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Explore the dynamic realm of AI-driven advertising. Understand how machine learning is personalizing ad campaigns and revolutionizing audience targeting. Equip yourself with the latest tools and strategies. Stay at the forefront of advertising innovation.

The Advertising category is a crucial hub for business professionals seeking to understand and leverage AI in the realm of advertising. This section explores how AI technologies are reshaping advertising strategies, from data-driven targeting to automated ad creation.

It's an essential resource for anyone aiming to enhance their advertising campaigns, increase ROI, and stay ahead in the competitive and ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing.

February 1, 2024

AI has changed the creative advertising game. One AI powerhouse tool helping to push the future of art and creatives forward is Midjourney. We discuss what’s new with Midjourney and how you can create powerful ad creatives.

Ep 198: Midjourney V6 – What’s new and producing powerful ad creatives

October 26, 2023

Welcome back to part 2 of building a brand live with AI! Can ChatGPT and other AI tools actually help you build your company from scratch? We’re picking up where we left off in part 1 and showing you how to create a competitive SWOT, generate product photos, and even set up an entire website in seconds! Buckle up and get ready to ride!

Ep 131: Build a Brand Live with AI (Part 2)

October 25, 2023

There are so many amazing and powerful AI image generators. From industry leaders like Midjourney and DALL-E to newer image generators getting released every week. So which one is right for you? We go over the good, bad, and awesome image generators and how to prompt them to get what you’re looking for.

Ep 130: Build a Brand Live with AI (Part 1)

October 9, 2023

Is Canva the best Gen AI platform that everyone is overlooking? Canva’s Magic Studio just got an overhaul with new AI design features. We’re diving into all of Canva’s updates and showing you not only how to use them but if they’re worth your time.

Ep 118: Canva’s Magic Studio – What’s New in Their AI Suite?

October 3, 2023

Is Canva’s AI a game-changer? Can it compete with the major players in the creative space like Adobe and Dall-E? We’re exploring Canva’s AI tools to see its capabilities and how viable Canva is to help you create quick but effective creatives.

EP 114: Canva and AI – A Winning Combination?

September 15, 2023

What does the future of work look like with AI? Specifically, how will AI affect creative organizations? We explore the role of generative AI in augmenting and supplementing creativity, how AI is shaping consumer mindsets, and what companies can do to prepare.

Ep 102: Future of Work – What’s Next For Creative Orgs?

September 12, 2023

AI and marketing go hand in hand and can be a freelancer’s greatest tool. Even if you aren’t a marketer or freelancer, everyone needs to do some aspect of marketing. We share insights on how AI can level the playing field for freelancers and small businesses in the world of marketing.

Ep 99: AI and Marketing – A Freelancer’s Secret Weapon

September 11, 2023

Many people believe that AI removes the personal touch, but what if it could actually help us be more personal and make more sales? Today we break down valuable tips and actionable advice on using AI tools.

Ep 98: The Art of Storytelling – Experience From a Microsoft AI Ambassador

September 6, 2023

Many people believe that AI removes the personal touch, but what if it could actually help us be more personal and make more sales? Today we break down valuable tips and actionable advice on using AI tools.

Ep 95: Creating an AI Content Strategy to Scale

August 15, 2023

Sure Midjourney can generate fun and jaw-dropping images. But how can it actually be used to grow your career or business? Today we break down how you can leverage Midjourney for growth.

Ep 80: When and How To Use Midjourney for Growth

August 11, 2023

Do you know the basics of Midjourney and looking to improve your skills? We’re doing a follow-up to part 1 of our Midjourney guide and breaking down practical use cases and techniques to get you from beginner to advanced!

Ep 78: Midjourney – A beginners guide to creating AI images Pt. 2

August 9, 2023

Wondering what Midjourney is all about? It’s a revolutionary tool that allows anyone, even beginners, to create stunning AI images in seconds. Have you seen those amazing AI-generated images and wondered how you can do the same? Today we’re breaking down Midjourney and how to use it.

Ep 76: Midjourney – A beginners guide to creating AI images

July 26, 2023

Will we all be using AI to manage our investments one day? We delve into the fascinating realm of AI investment management. We uncover how AI-powered tools revolutionize the way we manage our finances.

Ep 66: Runway 101 – Create stunning video in seconds

June 27, 2023

Wondering what’s the best way to use Midjourney, an AI image generator that can create multiple options from a single image? Today we’re diving into the best methods for using Midjourney and how it can be prompted with keywords, emojis, and story prompts.

Ep 46: Midjourney Secrets Revealed: Keyword Prompt Method

June 20, 2023

What impact will AI have on the future of social media and what it’s already being used for to advance our social experience?

Ep 41: How AI Can Make Social Media More Social

June 19, 2023

Today we’re talking about how to improve advertising using AI. From the benefits of using AI-generated content to using ChatGPT for copywriting and data analysis, we’re covering the best AI tips and tools for advertising.

Ep 40: How To Improve Your Advertising with AI

June 14, 2023

How can you apply ChatGPT across multiple aspects of a company? We discuss how ChatGPT can act as an input provider, not a replacement for human work.

Ep 37: Using ChatGPT Across Different Functions of a Company

June 5, 2023

See how AI can help you build a brand that truly stands out from the crowd.

Ep 30: What Happens When Brand-Building Meets AI

June 1, 2023

Will AI end up being more creative than humans? AI like Dall-E and Midjourney think so.

Ep 28: Reimagining Media Creativity Through AI

May 31, 2023

See how to combine AI smarts with human touch to create cool content quickly.

Ep 27: Fueling Your Content Creation with AI

May 17, 2023

What is the future of branding and AI and the impact it could have on your business?

Ep 17: Does AI Have a Place in Branding?

April 28, 2023

How will AI shape advertising? What effect will it have on it’s future?

Ep 4: What is the future of AI in advertising?

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  1. AI-Driven Advertising Strategies: Embracing AI in advertising opens up a world of possibilities for precision, efficiency, and innovation. This category delves into how AI is used for audience segmentation, predictive analysis, and personalized ad content. We cover the latest tools and platforms that utilize AI for optimizing ad placements, bidding strategies, and measuring campaign performance. Learn how to harness the power of AI to create more effective, targeted, and engaging advertising campaigns.

  2. The Role of AI in Ad Creation and Optimization: AI is not just about data analysis; it's also transforming the creative aspects of advertising. This section explores AI's role in generating ad content, from copywriting to visual design. Discover how AI algorithms can test and optimize different ad variations, analyze customer responses, and refine advertising messages to resonate better with the target audience. We provide insights into how AI can elevate the creativity and relevance of your advertising efforts.

  3. Future Trends in AI and Advertising: Staying ahead in advertising means keeping an eye on future AI trends and their potential impact. The Advertising category offers a forward-looking perspective on emerging AI technologies and how they might revolutionize advertising practices. From advancements in AI-driven voice and visual search to the integration of augmented reality in ads, we discuss the next frontier in AI advertising and how businesses can prepare to leverage these innovations for maximum impact.