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In today's fast-paced digital age, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to captivate their audiences and stand out from the competition. With the rise of AI technology, a groundbreaking tool called Runway is revolutionizing video editing by enabling the creation of high-quality videos in seconds. In this article, we will delve into the power of Runway, and how it can transform your business's video production process.

Enter Runway: The Game-Changing AI Tool:

Runway has garnered significant attention, having recently raised an impressive $141 million and reaching a valuation of $1.5 billion. This investment support from tech giants like Google, Nvidia, and Salesforce further underscores the tool's vast potential.The host proceeded to showcase Runway's powerful features, such as its text-to-video functionality, enabling businesses to transform written content into stunning video presentations effortlessly. Additionally, Runway allows users to remove backgrounds from videos, making it easy to layer visuals seamlessly onto different settings. The tool's video-to-video feature further simplifies the editing process by allowing users to modify or enhance existing videos using AI-generated effects.

Features of Runway:

1. Text to Video: With Runway, you can transform written content into visually engaging videos. Simply input your text, choose a style, and watch as the AI algorithm generates a professional-looking video in seconds.

2. Background Removal: Removing backgrounds from videos can be tedious, but Runway simplifies the process. By leveraging powerful AI algorithms, you can effortlessly extract foreground objects and seamlessly replace or remove the background, saving you valuable time.

3. Video to Video: Transforming one video into another has never been easier. By utilizing Runway's AI capabilities, you can transpose the style of one video onto another, creating a unique visual experience that captures your audience's attention.

Benefits of AI-Powered Video Editing:

1. Time and Cost Savings: AI automation drastically reduces the time and resources required for video editing. Runway's quick and efficient algorithms enable businesses to create stunning videos in mere seconds, saving valuable production time and money.

2. Enhanced Creativity: With AI handling the repetitive and time-consuming tasks, content creators can channel their creativity towards producing engaging and impactful video content. This allows businesses to unleash their imagination and elevate their storytelling to new heights.

3. Improved Audience Engagement: Videos are an excellent way to capture audience attention, and high-quality videos have the potential to go viral, boosting brand visibility. With AI-powered video editing, you can effortlessly create visually stunning videos that resonate with your target audience, increasing engagement and ultimately driving business growth.


AI-powered video editing is transforming the way businesses create captivating video content. Runway, with its remarkable features and user-friendly interface, makes it possible for businesses to create stunning videos in seconds. By embracing the possibilities AI offers, you can unlock your creative potential and captivate your audience like never before. So, why wait? Harness the power of Runway's AI and take your videos to the next level.

Topics Covered

- Amazon Web Services releases new free and paid courses on AI

- Netflix posts a $900,000 AI job amidst actor strikes in the US

- Mention of a study revealing that 70 percent of companies are experimenting with generative AI, but few are investing money in it

- Introduction to Runway

- Speaker explains that Runway is a generative AI tool for video editing

- Various features of Runway are mentioned, including text to video, removing background from video, video to video, and more

- Mention of Runway's recent successful funding round, raising $141 million and being valued at $1.5 billion

- Notable investments in Runway from companies like Google, Nvidia, and Salesforce

- Demonstration of Runway's video generation feature

- Speaker mentions upcoming demonstration of one of the newer features of Runway, which is generating videos from text and images

Podcast Transcript

Daily AI news

Jordan Wilson [00:00:16]:

Can you create videos in seconds that are actually high quality. The answer is, yes, you absolutely can. That's one of the things that we're gonna be talking about today on everyday AI. My name's Jordan Wilson. I'm your host. And today, it's me and you chatting, and we're gonna learn How? You can use this tool called runway. Maybe you've heard of it, maybe you haven't, but how you can literally use text inputs, photo inputs, and create pretty amazing results in seconds. So if you're new to everyday AI, this is your daily live stream, podcasts, and free daily newsletter, helping everyday people like you and like me, not just understand what's going on in the world of AI because there's always a lot, but how we can actually use it, how we can apply it in our everyday lives.

