EP 58: ChatGPT 101 – Getting Back to The Basics


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In the fast-paced world of business, staying informed and making well-informed decisions are critical success factors. With the exponential growth of digital information, successfully navigating through vast amounts of data has become a challenge for professionals across industries. Thankfully, advancements in AI technology have now given us a powerful tool to overcome this obstacle – ChatGPT. In this article, we will explore the potential of ChatGPT, its practical applications, and how it can revolutionize research and decision-making processes.

Harnessing the Power of ChatGPT:

ChatGPT is a powerful language model that has the ability to engage in dynamic conversations. Compared to traditional search engines, it enables users to ask questions directly and obtain accurate answers in real time. Imagine having a knowledgeable research assistant at your disposal, capable of delivering precise, tailored information from a wealth of online data sources in a matter of seconds. This transformative technology holds immense potential for streamlining research processes and enhancing decision-making across a range of industries.

Transforming Research Processes:

Conducting in-depth research is often a time-consuming and laborious task. With information scattered across numerous web pages, it can be challenging to find reliable and comprehensive answers. ChatGPT offers a solution to this dilemma. By providing a conversation-based interface, it allows users to ask specific questions and receive concise and relevant responses, eliminating the need to sift through a sea of search results. Professionals can save valuable time and focus on analyzing and interpreting information, empowering them to make more informed decisions.

Enhancing Decision-Making:

In the business landscape, the ability to make timely and data-driven decisions is essential. ChatGPT can be a game-changer for decision-makers, as it provides immediate access to up-to-date knowledge and insights. From market research to competitor analysis, ChatGPT can streamline the decision-making process by delivering accurate information on demand. Armed with this real-time intelligence, business owners and decision-makers can make well-informed choices that drive growth and success.

The Power of Plugins:

A noteworthy aspect of ChatGPT is the availability of plugins. These additional modules enable users to access specialized knowledge and functionalities, further expanding the capabilities of this technology. For instance, plugins can provide data visualization, code interpretation, marketing automation, and much more. By leveraging these plugins, professionals can unlock even greater efficiency and productivity in their research and decision-making processes.


ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize research and decision-making processes across industries. With its conversational interface, rapid knowledge retrieval, and access to specialized plugins, professionals can save time, improve information accuracy, and make better-informed decisions. Embracing this powerful technology can provide a competitive edge in the fast-paced business landscape, and it is exciting to witness how AI continues to shape the way we work and thrive in our evolving digital world.

Topics Covered

- Recent AI News:
  - FTC investigating OpenAI for misinformation
  - OpenAI partnering with AP and Shutterstock
  - Google announcing updates to Google BART
  - Hollywood writers guild going on strike regarding the use of AI by Hollywood studios

- Introduction to ChatGPT and Getting Back to Basics:
  - ChatGPT as a large language model with a knowledge base of everything up until September 2021
  - Encouragement to sign up for the Everyday AI newsletter for daily news updates and guest interviews

- Understanding ChatGPT Basics:
  - Capabilities of ChatGPT with its 1.8 trillion parameters
  - Quick access to a vast amount of data points and information
  - Importance of understanding and using ChatGPT correctly to avoid incorrect or misleading outputs
  - Comparison of AI and GPT technology to the internet, emphasizing its power

- ChatGPT's Plugins and Features:
  - Description of ChatGPT as a large language model with plugins for added capabilities
  - Reminder to avoid sending sensitive or confidential information through the platform
  - Benefits of the paid version over the free version
  - Limits of the paid version (25 messages every 3 hours)
  - Different modes available (default, code interpreter, plugins)
  - Code interpreter for data scientists and data visualization
  - Mention of over 700 plugins, with Zapier highlighted as an example for marketing automation

Podcast Transcript

Jordan [00:00:17]:

