Ep 131: Build a Brand Live with AI (Part 2)

October 26, 2023

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In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses need to harness the power of emerging technologies to build a robust brand presence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game-changer that empowers enterprises to unlock new realms of creativity, engage their target audience, and drive business growth. This article explores how AI can enhance your brand-building efforts, leveraging insights from the Everyday AI podcast episode.

Building an iconic brand image:

Creating a distinctive brand image is essential for attracting and engaging customers. AI-assisted design tools allow businesses to generate visually captivating logos, product images, and website designs. These tools, such as MidJourney and DALL E, leverage AI algorithms to transform text-based prompts into stunning visual representations, ensuring that your brand stands out from the crowd.

Crafting compelling marketing copy:

In the podcast episode, the speaker emphasizes the importance of compelling marketing copy that resonates with your target audience. AI-powered tools like ChatGPT and Flare enable businesses to generate creative and effective marketing copy by harnessing the capabilities of natural language processing. By leveraging AI's ability to understand language nuances and consumer preferences, you can craft engaging marketing messages that drive customer engagement and conversions.

Enhancing customer experiences:

AI can play a significant role in enhancing the customer experience by personalizing interactions and offering real-time support. Chatbots, powered by AI algorithms, can handle customer queries efficiently, 24/7, providing instant assistance and improving response times. By leveraging AI to analyze customer data, businesses can also create personalized product recommendations, tailor advertising campaigns, and provide targeted offers, thus delivering a seamless and hyper-relevant customer experience.

Maximizing content creation:

Content remains king, and AI can revolutionize this aspect of brand-building. By employing AI tools, businesses can automate content creation, ranging from social media posts to blog articles. AI-powered algorithms can generate engaging content based on text-based prompts, ensuring consistency, SEO optimization, and saving valuable time and effort for content creators.


Leveraging the power of AI is no longer a luxury but a necessity in today's competitive business landscape. From designing captivating visuals to crafting compelling marketing copy, enhancing customer experiences, streamlining website development, and automating content creation, AI is transforming every aspect of building a brand.

Topics Covered in This Episode

1. Creating a competitive SWOT analysis
2. Generating Marketing Copy with ChatGPT
3. Generating Image Prompts using ChatGPT
4. Using ChatGPT and DALL E to Create Product Images
5. Creating a Website Using AI

Podcast Transcript

Jordan Wilson [00:00:17]:

People often ask, What can artificial intelligence do for my business? This whole AI thing doesn't really seem like for us or for me. Well, I think we showed you that yesterday. General, or or Gen AI can not only help your business, but you can grow your entire company or grow a business with AI. And we're following up with part 2 today. Thank you for joining us. My name is Jordan Wilson, and this is Everyday AI. We are your daily livestream, podcast, and free daily newsletter, Helping everyday people everyday people, you and me, just learn AI, but how we can actually leverage it. So that's what Building a brand with AI parts 1 and parts 2 is all about.

Jordan Wilson [00:01:04]:

So I'm excited for the follow-up, of part 1. So, before we get into that, let's first go over the AI news. And, hey, if you're joining us live, let me know. I always like to know Where are you joining us from? And if you're joining us on the podcast, don't worry. Check the show notes. We're gonna have yesterday's, great show in there as well as other and Important, topics for you to cover. So let's let's talk what's going on in the world of AI news first. So first, will AI finally be regulated by the US government.

Jordan Wilson [00:01:38]:

So the Biden administration is setting up, To unveil a long awaited executive order on artificial intelligence. So this new executive order from the Biden White House aims To regulate AI technology and address potential risk it poses to society. So the order will require government agencies to assess and incorporate AI into their work, Ease barriers for skilled workers and increase a focus on cybersecurity. Some government officials and lawmakers are concerned about the potential role of AI and job displacement And the impacts on privacy and democracy. My take, I don't think this is really gonna be anything. You know? You know? We've talked about this on the show for for long enough. Right now, generative AI, and artificial intelligence in general means way too much for the US economy for any sort of actual, regulation or legislation. Alright.

Jordan Wilson [00:02:29]:

Next in AI news. So a chip make, chipmaker startup has grabbed $27,000,000 To help degenerative AI chip shortage. So the, the new startup named CentML Has secured 27,000,000 in US in seed funding from investors such as Google's, Google's Gradient Ventures, NVIDIA, Dwight Ventures and Thompson and Rudgers Ventures. So the startup, Centimeters L, is developing a solution to help companies facing AI hardware shortages By optimizing their ML models. So they're taking a little bit different approach, kind of using AI in the hardware to help, you know, make more of these chips that are genera, that are powering, the generative AI movement. Alright. And then last But not least, in AI news, Facebook is reportedly bringing AI writers to your post. Yay.

Jordan Wilson [00:03:24]:

Alright. So multiple users on social media have reported a new write with AI feature on Facebook. This is similar to a feature that LinkedIn rolled out a couple of months ago, Where, essentially, you can enter, you know, when you go to, write a new post on Facebook, you'll be able to enter bullet points or a natural language prompt, something like, You know, write a post about why AI post will create a lot of mediocre content on social media, and you hit enter and it writes it for you. So no word yet on official release. Alright. Are y'all ready to build something live with AI. I hope you are. As a reminder, if you missed yesterday's show, Make sure to go to your everydayai.com.

Jordan Wilson [00:04:08]:

Sign up for the newsletter. We've got it all there. You can always go back and read all of our old newsletters. But, let's let's real quick. Before we do a quick recap of what we covered yesterday, I wanna shout out everyone joining us, and and thank you. Thank you for joining us. And let me know. I always like to know, especially when there's people that, you know, has have been saying, hey.

Jordan Wilson [00:04:26]:

Been watching the live stream for months. It's like, alright. Shout it out. Shout it out. Let me know where you're joining us from. So May Britt said, Early check-in yesterday's episode was jaw dropping. So excited about this one. You're giving super insightful tips on how to use chat gbt for better marketing.

Jordan Wilson [00:04:44]:

Win win. Yeah. I'm gonna I'm gonna recap real quick. If you didn't catch yesterday's episode, don't worry. I'm gonna recap very quickly Everything that we did and everything that we created. Brian just said, Brian, thanks for joining us. He said, just revisited part 1 this morning. This everyday AI is next level.

Jordan Wilson [00:05:03]:

Can't wait for part 2. Alright. So thank you all for joining us. Let's get to it. Actually, someone is asking. I have a question about ClickUp AI. What is your hot take on that? We use we use ClickUp, actually. Haven't used the AI much.

Jordan Wilson [00:05:20]:

We have, I think we pay, like, you know, $22 a month or something to use it. Haven't used it much. But let's talk about what we did, yesterday on the show. I I had a great time yesterday building a brand from scratch, but let's let's quickly go over and recap. Really what we did. Alright. So here's what we did. We created a brand literally From scratch.

Jordan Wilson [00:05:47]:

It was great. So we started the show by, asking our live audience. Again, if you're joining us on the podcast, this is gonna be one of the ones. Click on the click on the notes in the show description. Watch this video. I'm gonna try to do my best to describe, you know, everything we do live, but it's gonna be best to watch this. But, You know, yesterday, we created a brand live from scratch. Thanks to your, suggestions.

