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AI News That Matters: January 15th, 2024

AI has become an indispensable force driving innovation and shaping business strategies in a fast-paced technological era. On today's episode "AI News That Matters: January 15th, 2024," several pivotal developments in the AI space were highlighted, providing valuable insights for business leaders striving to navigate the evolving AI landscape.

Insights from Industry Experts and Pioneers

The episode delved into significant revelations from influential interviews, notably featuring discussions led by Bill Gates and Sam Altman. Their conversation shed light on the future of AI technology, emphasizing advancements in reasoning abilities and the exponential growth of generative AI, providing crucial information for business leaders aiming to anticipate the transformative impact these developments may exert on their operations.

Implications of AI in Tech Companies

An essential highlight was Apple's strategic shift in its AI team, which sparked significant industry discussions. The nuanced perspective presented in the podcast brought clarity to the misconception that Apple was withdrawing from AI investments, emphasizing that the team relocation to Texas signified a strategic realignment rather than an abandonment. This insight is crucial for business leaders to comprehend the broader context of such industry shifts and how it may impact the ever-evolving AI landscape.

AI at CES and the IMF Study

The episode also showcased the pervasive influence of AI at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), underlining the increasing incorporation of AI in various hardware. The comprehensive coverage provided a nuanced perspective on AI-powered products unveiled at CES and their potential impact on business operations, enriching business leaders with a deeper understanding of the evolving AI integration in technology.

Moreover, the episode drew attention to an IMF study warning of AI's potential impact on global jobs. This critical insight into the study's findings, particularly regarding the expected implications for advanced economies and the urgent need for proactive measures, serves as a pivotal focus area for business leaders seeking to anticipate and address workforce dynamics in the wake of advancing AI technologies.

Revolutions in AI Tools: The GPT Store Debut

A significant focus was on OpenAI's launch of the GPT store, a milestone in democratizing AI capabilities, enabling business leaders to gain insights into the potential applications of AI technologies in their operations. The recap of this launch equips business leaders with crucial knowledge to explore the implications and potential utilization of AI tools in driving business strategies and customer engagements.

The episode also set the stage for the upcoming Hot Take Tuesday, teasing a compelling exploration of potential nuances within the AI landscape, emphasizing the value of continual monitoring of AI news and trends to inform and enrich strategic decision-making for business leaders.

In conclusion, the podcast episode offered a comprehensive recap of pivotal AI developments, serving as an invaluable resource for business leaders seeking to harness AI's potential to drive growth and innovation within their organizations.

Topics Covered in This Episode

1.  Bill Gates and Sam Altman Interview
2. Apple Shuttering AI Team
3. OneX Robotics
4. AI Recap at CES
5. IMF Study Impact of AI on Jobs
6. OpenAI's GPT Store

Podcast Transcript

Jordan Wilson [00:00:17]:
So much is happening in the world of AI news. It's hard to keep track of it all and to talk about what actually matters. So that's what we're gonna be doing today, recapping the news that actually matters to you for January 15, 2024. We're gonna be talking about A little bit of everything from the Bill Gates and Sam Altman interview to, Apple kind of shuttering their AI team. We're gonna be covering just about everything to keep you updated for the week with what you need to know. Alright. Thanks for joining us. My name's Jordan Wilson, And I am the host of Everyday AI.

Jordan Wilson [00:00:52]:
Everyday AI, it's it this is for you, y'all. This is your daily livestream, Podcast and free daily newsletter, helping everyday people like you and me not just learn what's going on in the world of Artificial intelligence, Gen AI, but how we can all actually leverage it to grow our companies and to grow our careers. So, thank you for joining today. If you're listening on the podcast, Thank you as always. Make sure to check out your show notes. There's a ton of other, good resources in there as well as there's always a little secret in there. We hide it at the bottom. So make sure to check that out.

Jordan Wilson [00:01:25]:
If you're joining us on the livestream, thank you for that as well. Thank you for joining. Let me know. Is it as cold As, it is here where you are. I'm in Chicago. I'm freezing. I'm freezing. It's in the negatives here, so that's no fun.

Jordan Wilson [00:01:42]:
So hopefully, you're staying warmer, than I am. You know, if you're joining from the Mississippi Gulf Coast here like Brian Parton, you're probably a little warmer, than myself in Chicago. So, thank you everyone, who's joining our livestream. Megan saying good morning. Liz, Douglas, everyone, happy Monday. Thank you for joining us. So this is a little bit of a new segment talking about the AI news that matters. So We just started this in 2024.