You've never actually learned ChatGPT. That's okay. That's what we're here for. That's what today's episode. is all about. My name is Jordan Wilson. I'm the host of everyday AI. That's what you're listening to. So we are your daily livestream, podcasts, free newsletter, helping everyday people actually use AI, actually understand it. because here's the reality. It's moving fast. Everything in AI every single day. If you think you knew what was going on a week or 2 ago and if you think that you were able to leverage all of these new resources we had available in generative AI. If you thought that 2 weeks ago and then you woke up today, Different different worlds. So that's what we're all about. So we have a special episode planned for today. We're getting back to the basics. of ChatGPT. So I think we have a lot of shows that you know, and here at everyday AI, we've had I think almost 60 shows. We've been doing this every weekday morning since late April. And I think we bring on so many great guests that can help people you know, go from a a 2 to a 5 in their AI knowledge or in their AI skill sets or we, you know, have shows where we can get you from a a 5 to an 8 or maybe an 8 to a 10. But I think that we've missed getting people from 0 to 1. or 0 to 2. So that's what today is all about. So before I kind of recap the the daily news, as a reminder, if you're listening live, Thank you. We already have some some comments coming in, so thank you. Arturo, Rastafonte, Nancy, happy happy Friday as well. We are getting back to the basics. But before we do, let's quickly talk about what's going on in the world of AI because I don't know about y'all, But this week, I think there's been more going on than any week, at least I that I can remember. You know, like I said, we've been doing the shows since late April, but this has probably been one of the biggest weeks in new AI news and developments since, you know, maybe ChatGPT was released. So let's let's talk some AI news here. So first, FTC is investigating OpenAI for misinformation. So there's obviously been a lot of lawsuits, a lot of, you know, potential class action lawsuits. But this is kind of the first official news piece where the FTC, you know, so that's the US's governing body is the federal trade commission is investigating OpenAI. So pretty pretty noteworthy piece there. So we'll we'll keep an eye on that. That's probably gonna drag on for a long time. Speaking of OpenAI, a lot of OpenAI news yesterday. So OpenAI, if you don't know, we're gonna talk about that now. That is the parent company of ChatGPT. So OpenAI just announced 2 very large scale partnerships. So we're speaking about, you know, even that first story, the the misinformation. You know, there's been class class action lawsuits for scraping, you know, data or unauthorized data use. But OpenAI announced 2 big partnerships, kinda going going legal, so to speak. So you know, talking OpenAI, partnering with the AP new service. So as a former journalist, you know, I used to talk AP and, you know, write AP all the time. and then also Shutterstock. So, you know, OpenAI partnering with 2 of the biggest names in, you know, just photo and images. So it's it's gonna be interesting how this plays out because I think what's gonna happen now that they have these official partnerships all these other, you know, publishing companies that we know that ChatGPT is using the information from their sites they're gonna be saying, okay. You announced partnership with them, but you're using our all of our information as well. So that piece Let's let's pay attention to that. Alright. Google announced a better bard, more countries. So I'm actually gonna be doing the AI and 5 on the new Google BART, which is just released. That's Google's version kind of, quote unquote, of ChatGPT. So there's image upload, Text to Speech or or Text to Speech export, which is great. New country, you can save chats. So many reasons that I did not like to use Google Bard, it looks like they've they've updated that. So make sure you pay attention to the newsletter. where we go over these new these new pieces. And last but not least, pretty big one here. So I believe Hollywood is, you know, looking at my clock here, but I believe the Hollywood writers guild is officially on strike as of a few hours ago. So they weren't able to strike a deal with, you know, kind of the Hollywood studios. And one of the biggest thing it's you know, they're talking about pay, you know, better pay, you know, streaming all of these things. But the one of the bigger ones and the ones that's been grabbing headlines as actors, you know, and and how Hollywood Studios are wanting to use AI So, you know, essentially, they're and, you know, we have more stories about this in the newsletter, but they are saying, hey. We're gonna come in here, and we're gonna, you know, get all of this, you know, extra information, and we're essentially gonna be able to use, you know, you or your voice or your likeness for eternity via a via AI. So that's that's gonna be unfolding. We'll see what happens. So with that, that was a lot of news, but let's get back to the basics. Again, have some comments coming in, Rastafaa. Thank you for joining. Doctor doctor Rass, really a scientist. Peter, former guests. Peter, thank you. Your back splash is covering your face, Jordan. Thank you. You know what? I'm gonna I'm gonna change this. We don't we don't need my face big. Thank you, Peter. Alright. And Val, good morning. Alright. Let's let's get right into it. Let's get right into it. Let's talk about ChatGPT and getting back to the basics. As a reminder, go to your everyday AI.com. and sign up. So, yes, we do have this livestream. We have the podcast going out on Spotify, Apple Podcasts. Wherever you get your podcasts, we are there. but also the free daily newsletter. I can't emphasize that enough. You know? It's hard to keep up with all these things. That's what we do every single weekday. We we bring you the news. We usually bring you a guest almost every single day talking about a different topic. So With that out of the way. Oh, and here's a great great quote from Ben. Shout out Ben. Alright. With that out of the way, let's talk ChatGPT. What is it? It is you've never used Check GPT, Let's let's look at the history, kind of, uh-huh. It's a it's it's a short history. So chatchipity was released. in November 2022. So it's been out for, what, about 8 months now. So the way I like to think of it is you know, if if you think of the Internet as kind of a word processor, then ChatGPT would be kind of Wikipedia and a Google Doc. So One important thing to talk about, and I'm gonna keep bringing it up. ChatGPT is essentially it's a large language model, more on that in a second. But Its' knowledge cutoff is September 2021, unless you are using the paid version of ChatGPT, And then I say that's like having an army. It's like having an army of of employees. Chat, GPT, the pro version with plugins. It's like having an army. Okay? So let's look at that a little bit more. So and also talk, like, why would we use chatgpt instead of the Internet or a Word doc. Well, a lot of reasons, but the biggest reason is the knowledge base of ChatGPT. So the best way to describe a large language model, which is what ChatGPT is. It is a collection of everything that exists on the Internet. up until September 2021. And there's essentially 1.8000000000000 parameters. misspelling of parameters there. That's that's me, not chattypt. You know? I make these slides y'all, you know, human error.