Jordan Wilson [00:01:07]:

So that's also what today's show is about. So if you are joining us live, please drop a comment. If you are listening on the podcast, you know, that comes out every day on on Spotify, Apple, all those of your favorite platforms. Check the show notes. There is a link where you can come, and you can leave a comment about this, or you can just join us during the weekdays. So alright. Cool. We have Vernon joining us.

Jordan Wilson [00:01:35]:

Vernon. Excellent. Yes. Excellent. Thanks for joining. Alright. So before we talk about runway, and I think you're gonna wanna pay attention to today's show, let's first talk about what's going on in the world of AI news and some some some headlines today. So Amazon Web Services, AWS, powering so much of generative AI has just released just a bunch of new free and paid courses on AI.

Jordan Wilson [00:02:01]:

So we will link to those in our newsletter, but this it's a pretty interesting move from, you know, Amazon, Microsoft. A lot of these other big companies are putting out way more kind of free education and free training on AI than they would on hardly any other areas just because I think they really want people to adapt to this technology. Next next news piece today, is Netflix is making waves with a recent job posting, but maybe not in the way that they intended. So amid all of the actor strikes that are going on here in the US. The the writers kind of can't get on the same page with the Hollywood Studios. But Netflix posted a $900,000 job for AI. So as, you know, movie studios are are grappling and and actors are grappling with how do we find the common ground? That that may come off as kind of a slap in the face to to to some to some of that industry. So But if you're looking for a $900,000 AI job, might be worth checking out.

Jordan Wilson [00:03:07]:

Alright. Last news piece before we get into talking about runway is More than a new study shows that more than 70 percent of companies are experimenting with generative AI. 70 percent of companies is a ton But so far, results are showing that few companies are actually investing money in it. So just really things are going in the starting with the experimentation phase and slowly going into implementation. So this this study just shows that, you know, companies are struggling with how they can actually use AI in their day to day. But That's what you have everyday AI for. That's what we do here on this show. That's what we're gonna be talking about today.

Jordan Wilson [00:03:51]:

Alright. So We have a lot of comments already. Great. It looks like people are excited to to to learn about runway. George's saying looking forward to helping our marketing team creating cool safety videos. Yeah. Let's let's let's do it. We'll talk about it.

Jordan Wilson [00:04:05]:

George, thanks for joining us. Doctor Harvey Castro. Thanks for being here. Mabret, super curious to learn more about runway. I'm curious to show you guys. Keishan saying welcome. Thank you for joining us. A lot of people joining us today.

Jordan Wilson [00:04:19]:

This is great. Maurice, thank you for joining us. Brian joining us as from from South Mississippi. Alright. So and and Leonard. Leonard joining us as well. Leonard posts really cool things on on LinkedIn about, you know, AI image generation. So make sure to check him out.

Jordan Wilson [00:04:39]:

Alright. Let's talk to it. Let's get straight to it. So we're actually gonna start at the end. Okay? We're gonna start at the end, and and I'll kind of explain explain why. So let's first go over a quick quick overview of what runway is, alright, so I have my screen here, I was just kinda playing around with it right before the show. So here's what runway is. Alright? And and hopefully and hopefully y'all can see see the screen here.

What is Runway?

Jordan Wilson [00:05:09]:

But If you are listening on the podcast, this is one of those shows that's gonna be best to to see the video. I'm gonna do my best to explain what's going on in the screen and how you can take advantage of this this tool called runway. But click on the show notes. You know, this is one where it's just gonna be best to watch it, but I'm gonna do my best. So Runway in short is a new ishai kind of generative AI tool, and it does everything that you can think of as it pertains to video. Even as myself, I was you know, I've edited oh gosh. I I I should have counted before the show, but I've spent thousands of hours editing videos. You know? In in my former former lives, both as a journalist and as, you know, kind of a nonprofit executive where we were working with with Nike and Jordan Brand.

