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You're using ChatGPT incorrectly. You're not doing it right. That's one thing. That's actually the main thing we're gonna be talking about today. on everyday AI. I am your host, Jordan Wilson, guiding you through ChatGPT, and how to use it better. But before we do that, Here's a reminder. This is a live stream. This is for you to answer your questions, your burning questions about ChatGPT or anything else, but Before we get to your questions and get into why you're using ChatGPT wrong. let's first look at the AI news. Alright? So we do this every day, every weekday, 7:30 AM Central Standard Time. We come to you and we bring you what's happening in AI news. You can spend hours, countless hours a day trying to keep up, or you can tune in every day to every day AI. It's your choice. 

Alright. So let's round down some of the biggest pieces of news today in AI. So OpenAI is stealing data. At least that's according to the Clarkson Law Firm that's filing what they're trying to make a class action lock lawsuit accusing OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, for hoarding vast amounts of personal data. So, yeah, they're obviously seeking class action status on this. This will be interesting to see how this plays out. I think this is one of the first larger potential class action lawsuits we've seen kind of be levied against OpenAI. I'm sure they have the world's largest law legal team.

Anyways so The second second piece of news. And, again, we'll be sharing these all in our daily newsletter, so make sure you go to your everyday AI.com. So a new report from the verge is essentially Meta is spilling the beans on how AI influences what we see on social media. So, you know, how AI impacts everything you see on your feed on Instagram, Facebook, They went into great depth and provided a good amount of detail as well. So definitely check that article out.

Next, we have a new study on AI's rapid adoption and what that means for mental health. This is important. It's something we don't talk about a lot. So This was unveiled. Kind of this study was unveiled by leaders at the KPMG Woman's Leadership Summit, I I believe, yesterday. So They sent a survey of executive women found that 91% perceived an exponential surge of stress in the workplace compared to pre pandemic levels. And a lot of that was attributed to this that rapid adoption of AI. It's something that we're not talking about enough, and I think we need to.

AI is great but it is going to make everyone, at least this is my personal opinion, and we talk about it here on the show. In the coming months and years, Your efficiency your employer is going to expect your efficiency to go up exponentially once employers learn how to use all these AI tools they're going to expect you to. So definitely check check out that article as well.

Last but not least, there's a big chip con controversy. So not the chocolate chips or potato chips, but the computer chips. So NVIDIA is warning that new US restrictions on chip sales to China could leave to a permanent loss of opportunity So why are we talking about chips on an everyday AI show? Alright. So whether you have noticed this or not. It's actually chipmakers and companies involved in AI that are propelling the US economy. So, obviously, you know, the everyday AI show is based here in Chicago, but we have listeners, you know, all of the all over the globe. Shout out, you know, all you people in New Zealand in that area were always getting a lot of listens over there. But so the chipmakers, specifically NVIDIA, AMD Broadcom, and companies in generative AI, you know, Google, Meta, IBM. So those things are driving the US economy. So when a big player like NVIDIA is saying, hey. This is going to take away permanent loss of opportunity That affects the everyday person. That affects what we're talking about today. Okay. Can't wait. We already have a ton of comments.

Okay. So as a reminder, if you are listening to this live, I hope that you're gonna take advantage of what we talk about today. So we're talking about everything you're getting wrong about ChatGPT. But if you are listening to this on the podcast, check the show notes. We're gonna have a link in there to a LinkedIn thread. So you can come in ask me questions if you want. You can read what other people are talking about, find out some more resources, so please join us. So but for those of you live, let's let's get to it. And please leave a question. Leave a comment. We already have some going. So without further ado, let's talk about everything you're getting wrong. about ChatGPT. Alright. Here we go. As a reminder, look at that. We we already have done Harvey Castro on some materials here. Shout out, Doctor Harvey. So everyday AI is a live stream podcast and newsletter. just wanted to throw that out there before we get started. It's important. Alright.