Jordan Wilson [00:06:10]:

So we had different, suggestions for different products that we could create, and we ended with a stable sip. So a kind of more portable, you know, travel mug. You know? I could I could be using it right now. Here, I got my my clear mug, and it doesn't I mean, it's actually kinda stable. It's got a wide bottom. Right? So we created a brand called Stable Sip, And we used, Chat GPT pretty much exclusively to do this whole first half. We're gonna use a little bit of Chat GPT today as well, but we're gonna be using some other tools, Stick around for that. So, we also identified, competitors for our brand, and we helped create Stable SIP's unique selling proposition.

Jordan Wilson [00:06:51]:

So this is great, and we use Chat GPT for a lot of use cases yesterday that I don't think people understand when, talking about building a brand or even how you can grow your company. People think ChatGPT is just something that you go into, to write Content. Like, I need to, you know, bang out this, you know, presentation quick, so, let me feed it some, old content and habit update, or Alright. I want a blog post about, you know, traveling to Tahiti. Whatever. You know, people think that's what chat gpt is for. And I'll tell you guys. I don't really use ChatGPT for that, hardly at all.

Jordan Wilson [00:07:29]:

That's probably less than 10% Of what, you know, myself and even our team uses chat gpt for is is content creation. Yes. It can do that. Yes. That is the the low hanging fruit or the obvious use case for a large language model like ChatGPT. But that's I mean, It's I I always make the comparison of a cell phone. Right? That's like if you're using a brand new iPhone and you buy the newest one And literally all you do is make a phone call. Right? You don't do anything else.

Jordan Wilson [00:07:57]:

No text messaging, not taking photos, not using apps. That's that's the equivalent of of using Chat GPT just for content creation. So, one of the best things, and I think what we showed yesterday through this, was Specifically using plug in packs. Right? So using plug ins mode and giving ChatGPT access to the Internet And using proper prompting to help it research our competitors, to help develop USPs, all of these things that would normally take A lot of people or maybe a whole separate company. Obviously, we didn't go into great depth because we were doing it live. We were working from your feedback, going back and forth, you know, kind of throwing out polls. Hey. Which one do you like more? But I I think it was a great use case of what Chat gbt should actually be used for and And not just for creating, yeah, mediocre content.

Jordan Wilson [00:08:45]:

So we also use chat, Chat GPT to identify potential customers. We did craft some marketing copy, and we're gonna wrap that up today, actually. And we also created a logo inside chat GPT with DALL E three. So Huge, huge, momentum yesterday by creating a literal brand from Stratch going from ideation, Strategy, you know, working on market position, everything. You know, things that you may be might not be using generative AI for right now, but you probably should. Alright. So that is a quick recap of yesterday. Alright.

Jordan Wilson [00:09:20]:

I'm gonna I'm gonna do something here. I'm gonna take a sip because yesterday, I was I was tired after the show. I was tired. It was a long one, so I got my my extra caffeine, and I'm I'm ready to get going on part 2. What about you all? Like, what are you, you know, for our live audience, what are you looking forward to to learning today, in this process of building A brand live. I'm excited. Let's get going, y'all. Let's get going.

Jordan Wilson [00:09:47]:

So here's what we're gonna do. And, again, today, it's it's gonna be a lot of jumping around from program to program, FYI. So, please Please, excuse any delay that we might have as I'm sharing different screens. So, I'll try to I'll I'll try to also do my best For our podcast audience to describe what's going on. Okay. So I am jumping in chat g p t. I have a prompt up. I just spit it out.

Jordan Wilson [00:10:17]:

I'll I'll quickly explain what we're doing. We did kind of end the show, with saying like, hey. Write some marketing copy. Right? But That was just to explain something, but now we're actually gonna use this this marketing copy. So, what I'm doing is, telling Chatt GPT. So I'm saying use the, using the above or using the above, please perform a competitive analysis on our competitors' websites. Huge huge use case for Chattopd. This is something I use all the time for competitive analysis.

Jordan Wilson [00:10:46]:

If you want to run a competitive SWOT, right, strengths, weaknesses, opportunity threats. Like, you can hire a management consult consultancy company to do that, or you can do a very basic but very powerful one in chat gpt just by running a prompt like this. And then I'm saying after a full analysis, write succinct marketing copy for landing page for steady sip. Again, that is our brand that we created from from scratch. Steady sip. I think I have our our our logo pulled up here. Here we go. Here's our logo.

Jordan Wilson [00:11:12]:

We'll get more into that here in a minute. So steady sip, essentially, If you are joining us new, joining us, for the 1st time and you didn't, jump in yesterday, it is a, a different kind of travel mug. It is geared more, toward being very on the go, not, not spilling. So a sturdy base, super secure vacuum sealed top, Something that's on the go and really gearing it toward kind of people that live, kind of almost like a remote lifestyle. Right? So those people that work hard at home and then they Go in the office and maybe go to the gym or they're traveling and working, so that's kind of who we're, you know, one of our target demographics. So, essentially, I'm asking though, so you don't have to read this this prompt, kind of line by line. I'm asking for 5 different options For each section of marketing copy on a website. That's a great thing.

Jordan Wilson [00:12:03]:

It's something a lot of people don't do. They just ask for 1. You know? Hey. Write me In about page for my website. Alright. Well, let's give some more information to Chat GPT. Let's give it access to the Internet so it can read our website or read our competitor's website so we can find What is unique about our product that we're building? I'm also telling Chat GPT to, use some copywriting techniques such as Problem actuation solution features and benefits in ADA. Alright.

Jordan Wilson [00:12:26]:

So you'll see right here, Chat gbt, you can always check. I told it to use browser op. Someone asked this question yesterday because I do have at all times, I always use 3 plug ins. Usually, I have 2 separate Internet connected plug ins, browser op and box script, and then I'll have a different, plug in enabled as well just depending on the use case. So Right here, it's doing a competitive analysis. It did it just right here. So different, kind of travel mugs or different, popular mugs. So mirror, I think it is.

Jordan Wilson [00:12:57]:

Here's YETI. Most of us know YETI. Here's Hydro Flask. I think that's what this one is, this this large, My comically large, water water mug and then clean canteen and amber. So here we go. Here is our copy. Right. So I'm I'm sharing it on the screen, and if if y'all can read this, let me know what you think.

Jordan Wilson [00:13:18]:

So I'm asking for a CTA, subhead features, who it's for and about steady sip. So there's an extra bold approach. There is a minimalist approach, and this is for the copy. Right? So as an example, I'm gonna read the, this just the CTA. Right? Or maybe the CTA in the sub hat. So extra bold. And let me know which one. If you're joining us live for our live audience, let me know which one is best, and we'll use this one.

Jordan Wilson [00:13:45]:

That's the thing. We're building this live. I'm not choosing. Y'all are choosing. So let me know which one you like best. So extra bold approach. The CTA is grab your steady sip now, the last travel mug you'll ever need. Minimalist approach.