Jordan [00:08:49]:

But 1,800,000,000,000 parameters is a lot. So think it has chatgpt is a large language model. It's like talking to something that has the entirety of the Internet. So kind of like a Google. Right? Like Google has the entirety of the Internet. But the difference is you can have a very quick two way conversation. So why would you use something like chatty BT instead of Google? Well, a lot of times with Google or any search engine, you're gonna put in a query And, you know, it's gonna say, oh, this is, you know, page 1 of 64,000,000 or result 1 of 64,000,000. And a lot of times, you have to read through you know, a handful or dozens of different pages to get that piece of information. To get that piece of information, that you wanted. The difference with chatgpt, you can ask a question and get an answer. Right? You don't have to read twenty pages get bombarded with with all of these pop up ads. You know, get retargeted. Right? You are just in one spot in ChatGPT. having a conversation with essentially the world's smartest supercomputer. It is at your fingertips. Alright? So what does that mean? It'll do your work for you. Chat GP will do your work for you. So You've maybe seen it. You know, if you're a student, let's be honest, students, you're using ChatGPT to write your papers. It's a very common use case, especially among younger people, to write their papers. They're not doing FYI. When we talk about the free and the paid version here in a second, if you think ChatGPT is good and you're using the free version, it's not. compared to compared to the paid version, it is not that good if if I'm being honest. Okay? So even my background as an example. I'm not gonna go into it. I do have some slides here on the screen if if you're joining live. If you're you're listening on the podcast, I don't think you're gonna be missing anything by, you know, not being able to see what's what's on the screen. But in the show notes, you can always click and go back and watch the video. But, essentially, I have tens of thousands of hours of experience in all of these different areas, professional experience. I've spent more than way more than 10000 hours writing. Right? I've been getting paid to write for 20 years. I've spent thousands 1000 of hours designing websites, photo video, research and analysis, brand strategy, and brand identity work, graphic design, all of these things, and AI can do it better than me. That's the thing. If you're properly using AI, if you're properly using ChatGPT, it can it's better than you. Right? People don't like to admit that, and you may see people talking about, you know, oh, AI won't take our jobs because look at this output that I got from chatgPT. Well, probably because that person doesn't know how to use ChatGPT. So that's not what this that's not what this episode is about. We have plenty of episodes that go into great depth about how to, you know, kinda go from a a 5 to a 7 or a 5 to a 10 in your skill set. today's episode is not one of them, and we have a whole course, the the prime prompt and published course. So if you're if you are listening to this, go ahead and throw a PPP in the comments or, you know, shoot me an email, DM. Just say PPP. I'll send you that information. But the the the long story short is AI, including chatgbt, can do things better than professionals who have been doing these things for tens of 1000 of hours. Alright. So most of you probably have an account, but some of you don't. So when I say back to the basics, we are getting back to the basics. Alright? We are going to step 1. We are saying, how do you sign up? Alright. So you are going to go to openai.com. And there's different different buttons on there, but log in, sign up, or if you Google ChatGPT, you know, you're gonna be taken to open eyes open AI's home page here. So you'll click try ChatGPT or sign up. Also important, to keep in mind, I I'm gonna say OpenAI. I'm gonna say ChatGPT. OpenAI is the parent company. I think it was founded in 2014 or 2015. You know? Also, it's important to know, GPT is a technology. It is a technology that a lot of other companies use. So OpenAI makes this technology available to so many different companies. So Sometimes on the show, we talk about companies like a Jasper or a Copyai. So there's so many. There's hundreds of different kind of tools kind of similar to ChatGPT actually out there, but they all use OpenAI's or most of them anyways use OpenAI's GPT technology. Alright? Yes. And and thank you thank you for all of these comments. you know, Leonard, as an example, talking about Cloud AI is better than free chat. Yeah. There's thank you for that comment, Leonard, because that's a good reminder. chatGPT is not the only technology out there that offers this, you know, essentially, this new way to use AI to to write and to chat. Right? So the beginning in the new section, we talked about Google Bard. You know, BingChat, Microsoft, BingChat, they use GPT. So it's it is kind of similar. Microsoft is one of the biggest investors in OpenAI. And then there's also, yes, Cloud 2 is a new one that just came out from anthropic. And it was actually started by people who are origin kind of original OpenAI members in Anthropics Cloud is also backed by Google. So there's so many big names investing in people branching off and creating kind of new large language models. Right? But OpenAI is the parent company, and let's get in. So if you go to sign up, you're gonna have something like this that says create your account. You're gonna need to enter an email address. You're gonna have to verify your email. Okay? And again, why would you use this? Well, Think of it. You can chat with the smartest supercomputer in the world, and they can answer any of your questions. And if you do it correctly, it can take care of all of your work for you. If you do it correctly, that's that's another big thing right there. Alright? I'll even I'll you know, we do this live. I'm gonna try and take a question or 2 without getting too far off track Nancy asking, wonder it wondering if you need something like Jasper since chattyBT seems to do the job. You know? Yes. There's so many different tools out there. ChatGPT, especially with plugins, I even personally find myself using. You know? I've been paying monthly for Jasper. since it came out. I I use it here and there. I don't use it as much, but it really just depends on your use case. for some people, if you have chattyBT, the pro version with plugins, we'll talk about that. That's all you'll need. In speaking of plugins and chattyBT, it's important to talk about this, but your data becomes OpenAI's data. Let me tell you what that means. There are chats that we're gonna show you on the left hand side when you're using ChatGPT. So If you have a paid account, you have the ability to, you know, upload documents. You can train, in a way, ChatGPT. You can train a chat to be smarter to right like you. You can give it information

