority access to new features and improvements. Another restriction is that the model response length is limited to 2048 tokens. Lastly, while the paid version allows for commercial use, the free version is intended for personal and non-commercial purposes only. Keep these limitations in mind as you explore the capabilities of ChatGPT.


What additional features or benefits are offered in the paid version of ChatGPT compared to the free version?


In the paid version of ChatGPT, you gain access to a range of additional features and benefits not available in the free version. These include priority access to the service, faster response times, and increased reliability. You also receive expanded usage limits, allowing you to have more conversations and make better use of the service. The paid version offers enhanced customer support, ensuring that any issues or concerns you have are promptly addressed. Additionally, you get the opportunity to participate in exciting new updates and improvements as they are rolled out. Overall, the paid version of ChatGPT provides a more seamless and comprehensive experience for your conversational AI needs.


Can you provide examples of specific scenarios where using the paid version of ChatGPT would be more advantageous than the free version?


When you opt for the paid version of ChatGPT, you gain access to several advantages over the free version. One example is in a professional setting, where using the paid version allows you to maintain confidentiality and protect sensitive information. Additionally, the paid version offers faster response times, ensuring a more efficient conversation. If you rely on ChatGPT for business-related tasks, such as customer support or content generation, the paid version provides more robust features and customization options. Overall, by choosing the paid version of ChatGPT, you can enhance productivity, privacy, and the quality of your interactions.

Podcast Transcript

Daily AI news

Jordan Wilson [00:00:17]:

Are you using the free version of chat GPT? If so, you might be wasting your time. Well, just being honest. That's one of the things that we're gonna be talking about today on everyday AI. This is your daily livestream, podcasts, and free daily newsletter. Helping everyday people like you and me not just learn, about AI, but how we can actually leverage it. Right? There's no shortage of ways that we can learn about AI. It's everywhere. It's following us everywhere.

Jordan Wilson [00:00:49]:

But how can we actually leverage it in our day to day, that's what everyday AI is all about. Alright? So before we get started, we're gonna run down the news. But I also want to call your attention to a couple of things. 1, make sure you go to your everyday dot com. sign up for that free daily newsletter. Also, you'll see a couple links in the comments. If you're joining us live, take a look in the comments. A couple of things I'm gonna be referencing.

Jordan Wilson [00:01:19]:

It's there. If you're listening to us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts anywhere else, make sure you look in the show notes, couple notes in there as well. Alright. With that, let's talk about what's going on in the world. of AI news and if you are joining us live please drop a comment. Let me know. Are you using free chat GPT or are you using paid chat GPT? I wanna hear from you. Alright.

Jordan Wilson [00:01:48]:

Let's talk about what's going on in the world of AI news. We got the biggest names today in the news. Alright? So Google has said They are finally getting a smarter assistant. So a new Axios report showed an internal email from Google saying that they're going to be refreshing their Google Assistant to make it more kind of like chatting with Bard. So Personally. I don't use Google Assistant, but I might. Because if you've been using chatgbt or any AI chat over the last year, And then you go back and you try to talk to Siri or you try to talk to Alexa or you try to talk to Google Assistant, it's frustrating. Right? So I can't wait to see Google kind of update and refresh its Google Assistant.

Jordan Wilson [00:02:36]:

I'm excited about that. Alright. 2nd, Meta is set to launch AI powered bots with what they're calling personas. So essentially, what this is is it's allowing users. I I it seems like I have to double check this. They have 4,000,000,000 users across all of their different platforms. Right? So Instagram, Facebook. They have they have they own just about everything now.

Jordan Wilson [00:03:00]:

Right? But it's giving all of those 4,000,000,000 users the ability to talk and chat with AI and personas. So the example that Matti gave is imagine having a conversation with Abraham Lincoln or having a conversation with a surfer. Alright? Wide range of examples they gave there. But For users, if you've used the Snapchat AI, presumably, it's going to be a little like this, but probably a little more powerful Given Meta has been working on its LAMA 2 model, which is essentially its its kind of equivalent or its competitor to chatgbtgbt4. Alright. Last but not least, YouTube is testing AI summaries Right? Actually, did a quick overview of of summarizing YouTube videos with chatgpt. If you didn't see it in the newsletter, make sure you go check that out. But YouTube did announce that they're going to be testing AI summaries, and they've actually already started to roll it to limited users on limited videos.

