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The Big Tech category offers a deep dive into the influential world of major technology companies and their role in shaping the AI landscape. This section is tailored for business professionals who seek to understand how giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and others are driving innovation in AI.

We cover their latest AI projects, strategic initiatives, and the broader impact these companies have on technology trends, market dynamics, and regulatory frameworks.

February 23, 2024

When it comes to using AI, there’s no limit to the ways businesses can use it for growth. But there probably should be some limits on how you implement AI. There’s ethical considerations that you should be implementing when using AI. We discuss how to balance the ethics and innovation of AI.

Ep 214: KPMG Leader’s Secrets of Balancing AI Innovation and Ethics

February 20, 2024

OpenAI released its new text-to-video model Sora. Everyone has been talking about how extremely impressive the video output is. And IT IS. But, there’s something much larger going on with Sora that no one is talking about.

Ep 211: OpenAI’s Sora – The larger impact that no one’s talking about

February 19, 2024

The last 7 days of AI news have been crazy! OpenAI announced its amazing text-to-video Sora, Gemini released Ultra 1.5, NVIDIA’s Chat with RTX, Andrej Karpathy leaves OpenAI, and more! Here’s this week’s AI news that matters.

Ep 210: OpenAI’s Sora, Gemini releases Ultra 1.5, NVIDIA’s Chat with RTX – AI News That Matters

February 13, 2024

OpenAI shifting towards AI agents, Google Bard is dead, Gemini Ultra, AI Super Bowl commercials, and more! Here’s this week’s AI news that matters!

Ep 206: There is No AI Hype – This is how the world works now

February 12, 2024

OpenAI shifting towards AI agents, Google Bard is dead, Gemini Ultra, AI Super Bowl commercials, and more! Here’s this week’s AI news that matters!

Ep 205: OpenAI shifting towards AI agents, Google Gemini replaces Bard – AI News That Matters

February 6, 2024

Apple’s new Vision Pro has been the buzz all over the internet. But is it something that everyone should have or just an AI tool that no one really needs? The Vision Pro is Apple’s first AI product and we’re diving in to learn more about it and see if it’s worth it.

Ep 201: Apple Vision Pro – The AI-powered product that (hardly) no one needs

January 29, 2024

FTC investigating Big Tech, Apple’s AI and LLM advancements with Siri and more! We’re going over the AI news that matters and why it’s important.

Ep 195: FTC investigates Big Tech, Apple’s AI and LLM – AI News That Matters

January 22, 2024

Meta goes all in on AGI, Microsoft releases Copilot Pro, Runway’s new multibrush tool, and more! Here’s this week’s AI news that matters.

Ep 190: Meta Turns To AGI, Microsoft Copilot Pro – AI News That Matters

January 17, 2024

What if there was a GenAI tool that could combine the best of all GenAI design capabilities, from text-text to text-image and more? Well, that magical tool exists and it’s Canva’s Magic Studio.

Ep 187: Canva Magic Studio – Revolutionizing AI Design

January 16, 2024

Last week OpenAI released its GPT Store. There’s some important things that no one is talking about. OpenAI actually got some things wrong with the GPT Store. We’re breaking it down.

Ep 186: What OpenAI Got Wrong With The GPT Store

January 15, 2024

With so much going on in the AI world, it can be hard to keep up with everything. From Sam Altman and Bill Gates to Apple shuttering their AI team, we’re covering what you need to know this week.

EP 185: Bill Gates and Sam Altman Interview Insights, Apple Shutters its AI Team – AI News That Matters

January 9, 2024

If you haven’t heard, The New York Times is suing OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement. OpenAI recently released a statement clapping back at The New York Times. So what does it all mean and what can we expect for the future implications of AI and copyright material? Let’s dive in.

Ep 181: New York Times vs. OpenAI – The huge AI implications no one is talking about

January 8, 2024

Welcome to our new segment, AI News That Matters! Every Monday we’re bringing you the biggest AI news and trends to keep an eye on and why it matters. Today we’re looking at Midjourney’s v6, AI-powered kitchens, upcoming AI announcements at CES, and more!

Ep 180: Midjourney v6 Plagiarism? – AI News That Matters

January 5, 2024

There’s one secret skill for more effective prompting! It’s a skill set that we all have but not recognized as something you can use toward prompts. Even better, we have an OpenAI Ambassador here to help talk about prompting and how to do it effectively.

Ep 179: Mastering Prompts With An OpenAI Ambassador – The One Secret Skill Revealed

December 18, 2023

Some people think AI is as simple as autocomplete. But GenAI has gone from a working assistant to LLMs making new discoveries. We’re talking about Google DeepMind’s historic breakthrough and what it means for the future of GenAI and humans.

Ep 167: When AI Outsmarts Humans – DeepMind’s Historic Breakthrough

December 12, 2023

Google has been under fire after the release of its new Gemini. Sorry to say but Google got so many things wrong with the marketing and launch. Is Gemini an actual ChatGPT killer or just a marketing stunt gone wrong? We’re covering everything you need to know.

Ep 163: Google Gemini – ChatGPT killer or a marketing stunt?

December 1, 2023

Amazon Q was unveiled at the re:Invent conference 2023. Designed specifically for work, Amazon Q promises to revolutionize how we approach tasks, decision-making, and creativity in the workplace​​​​. But how does Amazon Q stack up against established players like ChatGPT or Microsoft’s Copilot? Let’s find out.

Ep 156: Amazon Q – Competitor to ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot?

November 16, 2023

If you work at an enterprise company, using GenAI might not be as easy as you think. Ben Mandelstein, Worldwide Sales Leader at IBM watsonx Orchestrate, joins us to discuss how to infuse GenAI into enterprise workflows.

Ep 146: IBM Leader Talks Infusing GenAI in Enterprise Workflows for Big Wins

November 15, 2023

Today we have the opportunity to sit down with a leader from one of the world’s largest companies helping to push GenAI forward. Adam Scraba, Director of Marketing at NVIDIA, joins us to discuss how GenAI and data can unlock new ways for us to interact with our world.

Ep 145: NVIDIA Leader Talks GenAI + Data: Unlocking new ways to interact with our world

October 10, 2023

AI is already helping to power our economy but can it also power our future? How do AI and power relate to each other and what impact will it have on our energy usage? We have a leading expert from NVIDIA to dive into the details. We discuss AI’s role in renewable energy and how NVIDIA is using it to shape the future.

Ep 119: AI in Renewable Energy – Insights from NVIDIA

August 30, 2023

Microsoft Copilot is here and it’s going to be more powerful than you think. With the ability to supercharge your entire OS system with AI, the capabilities will be endless. Not only will it affect how we work but also change the economy.

Ep 91: Microsoft Copilot is going to shake the economy. Here’s why

July 31, 2023

There’s one company in the US that’s more important to AI right now than anyone else. And it’s not who you think it is. Today we dive into NVIDIA and why it’s running the US AI game.

Ep 69: The Most Important AI Company No One is Talking About

July 24, 2023

The first major AI agreement between Big Tech and the US government is finally here. So how will this new agreement affect us all? Today we take a deep dive and discuss.

Ep 64: Big Tech and US Government Reach Agreement on AI

July 21, 2023

Apple has finally built its own GPT! Now that Apple has arrived to the AI scene, what does that mean for the rest of AI and Apple’s competitors? Are we seeing the rise of ChatGPT’s rival? Today we take a deeper look.

Ep 63: Apple GPT – Is Apple coming for ChatGPT?
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