Jordan Wilson [00:02:07]:
So every Monday, we're gonna be doing this. So maybe you don't have time to listen to a podcast Every single day, but you wanna keep up with what's going on and you wanna understand, you know, how all this maybe impacts your company or your career. So Monday is the day to do that. But, also, come join the live stream. It's a lot of fun. So every Monday, we're gonna be doing this, and then every Tuesday, I think we've kinda talked about this, but we're making hot take Tuesday a thing. So I'll announce at the end of this show what we're tackling tomorrow, but, let's yeah. 40 42 degrees where where Brian is sounds a lot better than the minus, whatever, minus, degrees we are here in Chicago.

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Right? Every other AI newsletter out there, sorry, They're all copy paste. They're all, you know, GPT most of them are GPT written doing literally the exact same thing. So make you make sure you check out our newsletter for actual insights, Alright. Into, you know, the guests that we bring on the show. As well as on on the website, y'all, we have now about a 180, backlogs of episodes. So you can learn about anything, whether you learn wanna learn about AI in sales, AI marketing, whatever it is, as well as Now a 180 backlog of newsletters you can go read. Alright. So let me take a sip of my water.

Jordan Wilson [00:03:53]:
There we go. Water hitting the lips. Let's talk about the AI news that matters. So did y'all see this? Did y'all see the, I'm sure you did, you know, if you've been on social media. But, Bill Gates released late last week, his interview, his conversation with Sam Altman. So there were a lot of things in this interview. So I, I checked it out when it first came out, but I actually listened to the full thing last night, you know, in preparation for this show. We always prepare for the show, but there's there's a lot of, A lot of hidden gems in there, I'd say.

Jordan Wilson [00:04:29]:
First of all, let's just go ahead. Let's let's hit the, let's hit the high notes here, Alright. Of of what this interview was and what it was not. Because if if, like me, you are on social media at all over the weekend, I always open Twitter, You know, couple times a day just to see what's going on in AI news. Right? That because everything breaks so quickly, but, you know, GPT 5 was trending. And I'm like, why is GPT five trending? And and people think that this whole interview was about GPT five, OpenAI's maxed large language model. It was not. Alright.

Jordan Wilson [00:05:03]:
GPT 5 was not specifically mentioned when talking about, you know, these future features. Alright. So let's just put that out there. You know, yes. You you know, Bill Gates and Sam Altman were talking a little bit about the future of the GPT technology, but they were not specifically talking, Hey. These are things inside of GPT five. So let's just put that out there. Of course, OpenAI could release that at any minute, or it could be Another, you know, months.

Jordan Wilson [00:05:30]:
Obviously, their their GPT four model now has been out for more than a year, but It's still leading the pack. Right? Google Gemini released their new or or sorry. Google released their new, Gemini Pro model that's now powering Google Bard, And GPT 4 is outperforming it still. So, I don't fully understand why every time Sam Altman speaks about anything, People, you know, are saying, oh, this is GPT 5. It's coming. It's not. Well, it could be, but this isn't what the interview is about. So let's let's tackle a little bit more On what was actually in this interview if you didn't get to check it out? Okay.

Jordan Wilson [00:06:06]:
So, Sam Altman really talked about future models having an increased, reasoning, ability, and reliability in future models. So he kinda talked like, hey. You know, kind of this 1 in 10,000 concept. You can go and listen to it. But He did say that future model's gonna be much more reliable and specifically with reasoning, which is great. You know? It it was kind of, it was kind of cool to hear this candid conversation and Sam just kind of saying like, hey. Right now, ChatGbt is not great at reasoning, right, which is what I'm sure many people out there, have experienced if you use it all. So reasoning seems to be a big, piece moving forward.

Jordan Wilson [00:06:42]:
Also, it's talking about how fast. Right? Both of them were talking about how fast this technology is, especially compared to past technological, innovations and just how this cycle you know, generative AI is is breakneck speeds. And, you know, I talk about that on the show all the time because I don't think especially business leaders that are in their, you know, forties, fifties, maybe sixties, the business leaders who say, we've been here before. You know, we've been here with the Internet or we've been here with, you know, Web 2 point o. No. That's wrong. Right? It's one of the, Honestly, it's one of the reasons why I started Everyday AI because I don't think people understand, because we have been through. Right? Myself, I'm, I'm vomiting in my mouth saying that I'm, you know, 2 years out from 40, but I've so I've I've lived through this, you you know, the Introduction of the Internet and kind of what that meant to society.