AI [00:16:27]:

past 2021

Jordan [00:16:29]:

with the use of plugins. Right? But anything that you send, quote, unquote, send to ChatGPT. It's not that it becomes public because it doesn't, but OpenAI does use any data that you send. to train its models. So that's extremely important. I always have to tell people, don't send your company sensitive information. Don't put in, you know, into ChatGPT. Don't put anything overly confidential. Don't put anything too sensitive. Right? If and and especially if you don't have access to it. Here's here's what I tell people though. In the end, ChatGPT and all these large language models are scraping the entire Internet. So, you know, let's say if if if it's a job description and if you wanna use ChatGPT to help write job descriptions. That job description is gonna end up on the Internet. So you might as well upload it into chat, EBT anyways. Right? Alright. So we talked about this. We're we're we're still in the sign up process. You sign up. You verify your email and you go. And one of the first things that you're going to be met with is the decision. Do I use the free version, or do I use the paid version? Alright. I have I have a comment here. Someone said they lost the feed. I hope I hope we're still out there. If you can still hear me, shout out, let me know. But the free version versus the paid version. Okay? I like to say it like this. The free version is like a flip phone. Not not those new smart flip phones, but a flip phone from the nineties. right? That's the free version of chatgpt. The paid version is like a smartphone, like the newest smartphone. Okay. That's the difference. Let's talk about this a little more. Free version versus paid version. I'm not gonna go over this and we go over this in our PPP course, so like I said, throw PPP in the comments. But there's pros and cons to the free version versus the paid version. The free version's faster, and there's no limits. but it's not very good. You know? And and and and saying that out loud now sounds weird because when it first came out, it was amazing. But when you use the paid version, it is by far the single best tool that any working professional or student can have in their I don't care. The fact that it's $20 a month only is kind of insane, I would pay 100 of dollars a month to use ChatGPT plus It is that valuable. So the biggest thing that I'm gonna talk about here in this chart, and you you can read it and, you know, you're listening on a podcast, make sure to click and and watch this piece. But, yes, it costs, but the limits. So right now, you In the paid version, you only have 25 messages every 3 hours. After that, you have to wait. So that's important to know. So, also, the strengths is well worth it because using the plugins, you can get past that knowledge cutoff. So probably If you're new to Chad GPT, you're probably getting something all the time, a message that says, I am a large language learning model. You know, essentially, you're asking me something, and my knowledge cut off is September 21. It's a long time ago, y'all. It's, like, almost 2 2 full years. So, yes, by default, ChatGPT is now kind of old. Right? Hopefully, newer newer versions will, you know, have information by default in 2022, 2023. We'll see as new versions. of this large language model come out. But right now, that's important to keep in mind. Ben, shout out. Ben just said Jordan's PPP classes. Great. I agree, Ben. It's free. We just teach people how to use ChatGPT. There's no upsells. Alright. So now that you know the difference between free and paid, like I said, that $20 is gonna pay for itself in about 20 seconds or 20 minutes. Right? As soon as you understand how to learn. Okay. So we got through that. Now let's talk about the basics of the ChatGPT interface. So we went over what it is. ChatGPT is a large language model. We said, hey. There's all these other ones. We walk through the process of how you create account an account. And, yes, you're gonna have to log in every time you go there. It's different than Google. Right? You don't just go there. You can't just use it anonymously. You know, there are ones you can use anonymously. Right? I believe. You know? Or a lot of them are just connected to your account. So, like, as an example, you know, Google, Google's bard. It's connected to your Google account. So it's not like you