Jordan Wilson [00:04:03]:

So I'm not I'm not sure on this one. I'm not sure, mainly because it's YouTube's main ad ad revenue is from people watching videos from front to end, from beginning to end. So I'm sure they've already thought about this. Maybe, you know, the the summaries will be sponsored by someone. I'm not sure. But it should be interesting to talk about, nonetheless. Alright. That's it for the AI news.

Jordan Wilson [00:04:32]:

So Let's see. Let's see who's joining us this morning. Brian saying good morning, Brian, thank you for joining us. Alright, lashes are saying there's a big difference between free and chatty b t. I agree. Brian is using paid, that's great. Nida is using paid Awesome. PJ, thank you for joining us.

Jordan Wilson [00:04:58]:

Monica is using the free version. Alright. So but might be getting shamed. Alright. So let's talk about what is the difference? between the free version of chatgpt and the paid version, all right. So I'm gonna go ahead I'm gonna put up a basic chart here on the screen if you're joining us live. You're joining us in the podcast, don't worry. I'm gonna walk through it.

Explaining the power of free ChatGPT vs paid

Jordan Wilson [00:05:26]:

But actually before I even go over this chart, I'm gonna start with an analogy because I like to. Alright. if you've been to our PPP course are Prime, polish or sorry prime prop polish course, you've maybe heard me talk about this, maybe maybe not, but What I say is that let's say you need to make a phone call, right? The free version of using chatgpt is like using that 1999 flip phone. You know the one that had snake or the Nokia and it lit up, right? Can it make a phone call? Sure, but using the paid version of chat GPT, It's like having the newest smartphone. Right? That's the difference. That smartphone can make a call. But that's smartphone. You can also run an entire business just using a smartphone, and that is the same with chatgpt4 also known as chatgpt plus, right? Yes, it is $20 a month.

Jordan Wilson [00:06:42]:

But you can literally run an entire business with chatgpt4 in the extra functionality that it provides, all right? Also, if you will have questions as we start to dive in to the GPT free versus the GPT 4 paid, right? Free versus paid. If you have questions, let me know. This is the time to dive in to the differences to explore why you might wanna use free or paid. Alright. Let's start at the top which we already talked about, the cost. It is free, to use chatgpt3.5. It costs $20 a month to use chatgpt plus, right. I'll say this, I know not everyone can afford $20 a month.

Jordan Wilson [00:07:35]:

I get that. But if you have a job, if you are employed and if you buy 1 coffee a month at at a Starbucks or if you eat out once a month, then you can afford chatgptplus and it'll pay for itself, right? I've said this before It's probably and, again, full disclosure. No one's paying me to say this. OpenAI is not paying me to say this, but I will venture. This is $20 a month for chattypt plus is probably the biggest bargain on the Internet if I'm being honest. I would pay more than a $1000 a month to use chattypt plus. It is that good because if you can use it correctly, and there's a huge emphasis on that. If you can use it correctly, it can act as a fully trained employee.

Jordan Wilson [00:08:32]:

You can actually have many fully trained employees. If you go through and if you give them the training they need, make sure they have access, you know, via plugins or code interpreter which we talk, which we'll talk about. But again, if you could have a brand new smartphone or a 1999 flip phone to run a business. Which one would you choose? So so many people out there, and this is why I I need to do a show on this. so many people out there are still using the free version of chattyBT even though they know some of the functionality of the paid version, right? So again, that is the equivalent. Let's even say let's even do it take it one step further. This is trying to run your business with a flip phone, a phone book, and a pen. versus a smartphone, a computer, and the Internet.

Jordan Wilson [00:09:29]:

Can you still run a business the former Sure. But you need to be using the paid version of chat GPT. Right? I've talked to so many people, so many people. And this is the number one mistake that people are making is when they're talking about chattyBT and using it in their business and I say, okay. Well, tell me how you use ChatxiPT. Right? I was even talking with with a handful of friends this weekend. You know? Now you can go around at a at a gathering and say, hey. know, you can talk about chattyBT, but everyone's using the free version.

Jordan Wilson [00:10:01]:

Right? And I tell people that is the number one mistake. alright? So I spent a little too much time maybe on just the money, but I guarantee you Once you've learned how to use it, it will pay for itself in seconds because even how myself, my team, how we're using chattyBT, it is saving us hours, hours a day. much more. So there's there's sometimes single prompts that we run-in the results that we get from these prompts because we're properly using chatty PT plugins, the results we get from a single prompt might save us multiple hours and we're doing this every single day. Alright? Let's start there. And actually, you know what? This is my show, so I can do this. Wanna go ahead and and do not a commercial I'm gonna go ahead and plug this. All right.