So the first thing that you're doing wrong with chat JPT is you're using the wrong version. okay, there's a free version and there's a paid version, alright, so I know that it's it's $20 a month, so $20 a month means different things to different people. And I wanna be cognizant of that, that $20 in other countries or for people, you know, that are going through you know, really tough financial times, that can be a barrier. If you are you know, buying yourself coffee every day if you are going out to eat a couple times a week and you are not using the paid version of ChatGPT. You are not spending your money wisely. I will just say that. Okay? If you don't have the paid plan for the $20 a month for ChatGPT. You are wasting your money. Alright? I'm putting it out there. If you if you disagree, go ahead and leave me a comment. I I I do wanna get to some of these some of these comments here. So thank you for for tuning in, SM, Leonard, Chicago. Leonard's Leonard's doing great things with Mid Journey AI Art. It is a loaded choice. Yes. Doctor Harvey Castro, he'll check the article out. Thank you. Let me just make sure Greetings from Ireland. Alright. Matthew, thank you for joining us. Appreciate that. Alright. We have a lot of yes. And I agree, Leonard. GPT is greater than Starbucks to the 1,000,000th power and beyond. Okay. Let's get back into it and talk about more ways that your using you're just getting things wrong about ChatGPT. So we actually do a couple times a week a free ChatGPT training. If anyone listening to this has taken it, maybe drop a comment if you think it was good or not. But if you wanna know information, all you have to do is type in PPP. It's a free course. We don't sell anything. We just wanna we just want people to be better at ChatGPT. Okay?

The next way that you're using ChatGPT in the wrong way is you're using it in the wrong year. Okay? So is mistake number 1 and mistake number 2. Mistake number 1 is you're using the free version. An analogy that I like to use is, you know, Most of us have a smartphone here. You know? It is the equivalent, you know, people who say, oh, I don't need the paid version. I can make do with the free version because, you know, there's all these external, you know, Chrome extensions that give it so much power. No. The difference is the paid version is a smartphone, the newest smartphone. The free version is whatever came before the flip phone, right? That's not that's not a drag at the free version of ChatGPT. I'm just saying comparatively. Right? Because, obviously, the free version of chat ChatGPT is groundbreaking. It is probably, in my opinion, you know, something that you would in the footnotes of history, it is in there with the invention of of the Internet or high speed Internet. Right? I would say so. But you're using the wrong year. So even if you have the paid plan, A lot of people don't know this. You still have to enable different modes. So either there's the default, there's plugins, there's web browser, and there's a code interpreter. So most people are probably using web browsing or plugins. So if you're not using those, you are still stuck in pre 2021. So as a reminder, what ChatGPT is, it's a large language model. It is built off of data and information essentially scraped from the Internet only up through September 2021. So I mean, 7 months ago, yeah, that was still problematic. But now it's that's almost a lifetime ago. That's almost 2 years ago. So There's very few, in my opinion, unless you're, you know, talking about US history or something that just doesn't change. like, the Cubs being bad every year. I'm a Cubs fan, so I can say that. But if you're talking about something that just doesn't change. There's not many things like that. Everything is changing. Everything evolving. So the free version of ChatGPT that has a knowledge cutoff that September 2021 is not always very helpful even if you're in education, like, whatever you may be using it for. Our society changes. New facts come out. Old facts get erased and updated. You're using the wrong year. And by default, even on the paid plan, it's going to go to that knowledge cutoff. The default GPT 4 is still cut off at 2021. So you have to enable either web or plugins and then even in plugins. Again, not to get 2 in the weeds here, but you have to have certain plugins to make sure you can access the Internet and access new and relevant information. Alright, wow, this is amazing. We have people from all over the place shout out. Yeah. If if if you're listening live, I wanna see what other countries we have. Valeriano, Colombia, thank you for joining us. brown win South Africa. Amazing. Love South Africa. Okay. So and sorry sorry if I didn't get your names right. It's it's early. The coffee hasn't kicked in.

Let's keep going. Let's keep going. Another way that you're using ChatGPT in the wrong way is you're not using ChatGPT as your executive assistant. Okay? We're we're we're nearing our fiftieth episode of everyday AI, again, on podcasts and livestream. But so many I've had so many smart CEOs, you know, people who run big companies, small companies, solar perneurs, Some of the people who are using ChatGPT to its highest potential have talked about how they have turned ChatGPT into their executive assistant. Okay? It's an amazing use case, but we're all doing it wrong. Why why why isn't every single person using ChatGPT as their executive assistant? I'm gonna show you how because you have to be organized with ChatGPT.