have to re sign in. Okay? So getting started on the left hand side of ChatGPT, that's where all of your chats go. So when you start a new chat, It's gonna automatically name itself and it'll save itself. Okay? So you can always scroll back. That's the important thing. I go into this in in the course, but you should be training these chats. Each of these little chats, you should view them as an employee who does one very specific thing. So the way I say is is you wouldn't just use one employee to do every single thing. Right? You know, if you could, you would hire the best employee to do one very specific thing. So think of your chats like that because you're gonna be going back and forth with ChatGPT, and each time you are technically training it to give you better outputs. So keep that in mind. On the left hand side, we have our chat And then when we click new chat in the upper left hand corner, if you have a paid plan, you're gonna get these options. So you can see it here on the screen. but you're gonna have GPT 3.5, so that's the free version or GPT 4. That's the paid version. And then even within GPT 4, there's different modes. Okay? So by default, you always have to look at what mode you are selecting. There's the default mode, the code interpreter, and plugins. There used to be browsed with Bing that was kind of, you know, instant knowledge, quote unquote. They took that away because of some some some legal issues. But you can still access recent information with plugins. That's always the number one thing that that people either don't know or the number one biggest thing that they they see that, and they're like, okay. Yes. Now I understand how this is amazing. So when you start a new chat, you have to click your mode. It's either default which, again, 2021 knowledge cutoff. I I don't know if I've ever used I don't know if I've ever used the default mode. because I don't necessarily find it very useful. Code interpreter is new. Everyone just got access about a week ago if you are a paid paid member. Think of code interpreter like this. It's like having a data visualization pro, a data scientist, essentially, you can upload all kinds of different documents, you know, you can upload a spreadsheet with a 1,000,000 you know, points of information and ask very specific things, you know, about that thing on the 500,000th row. It it it will tell you. Right? Huge for data scientists, data visualization, but, also, you can upload images, video And the code interpreter can do amazing things. I'm not gonna talk about that because that's beyond the basics. And then plugins. So we kinda talked about plugins, I believe, as of now, there's more than 700 plugins. So why would you use plugins? Well, it it brings in new functionality that by default, ChatGPT does not have on its own. A great example that I like to use is Zapier. So Zapier is a marketing automation tool. It's the most popular one on the Internet. It's been around for, I don't know, 15 years. And, essentially, in Zapier, you can create all these marketing automations with tens of 1000 of other services. So by using the Zapier plug in, as an example, in ChatGPT, You have to have a Zapier account, but you can essentially run your whole business just in that ChatGPT chat with Zapier because you can tell Zapier to do anything with those tens of 1000 of accounts that you may or may not have connected to it in your account. Yes. g. Thank you. g says avoid Bing. you know, Bing, you know, this is important to know too. So Bing chat from Microsoft, it is quote unquote powered by GPT technology. So there is it's kind of technically a free way to get access to some of the features of GPT 4 because BingChat is free. And if you click the creative mode, more on that in another episode, but you technically get access to GPT 4, but not all the plugins. Alright. So That's a basic overview of the chat interface. So you're gonna click new chat, click your mode, and then in that area at the bottom, it's gonna say send a message. You go down there and type. Alright? Again, this is the basics, guys. We're going over the basics. So you would type something. And in this message, I said, hey, chatGBT. What is the difference between chatGBT and OpenAI? Are they the same thing? And chatGBT answers. Okay? So that's the basics of what you can do in chatgpt. Ask any question and instead of browsing,