Jordan Wilson [00:07:37]:
You know, I was a journalist, so I got to experience firsthand what the Internet meant as it kind of, You know, started squashing newspapers, but this is nothing. Right? The GPT technology, large language models, generative AI is absolutely nothing like any technological innovation that we've ever seen. So you can't really compare it to, you know, oh, this is like the the PC or this is like the Internet or this is like, you know, social media. No. It's nothing like that. So, it was it was pretty to hear, Bill Gates and Sam Altman talk about, that this isn't really like anything we've ever seen. So if that is your mindset, you should just go go listen to the rest of this interview. Also, talking about robotics improvements.

Jordan Wilson [00:08:14]:
Right? They actually spent a decent amount of time talking about that, which I was personally, surprised by, considering that right now, yes, OpenAI has investments in robotics company, but they don't actually have a robotics arm anymore. So, the 3 areas that that, Sam Altman talked about for kind of the greatest impact in the near future For the GPT technology, we're coding, so, coding, health care, and education. Also, Something that I didn't see anyone else talking about. And I'm like, why? Right? Why am I the only one that that heard this piece? You know, and, hey, if if if you're tuning in live, let me know if if this piece, you know, caught your ear if if you did listen to the interview. But Sam Altman and and Bill Gates were talking about, you know, Sam kinda did this, you know, worldwide tour. Right? He went all over the place, talked to, you know, important people, everyday people all over the world, but, Especially, especially heads of states, in other countries just kind of talking about, the the future of Gen AI, large language models, etcetera. But Sam Altman said that he had personally gotten worldwide support from heads of state, nearly unanimous worldwide support from heads of states, for submitting Future extremely powerful large language models to government leaders for approval in the same way that they do with international weapons inspectors. So when he talked about extremely powerful large language models and that we weren't even there yet, and having to clear these With worldwide leaders in the same way that they do with international weapons, right, with weapons of mass destruction.

Jordan Wilson [00:09:52]:
You know? That had to get you thinking. That had to get you thinking a little bit. Right? Yes. They they talked about also, you know, AGI and, you know, OpenAI's, you know, kind of goal there, but didn't really hear anything new technically or or noteworthy that hasn't been talked about, many times, but that was something that really caught my eye. So, Yeah. Did I'm I'm wondering if if anyone else, you know, out there listening Was kind of concerned with that. That caught me off guard a little bit. Alright.

Jordan Wilson [00:10:25]:
So, let's let's keep this thing moving. So another piece of AI news that matters this week is Apple is kind of shuttering its AI team in San Diego. So this is another one I'm gonna Maybe clear up a little bit just like, you know, everyone with the Bill Gates and Sam Altman interviews said, oh, this interview means GPT 5 is coming. No. It doesn't. This new story that just broke about Apple shutting down its 121 person AI team in San Diego, people are saying, oh, this means that Apple is not invested in AI. No. That's absolutely not what it means.

Jordan Wilson [00:10:59]:
So here's here's what actually happened in this story is Apple is only asking their team to relocate to Texas. They are bringing, this AI team From different areas, all and and they want them all kind of, in Texas. So I don't think this is a signal. Obviously, Apple is abandoning AI. They're mainly just asking all of these team members to locate, but that's not what's, grabbing the headlines. Right? What's grabbing the headlines is you see that Apple is, Quote, unquote shutting down or shuttering this 121 person AI team. Not the case. It does look like that many of these employees may not relocate, so they may end up, in theory, losing their jobs.

Jordan Wilson [00:11:40]:
But Apple is still and I've said this Multiple times. We haven't even talked about things like, what is it, Apple Ferret. Right? They're, kind of open source model that, is Not really leaked, but they didn't really announce it, but it's out there. We'll talk about that on some other show. But Apple is still, I think, the biggest name that you have to look out for When it comes to generative AI and large language models, right, the big speculation is Apple's next iPhone may have that on device, AI, you know, we kind of talked about on device AI last week or, you know, edge AI as it's, you know, sometime referred to. Apple's still a leader. They are. Right? When they have 1,000,000,000 with an s, billions of devices out there, they have An advantage that no one else in the generative AI scene has.