Jordan Wilson [00:10:57]:

So if you're listening right now, if you've taken the course, the PPP course, maybe maybe drop a line. Let people know if it's good or not. But we do this multiple times a week. Usually, a free 60 minute course called PPP, primeprompt polish, all right, So if you're listening to this, live, drop a PPP, I'll send you the information. We're not selling anything at the end. Right? Go go go watch these video testimonials. We're not selling anything at the end. We're just helping people learn chat GPT.

Jordan Wilson [00:11:37]:

Alright? So make sure make sure you check that out. We do have a class today and 2 classes tomorrow. Alright? And then gonna be a couple weeks or maybe a month or longer until we do another one again. So, yeah, like like Mabrut said, she said, showing her comment here, I highly recommend PPP She actually did the course twice. So she said, I followed it twice, and it helped me enormously. I could go on for hours about it. Alright. So thank you.

Jordan Wilson [00:12:02]:

MayBret. But, you know, take it take it from MayBret. Take take the course. Trust me. Alright. But let's go back and let's talk about some more differences. Alright. So we already talked about the cost.

Breakdown of free vs paid ChatGPT features

Jordan Wilson [00:12:12]:

Now let's talk about the limits. And sometimes people say, oh, this is the reason I use the free version of chatty PT. Well, there are limits on the paid version, right? So you get 50 messages every 3 hours on the paid version. You know, most they just changed it. It used to be 25. So most people don't run into that limit, but something to keep in mind. We we run into that limit a lot. Right? Because we're using chattyBT in every aspect of our business, which you should be too.

Jordan Wilson [00:12:44]:

I tell people chatgpt is like using the Internet. Right? And some people who are like, oh, I'm on the free version or I I don't wanna pay. It's like, okay, well, you don't wanna use the Internet. That that is that is the equivalent. Okay? So limits. Now we know. Let's talk about strengths because The free version does have a strength. It's faster.

Jordan Wilson [00:13:08]:

It's faster than the GPT 4 than the paid version, but That's in my opinion that's negligible because what you get out of Chegg, GPT, free, I'm not trying to be mean, I would never use it. It's not that great if I'm being honest because GPT 4 is more skilled. So let's just say you're using chat GPT for something like copywriting. Right? This is probably the most common use case that people are using GPT 4. So students are using it to write their papers. You know? People are using it to write emails or to write reports or whatever. Right? I'll say this. GPT 3, yes, it's unlimited, and you can write a time very fast.

Jordan Wilson [00:13:47]:

But It's like having a high school writer, right? Versus GPT 4, it is better. It has depth. It has recency. It is just much, much better. And if you have the paid version, try running the same the same prompts in free versus paid. GPT 4 is a it's a larger model. It has more parameters, right? So Think a bit the difference between even the models. You know? If if you had the original version of iOS, the operating system, you know, the very first operating system that came out on the iPhone.

Jordan Wilson [00:14:25]:

You couldn't really do anything. You could make a call. You could open an email. Right? but you couldn't multitask. You couldn't do all these things. Right? So think of it like that. Yes. You can run the same command on free versus paid, but the output is exponentially better when you are using paid even if you're just using it just to write.

Jordan Wilson [00:14:42]:

So much better. Alright? So The strength of GPT 3 is it's faster. That's it. Nothing else, right? And it's not limited. The strength of GPT 4 is its recency. Right? Because let's actually skip down to the cutoff because that's the most important thing. And aside from people using the free version of chat GPT versus the paid, the number 2 biggest mistakes that people are make are making is not understanding that you're not going to get the best outputs from the free version because there is a knowledge cutoff at September 2021. So what does that mean? a knowledge cut off, right? If you ask chatgpt, the free version, anything that happened after September 2021, it won't it won't know.

Jordan Wilson [00:15:32]:

You probably get 1 of 2 things. You're gonna get this message that says, you know, I am an AI model and this is my cutoff so I don't know or worse, you might just get some hallucinations. Here's the other thing. when people are writing or using the free version of chatty PT. We're not just talking about things that have or haven't happened since September 21. So let's say as an example, you're a student and you're using this chat to be t to write an econ paper, right? Think of how much econ has changed since September 2021. So, well, the free version of chat t p t's still spit out Your econ 101 essay? Of course. Will it include any recent and relevant information since 2021 that your professor's probably looking for Absolutely not.

Jordan Wilson [00:16:26]:

Absolutely not. Alright. Alright. Couple more comments. Let me just try to get them on here. Val saying GPT 3 is a 175,000,000,000 parameters. Yeah. I think I should really know this off the top of my head.