AI [00:25:36]:


Jordan [00:25:37]:

a100, pages. You know? I've been there. Right? When doing deep research on a subject with Google alone, I've been there where you start with 1 Google query, and you are going on 10 different pages. 20 different pages. And you're writing the different notes, right? Because the Internet is not necessarily made, to answer all of our questions the way we want them answered. Raspaf, funny question. Is that considered self awareness? Probably not. That's that's for another episode. Right? 1 does AI become general intelligence. So This is the biggest benefit if you are brand new to chatGBT, if you've never used it. Think of it like this. That example I was just talking about where I put in one query in Google, and I have to do a lot of research. Right? I have to read a lot of pages. Maybe I'm taking notes. Maybe it's for work. Maybe it's for school. Whatever it may be. but that's a very common usage of the Internet in general. Right? You search one thing. You read a lot of pages. You're taking notes, and then maybe from those notes, maybe you're drafting an email, maybe you're writing a paper, maybe you're working on a project, a presentation, a pitch, But that's that's how we use the Internet for the most part. You search, you read a lot of different pages. Sometimes sometimes you're lucky. Right? Sometimes you're lucky, and you can read one page. But I think for so many use cases, you're reading many pages on the Internet, maybe taking notes, and maybe doing something with those notes. But ChatGPT automates that whole process. You know? I used to do a lot of I worked in a nonprofit for 10 years. There would be days where I would do one, essentially one Google search. and that was my day. I would open and read 20 different pages, you know, because maybe I was researching for a grant and I had to write a grant. or, you know, trying to find out more information about certain populations that were niche, and I would have to look all over the Internet and I would read everything, and I would have to take notes. Right? So literally and and and I think maybe if some of you are listening, that might sound a lot like your job. And if you and if that does sound a lot like your job and you haven't used chatgbt yet, then you should use chatgypt. All right. That is the basics guys, the basics. So If you have any questions, let me know. Otherwise, I'm gonna try to wrap this up. This is a longer episode but I also wanted to do this episode. because I you you know, we get so many questions about people are are catching, you know, one of our other episodes midway through, and they're like, hey. This is all great. But you know, this is from 5 to 10. How do I get to 5? This is this this is the episode I hope can help you. if you're not sure what ChatGPT is, if you should be using it, why you might use ChatGPT. I hope this episode helped. I hope this conversation helps. You know, we answered a couple of questions. We looked at some examples. But again, let me try to recap it as quickly as I can. chattyBT is a large language model. It has essentially the entire Internet at its disposal up to 2021,