Jordan Wilson [00:12:28]:
So trust me, don't don't read this headline and think, Apple's, You know, even further out of the AI race, just because they don't have, you know, their, Apple Ajax, you know, reportedly, the Apple Ajax model or Apple GPT, whatever, you know, rumor you want to believe when it's gonna be called, just because that's not out yet or Apple hasn't officially announced anything AI related, They're not out. They are still, I think, ultimately going to be the leader in this space. Yes. Microsoft did just leapfrog, Apple in terms of market cap. So theoretically, you know, Microsoft is now leading, you know, these these mega cap companies in terms of the most valuable companies, in the United States, I don't think Apple's worried. Apple has always been the best at playing the long game, so don't look at this headline and think that that means that Apple is not investing in AI. Alright. Robotics.

Jordan Wilson [00:13:24]:
But, actually, I'd love to hear from our live stream audience too. What questions do you have about this? Or I wanna hear your insights too. Right? Even if you're listening on the podcast, I I literally put, the email, in there and and, you know, responding the emails as I can. So, you know, email me thoughts as well. But, 1 x robotics. So so many of these things, you know, we either you know, we're tucked in our newsletter or maybe we mention them live on the podcast. Some of these, news items that we're talking about news that matters today are kind of new, but this one was not. We covered this last week, but I wanna talk about what this means.

Jordan Wilson [00:13:57]:
Alright. So, OneX is the robotic company, and last week, we talked about their latest, fundraising round, which us was a100 $1,000,000 that they raised. So one x one x technology just received this huge amount of funding, And they're aiming to bring their humanoid robot, Neo, into the market to assist with labor demands. So if you haven't checked out One ax robotics. There's obviously a lot of different, you know, robotics companies out there. You know, Boston, what is it? Boston Dynamics. Right? You know, Tesla has their, kind of, robotics company, but one x is is pretty impressive. Right? And they have a large investment from OpenAI as well.

Jordan Wilson [00:14:41]:
So, here's here's why I think that you should be keeping an eye. And, well, Number 1 oh, let's see. Oh, not all my graphics, went over here, but they are having an event. What is it? January January 24th, 25th. So they are vetting, they are inviting 1, 1 x robotics is, in about a week and a half here, the leading experts in the world, the leading engineers, the leading robotics experts, to a live event where people, for the first time that I think from the public, are going to be able to see, this this Neo robot and some of the other technologies that one x has been working on. So expect to see some big news and some people probably being shocked if I'm telling you telling you the truth. Because if you haven't been checking out The new advancements in, robotics, especially now with, you know, you know, kind of how they're even sometimes incorporating large language models, to better communicate with these, robots, these human very human like robots. It's extremely impressive and a little nerving if I'm telling you all the truth.

Jordan Wilson [00:15:47]:
Alright. Our next piece of AI news that matters is the AI recap at CES. So, CES was last week. It wrapped up on Friday. So AI was literally the talk of all CES and even sometimes when it wasn't needed. Right. It it seemed like so many products, such as, you know, pets companions powered by chat g p t. So many products were just throwing AI into hardware that maybe necessarily didn't need them.

Jordan Wilson [00:16:15]:
So, to recap, AI, yes, was all the talk electronics show, which is the biggest show in tech. It literally sets the pace for what happens in the world of technology for the year. So the show wrapped up Last, late last week in Vegas. And, yes, integrating AI into hardware was all of the talk. So, You know, from AI powered, you know, refrigerators, which we talked about on the show, to the, the the device, Rabbit's r one, which is a Hardware device. Yeah. Not an app, but, literally, a a a hardware device that uses what they're calling, large action models, to be able to replicate tasks that, you know, humans do maybe on their smartphones, but everything Everything was AI. You know? Mirrors that tell you your mood.