Jordan Wilson [00:13:58]:

Discover Steady SIP. Simplicity meets functionality. Adventurous approach. Embark with Steady SIP, Your adventure companion. Tech savvy approach, get smart with steady sip, the future of beverage containers. And Eco friendly approach. Choose sustainable. Choose steady sip.

Jordan Wilson [00:14:19]:

Good for you. Good for the planet. Alright. Which one? Which one do y'all like? I I haven't been paying attention to the comments. Let me jump in. Which one of these should should we use? What are you guys what are you guys thinking? And and, also, good morning, everyone joining us live. Gabe, thanks For joining us. LinkedIn user.

Jordan Wilson [00:14:35]:

Sorry. Whoever's joining us from Allentown, PA. Thanks. Val, what's going on? Woozy, thank you for joining us. What do you guys think? Which which one of those which one of those should we be using? Let me know. I personally Personally, I'm leaning toward the, the minimalist approach. I don't know if anyone else has, any thoughts. Jay says he likes, tech savvy.

Jordan Wilson [00:15:05]:

Gabe says, the one that says grab your study sip now. That's the extra bold approach. Eco friendly. Okay. Well, we we have a couple votes. We have a couple votes. So I think, we had a kind of a vote for 4 different ones. So I'm gonna say we're gonna run with the extra bold approach.

Jordan Wilson [00:15:22]:

So I'm gonna say, okay. For the extra bold approach, So please use this and write content for the entire website and all relevant Sections. Alright. That's just doing we're just doing a very quick one right there. Okay. So we will check back on our marketing copy. That was kind of first on our list. So as a reminder, here's what we did yesterday.

Jordan Wilson [00:15:47]:

We created a brand. We identified competitors and stable sips USPs. We identified potential customers. We crafted marketing copy a little, and that's what we're wrapping up now, and then we created a logo with DALL E. Alright. So As a reminder, here's our logo. So now here's here's what we're gonna do today. Right? So we're we already just started.

Jordan Wilson [00:16:07]:

We're showing up our marketing copy with ChatGPT. Right? Then we're going to ask, next, we're gonna ask chat gpt for some image prompts in In mid journey and this is where I need y'all. This is where I need to to hear from you all to say, alright. What should we be what should we be doing here? So I'm gonna get this, I'm gonna get this ready, this this prompt here. So we have to wait for Chatchee Petit to finish our, To finish our, text here. It's it's it's not again, sometimes you'll see here. I just I just did a quick prompt, and it's not writing. It's it's just doing it section by section.

Jordan Wilson [00:16:48]:

So we'll have to go and clean it up when it's done, but I wanna move on. Alright. So now what I'm doing is I'm asking essentially for an image prompt. Alright? That's another fun thing that you can do inside chat g p t is generate text based prompts that you can then use inside, you know, something like MidJourney or something like DALL E. So right now, I just put in a big prompt. It said based on all this, please describe the actual StableSit mug as specifically as possible. This is a longer prompt, but I'm essentially, steering chat GPT to create a simple text based image prompt that I can use in multiple programs. And we're gonna throw this in, and this is kind of the backbone.

Jordan Wilson [00:17:30]:

Right? This is like, we gotta get some strong product images. So we're gonna get Some, AI generated images here. So I'm gonna go ahead, and we're gonna start throwing these in kind of 1 by 1. So Oops. Sorry. Here we go. So we were in this one. I'm grabbing this 1st prompt, and I'll just I'm not gonna read these all.

Jordan Wilson [00:17:49]:

But this one says, this text prompt for an AI image says that I generated with ChatGPT based on all of the content that was already in our chat. Right? So ChatGPT can go back about, 8,000 tokens, which is about 64 100 words. So this text prompt says straightforward studio lighting, product photo shoot for a stable sip, A matte black travel mug with spill proof technology, matte matte black finish, wide base spill proof lid, Ergonomic handle, stainless steel interior, no logo, stable SIP only. So I kinda said in in the prompt, I didn't want, like, 50 other things, in the image, so that's what I was trying to get towards. So now I'm gonna jump in. I'm gonna go into DALL E first. Okay. So now we're in DALL E, and I just put that.

Jordan Wilson [00:18:37]:

Just copy and pasted that prompt straight in there. Alright? And we're gonna we're gonna jump around here today, y'all. We're and We're gonna do a lot of jumping. I'm gonna try to do my best to explain what's going on. Alright? So I'm taking that same prompt now, that same prompt that I just read. I just opened MidJourney. MidJourney is, all fantastic tool. I think by far, it is, probably the leader in AI image, generators.

Jordan Wilson [00:19:01]:

DALL E actually is not too far behind, but I did the exact same prompt. And, Let me see if I can resize my window here so I can see. There we go. And the difference is all I have to do in mid journey, if you're new, you just type dash, backslash imagine, then it says enter your prompt. I entered it, and bam. And, mid journey, and I'll kind of go over the pros and cons, But let me know which one you guys are liking so far. So mid journey is is kind of, still finished rendering. We have 4 different options.

Jordan Wilson [00:19:33]:

So mid journey gives us 4 different options. Let's jump back into, let's jump back into DALL E. DALL E's taken its sweet time today. That's okay. We'll give it some time. So Here's here's what we have in Midjourney. I'll try to do my best to describe these images. It's they're pretty good.

Jordan Wilson [00:19:53]:

Right? Some of them through a a, like, a logo with an s on it even though we didn't want a logo, but we have 4 different, choices to choose from. Let me know which one you guys like. I'm gonna I'm gonna run, another prompt here, but there's 4 4 different, very minimalistic. Kind of, put, like a wood, you know, like the, steady sip mug on a wood table. It it threw in some other things even though I didn't necessarily want it. We could refine this with a little bit more prompting, but we're doing this live. But some very sleek looking mugs. Right? So I'm gonna go ahead.

Jordan Wilson [00:20:30]:

I'm gonna grab our next, prompt, and let's throw this in. And let me know. This is our 1st option. Do you like these black ones? What do you think? We're I'm I'm not gonna go through all of these prompts. I just wanna show, how we can work with some of these images a little bit. So let's let's check on DALL E. DALL E finished. Good job, DALL E.

Jordan Wilson [00:20:50]:

Alright. So same thing in DALL E. So we have 4 different images. Dolly, I think. And let me know what you think. I think Dolly did a little bit better of a job, in terms of following the prompts specifically, because I asked for nothing else in, in this photo except for the mug. And here we go, Dolly. Four four different, 4 different, images.

Jordan Wilson [00:21:14]:

Same thing, with mid journey. But I think these are pretty clean. So, different physical character characteristics of the mug as well. So, you know, we did ask for a handle, and it looks like in DALL E, only 2 of them, got a handle On the actual mug, it looks like 1 has a handle on the actual lid, which is interesting. And our, our original ones Our original ones in DALL E or sorry, in mid journey. It looks like only Oh, okay. 33 had a lid, I think. It actually gave us some some different sizes.

Jordan Wilson [00:21:51]:

So I'm gonna jump in the comments here. Let me know which 1 y'all are liking so far, And I'm gonna also go ahead and put the next, the next prompt. I think we're just gonna maybe do 2. We're not gonna do all 4. Somebody get the next one going in DALL E. But which one do you guys like? I think these images are are pretty good pretty good. We have a lot a lot of wows so far in the comments. A lot of wows.