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trillion parameters of of essentially 1.8 data 1,800,000,000,000 data points that you can pull out of ChatGPT in a second. Right? If you're asking a very specific question about something, you don't have to waste all that time. So it is the world's best researcher. And the GPT technology like ChatGPT is the world's best writer. So it is like having the world's best researcher and the world's fastest and most accurate writer at your fingertips. Yes. How you use ChatGPT matters? Maybe you've you've seen examples of bad outputs from chatgpt or a lot of incorrect ones, right? But I'll tell you this. That is not usually ChatGPT's fault. A lot of times, it's just people that don't really understand how to use ChatGPT or the GPT technology putting out information where it's like, hey. Look at chatgpt lied. You know? Chatgpt hallucinated. We have a whole whole episode on how to avoid chatgbt hallucinations. So don't believe everything you read on the Internet. But You can't believe me when I say this. I've been using the GPT technology since it came out. So in 2020, and then ChatGPT came out in 2022, November 2022. So I've been using this technology for I guess what? Almost almost 3 years, the GPD technology. And when I tell you this, I am not exaggerating. I think ChatGPT and large language models in general. are going to be one of the most powerful tools of our generation. Right? I say, I think, you know, ChatGPT in large language models in the grand scheme of things. will be significantly more important than the Internet itself. Right? I mean, think the Internet's been around. commercially available since the nineties. So, you know, we've had the Internet for 30 years. Yes. There's been social media. There's been other huge advancements, you know, streaming and how we consume media, social media, yes. But I think AI and the GPT technology is far is far more consequential and far more powerful than just having access to the Internet because here's the thing. When we got the Internet, yes, it brought the literally the world of information to your fingertips, but that information or those capabilities existed elsewhere. The Internet is just the world's most convenient collection of knowledge. AI and chatgpt is much more than that. It gives everyday people if you can talk and ask a question, It gives you superpowers if you know how to properly use it. Right? So we've talked about everything Top to bottom. I agree with I I agree with Rhesh if I here who said it revolutionized every single facet of human life. So we've covered ChatGPT top to top to bottom. This is a longer episode, but you know now. ChatGPT is a large language model. 1.8 trillion parameters. Knowledge cut off at 2021. So if you're using the free version, keep that in mind. There's a paid version. $20 a month. Great investment. Gives you access to code interpreter, to data scientist, data visualization at your fingertips, and plugins. There's more than 700 plugins. I think the plugins kind of ecosphere will be bigger than, you know, any app store there is out there. So plugins bring a world of information and the ability to know what happened 10 minutes ago if it's on the Internet brings all of that into ChatGPT. So that's the basics. I thank you all for joining on a much longer episode of everyday AI. So we won't be back tomorrow, but we will be back every weekday, Monday through Friday. As an example, go to your everydayai.com. That's a reminder. Go to your everydayai.com. Sign up for our free daily newsletter. so much going on in the world of AI news. We keep you ahead of the curve. We help you outsmart the future. So I hope to see you back next week and every weekday. on everyday AI. Thank you.

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