Jordan Wilson [00:17:02]:
But yeah. So make sure, we'll we'll have a nice high level recap in the newsletter as well, as well as, what I thought was one of the the more visually fascinating things is kind of these, AI powered holograms. Right? So you could go into a booth here, kind of showing this on the screen for the for the, live stream audience, but you could go into a booth and it would pretty much recreate, a three-dimensional, Hologram AI powered, like, pretty much live in real time. And that was pretty impressive visually of all the different, know, I looked at the, you know, someone came out with a list of the top, you know, 30, you know, AI products at CES. I would say that one was the one, at least to me, that looked the most impressive And maybe had, you know, practical use cases because, you know, we think there is still this this flux, right, of of what what is the future of work. You know, there's still companies obviously wrestling with, you know, the hybrid versus, you know, remote versus in person. So I don't know. Will we see in the, you know, near future Holograms, you you know, big companies using these, in lieu of, you know, your Zoom calls now.

Jordan Wilson [00:18:11]:
I don't know, but The technology is definitely catching up. It looks pretty impressive. Alright. This one is only hours old, and not necessarily good news, But we're recapping it anyways. So a new IMF study warns that the rise of AI could impact nearly 40% of jobs Globally. Yeah. Globally. So the International Monetary Fund, in a Study just released warned that almost 40% of jobs globally could be affected by AI with advanced economies actually being the ones most at risk.

Jordan Wilson [00:18:48]:
So, the study according to the study, they they're saying AI is expected to worsen overall inequality and, urging they're urging policymakers to take proactive measures to prevent social tensions. Right? We don't talk about it a lot on this show About AI and job loss, which is weird, right, considering that we're a daily, AI live stream, a daily AI podcast. We don't talk about it, You know, every single day, we maybe mention it, you know, once or twice a week, just kind of the impacts of job displacement. I mean, one of the reasons is, in all honesty, I want this. I want everyday AI to be an optimistic community. Right? I I I want this to be a place where we can all, you know, really just learn and leverage generative AI. And I don't want us To be, you you know, this this pessimistic place where we're always talking about job loss, but that I mean, that's the reality. Right? The very first episode Of of everyday AI was talking about will AI take your job? And I said, yes.

Jordan Wilson [00:19:48]:
Absolutely. AI is going to take away many more jobs than it will replace. That's the reality. Right? And that's one of the reasons why I started everyday AI. So if you are Listening daily, reading our newsletter, attending our courses, joining our community that we're gonna be launching soon. There's a little secret for you. So let me know if you want access to that community. But the whole point is we want everyday AI, our group, to not be the ones that are impacted, but the reality is the vast majority of jobs are going to be impacted by AI.

Jordan Wilson [00:20:24]:
You know? Go go read this, study in the, in the newsletter today. We'll make sure to link it. But, another thing, the the IMG the IMF chief Warn that the effects are expected to be more profound in advanced economies, particular for white collar workers. Right? So I think everyone just had this, especially when Gen AI came out. You know, they said, ah, you know, this is maybe just lower level workers. No. This yeah. You know? The where this is truly gonna have an impact is advanced economies like the US and white collar workers.

Jordan Wilson [00:20:56]:
Right? That's the reality. Alright. So here we go. The next and last piece of news that matters for today is OpenAI's GPT store was released. We've talked about it a couple times on the show already, but this actually had did happen in the last week even though it seems like it happened months ago now. So we actually, had Nancy Bain on the show on Thursday kind of walking us through, which great timing, by the way. We have that show planned. We didn't know when the GPT store was gonna be announced, and it was announced just hours before that that live show.

Jordan Wilson [00:21:36]:
But we kind of talked about different ways to walk through, how to create and configure a custom GPT bot. So, if if if you don't know what the OpenAI, OpenAI's GPT store is, it's live. I actually, FYI, and I'm gonna talk about this tomorrow. I created a little bit better version of it, if I'm being honest, Just of the directory side, so reach out to me and, I'll send you access to that if you want. But the OpenAI store or OpenAI's GPT store, It's really set, kind of how they're positioning it and how a lot of, experts are are talking about it, like myself included. I have extremely high expectations for what the GPT store means for the future of work. So similarly now how with a smart with your smartphone. Right? So many times in your head, you're thinking whether it's personally or professionally or, you know, if you think of SaaS, you know, software as a service.

Jordan Wilson [00:22:30]:
You know, when when you're trying to, do something in work a lot of times, or if you're trying to do something personally, you search. You say, oh, is there an app To help me, you know, share my itinerary with friends, or is there an app that helps me, you know, better, you know, manage my finances? Is right. Like, you don't even think anymore of, like, oh, if I need to manage my finances, maybe I just need to do a better job of, You know, writing it down on paper or doing a better job tracking it in a spreadsheet. No. Everyone thinks what app is the best to use. The same thing. Right? Like, if you're, in sales maybe, you're like, okay. What is the the next SaaS? What SaaS should I be using? You know, what's What's the best, integration with our c with our CRM to, you know, track customer movement through our sales pipeline? Right? Like, Everything is software.