Jordan Wilson [00:22:16]:

Brian saying, simplicity meets functionality. Which which one of these? Tanya really likes the logo. Thanks, Tanya. Jay Jay says love mid journey even though it Created an image of the box. Yeah. Midjourney images, I think, look a little more picturesque in this, in this example, But I think DALL E actually did a little bit better of a job at following the prompt. We really wanted a product photo shoot with nothing else in it with studio lighting, Simplicity, and I I actually think DALL E followed the prompt a little better even though I think if I were to just use 1 image, I think maybe the mid journey was a little bit better. Alright.

Jordan Wilson [00:22:58]:

Yep. A lot of people are saying Dolly's better. Michael says Dolly looks better for ecommerce products. Gabe says Dolly. Yeah. A lot of people are saying Dolly. Lower left. So, Gabriel's saying lower left.

Jordan Wilson [00:23:11]:

This one right here, I like this one too. This one lower left hand corner says stable sip. It has the mug. It looks very sturdy on the bottom. I like this lower left one too. Let's let's look at 1 more. Alright. Here we go.

Jordan Wilson [00:23:26]:

So this is an interesting one. So let's try this one more time. I'll tell you what's happening. Let's see. Alright. So I entered the 2nd prompt inside DALL E. Okay. And this prompt, return back an error.

Jordan Wilson [00:23:49]:

I said straightforward studio lighting, product photo shoot for Stable Sip, a sleek silver mug designed for portability, sleek silver exterior, tapered design, Slide lock, lid, rubber grip, double walled insulation, no logo, stable sip only. And that re, that return, with, an error from DALL E. It says, I apologize for the inconvenience, but I was unable to generate images for the provided description due to our content policy. That's one thing I've noticed with Dall e. Their content policy first of all, you can't read a lot about it, but I think the word sleek, For whatever reason is triggering, kind of this this moderated message. So, I took the word sleek out, and we're gonna see if we can, Go ahead and generate a second one. Alright. So let's go ahead while we wait for DALL E to see if it's a little better.

Jordan Wilson [00:24:41]:

Here is the 2nd prompt, inside mid journey. So this one, brought up images. It's it's, again, completely different prompts, so we're getting completely different images. These, 4 are a little more silver. Again, this is the the the prompt that I just read, kind of the sleek design, with kind of the the shiny silver. Again, these images, I think, look great inside, MidJourney, but they didn't really give us what we wanted. Right? But we have kind of This this to me looks more like a home bug, so let me know. Let me know.

Jordan Wilson [00:25:13]:

Do we like the 2nd output from MidJourney? This looks like to me, This doesn't look like something that's on the go. It does look kind of cool and simple and, modern. However, this doesn't look to me exactly like a mug that you would wanna take on the go, but that's just me. Alright. So, again, we got, an error. We got an error, bummer, From, from DALL E. So let's let's try 1 more. Let's go ahead and try 1 more, or DALL E just to see if we can see multiple generations from DALL E.

Jordan Wilson [00:25:50]:

Alright. And then after this, let me preview kind of kind of while we wait. Next, we are going to be using these product images. So we're gonna save the ones that we like, and then we're gonna do a little cleaning up in Canva. We're gonna go over Canva's AI magic suite just for a couple of things. And then after that, We're gonna create, hopefully, some actual more like lifestyle images, both in, DALL E and also in midjourney. Alright. So what are we liking so far? What are we liking? Yeah.

Jordan Wilson [00:26:25]:

Thumbs down. I I think Gabe's is saying thumbs from MidJourney. So far, I would agree. We're not getting great results so far. Yes, Jay. We did say no label no logo label on the mug. Sometimes when you have a lot of different, instructions or directions like I did, early on, I think, DALL E gets a lot of things right, but then it'll get some things wrong. I did have that on the on the back end of the prompt.

Jordan Wilson [00:26:51]:

Normally, You know, when you're quote, unquote prompt engineering, what you would do is you would do some testing, and you would move that, like, no logo up, closer in the prompt to see if then it if if it would remove it, which a lot of times that works, but it might forget something on the back end. Alright. So let's go ahead. So here is the 2nd Image generation. This one actually worked inside DALL E. So this, prompt says product photo shoot for stable sip, a textured gray mug With thermal insulation, textured gray exterior, angular base, twist on lid, finger finger grooves, oh, thermal insulated walls, minimalistic studio lighting, SIP only no logo. So you'll see, yes, it did include, unfortunately, logos on all 4 even though we asked for no logos. But, again, I'm not surprised because we did have a lot of directions in there, and we kind of, quote, unquote, buried that no, that no logo kind of at the end.

Jordan Wilson [00:27:47]:

Alright. So let's let's let's let's talk about it. Do we like these better? Are these better? Do we like those better, or do we like these black ones? Personally, I think someone said, like, lower left on the black ones. I'm kinda feeling that one. Let me know, which 1 y'all are liking, and then, Let's look at this one too. And I'm gonna go ahead. I'm gonna do one thing as we wait here as well. So so give me give me one second Because, shout out shout out Douglas.

Jordan Wilson [00:28:20]:

Douglas, shot me over a tip. He said, hey. I saw this, saw saw something you can do, with custom instructions. And I was like, alright. Let me put it to the test. So I'm gonna go ahead. I'm gonna rerun our 1st prompt, and I'm gonna explain to you what's going on and why we're doing this. Alright? So I'm gonna go ahead and grab this, first prompt that we used that gave us these nice 4, black sleek, images that I think turned out really well in DALL E.

Jordan Wilson [00:28:49]:

Alright. So I am opening another DALL E tab, And here's why. I have some custom instructions, and I'll explain. So these custom instructions, I wrote these that essentially Says label these images. So, again, shout out Doug and someone else on Twitter, figured this out a couple weeks ago. So Let's run this, and I'm gonna show you why, we're gonna be doing it this way. And, also, let's get back, to who loves what. So Monica says loves the 2nd iterations.

Jordan Wilson [00:29:20]:

Alright? The finger, Tanya says the finger groves like that one. Black. Gabe says black. Yeah. Which one which one were you guys liking more? We'll give, we'll give this Dolly a second. Let's look at these again. Are y'all feeling the black version more, Or are y'all feeling this, this gray version? I do like the the the grooves. I think that looks nice.

Jordan Wilson [00:29:42]:

However, at least for me, personally, I'm feeling the I'm feeling the black ones in Dolly. What are you guys feeling? What are you guys feeling? Let me know. Again, if you're joining us in the middle, thank you for joining us. We're doing this live. We're building a brand. That's why we have, you You know, some, 10 to 10 to 22nd pauses here while we wait for, generative AI to do its thing. So yesterday, we literally created an idea Live from the audience, we built a brand called StableSip, went through the USP, created marketing copy, did competitive research, ran some, competitive analysis, things like that. So, black.