Alright, I'm gonna try to take questions as I see them. So hopefully this is still relevant. Rastava is asking, he says, great advice for current users, what's the parallel advice for students thinking of college? Students should be paying $20 a month to use this. Here's the thing. College students They're writing their papers with ChatGPT, period. Their papers would be better. if they wrote them with the paid version and not the free version. Right? Even the quality. It's not just the knowledge, but Think of the smartphone. Think of how how many more features. Right? We're not just talking phone calls. How many more features today's cell phone has than that first antenna flip phone and even the quality of the call. Right? Like, the first cell phones, you couldn't get reception anywhere. The call quality was terrible. Now the call quality is great. So even the quality of the paid is better. But, yeah, students should be using ChatGPT. A 100%. But the education system needs to get it figured out. because, you know, if professors or dean's of schools or university presidents think that they can prohibit, ChatGPT, you can't. Students are smart. Students are smart at finding shortcuts. They're going to find them. So I know there's some some great people here on LinkedIn that are already doing things and and everywhere, but doing great things to incorporate properly incorporate ChatGPT into the classroom, it should be. That's that's my side tangent. Yes. Gerald Greetings from Chicago. Gerald was putting together an AI summit that I'm talking at in a couple weeks. So shout out to that. Should be exciting. Harvey using ChatGPT to brainstorm. Absolutely. Just going through some of the comments here. Leonard, it's a great study tool and role play tool. He has a few posts about EDU use cases. Perfect. Leonard, I I'm here for self promotion. Go ahead and drop those in the comments if you want so people can read them.

Alright. Let's let's keep going. Another way that you're using that you're just all wrong about ChatGPT is you're not training chats to be your dedicated employees playing a role. So what does that mean? All of those chats, okay? I'm gonna see if I can if I can show my screen here, I actually won't because then I'm gonna probably lose my little slides. But your chats, if you look on the left hand side, they're all probably random if you're not using chat to PT right. Look at all of those chats as a dedicated employee playing a dedicated role. Okay? And we're also gonna talk about this in a couple of slides, but so let's say you start a new chat. you should be doing what's called plugin packs. We talk about that in our PPP course, Prime, prompt polish. If you wanna access, I don't just open it up to anyone. But if you're listening, type in PPP, I'll send it to you. But all of those chat should be dedicated employees, and you need to give your employees the resources and tools that they need. So what that means is paid. You need to be on the paid plan, and either you need to give them web access or you need to give them a specific set of plugins. Right? So We're gonna talk in a few slides in a couple or in a few seconds here about some different use cases, but all of those chats you need to be treating them as a dedicated employee with a dedicated role to play. If you were to go in and, let's say, you're in charge of of training someone, someone new on your team and your company whatever, you wouldn't just go in and start giving them roles or you wouldn't give them tasks in marketing and advertising and data science and biology and, you you know, 50 different subject matters. You would pretty much ideally be giving them tasks in one specific role and you would train them and you would give them the tools for that one specific role. That is the other biggest mistake, I'd say. I should've put this maybe up top that people are making is they're just using their chats haphazardly Right? They're just going in. Maybe they're just clicking on their last chat that was maybe about a paper that they were writing for school, and then they're trying to ask it about something completely unrelated. That's not how chattypedi works. You need to be training these chats like you would be training an employee. Give them the tools, build them up, but also keep their roles and responsibilities separate. Doesn't cost you anything to click the new chat button in ChatGPT, and to start training that new chat in a new role. Okay? Leave a leave a comment. Leave a comment. Oh, cool. We got some people with the PPP. I'll send all that info over to you. But leave a comment if you have more questions about that. If you're listening on the podcast, Send me an email. Does that make sense? How you should be training these these different chats. Okay? We're gonna talk about that again here in a second.

