AI Inner Circle

Invite-only insider club for our most loyal Everyday AI audience!

Join Everyday AI host Jordan Wilson and dozens of other AI enthusiasts as we discuss the latest industry trends and some behind the scenes of Everyday AI! Connect with other professionals worldwide in category-specific small group networking sessions!

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*All sessions are in central standard time

What is the AI Inner Circle? 

The AI Inner Circle is a new initiative to bring the Everyday AI community together. After more than 100 shows, one of the most common request that we received was to create a community even where people can not only ask questions about Everyday AI, but also connect with dozens of other AI enthusiasts from across the globe! 


How long is the AI Inner Circle? 

The event will last for about 1 hour


Who will be there? 

Honestly.... we're not sure! This is our first iteration of the AI Inner Circle, so we're not sure who to expect. But, we've already received dozens of RSVPs from our podcast listeners, email subscribers, and loyal LinkedIn livestream audience! 

We'll probably have a few dozen AI-minded professionals from all walks of life: from entrepreneurs and startup founders to enterprise execs and Fortunate 100 peeps. It should be a great group! 


Is the AI Inner Circle free?

For this first session -- yes! 

What's the schedule look like? 

In short, Jordan will give everyone a behind-the-scenes look at what's going on Everyday AI, we'll talk about some industry trends, have some Q&A time, and also have breakout networking groups at the end. So whether you're in healthcare, finance, marketing, or just want to connect with other ChatGPT enthusiasts, we'll have small group networking sessions tailored for everyone! 


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