Jordan Wilson [00:30:26]:

Okay. Most people are saying black. Brian is saying the black version's better. 2 Bryans are saying the black version is better. Monica says, is the goal what we like better or which prompt was more accurate? The goal okay. 22 separate things. The goal right now is which one do we like better? We can we can talk, you know, before and after or after, about which one actually followed, the prompts better. But for now, let's Let's decide which one we actually want to use.

Jordan Wilson [00:30:55]:

Michael says, Black and DALL E. I agree. Yeah. We can launch the Stable Sip, Stable Sip 2 point o on Kickstarter. Yeah. Who wants who wants to make this? Who wants to make this? May Britt says DALL E's Black output. Yeah. I think I think I agree.

Jordan Wilson [00:31:13]:

Brian says we need to have it in AI blues. Yeah. I think, mostly everyone is is feeling is feeling the, is feeling the the black version a little bit better. So, I'm trying I'm I'm I'm trying to bring this up here y'all where we can, where we can do this with our custom instructions. So Let me explain why, and hopefully this works. So I'm zooming in. I'm taking the exact same, prompt that gave us those nice, That gave us these nice images. The nice black ones right here.

Jordan Wilson [00:31:49]:

So I'm just rerunning this same prompt that gave us the 4 black images that we seem to all like. And I'm running it inside a new chat, In DALL E 3 with custom instructions enabled. So if you are joining us live, custom, custom instructions. I have I I wouldn't even say love hate relationship, really just like hate and don't need it, but this is one interesting use case. So custom instructions are essentially, if you have it enabled Before any prompt is run inside chat gbt, it actually looks at your custom instructions or refers to your custom instructions first. So in these custom instructions, I essentially told chat gbt to I send, to assign a unique identifier to each image so I can better identify it because otherwise, you can't really keep working. And, Again, someone on Twitter kinda figured this out. In mid journey, this is called seeds.

Jordan Wilson [00:32:44]:

So, essentially, each image in mid journey, You can, grab a seed so you can continue working with it. And and so you can, essentially tell, You know, whether it's Midjourney or DALL E. Hey. This is the image, but let's make some modifications. In my limited testing, seeding or working with a seed image works much better in midjourney. DALL E has some kind of, mixed results, but I just wanted to show you this. So now we have 4 separate images. Let me know.

Jordan Wilson [00:33:14]:

Do any of you like this one better? I I we have 4 different images. One of them is more of a over over the top view, which I don't know. If if you can, like, I'm clicking on 1. It it put the logo of a horse's head, on the on the flip top, which is interesting. I kinda like the lower right hand corner of this one, y'all. But, actually, which one of these? We're actually gonna use one of these. Okay. And I'll tell you why.

Jordan Wilson [00:33:44]:

We're gonna use one of these so we can try to work with it and try to continue to build off of it, but just real quick Because we gotta keep going. I don't wanna accidentally turn this into a a 3 hour live. That would be terrible. So Do we like this one better? Do we like this this 2nd version better here in, here in DALL E? So Pretty pretty similar images to our 1st iteration, but now we have the custom instructions. So, I personally I'm seeing if anyone's shouting out which one, Which one people like? Alright. Gabe says right lower. That's the one I was feeling too, Gabe. So, let's go ahead.

Jordan Wilson [00:34:22]:

So now I'm looking, and it says here are the product photos, and it's giving me, reference numbers. So I can now say and, again, sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. I'm assuming since I'm doing this live, it's not gonna work. So I'm gonna say, let's take image a 4. Right. So that's our bottom right hand corner. So it's assigning a unique identifying code that I can hopefully continue to build off of. Otherwise, You just have to kind of, keep going back and forth, and you can't really build off of an image.

Jordan Wilson [00:34:53]:

So I'm gonna say, let's take image a 4, which is the bottom right hand corner, our new stable SIP, and put it in a product shoot with 2 people working outdoors. I'm gonna say it doesn't need to focus on the people, But just show the people working and make the Make the focus the image a 4. Alright. So we'll see if this works. I had varying results. And don't worry, we're still gonna be able to hopefully get some some great product images. We're gonna take it into 1 or 2 other programs here. Alright.

Jordan Wilson [00:35:46]:

So let's see if this works. And let me know. No. I don't think anyone wants it 3 hours. Tonya says 3 hours. Yay. I don't wanna take up too much of your day. We do this live.

Jordan Wilson [00:36:01]:

If If if you are new to the show, normally, we have about 25 minute episodes. Obviously, these ones are gonna be a little longer, since since we're trying to build a brand live. Alright. So we're going to I'm trying to think if we should wait here for a second. Sometimes DALL E is super quick. So, again, we're in DALL E. We're, trying to use kind of this, custom instructions, benefit that it gave us. These image identifiers to see if we can continue building off of them.

Jordan Wilson [00:36:34]:

But what I'm gonna go ahead and do for now, I'm gonna download this 1 in the lower right hand corner, and I'm gonna jump over in mid journey. And we're gonna try to do something similar. Ready? So I'm gonna do this. I'm typing backslash describe in MidJourney, and I'm uploading this image that we just did in DALL E. I'll tell you why here in a second. So what I'm trying to get so you can run this, describe command Inside of MidJourney. Okay? For a couple of reasons. Okay.

Jordan Wilson [00:37:07]:

It's failed failed the process. I'm gonna try it one more time. Midjourney was being a little weird Today. So let me try it one more time. Alright. So one thing that you can do, and we've showed this in shows before, and I'm gonna go ahead and do it. So, you can upload an image into mid journeys. So people are always like, okay.

Jordan Wilson [00:37:33]:

What if I already have an image and I wanna keep working with it? Well, you can upload it in mid journey with the slash describe. And then what happens is it gives you a prompt. So then you can then use that prompt in mid journey to try to recreate anything. So, you know, if you have a real life photo shoot And it's like, ah, you didn't get things right, and you wanna bring it into mid journey. You can try your hand at then using text prompts to try to make it better. But, actually, what I'm doing is I'm just clicking on this now. And because I uploaded it, now I'm right clicking, and I'm saying copy image address. Okay? I'm gonna explain what I'm doing here.

Jordan Wilson [00:38:05]:

So now I'm typing in backslash imagine, and now I copied that image address. So I pasted it. So, essentially, All it is is it's a long link. Okay? And then I'm gonna go ahead here. I tried this before. Hopefully, this works. So here's what I did. So now it just says, I'm running a command in MidJourney, so backslash imagine.

Jordan Wilson [00:38:28]:

I pasted that image link, And then I put a description. So now what I'm doing is I'm trying to stack. I'm trying to stack something here. So I'm both uploading an image into MidJourney, and I'm using the source image as inspiration. And then I'm saying a man in his mid thirties Working on a computer with a mug on his desk, picturesque view inspiring, and then I put Canon 5 d Mark 4. So hopefully can be more of like an image. So now what you'll see here as these render right? Are we getting it here, y'all? So it didn't get it a 100% right. But now we have that base image.