All right, here's the other problem. Why you're using ChatGPT  in the wrong way. You're using it just for writing. That's terrible. It's terrible. Right? Don't get me wrong, Chatch EBT is amazing at writing. I talk about this on the show frequently. I've been getting paid to write for 20 years. I started I was working as a literal as a full time journalist as a teenager. I was writing sports stories at the Freeport Journal Standard shout out to all the old JS crew. But I've been getting paid to write for 20 years in some way, shape, or form. ChatGPT is better at writing than me, period. But only if you train it, you know, you see all these terrible viral posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, on the Internet saying, oh, ChatGPT can't write. ChatGPT can never replace a human writer. Yes. It can. It's just because most people put garbage in, and they get garbage out. But more about that in a second. So mistake, you're using ChatGPT for writing only. Here's a little acronym. I'm gonna be you know, I'm always updating this PPP course, so maybe if you took it, like, 3 weeks ago and if you wanna take it again, you I'm gonna be adding this in there. But other big categories that you should be using ChatGPT for aside from writing, is to organize, analyze, research, and summarize. Alright. Let's talk about that. Organize. You can organize your day. You can organize your workflow. You know, chat, GPT isn't just for writing papers or you know, doing some work related projects, especially with plugins. You can use ChatGPT to run your life. I should be doing this more. You know, I I talk about it. I should be doing it more. You can say, you know, copy in your calendar. You can say, here's what I'm trying to do. help me. Right? And it will. It will organize whatever, your your personal life, your professional life. It'll organize it if you ask it to. Give it information. Love it. You know? I use it as as a study aid to learn all the time. Analyze. People aren't using ChatGPT to analyze, mainly because they are not using ChatGPT correctly, and they're trying, but they're not analyzing correctly. You need to be on the pro version. You need to be on the right mode. Personally, not a big fan of web browsing because there's better plug-ins I think that browse the web just as well as ChatGPT's default web browsing, which is through their integration and partnership with Microsoft Bing. For me, bing the the the Bing browsing doesn't always do it. And if you just use one of the browsing plugins, then you can add more plugins to the mix. Alright? So we talk about that more in the course. Again, just type in PPP if you want free access to that. It's literally free. There's no upsell. People someone was asking me, like, yesterday, like, what's the catch? It's like, there is no catch. You're smarter now. You know, you can you can do more things now at your job. So it's awesome. Okay. Research, you have to be using the right mode. A great, easy way to research. Let's say you're doing competitive research. Let's say you're an entrepreneur or you run a department at a large organization, and usually you're looking at your competitors. Put in all their links, put in their press releases, their PDFs, their YouTube videos, all of them. and say, hey. ChatGPT. Here's my 5 competitors. Here's all the links that they've been, you know, putting their things out, compare my stuff to theirs. Right? That sounds like so simple, but do you have time? Right? If you're at a big company or a fast moving a fast moving industry, I know CEOs who spend so much of their day reading manually or manually tracking what their competitors are doing. You should be doing that. Yes. but not manually, you should be using ChatGPT because they can do it in seconds. What literal CEOs, high paid people, directors, are spending hours a day doing this in that could be done in seconds in ChatGPT. In a lot of times it's like, oh, I don't wanna pay $20. Well, you should. Alright. And then to summarize, so kinda kinda talked about that as well. So researching and and and summarize can kinda blend. But Stop using chat, GPT just to write. Use it to organize, analyze, research, and summarize.

A lot of questions. Sorry. I missed them. Yes, I will share the email. You can always hit us up. It's just info at your everyday ai.com. So if you did wanna reach out, You can do that. Also, you know, you can just go to the everyday AI website, you know, drop me a DM here on on LinkedIn, always happy to to reach out and answer any questions. Let's see if I can do this right too. dropping a comment there. We'll see if it goes through. Alright. Next, let's keep going. What other questions do you have? This one's going a little long. We always try to bring you the the daily live stream in 15 to 20 minutes. We're a little long, but that's okay. I wanna get to your questions as well.