Jordan Wilson [00:16:41]:

I believe GPT 4 is 1,800,000,000,000. So yeah, the size of GPT 4 know, it's a large language model. So it's just, like, all these parameters. So think of it as, you know, these 100 of 1,000,000 or 1,000,000,000 or 1,000,000,000,000 or 1,000,000,000,000 of data points. GPT 4 is 1,800,000,000,000. And, yeah, Val Val was saying here in the comments that 3 is 175,000,000,000. So, yeah, I'm not a mathematician but 1,800,000,000,000 is much larger than a 175,000,000,000. Alright.

Jordan Wilson [00:17:16]:

Maurice saying, hi. Thank you for joining us. I'm gonna go ahead and take a question here. And if you have a question now's the time, get it in. Alright. So Ben is asking, does v 4 have funnier or more thoughtful hallucinations than 3.5? Yes. It does. But also, I don't know.

Jordan Wilson [00:17:33]:

Like, I I I have an episode on hallucinations. So hallucination is when chatgbt lies you. And you get it obviously much more if you're just using 3.5, you'll still get it if you're using GPT 4, the default model. But Don't ever use the default model in gpt4. There's no reason to, and we're gonna get into that here in a second. But from being honest, I don't my chattyBT, I use it hours a day. I don't get hallucinations. It doesn't lie.

Jordan Wilson [00:18:03]:

All that means is probably user error that the user hasn't given chatGBT access to what it needs if you're asking a query. Right? So, you know, in this example, Ben, you know, or anyone else if you're listening to this, Yes. Chat EBT does lie all the time. Right? The free version much more than the paid, but if you're asking, you you know, to to use the same example, if you're asking ChatyBT to write your econ paper, and it hallucinates, well, you should probably give it access to the Internet. And you should probably give it access to maybe a PDF or you know, 10 websites that are talking about the current state of econ. Right? So otherwise, yeah, it might hallucinate. It might make some stuff up. because here's the other thing.

Jordan Wilson [00:18:45]:

Think of chattypt as a collection or any large language model. A collection of every single thing that's ever been on the Internet. Right? We talked about trillion of parameters. And guess what? There's a lot of wrong stuff on the Internet too. There's a lot of even bias on the Internet stereotypes. So you are going to get all of these things. You are going to get lies, bias, stereotypes while using not just chatGBT, but any AI chat, any large language model because it's in its brain, right? So that's why you have to steer GPT 4 even when you're using it. And if you just use it out of the box, you'll still get hallucinations.

Jordan Wilson [00:19:22]:

You'll still get some lies. Right? Great question, though, Ben. But let's continue on and talk a little bit more about the difference between free and paid. The biggest similar, let's skip to the end in same memory. Again, this is something we talk about in the PPP course. So type in PPP. I'll send you all the info. It's kinda funny.

Jordan Wilson [00:19:48]:

I I treat the Prime prompt polished course, kind of like Fight Club, right? It's a secret. If you go on the internet, you can't find it. Go ahead and try. It's not out there. I don't share the link on social media. I don't share it anywhere. So it's like Fight Club just with Les Brad Pitt. So It's it's just a little secret for people listening to our podcast, people reading our free daily newsletter.

Jordan Wilson [00:20:11]:

So if you're hearing this and you're like, I'm not gonna type in PPP. I'll just go get on the Internet later. You're not gonna find it. Alright. But memory is another important thing. I'm not gonna go deep into that, but all large language models have memory. Right? So you might be starting a chat and things might be going great and then it goes off the rails. That's because at a certain point, chattyBT and all large language models start to forget things.

Jordan Wilson [00:20:36]:

Alright? That's important. Even as you give it information, even as you give it feedback, even as you coach your chats to do better, it's still going to lose its memory. Alright. Now the last the last subject that I want to talk about is integrations, all right, and this is a big one. So Justin, saying PPP, I got you, I'll send it, vowel, PPP. Val, you haven't been in the PPP course yet. Alright. Krishna, PPP.

Jordan Wilson [00:21:07]:

I'll send it all to you guys. Don't worry. When I'm done here, I will send it to you. But Let's talk about integrations. This is the big one. Alright. The free version of chatty bitty has no integrations. There's only what's called the default model.