Jordan Wilson [00:39:07]:

And now are you seeing how we're pulling this together? Right? Hey. If you're creative out there, if you're in advertising, marketing, whatever, this is this is, like, such a great hack. Like, we just used, a really good image from DALL E. We saved it. We uploaded it to MidJourney using the slash describe command so we could grab the URL, then we use that as like a base or a to then use that mug that just it was a mug only, and now we are building scenes around it. Right? Are we getting are we getting how cool this is? Alright. So which 1, which 1 do you guys like here? So I'm sharing my screen. We did get it did work, And I think it looks pretty good.

Jordan Wilson [00:39:48]:

Again, it didn't get the mug exactly right, but it got it pretty close. Okay? It it it changed some different things from picture to picture, but We have now a grid, 4 different pictures that has our mug now with different scenes of, you know, a man in his Mid thirties working, and this kind of embodies what we were kind of working on yesterday on on how the Stable SIP should, appeal to kind of like a a digital nomad, an entrepreneur, you know, someone that's always on the go, and that's what we see here. So which which image do we like here? Brian says this is pretty amazing. Which which which one do we like? Do we like and I know it's a little small on the screen. I'm gonna zoom in a little bit. Do we like upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right? And then we're gonna go ahead and We, we're gonna upscale these images, and then we're gonna we're gonna go with this. We're gonna try we're gonna try to make this show About the same time as yesterday, but you gotta let me know which one do you like the best. This is an interactive one.

Jordan Wilson [00:40:50]:

And, again, if you're listening on the podcast, please Please click the show notes. Come back and and watch this because I think this is something that, you really have to see to understand, but I'm doing my best to describe it. Kapesh says Dali. The 2nd option is left. Tanya says upper right. Brian says upper left. May Britt says top Top right, upper okay. So we have we have multiple votes for top left, top right.

Jordan Wilson [00:41:15]:

Okay. So here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna do a couple things here y'all. So what I'm gonna do in mid journey, there's there's some more options, that you don't have in DALL E. So I'm actually gonna run, a variation of, version 2. So version 2 is our upper right. So I'm clicking I'm clicking v 2. So that's gonna run now, 4 different variations of this.

Jordan Wilson [00:41:41]:

And the reason why I'm doing that is because if we have one that we like, then we can save them all And then use them on the website that AI is going to create for us. But if we have one that really looks good, we can run some variations. Hopefully, the mug will look and kind of the same, and then we could even use multiple of those photos if they are different enough. Alright. So let's give that a second. Let's jump back in to DALL E here. Let's see how it did. Alright.

Jordan Wilson [00:42:13]:

Here we go. So as a reminder, here's what we did. We were using similarly to kind of that process that we just did in midjourney. We said, let's take image a 4 and put it in a product shoot with 2 people working outdoors. Okay. So look at this. So it kind of worked, but kind of didn't. So this is where I said, You know, people on on Twitter are talking like, oh, it works.

Jordan Wilson [00:42:40]:

It but it really doesn't because we we wanted this one in the upper right hand corner. So stable sip. It's a very sturdy mug. This is kind of, like, really what we wanted. But if we go down here, It it followed everything we wanted, except it didn't really bring that mug over. So we have 4 different images that DALL E created, but It did not really give us what we needed. So I'm gonna say, I'm just gonna try. So that is I'm I'm typing that as the wrong, Mug.

Jordan Wilson [00:43:12]:

Everything else looks good. I'm gonna say, please regenerate using The, what what do we have? This was image a one using the mug from image a one in the scene. So, again, varied varied results from DALL E, but no worries. I think we have some good stuff here in MidJourney. This is why you gotta work with them both. Right? Alright. Here we go. So we got some variations.

Jordan Wilson [00:43:42]:

Same thing here. It changed it changed the mug kind of comically. Right? So some of these now the mugs are like, you know, looks like 80 ounce coffee mugs. We're not gonna roll with those. So I'm gonna go back to this, this original one in the upper right hand corner. I'm gonna upscale that so I can click you too. So, you can always upscale or run variations in mid journey or just, do the, the regenerate. So I'm gonna do a couple things at the same time because we gotta get this one going.

Jordan Wilson [00:44:12]:

So I'm upscaling, one of these images here, which actually worked Pretty pretty well. And actually now that I upscale it, that mug also looks kind of big. Right. But that's okay. I guess it's it's from a closer vantage point, so we'll still roll with it. So I'm gonna save these images. Here's our image. I'm gonna save it.

Jordan Wilson [00:44:37]:

Alright. We got our image saved. And then we'll see, I'm running some variations. Thank you for sticking with us. I know we're jumping around. Let's see. Hey. Speaking of jumping around, let's see how How DALL E did.

Jordan Wilson [00:44:51]:

So it looks like it kind of, we reran this and asked them to specifically get the correct mug because when it ran, kind of using this seed technique, it did not get it right. Even the 2nd time around, it really didn't. However, this 1 in the upper left hand corner, I think is Kind of close, so I'm just gonna grab it just so we can still use it. Alright. So that was a lot in image generation. We spent a little longer than I wanted to, but that's okay. So let's do something real quick. Alright? Let's jump in to Canva.

Jordan Wilson [00:45:25]:

Alright. So we're gonna use we have our product images, and here is our logo from yesterday as well. Alright. So we're gonna go over some basics because we gotta clean this up. So, hey, there is still some Some human work involved here, y'all. So I have the logo from yesterday that we kind of voted on. There's a couple of things that, didn't turn out how we wanted them to, and a couple changes we have to make. So I'm gonna click on this photo in Canva.

Jordan Wilson [00:45:48]:

I'm gonna click edit photo, and we have these magic studios. So, Canva just did a pretty big AI, release about 2 weeks ago. We covered it in separate episodes. So I'm gonna click background remover because there's in I wanna get rid of this background. And let's see. It looks like which is funny. It may or may not be working. Okay.

Jordan Wilson [00:46:11]:

I think it might be working. Okay. So I I'm pretty sure we removed the background. I'll have to see here in a second. So So now I'm gonna click on this again. I'm gonna go to edit photo, and I'm gonna click magic eraser because, essentially, it added this, The word graphic at the bottom. So I'm gonna now I now have the magic eraser tool, highlighting the word graphic, and it is going to delete that. Obviously, that doesn't seem very impressive right now, but this magic eraser tool in in, Canva is amazing.

Jordan Wilson [00:46:45]:

This was very basic. This is essentially no magic involved in this. We're just deleting a word from a transparent image. However, What it can do, Magic Eraser is probably one of my favorite parts of Canva's new, Magic Suite. It's fantastic, because, if there's other things in the background, if if I delete something, it uses AI to replicate what pixels would be behind there, And it does a fantastic job. Alright. So now we have our logo there, and let's go ahead. I'm gonna upload.

Jordan Wilson [00:47:18]:

I'm gonna bring in Are some of these images that we saved. Alright. And then Alright. So here are some of our images, and we're gonna do a little more work here. Alright. So bear with me. So we have one of our original product photos that we really liked. Okay? But like we talked about, we have a problem here because this stable SIP is not the logo that we want.

Jordan Wilson [00:47:45]:

So now we're gonna be able to see that, that magic erase. Oops. Sorry. I'm gonna undo that. I accidentally hit background remover, which I did not wanna do. So I'm gonna click, edit photo. I'm gonna go to magic eraser. So now I'm gonna zoom in here.