So you're using ChatGPT with prompts only. This is my biggest pet peeve. This is my biggest pet peeve. Have any of you seen these tweets, these LinkedIn posts, these, you know, care of cells, whatever. Hey, these are the 20 prompts that you need to save 20 hours a day. You know? That's funny. I don't know if anyone's actually said these prompts will say you twenty hours a day, but I wouldn't be surprised, like, how how sensationalized some of these people are trying to share their prompts. Promps don't help you. I'm sorry. You know, you can try all the super prompts that you want. Still, they are not going to be as good All these great prompts that you see online that'll save you so much time, they're not gonna be as good as if you train that chat employee up. So again, You can like think of these big prompts like this. It's an employee, ChatGPT is your employee, an employee comes in, Are you gonna sit there and go back and forth and build up their skill sets and have a conversation and say, what else do you need from me? That's how you should be using ChatGPT, by the Are you gonna do that to get the most out of your employee? Or are they gonna sit down, no hello, no telling them anything, and you're gonna give them a monster prompt. Right? Like, hey. Nice to meet you. It's your first day here. I'm gonna talk now for 90 seconds and expect you to perform at a high level. Stop doing these super prompts. Just because you can get a a c plus, a b minus result doesn't mean you should be doing it. Okay? Just because we had that first flip phone doesn't mean we shoulda stopped there. Now we have cool smartphones. Alright? So stop just using these prompts. You need to prime prompt polish. Again, that's our PPP method, patent pending, maybe. So drop PPP in the chat if if and I'll make sure to send access. I don't know if my comment went through. So I'll have to make sure I do that.

Alright. Next the next way you're using ChatGPT wrong is you're not giving it these things. specifics, a role, context, tone, and mentoring. Mentoring was a new one. So Louise in our PPP course said it sounds like we should be mentoring our chats and I said yes, we should be. We're gonna start using that word now. So, yes, mentoring. Alright. And as a reminder, now I have the correct. So if you are joining us live, I just dropped some of those links in the chat there. So you need to be giving ChatGPT all of those things. specific information, a role to play, context, tone, and mentoring. The mentoring thing is actually big because you need to be doing on the back end. That's kind of our polish what we talk about in the course. But after you put in, quote, unquote, your prompts, whatever that prompt is, you can't be satisfied with the first draft. Right? As a former journalist, you never publish the first version of a story. There's always more. There's always more to be have. There's always more information. There's there's always you can take words out. You can make something better, so never publish first one.

I'm gonna try to get some of these comments. I'm sorry. There's a lot of them coming in. So let's see. Okay. Cool. Top 10 ChatGPTplugins. Rastafaa is asking. I'll share those. So, again, I'll I'll share those in the PPP course. Peggy Snyder has. Still learning. That's great. Alright. That's actually my mom. So shout out, mom. Alright. Bing is slow as heck Leonard says. So slow. Yes. Leonard, are you talking about Bing in general or the Bing web browsing? But if you're talking about the web browsing in ChatGPT, I agree. It's in beta. It's supposed to be improving, but, yeah, times out for me all the time. Mabrat, shout out PPP. says she thinks she should take it again. Wow. That's great. Love that. Rastafaa, swap is amazing. I've been using it to make real time decisions. Yeah.

You can use ChatGPT for swot analysis. Right? So strength, weakness, opportunity threats, You know, the crazy thing is is there's literally companies that that do branding, brand strategy, and, you know, they always do SWAT. Right? And they charge you so much like, I'm gonna be very interested in what happens in the brand strategy space. ChatGPT is great for that. You know, you don't need to You know? So this is crazy because companies have paid us to do their brand strategy pre ChatGPT, but now If someone said, hey. I'm gonna give you a $100,000 to do this, I'd be like, well, maybe, but let's let's knock it down and let's let's use ChatGPT together because It's better. It's it's better. I'm sorry. ChatGPT brand strategy if you use it correctly is gonna be better than any other human who has brand strategy experience. People are gonna argue with that, but it's true. Brown win PPP. I'll send it over. 

Alright. I think we're almost almost to the end of the comments here. Jordan, how do you deal with unwanted changes when making updates with ChatGPT. Unwanted changes when making updates with ChatGPT. Rest of all, I'm not exactly sure what the context of the question was. Maybe you sent it when I was talking about something. So Unwanted changes, I'm not sure if you're using ChatGPT correctly. There's usually not any unwanted changes. because you are in more control. I think when people are seeing unwanted results from ChatGPT, it's normally because they're either using the free version or they're using the wrong mode, so, you know, default, plug in web, or they're using the correct mode incorrectly, if that makes sense. Alright. Let me make sure I didn't skip over anything here.