Jordan Wilson [00:21:24]:

Alright? So if you pay the $20 a month and you get chatgpt4, you can enable these other modes. Okay? There's still a default mode in chatgpt4. Don't use it. There's literally someone proved me wrong. I don't think you will. there's zero zero reason to ever use the default model in chat GPT 4. Here's the reason, once you start a chat, you can't switch the model, right? You also can't add or remove plugins midway through. So whatever you start with, And when you build a chat, that's what we teach in the PPP course, creating experts.

Jordan Wilson [00:22:03]:

It's creating little employees, creating dozens or 100 of employees. But Once you start, there's a 3 plugin minimum. We're gonna talk about plugins, but you can't add remove modify plugins when you start. Right? So even if you start a chat and if you don't think you're gonna need any plugins, we recommend that you still enable plugins because you never know. If you want the Internet which you at some point as your chat grows, you're probably gonna need access to the Internet. So Also, I'll put in another plug. I'm just plugging everything day today because we're talking plugins. So I'm gonna plug our plugin show.

Jordan Wilson [00:22:37]:

We're gonna talk about that on Friday. So we're gonna talk about some of our best plugins. So probably gonna be a lot of questions. Join us Friday. Alright. So the integrations and the modes, let's just go back there. So even in paid, you're gonna have default. Don't use it.

Jordan Wilson [00:22:53]:

There's no reason to. You're gonna have plugins. That is our favorite mode, okay? So again, we'll be talking about plugins a little bit more on Friday, so make sure to join us for that. And then there's also code interpreter. Code interpreter is a newer model that was just released to everyone a couple weeks ago, maybe about a month ago now. And the best way to explain code interpreter is if you had a very powerful data scientist in your pocket. So you can upload any file and ask chattvT to do a crazy variety of things. So simple things.

Jordan Wilson [00:23:29]:

Yeah. You know, plot this data, look through, but it can code write code very well, much better than default models. You can upload photo, video, have them, you know, I've seen examples. You can program it to do face tracking in in videos. You can have it do animations and on photos. So The Code interpreter's great button. Probably what you'll be using a little more presumably will be the plugins. All right? So Let's talk a little bit very quickly about plugins.

Use cases for ChatGPT plugins

Jordan Wilson [00:24:03]:

And in the comments I did share a video here on what's calledddfee. Right? So We did these kind of genius tactics. Essentially, these are in house things that our team put together. If you Google Chat GPT, DTV, you're not gonna find anything on the Internet. These are our tactics that we are kind of releasing to different people. if if you take our free courses. Alright? So in this example, we call it data or or sorry, document, data, and visualization. So in this one prompt, and there's a YouTube video that shows you this.

Jordan Wilson [00:24:43]:

You can go from reading a 109 page PDF pulling out certain pieces of information that are on multiple pages of this PDF Creating a CSV from data extracted from multiple pages of that 100 and 9 page PDF and then also creating a chart in a diagram. Right? That's from one prompt. So we teach something called plug and packs. Again, you can only have 3 stope. You know, when I say it's like a smartphone, it's like running your business. Hopefully, that's something chatty p t changes in the future where you can have more than 3 plugins in an active chat or if you can mix and match and remove some and add some, but right now you can't. So You can literally run a business. This, what I'm showing right here on the screen, and, hopefully, that makes sense.

Jordan Wilson [00:25:33]:

Think of you have to read a 100 page PDF You have to pull out a bunch of information and create a CSV, a report for someone, and then you're also gonna have to create a a a graph. You know, you're gonna have to visualize all that. This is some people's jobs. Right? Literally, there are millions of people in America. This is their job. This is what they do. Right? Or it could be a part of so many of our jobs. You know? In my former life, I would have to do this all the time.

Jordan Wilson [00:25:59]:

You know? Working working at a nonprofit. We had very high level partnerships with Nike and Jordan Brand. That's all I was working on. I was doing stuff like this all the time. reading grant reports, trying to pull information from from different websites. Right? You can do it all now. And literally, a couple of seconds, what used to take hours. Alright? So that's just an example of plugins and why I wanted to spend just a little bit more time talking about plugins and plugin packs.

Jordan Wilson [00:26:25]:

So that's something that we teach in the free course. Alright? So let's jump back, and let's kinda wrap this up. Well, we'll see if we have any other plugins. So Nancy, thank you for joining us. Nancy, hope you can join us Friday, but she highly recommends the PPP course. Thank you. Val saying plugins are must. Absolutely.

Jordan Wilson [00:26:49]:

Brian saying great course. Highly recommend. Thank you. Josh. What's up, Josh? Josh and I actually did an AI summit together. There's a link out there. Josh, go ahead and drop your link if you have it. make sure to go watch, you know, his his course that he puts together.