Jordan Wilson [00:06:03]:

I would be editing videos, you you know, that we would, you know, show to Nike and Jordan Brand all the time. 1000 of hours. I wish that I had a tool like runway back back in the day would have saved so much time. So let's let's go over a super high overview, high level overview. of runway and what you can do. So you'll see that there's kind of on the screen a lot of different tools that are built in. Also, it's important to know there is a free version of runway, but I believe everything that you generate will have a watermark. So It's which is good.

Jordan Wilson [00:06:35]:

It's it's free to explore this this tool, see if it's if it's right for you. Also, this is a big player. Right? So Runway recently raised a $141,000,000. And right now, they're valued at 1,500,000,000. Right? And it is some of the biggest names in tech that have invested in them. So Google, Nvidia, Salesforce. There's there's a host of others. But, you know, really, I think a tool that we don't talk about enough and people aren't using enough, and that's one of the reasons why we're going over it on today's show.

Jordan Wilson [00:07:11]:

So a couple of things that you can do, but you can do text to video, which we're gonna show you. Right? Pretty amazing. I think a lot of us have heard of, you know, text image, you know, with tools like Mid Journey, Dolly, from OpenAI, stable diffusion. But Text to video. We're gonna go into it. Removing background from video. Right? Video to video, text to image, you you know, which again, so many companies do that. Image to image, you know, you can train your own generator.

Jordan Wilson [00:07:39]:

There's there's so many different video video editing generative AI tools in runway. We can go over them all in a 15 to 20 minutes live stream here. But I wanna show you I wanna show you all one of the newer features that's grabbing a lot of headlines. So, essentially, to to get on with the the the runway speak. You have Gen 1 and Gen 2. Right? So they had a host of of tools that they released as Gen 1, and then they have a host of tools they release with Gen 2. So we're gonna be going over Gen 2 today, which is videos. Right? Generating videos from text and images.

Jordan Wilson [00:08:21]:

So let's let's get right into it. And just as a reminder, if you do have any questions, please feel free to pop them in a chat in the chat here. So like Audrey saying, wow. Video to video. Yes. And make sure to check out Audrey. She's gonna be on the show this week. So let's let's just do it live.

Jordan Wilson [00:08:41]:

Let's do it. So, you know, we've obviously played around with this a little bit. The gen 2 has was just recently released to the public, so it is a newer tool. But Let's just start with the basics here. So this is a blank screen, right? And it's saying add an image or write a prompt or use both. and that's it. This is one of the simplest interfaces, but I'm gonna go ahead and I have a little thing, a little prompt here on the screen, very simple just so you don't have to watch me struggle typing. Okay.

Jordan Wilson [00:09:17]:

So you'll see there, I just typed in my prompts and I hit generate. Alright. And my prompt was simple. It says the Chicago skyline at Sunset. as if shot from a drone on the Lakeshore. Okay? Pretty simple stuff. So as this buffers. Let me explain kind of how this works.

How Runway's computing power works

Jordan Wilson [00:09:35]:

So there's a lot of computing power going on here. Right? If if someone would have told me as a, you know, video editor, you you know, capturing video, you know, it's like I said, I spent thousands of hours doing this. If you would have told me 10 years ago that you could do this with just simple text, I would not have believed you. But we are seeing live here. It's it's going to generate in seconds. You know? Depending on, I think, the load on their servers, it might take, like, a minute ish But for the most part in in our testing, you can get some some great results in less than a minute. So as this kind of finishes generating and we're done. Alright.

Jordan Wilson [00:10:19]:

So this is pretty shocking. Right? So, yeah, if if you're watching this, you understand. But if you're not watching this, It's a very gorgeous looking Chicago sunset. Right? Granted, it looks like some of the buildings aren't laid out how they should be. Right? So, again, this gen 2 was just just released recently to the public. So there will be improvements in their model in their engine, but I'm gonna go ahead and hit play, and we're gonna take a look at this. Wow. So super super smooth.