Jordan Wilson [00:48:01]:

And this, if you just erase this, It wouldn't look good because there's texture on this mug. Right? So, hopefully, Canva is gonna do a good job here of filling in this texture, which again, If you've ever used Photoshop or something like this, old school Photoshop, before they introduced their AI features, this would take a long time, and it wouldn't look good. So I highlighted this logo, and let's see how that's amazing. It took it away. It it got the sheer and the shine Just right. You literally cannot tell a logo was there previously. Alright. So I think it looks great, so I'm gonna click back.

Jordan Wilson [00:48:36]:

So now what we're gonna do, kinda kinda old school. Not old school here, but, little. Kinda old school. So I'm gonna slap this logo on. Right? So, again, this isn't gonna look perfect, but I'm gonna slap this logo on. There is a little sheer and shine, so it's not gonna look the best. And maybe we'll make it white. So little trick, FYI, I work in Canva a lot, so I'm gonna actually just crank the brightness on this.

Jordan Wilson [00:49:05]:

I believe bring the contrast down, highlights up. We'll see if this works. White's up and black's down. Okay. There we go. It worked. So quick way. Again, this doesn't look fantastic.

Jordan Wilson [00:49:18]:

We're just trying to show, how we can quickly replace the logo, you know, with some simple, graphic design. So I'm gonna go ahead. I'm gonna save this image. I'm gonna save this image, And we're also now going to go into another tool. Right? Alright. Here we go. So I'm gonna duplicate this here real quick. Now we're gonna delete the background, And let's see how this works, and I'll tell you why.

Jordan Wilson [00:49:55]:

Alright. Fantastic. So now, let me make sure. I gotta jump into our into our livestream here. Okay. I needed to make sure we had we still had the right, The right image up. Okay. So now I'm gonna export this.

Jordan Wilson [00:50:09]:

So what we did, just to recap, and I know this is a tough one if you're listening on the podcast. So we took our AI, our AI generated image from DALL E. We brought it into Canva's magic eraser because it put in a logo we didn't want it. We used the magic erase tool To get rid of it, which it did a fantastic job, then we essentially slapped the AI generated logo on the cup. It doesn't look perfect, but I think it actually looks pretty good. I think when we put it in some other, product images, no one is gonna be able to know the difference. So, now we're gonna export this as a PNG, And we're gonna do it with a transparent background, and I'll tell you why. Alright.

Jordan Wilson [00:50:45]:

We're moving along fast, y'all. We're doing a lot. Now we're going into Flare AI. Okay? This is a great tool that helps you use, AI for some, product and Photo shoots. Alright. So, I already have an account. It's free. So all I'm gonna do now is create a new project, and this is pretty simple.

Jordan Wilson [00:51:06]:

Okay. I'm gonna go to assets and upload my product photo. So I just, we just made this together. Here is our Stable SIP mug, AI generated along with the, along with the the logo that we just did. So it says place your product here. I'm gonna make it slightly bigger. So we'll probably run a couple here, and there's a lot of different, templates that you can use. So, I see these templates on the left hand side, and they are, like, very sometimes overly if I'm being honest.

Jordan Wilson [00:51:42]:

Different settings for e for, for product or ecommerce shops, but it's it's great. So think of, like, a product mock up, But it has kind of these templates that you can just apply. So I'm kind of scrolling through these different templates, and I'm wondering which one is really going to appeal, to our audience. So a lot of them, you know, it's it's really for I think a a lot of these look good for beauty products, for outdoor products. You know, it has mountains. Here we are in a vineyard. You know, there's a table with a, candle and a table cloth. So a lot of these look a little, maybe not what we're looking for necessarily, but I do still think there's there's some good ones.

Jordan Wilson [00:52:24]:

So let's go ahead and use this one. Let's see. Sorry. I'm scrolling through here. I wanna find a good one here so we can hopefully actually use this. Alright. This might not be the best, but, I chose 1. And when you click on one of these templates in Flare, It essentially gives you this, this prebuilt prompt more or less, and it says a stainless steel travel mug on a rocky cliff in In front of the ocean and blue skies with an island in the background.

Jordan Wilson [00:52:57]:

Alright. So we're really pushing the digital nomad lifestyle here. Right? And, showing, you know, showing this in a kind of a travel scenario. Right? So this, again, this is Flare AI. It has actually a great free plan, and I think it's great to generate some, some some pretty simple, ECOM product images, and bam. We got it. So there is our on the right hand side, we have our finished product. It It puts in a shadow and everything, so I think it did a pretty good job.

Jordan Wilson [00:53:33]:

So I'm gonna click download image. Alright. And then let's go ahead and choose 1 more, here. So you can also which I like. You can just go up here, click any part of this prompt, And do it yourself. So it says on, so I'm gonna say on a Office desk. Right? And then said in front of, and the default is an island. And so the default here is the ocean and blue sky.

Jordan Wilson [00:54:05]:

So I'm gonna say in front of a picture view of the Chicago skyline. So let's see how this does. So In general, you can even use this, to create your own prompts from scratch. So I am essentially updating this. I don't know how it's gonna work, but we'll see. So now The kind of, the prompt that we're using inside Flare to generate some of these e, Ecom product images is a stainless steel travel mug, which is our Photo that we uploaded, so it's using our photo as the base, on an office desk in front of a view of the Chicago Not sure how it's gonna work, but we're gonna download it and use it anyways. So let's see. How hey.

Jordan Wilson [00:54:52]:

Let me know. How we doing? Val Val just put in the comment just the the whole mind blown, saying wow. What do you guys think? Is anyone gonna gonna buy this now? Alright. So not bad. Not terrible. Alright. So we got our, we got our image generated. Look Chicago esque there.

Jordan Wilson [00:55:14]:

I think that's actually it's it's good enough to use. Right? We're just using this for, for the basics here. Alright. So We're moving along. We're moving along, y'all. I I I said we were gonna try to cap this, and I know y'all are busy people whether you're listening on the podcast or listening live. Alright. So here, let me recap where we're at y'all.

Jordan Wilson [00:55:34]:

We have we have all of our, content from yesterday. Okay. So not only do we have all of our content from yesterday, but now we have an actual product image with a logo that we created. We cleaned it up a little bit in Photoshop. We use MidJourney to seed images. We use DALL E to seed images. So now we have even though they're not a 100% accurate, now we have, some some images, that we can use for multiple parts, on a website. So now we're gonna combine everything using Durable.

Jordan Wilson [00:56:02]:

So I've actually done a review of Durable before. It is an AI powered, website builder and kind of their, kind of their call to action here is build a website in 30 seconds with AI. And if I'm being honest, you can actually do that. So I already have an account. You can do this for free. There's certain, features you have to pay for, but, essentially, you just click create a new business. And I'm typing in business name, which is steady sip. Industry, unfortunately, you have to pick 1, and there's no good ones.

Jordan Wilson [00:56:30]:

So I'm just gonna say writing, and then give me a second here. I need to grab Alright. I'm gonna say, please update this. Just give me sorry. So I'm I'm I'm jumping back in chat gpt because we need to grab, some of this content that we wrote previously. So that's what I'm doing here now off screen. So, at least the c three. Alright.