Jordan Wilson [00:27:05]:

It's great. But, yeah, he's talking about code interpreter saying, you know, it uses over 330 Python functions. so powerful. Yeah. Code interpreter is, like, literally a data scientist, a programmer in your pocket. So as we wrap things up here. The moral of this story is this, stop using the free version of chatty PT. to stop.

Jordan Wilson [00:27:29]:

Again, if you're buying yourself one coffee, if you're going out to eat once a month, I I I know not everyone can afford $20 a month. I get it. You know, you might not be employed right now. You might be a student still, you know, scraping that old ramen off the ball. I get it. But If you use it correctly, you will make that money back instantly. It is literally like being able to hire multiple employees that work for you for essentially free. They work for you for $20 a month no matter how many of them you train up.

Jordan Wilson [00:28:03]:

Alright? So That's number 1. Number 2, if I'm being honest, the free version of chatty PT when it came out. Right? It broke the Internet. You know, I think it had, what, 100,000,000 users within the matter of a couple days. When chatgPT Free version first came out in 2022 November 2022. Let me tell you something. I was not impressed. Not in a bad way, but just in a okay.

Jordan Wilson [00:28:33]:

Alright. Cool. Here's the thing. The GPT technology So what you have in GPT 3.5. That's already been out for years, not November 2022, that was just checked GPT. But the functionality to use the GPT technology as it exists in GPT GPT 3.5. That's been out for years. We've been using it since 2020.

Jordan Wilson [00:28:58]:

So when the free version of chat GPD came out, I was like, Nothing special. Nice to have. We didn't even use it because we were still using other tools like Jasper Jasper AI, copy AI, you know, all these different tools because they are still better at the time than GPT 3.5. So If you're at all impressed with the free version of chatty PT, let me just say this. Wait until you use that paid version. Alright. So I'm gonna wrap it up there, but as a reminder, please If you're interested, at least, and people are vouching. Yeah.

Jordan Wilson [00:29:36]:

Again, there's there's no no upsell, no cross sell. Everything's free. So make sure if you want Let me know if you're listening on Apple Podcasts, Spotify. Thank you. First of all, if you could drop us a rating, that would be awesome. 2nd of all, There should be a link in the show notes. Shoot me an email. Just say PPP.

Jordan Wilson [00:29:52]:

You don't even gotta talk to me. I'll send you the information. But as a reminder, at least, I don't know if we're gonna have any more classes scheduled for August, maybe maybe not, but we have one today. We have 2 tomorrow. So if you're interested, now's the time. make sure to drop that, and I'll give you the information. Alright. Next, go to your everyday dotai.com.

Jordan Wilson [00:30:14]:

link is in the comments and the show notes. We put out a free daily newsletter. And I think, again, if you enjoy The podcast if you enjoy the livestream. If even if you've been to the course and you enjoyed the PPP course, let me tell you this. The newsletter is far more valuable than all of these other resources that we're putting out at everyday AI combined. You know, even we do the the the 5 minute tutorials every day, the AI and 5 that we share in the newsletter. Again, did this DDV example in the AI and 5, but The newsletter is where it's at. There's so many resources out there, but All the resources I think to learn, there's not a lot.

Jordan Wilson [00:31:01]:

Here's what's out there. There's a bunch of newsletters and they just say, here's 50 new tools that were released and a bunch of news. Good luck. That doesn't help people. That doesn't help people actually understand and use AI. That is what that is what we spend so much time on it every day AI. It's saying, yeah. Here's here's the updates.

Jordan Wilson [00:31:21]:

Here's some new tools. But almost every single day, we we have a topic that we talk about. Then we break down that topic and we say, okay. You learned x today on the show. Now let's talk about y, you know, x to y. That this is why we do it. This is how that you can learn what we talked about today and put it practically in use for you. So as a reminder, That newsletter's gonna be going out in a in a couple of hours.

Jordan Wilson [00:31:48]:

So make sure. Even everything we talked about today, we're gonna have a practical and in-depth breakdown of how you can use everything that we talked about today. Alright. Someone from LinkedIn said the newsletters are really useful recap. I highly recommend it. Nancy, shout them out. 5 minute tutorials are great. I agree.

Jordan Wilson [00:32:05]:

I think the tutorials are cool. But the newsletter's the best. That's what it is, y'all. Alright. So along one today, but I hope you now understands the differences between free, chatty PT and paid chatty PT. All right, and I hope you can join us later in the week and tomorrow and every day on every day AI. Thanks all.

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