Jordan Wilson [00:11:04]:

So a couple a couple of things to note for now, and these things change. So if you're listening to this on the podcast in a couple of weeks or in a couple of months, go back and check. But let's take a look at some of the settings right now and talk about some of the limitations and options. Right? So there there's the option by default that's checked. to interpolate, which is to smooth out your frames, you can upscale. So this this resolution here is not the the highest resolution. So you can you know, export it in HD, but for the sake of time, I'm not doing that. And then also, you know, like I said, if you're on the free plan, It will have a watermark.

Jordan Wilson [00:11:40]:

I'm not on the free plan, so you won't see a watermark here. But those are the the main options that you have. Right? And right now, the duration is currently set to 4 seconds, right? Presumably, that is going to change as their servers kind of catch up, and they can produce a little bit more and as the quality increases. But that's what, you know, machine learning and AI is all about. You get you get feedback from users. Right? So right here, I'm gonna go ahead and leave them feedback. I'm gonna say a 4. And, you know, they're even gonna ask how can we do it better next time.

Jordan Wilson [00:12:18]:

So I'm just gonna say, render quality. Right? So over time, this is gonna get better. As users like you and me tell them, hey. This is good. This isn't. Alright. So let's that's one example of just you saw it here live creating a pretty good looking video from just a text prompt. Alright, so we we do have a couple of questions.

Midjourney vs Runway and other details about Runway editing

Jordan Wilson [00:12:44]:

Alright, our YouTube Are YouTube's working? Alright. So, PJ, thank you for the question. I know PJ sometimes joins on LinkedIn, so thanks for joining today on YouTube. Now we know it works, PJ. So she has a question, how does this compare to mid journey? I'd say completely different tools. So there's very small overlap in that runway does offer text to image, but mid journey is far superior in that. So if you don't know mid journey, I'm actually gonna be bringing in a mid journey image. and we're going to be testing that.

Jordan Wilson [00:13:14]:

But Mid Journey is probably one of the most popular text to image generators, and you can get amazing results. From from Mid Journey, results that you can use in your marketing and you can use to grow your business. Right? These are all, you know, even when we talk to the at the top of the show, about, you know, so many companies are experimenting with generative AI, but few are able to really take advantage this is a way you can take advantage. Right? Think of you you your your small business, you you know, if you work in a company, if you have a small marketing department, or if you don't have budget, you can use this kind of tool to produce just great results. Couple couple other questions coming in. How can it help us edit videos made by ourselves? So great great question. So You can go in and look at all the different at all the different options that runway has for video editing. I just really touched on the basics, you know, removing backgrounds.

Jordan Wilson [00:14:12]:

I know they have some colorization options. There's there's so many different video editing tips, but this isn't your traditional timeline video editor, if that's if if that's what you're kind of going for. There's other AI powered softwares or non AI. So, you know, if you wanna replace, you know, Final Cut or Adobe Premiere, this isn't it. This is actually I'd say jaw dropping. Right? I never like to, you know, overdo it here on the show, but these are great results. The fact that you can get this is amazing. So, yeah, it's it's not not technically your traditional timeline video editing.

Jordan Wilson [00:14:47]:

Right now, this is for producing short clips. Wow. Yeah. So a lot of people are saying wow. Impressive. agree. Yves, thank you for joining us. Val, thank you for joining us.

Jordan Wilson [00:14:58]:

Good morning to you all as well. Alright. Let's let's quickly take another look at a at at a use case here. So I'm gonna go ahead, and we're gonna go back into Gen 2. and here's what we're gonna do. You can use an image. You can start with an image. Alright? So you might already see it there, but I'm gonna show you you can just drag and drop something on your screen.

Jordan Wilson [00:15:19]:

We're gonna do it live. So this is an image from mid journey, and you can kind of see it in the background there. So this is something every every Friday we put together a little recap of what's going on in the world of AI news. We shared on LinkedIn, but for each kind of big news piece, we share an an image generated with mid journey. Right? So this is one of our mid journey images. I think this was about the ongoing kind of battle between Hollywood and the writers guild. So, you know, the the strike with actors. This was one of the images that we used.