Alright. This one is big. We kind of already touched on it, but another mistake that you're making is you're not training and saving your expert chats. Okay? All those chats on the left hand side, you should be naming them. Again, they're employees. Give them a name. Are you using plugins? I'll use a code word like this. I'll say one p l, that's one plugin, or I'll say 3 p l, 3 plug ins, and I'll say, you know, this is everyday AI copywriting or you know, this is web access. So, you know, WA, competitive analysis. Right? because when you spend so much time training these chats, you need to come back to them, and you need to go to the right person. Okay? That's a huge mistake. No one is talking about this. No one. I don't know why. I probably sound like an old man yelling on the porch. No one is doing their chat, GPTs correctly. All of these chats, you need to train them up, you need to name them properly, and you need to go back and use them for their intended purpose. don't just have one chat that you keep changing its role all the time. An employee would be confused if every day it played a different role and that knowledge would go away. Okay? Also, again, I know I keep plugging this, but I can't get to it all in the live podcast. Say PPP, in the comments, because there's a couple very important things you need to do when training up your chats. Otherwise, you're going to lose it all.

Alright. another big mistake you're using with ChatGPT. This one you might be looking at and saying, it doesn't make sense. You're still using Google, alright? So Google's rolling out. Even Google is rolling out s g e, I believe that's the acronym, the search generative experience where they're changing even their their kinda default search to have more inclusions from Google BART. Okay? So the search generative experience, even Google, is starting to quote unquote phase out traditional Google, and they're bringing in kind of these AI results. So if you've been using Microsoft Bing, They've been doing this a little bit recently in testing, but if you're still using Google and you have the paid version of ChatGPT, you should stop. You know, one thing I encourage people to do, setchat.openai.com. I believe that's the default. Right? Let's see. myself. Yes. chat.openai.com. Set that as your default. On your default home page on your phone, on your computer. It sounds weird, but if you are using ChatGPT correctly, you are going to save so much time. A lot of times googling leads to rabbit holes. it leads to, oh, I'm gonna click on this ad now, and now I'm reading sports news. Right? I started to to research you know, machine learning, and now I'm reading sports news. Retargeting is is going to catch you, you you know, one way or another. So same chat, GPT. It's also better. It's faster. Right? instead of reading those 20 articles, which could take hours if you're researching something instead, you can get a culmination or a comprehensive overview of all of those instances in one chat.

Alright, let me see. Okay, I think I got all the questions. Okay. Leonard. LinkedIn messaging has an AI composer today. Was that there yesterday? I do not have it yet. I don't believe. I'm checking now. I don't have it. So, no, LinkedIn announced this like, a month or 2 ago, but then they reannounced it and said that it was gonna be rolling out. So they do it to different people at different times. So, yeah, LinkedIn has said that they're going to release some generative AI text capabilities for post. Hopefully, they don't they don't do it for comments, but yeah, it's been slowly rolling out. Alright. I already said this enough, but another mistake you're making is you're not taking our free PPP class. So drop that there.

Alright. That's it, y'all. Do if you have any questions, please drop them now. But look what Benjamin said. That was cool. So just wanted to share this because sometimes people share nice things, and, you know, I wanna talk about everyday AI but through the lens of other people. So Benjamin said, if you're not already following, Jordan Wilson, subscribed to the newsletter in listening to the everyday AI podcast. You are literally missing the most important information related to tech AI and a multitude of other topics that affect you as a professional, get with it. Shut up, Benjamin. Thank you. Thank you for those kind words.

So as a reminder, If there's no other questions, I don't think there are. So please go to your everyday AI.com. And we're helping everyday people understand and actually use AI. Okay? So we have our livestream every day. We have our podcast, and we have our freight you freight free daily newsletter. So make sure you sign up. There's a link in the comments to this post and I hope you're using GPT a little bit better, today than you were yesterday, and I hope that you join us tomorrow for more everyday AI. So thank you, and I hope to see you tomorrow and every day at everyday AI. Thanks.

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