Jordan Wilson [00:23:20]:
Everything is apps right now, right, I think for a lot of things personally and professionally. So I think the GPT store, I think very soon, is going to start changing that narrative. We're not gonna be using, I don't think, Apps and softwares at this time next year, I don't think we're gonna be using as much, software or as many apps As we do for these daily tasks, I think we're going to be using GPTs. Right? That's the reality. The the GPT store actually makes it Extremely easy to make your own GPT. Doesn't mean it's good, but you can make a working, functioning GPT in a couple of minutes. Alright. That does again, let let me warn you, and we're gonna talk about this a little bit tomorrow, but doesn't mean you should.

Jordan Wilson [00:24:08]:
Right? You really do need practice. A good, a good GPT that function well that functions well takes countless hours. Right. But it is so easy that anyone out there. Right? If you have a chat gbt plus Account, you can go in there and make a functioning GBT in a matter of minutes. Alright. Also, Another piece of news there is OpenAI did release their Teams feature, which if I'm being honest, that was there was actually 3 things that they announced All in the same day. So they announced the GPT store.

Jordan Wilson [00:24:43]:
They announced the Teams feature, and they announced it was kind of a leak, but a confirmed leak That chat GPT will be remembering information across different conversations. So I don't believe that last piece is live across all accounts. Normally, you get a message that tells you when your account kind of gets access to that. A lot of people have. I have not. So that's not a public. I don't believe it's it's a publicly available rollout, but the first 2 are. The GPT store is obviously live.

Jordan Wilson [00:25:11]:
And then let's talk real quick about, chat GPT teams. That was also announced, and it's live as well. You know, our team immediately, upgraded, but, what Chattopty teams does, there's essentially, I think, 3 important things. It allows you to more easily collaborate with your team. That's number 1. Number 2 is data. Right? There is finally the option. Again, I I I'm waiting for more information about this because there's not a lot of information out yet, but, it does allow you to, kind of opt out of sharing, your your training data with OpenAI, which is huge.

Jordan Wilson [00:25:47]:
Right? So, Teams is open. You have to have between, I think, it's 2 And a 149 licenses to use ChatGPT teams, but the ability to kind of not, share any data with OpenAI was obviously one of the main reasons that so many companies didn't jump on ChatGPT to begin with. Obviously, the ChatGPT enterprise, you know, product is is really for those those huge teams, but, I think 3 really big announcements from open, from OpenAI. So That is it y'all. That is the news that matters for the week of, what is it, January 15th. Mid January 2024. Wow. Can't believe it.

Jordan Wilson [00:26:26]:
Alright. So, I hope this was a helpful recap. And if it was, please go to your everyday AI .com. Sign up for that free daily newsletter. We're gonna be recapping all this. So maybe you're you're listening in the car or man, I love I love when people say, you know, hey. I listen to you when I'm when I'm running or, you We listen to the show when, you know, out grocery shopping. Let me know.

Jordan Wilson [00:26:47]:
Where do you listen to the show? It's always it's always fun to hear that from people. But, tomorrow, hot take Tuesday, y'all. Because here's the thing. If y'all listen to this show at all or if you you've you've come to, you know, kind of kind of know me a little bit, you know I'm a big fan Of OpenAI, I'm a big fan of Microsoft. I'm a big fan of ChatGPT, but they got a lot wrong With the GPT store? A lot. Right? And I think for the first time maybe ever, I'm going to really I don't wanna give too much away. Let's just say they got a lot wrong. A lot wrong.

Jordan Wilson [00:27:29]:
So we're gonna be going over that tomorrow. So if you are interested into in the store, If you wanna know a little bit more about how it works or if you just wanna know what they got wrong, and we're gonna help fix it. Make sure to tune in tomorrow for our show on hot take Tuesday. So that's it y'all. Thank you for joining us. Again, please go to your everyday AI .com. Sign up for the free daily newsletter, And we'll see you back tomorrow and every day for more everyday AI. Thanks, y'all.

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