Jordan Wilson [00:57:06]:

Perfect. So we're gonna grab that. So now we're back in durable. We do have to choose an industry, unfortunately, and we create and we click create business. So, again, Is this going to be the best AI generated website ever? Absolutely not. If you don't know web design, web development, you know, WordPress, Squarespace, whatever. I I don't speak code. You know, It's actually pretty good.

Jordan Wilson [00:57:33]:

You know? It's, it very quickly creates a website for us. Okay? So I don't know if we're gonna have time to do every single piece, but what we are gonna do what we are gonna do is we're gonna do the basics here. Alright? So now what we have is we have an entire website already built. Unfortunately so one thing I wish durable, did a little bit differently, is is gave you actually more options on the front end to enter information about your company, so you didn't have to, you know, kind of do all of this. You you you didn't have to add it and update. So I wish You could put in a couple paragraphs, put in a couple photos so you didn't have to change it all, but we're gonna do this quickly. So we do have a working website now for Study SIP. So we can go in and we can edit, each each section here.

Jordan Wilson [00:58:27]:

Right? So, so now I'm gonna upload our logo. So I'm gonna upload our logo. Let's get our logo. Let's see. I think I actually need to jump into Canva here And grab our logo. Alright. So that's what I'm doing now, FYI. So I am Re exporting our Stable SIP logo.

Jordan Wilson [00:58:51]:

Again, we generated this with AI. I need to make this transparent. Obviously, any anytime you do something live, it always takes 10 times longer. Right? Normally normally doing these things in Canva takes, like, 10 seconds. Alright. So now we're uploading our logo. Bam. We got our logo.

Jordan Wilson [00:59:14]:

Alright. So our logo is in place. There is our steady sip. Alright. So now what we're gonna do is we are jumping back and we're gonna grab our Content. So I think we said bold approach. So we are saying, grab our steady sip now. So don't worry.

Jordan Wilson [00:59:30]:

I'm gonna I'm grabbing, I'm grabbing all of these things kind of separately. So don't worry. I'm gonna be grabbing everything, our our call to action, Our headline, all of these things. So we're gonna do get your steady sip now. Bam. Our subhead that we had, Chat GPT generate is the only travel mug you will ever need. Man, there we go. We are going to then do our style, and then we can upload.

Jordan Wilson [01:00:03]:

Ready? So we are going to replace And upload our new image. Right? So let's go ahead and put our kind of hero image. I think we'll use the, the office, the Chicago office one. I think that was a good one. So there we go. Alright. So I'm not going to go through. Right? I'm not gonna go through and update every single section.

Jordan Wilson [01:00:29]:

I'm only gonna do a couple here So we can just kind of see this above the fold, above the fold action. So let's go ahead and grab the rest of our content, And we'll kind of look at at least the the top version of this. So we don't need to do the entire website, but I wanted y'all to see that, yes, we can Build, an entire an entire website here, right, with AI. Yes. We do have to, We do have to do a little bit a little bit of of editing, in these sections. Right? Which I wish there was one that we could that we could do a little bit, a little bit faster on the front end. Right? Because it's it's not not super easy to to to go through or it's it's it's a little time consuming to go through and and put all these in, but we are we are at least gonna finish the top half of the website here. Alright? So we can at least look at our, Our creation, and we can feel we can feel proud of what we built here.

Jordan Wilson [01:01:40]:

Right? So Alright. We got this one here. I'm just uploading. So I'm uploading all of these images, that we had before. I'm uploading them, so at least we can get a high level view of what we created with steady sip. Alright. Here we go. We're gonna do our last one.

Jordan Wilson [01:02:05]:

We're gonna do our last one. I know this isn't, the a range of of products that we that we maybe wanted. Right? But let's just go ahead now. So, again, I am in, I am in durable. We have at least the top part of the website, kind of done. I don't wanna waste everyone's time and go through and and pick every single piece, but that's it. It is done. So let's go.

Jordan Wilson [01:02:30]:

I'm gonna click exit. I'm gonna go ahead and click change this. So we can we can publicize this. Right? So After the show, when I'm not wasting everyone's time going through piece by piece, we will do this. But there's our website. Right? So, again, we didn't get the time to put in every single piece of copy, but we did create that website in just a matter of seconds. So, give give it a second. It's it's loading up here.

Jordan Wilson [01:03:00]:

So as as let's quickly quickly recap What we did here, y'all. And thank you if you're still sticking around. I know this was a longer episode. I appreciate, y'all sticking around. Ahmed said, Jordan, you are the best. Jay Jay, thank you. Jay said, just built a site on durable this weekend. It did a great job.

Jordan Wilson [01:03:20]:

Yeah. So durable, to answer the question, Val, he said, what is the name of the website builder? Durable. There's a couple of these different kind of AI, AI generated, website builders. And and here is kind of our, preview, preview of the website here. So whoo. Brian says awesome stuff. Thank you all. So very quick.

Jordan Wilson [01:03:46]:

Let's let's recap. And let me let me answer the question here. Can AI can chat gbt? There is our, Our our website. Again, I'm not gonna enter this this website into any, design awards, but we got something Pretty good, y'all. Pretty good. So let's talk about this. What do we do? What didn't we do? Right. And this is why I wanted to do an episode like this.

Jordan Wilson [01:04:19]:

Today's today's was a little longer, but people always say, AI is not for me. AI is not for my company. Right? My background. Right? I've been getting paid to write for people for 20 years. I've been designing websites for probably longer. I've been helping companies with brand strategy, Business operation, business development. You know? In in in my career, I've worked in so many aspects of marketing, advertising, communications, Business development. I was the executive director, of a of a company before.

Jordan Wilson [01:04:55]:

If you say AI is not for you. If you actually watched the last 2 episodes where we built a brand live using generative AI, if you are still sitting there And saying, I don't know how AI can, you know, help my company, help my brand. You just saw it. You just saw it. Right? What we did. Again, we would if if we wanted to actually launch this as a real company, we would've spent a little more time. We would've done, some fine tuning, a little bit more on on the prompting, a little bit more on the copy, probably a little more on the strategy side. However, We at least went through the entire process.

Jordan Wilson [01:05:35]:

Ideation, finding, running, competitive SWOT analysis, you know, doing, industry comparisons, doing, target demographic research, Crafting copy that fits all of those different things, and then taking all of those insights and making creative as we talked about today. So using, Midjourney using DALL E for logos, imagery, product shots, lifestyle images, and then using even Flare To kind of do some, some AI powered, kind of ecom style product images, which I think turned out very well, and then using, durable as an AI website builder, which gave us a website, that you see now here on the screen in a matter of a minute or two. So if you don't know, now you know. Yes. AI can build a brand from scratch. It can do it live, and it can build Your company and your career as well. Alright. I hope you all enjoyed this.

Jordan Wilson [01:06:39]:

And as a reminder, please Go to your everyday AI .com. I promise y'all we don't do these hour episodes very often. I think this is probably only our second one. So I hope you join us back tomorrow and every day with everyday AI. Thanks y'all.

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