Jordan Wilson [00:15:55]:

So it's it's kind of generating here, and I'm actually gonna take this take this opportunity here to show you some examples, all right? So let's go ahead and go to Twitter. Right? So shout out to whoever shared this. Let's see who it is. Curious refuge, I believe. So This is -- In a galaxy, far, far away. An example. You know? So this is playing here. If you're not oh, let me make sure that we have the right tab on.

Detailed AI-created Star Wars spin-off series

Jordan Wilson [00:16:28]:

There we go. Alright. So if you are listening on the podcast, you are seeing some Star Wars themed, it looks like a movie trailer if you didn't know any better, right? So highly detailed photos that were created with AI images turned into videos. So this looks like it could be a spin off series of Star Wars or something. You know, all these, you know, kind of big series have, you know, smaller shows on on Netflix, you know, things like that. This looks like it's a spin off of of a Star Wars show, but this is all created with runway. So, you know, again, maybe you're seeing some of these examples and you're like, alright. I don't it.

Jordan Wilson [00:17:17]:

You know, here's a short four second clip. What can I do with it? Well, there's a great example of what you can do with it. Right? The possibilities are endless, especially when you have AI generated images. You can go from text to high quality image to a short video montage like that in minutes. Right? So let's let's go back in and let's check on let's check on our our video. So, again, we use this for our for our kind of week weekly news recap. So let's go ahead and hit play. As you'll see here, it's a It's a Terminator looking bot there in in Hollywood, and there's, you know, people in the background walking.

Jordan Wilson [00:17:59]:

So let's hit play. So again, not too bad. You know, you kind of see people walking in the background the terminator type robots moving around a little bit. You have clouds moving in the background. So, again, this isn't going to give you a video that you can just use on its own in 4 seconds, you know, a 4 second clip. You're not gonna do anything with it. But like that example showed, when you splice them together, you can really create something really valuable. I think there's a lot of value in this.

Jordan Wilson [00:18:38]:

All right, let's take one more look at another example. on Twitter. So let's go ahead and and, again, we'll have this in the in the newsletter in the free newsletter. So make sure you go sign up at your everydayai.com. So if you wanted to see more of these examples, we're gonna have them. So this is from a Twitter user, creative edge. So always always wanna shout out the people that put this together. So on the left, you'll see the AI image that was created in mid journey.

Impressive results with Runway's AI video

Jordan Wilson [00:19:08]:

On the right, you'll see the gen the gen 2 video that was created in runway. Right? So let's go ahead and and take a look here. So the great thing, this is also really good. If you can get high quality images of people, right, in mid journey, in sable diffusion, in dolly, and all these different text to image generators, you can get some pretty impressive results with runway. So let's just go ahead and and take a look at these. So, you know, Great lighting changes. You know, you get some facial expressions of the kind of actors or the AI actors you know, walking through a store, seeing movement. So yeah, you can see it there.

Jordan Wilson [00:19:53]:

It's pretty impressive. Alright, I hope this was helpful. Now let me just quickly recap here because we're We're 20 minutes in. We went over a lot in in runway. So Let's do a quick recap. And if you do have any questions, drop them now before we close out today's show. So we have Gen 2 I think is going to change marketing. Right? You saw some of these examples, and there's another great one that that we'll make sure to share in the newsletter today.

Jordan Wilson [00:20:34]:

It was kind of a bar bar behind my whatever that that that word is combining the 2 popular movies, it was an AI generated trailer that combined Barbie and Oppenheimer. It was Amazing. Right? So there's so many different use cases that you can use runway for. So again, what we talked about today Gen 2. Text to video we showed you. Put in a text prompt, kick something out, and then also image to video. You know, another thing that I don't think people are talking about or really even sharing about is using your own photos. Right? So let's say you had a vacation and, you know, from from years ago, and you have all these photos.

Bring old photos to life with videos

Jordan Wilson [00:21:20]:

You know? My wife and I were talking about this the other day. It's, We have all these photos, but when do we actually look at them? When do we actually use them? Right? So to to bring old family memories or vacations to life, and going from a still image to a video, You know, you know, think of it like, you know, when Apple introduced live photo. Right? That's always fun to go back if if you took a live photo, you know, to click it and you can see it. But What about for all those times you didn't, or maybe you have a, you know, DSLR DSLR camera like I do? You know, you have all these great photos. You can upload these now. and get images and to get movements because I think that's gonna be a common question or even a common complaint with with something like runway is, hey. you know, it kind of looks, you you know, a little computer generated or a little AI generated. It does for now.

Jordan Wilson [00:22:13]:

Right? So, again, keep in mind, This gen 2 was just recently released. This text to video, an image to video, it was just recently released to the public. the input or or or I'm sorry. The output will get exponentially better. You know, if if if you look at mid journey, right, and the quality of image of images that have come out of mid journey and the improvements in image quality and and how how real they look now, you know, 6 to 8 months ago, they didn't look real. Today, they look extremely real. Again, I'm I'm someone I've taken more than 500,000 photos with a DSLR. Right? It is hard for me to tell the difference between a real photo and something that mid journey as an example generates.

Jordan Wilson [00:23:00]:

And I think the same in you know, it might take a little longer for video. Video is much more complex. But I think in, you know, 6 to 9 months, we're gonna be we're gonna see videos created from runway that look pretty realistic. Right? And and we're already starting to see it. You know? I I I shared some of those examples. So Yattie saying love it. Thank you for joining us. Ben Ben with a comment here.

Jordan Wilson [00:23:28]:

Wow. Chaining AI tools could be super useful. Think about, you know, image to video. Yes. For a caregiver to create a kid friendly video explaining a complex surgery, Absolutely. Right? There's so many practical use cases that people could tap into this for their business. And and, Ben, to your comment, you know, again, make make sure everyone signs up for for the newsletter, and I'll kind of kind of end with this because that's what we're gonna be doing. today.

Jordan Wilson [00:23:55]:

We have a a daily daily segment called AI and 5. And, Ben, that's what we're gonna be doing. We're gonna show you how to quickly go from creating with text a high quality image in mid journey and then how you can generate a a video in runway with that generation. So I hope that was helpful for you all. I hope now you can see the power of this generative AI tool from runway called Gen 2 the possibilities to take text to video, an image to video is, I think, going to change marketing and advertising. If you think that AI has already changed marketing and advertising, just wait until the until the technology catches up a little bit. The technology is already fantastic. Don't get me wrong, but the output from runway is going to improve.

Improved media consumption through AI-generated content

Jordan Wilson [00:24:54]:

As you go in there, like I showed you live, going in there, leaving a star rating and leaving feedback, that's going to improve the output. So I do think that this will fundamentally change the way that we consume media in the near future. You know, we've we we've heard from very very knowledgeable people on the future of AI, images, and video. You know, you even have the Marvel director saying that he fully expects full AI videos in the Marvel series within 2 years. Right? And, you know, Marvel already did I think it was the secret invasion kind of trailer was all or the kind of the the beginning credit scene, I think it is, was all AI generated. So I think that this is going to change how we create media and how we create marketing and advertising. and also how we consume it. So if you haven't heard of runway, I hope this was helpful.

Jordan Wilson [00:25:51]:

And, again, as a reminder, please go to your everyday AI.com. Sign up for our free daily newsletter. We help you keep up with all of the latest news, highlight key software, but most of all, we break down the podcast each day. into way more depth and give you actionable tips on how you can use what we talk about to grow your business. So make sure you do that, and as you'll see there on the page, we do have a chatGBT giveaway ending soon. So 6 months of the plus version, the $20 a month version, and 6 private lessons. So thank you for joining us, and we hope to see you back tomorrow and every day on every day AI. Thanks.

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